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I purchased a Kraf cottage on 9-14-12 to put on some land. One week later, the land was sold. I asked Mandell Realtors, who sold me the home and is associated with Mod-U-Kraf Homes, to refund my $6,000.00 deposit as I could not buy the home. They refused to refund the deposit nor talk to me about this deposit. Mod-U-Kraf is not calling me back to resolve this issue. I am extremely upset and disappointed that they would do this, as this company did not do the work to sell me this home. I had to travel almost 3 hours to purchase this home. The realty company said it is all about business and, therefore, nothing more.

In 2003, we purchased a modular home. We had this home custom built for my handicap needs. We were very excited this was gonna be our dream home. If only we knew what was in store for us next. Sept. 11, 2003 the house was delivered to our site and on Sept. 12, 2003 the contractor told us that he would set the home. A few days before the news had been warning about a Hurricane called Isabel and that Virginia would be in the mist of it.

On that day Sept. 12, 2003 they proceeded to set our home. Before they started I asked the contractor are you sure this is a good idea and his reply to me was dont worry Melissa we will beat the rain?. The contractor and the modular home company proceeded to set the 1st section of our home and then to the 2nd and thats when it started to rain a mist. Keep in mind the sections to the house were now uncovered and the roof had never been erected. So, you got it Isabel hit and hit hard. Our home now was saturated with water.

My husband Donnie and I will never forget this day because during the Hurricane we were inside the two sections trying to collect water in buckets, pans, and in my childrens sleds. I went back to my parents house which is where we were staying and I called our contractor and explained the situation of the house and how much water was in there. He said Melissa I will be up there in the morning and I will bring some fans and everything will be okay. He also said to me that I may want to call my insurance company and tell them of the water damage.

The next day which was Sat. he came and he brought two box fans and looked around and still said it will be okay and go ahead Melissa and call your insurance. So, Monday morning I called my insurance and almost one month later they sent in a gentleman from their catastrophe team and by this time the water had dried where you could see it and mold had begun to grow around the incomplete door jams, on trim, and in cabinets.

I contacted the contractor again and told him that we had mold growing in certain places of the house and he told me to get some bleach and scrub it down which I did. The insurance said yes they could see that there was damage because of our bowed doors and warped trim. No one ever mentioned the drywall, cabinetry, or flooring, etc, So, the insurance issued a check to us for $5,000 to replace trim, doors and to replace the insulation upstairs in our attic. We did the replacing that they recommended for us to do and then the contractor came back almost two months later to put shingles on the house.

We moved in on Dec. 26th ,2003. The beginning of 2004 we thought was going to be great . We are now in our dream home on our 30 acres of land that we had planned to make into a little farm for our children. But , a few months later Donnie became very ill. He got to the point that he could not walk far, he had trouble breathing, he stayed tired all the time and there was many times I would have to help him get dressed. He got to where he wasnt able to work much. It just drained him. He started to go to some of the local doctors and they could not find anything wrong with him. They would tell him that maybe his body is telling him to slow down.

I was so discourage because, I knew there was something wrong with my husband and I had to find out what. One night late I had stayed up think ing of what to do and the news came on, they were talking about the homes in New Orleans and how mold was in peoples homes and it had made so many people sick. It dawned on me what if that is us too? I went in the bedroom and woke Donnie from a somber sleep and said honey what if we have mold and it is making you sick?? He said honey I dont think so. I said never mind I will take care of it.

The next day I was on the phone with a remediation company and they told me that they could not tell me if I had mold they only get rid of mold. They said but, we know a lady in your area who has a mold dog and can tell you if you have it. They gave me the number and I called her. She has a mold certified dog named shotzy that will alert wherever mold is detected and can sample and send to a mold testing lab, which then will tell you what molds that are in the house. We hired them.

She came several days later and she told us that it shouldnt take no more than 2 hours , it took 4. Shotzy alerted on just about every wall in the home and on kitchen cabinets. We had the samples sent out and the testing lab informed us that we had toxic mold in all the rooms. I called back the remediation co. and they came out and gave us an estimate to repair the house, which was $81,000 to remediate then I contacted the contractor and modular home company to alert them of this mold and they said I would have to speak to their attorney.

The next day we contacted an attorney (Chris Sigler) & we also, contacted our new doctor at UVA and she set us up with the doctor that is head of the allergy dept. We both made an appt and several days later we were in to see him. We both were tested to see if we were allergic to mold. They pricked us about 75 times and Donnies results came back as he is severely allergic to molds. We were told by him that our home and all our belongings was hazards to our health and that we needed to leave it behind due to the spores from the mold.

We packed very minimal stuff and headed to my parents again, this now was Dec. 19, 2005. It took 2 years for the doctors to find what was wrong with my husband. It was devastating to know that all our life long possession were gone. We could not take any thing.

April 2006 we used our savings and borrowed a little money from my parents to buy a single wide trailer so that we could still be here on our property. Today we are still going through the longest battle of our life. We are still in the trailer it has been 3 years now and we still do not have a court date and the modular home company is threatening us that if we do not drop the case against them that they will counter sue us. But, by faith my family and I stand strong that justice will be served to this modular home company and the contractor. God is in control and will not keep my family hanging. I pray that there will be something in your heart and that you will help us.

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