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I hired this build in March 2008. It has turned out to be nothing but a nightmare. The builder has not been paying subs ,their insurance lapsed and then they submitted fake insurance to continue with inspections. Thank god for their foreman who notified me and in turn i and a few other people notified the building dept. They currently have a stop work order and are under investigation. In the mean time my house has been sitting. I have since fired them.

I have been forced to pay subs twice since Majestic did not pay the subs and the bank is making me pay all NTOs. I have been threaten by John G more then once that if I went to the police he would let my house just sit there annd rot. He now is saying he is going to sue me for copy right infringement. I am a single mom working four jobs just to have a nice house for my children. All i wanted was for them to build my house.

They are collecting draws from my bank but not paying their subs,and people will not work for them anymore. I am one of ten homeowners going through this. I have paid them 100,000 and most of the big subs have not been paid.My house was only 37% completed by Jan 2009. I also have many structural mistakes that my new builder had to fix. They never had anyone supervising the the work. The city of North Port will be holding a meeting in April to find out about the fake insurance and i and twenty other homeowners and sub contractors will be waiting to see John or Joe.

I am out a lot of money. This has effected my job and my children. I am paying on a constuction loan and the house is just sitting. I also have had to pay extra to have all the mistakes fixed and some can not be fixed.


We bought one of majestic homes model completely furnished in DEC 2008. There are a few things that need to be fixed which seems to be taking forever. But Harry has been awesome, he tries in every way to get these things fixed. Its the owner dragging his feet. Most employees for majestic doesn't want to work because they are not being paid. I can understand why work if your not getting paid. I heard and seem worse other construction co around here I still recommend majestic homes. Its not the employees fault its the owner. Its a tuff market right now. But I do have my dream home and I am very happy with this house


When I sign a contract to build my Dream Home with Majestic Homes I was told by the saleslady I would be in the house within a year. I sign the contract on February 2004. We are in June 2007, the house is not ready yet.

The original trusses rotted on the ground and had to be redone. I have been paying interest on my construction loan for over three years, and also paid the bank $3,000 to extend the loan to March 2007, that means that I will be getting another $750 bill for another extention.
Try to call customer service is a waste of time, faxes are never taken in consideration, and when I got to talk to them at the construction office I always get the runaround.

I sold my house, before price increases believing Majestic sales people. and I have been renting ever since.

All my belonging are in Storage, including one 21' Boat and two Jetski and motorcycle. Not to mention all the mistakes done in the premises, like when they cleared my lot and destroyed precious trees that were not supposed to be touched.


We contracted Majestic Homes to build our new home in Port St Lucie Florida on September 7th 2005. They told us our move in date would be approx. 12 to 14 months from the closing date. As of today 08/10/06, they still have not started construction of our home, and we are only 1 month away from our 1 year mark. It took 8 months for the builder to send our permit package to the city of Port St Lucie, and St Lucie only took 3 days to issue the permit. The City of Port St Lucie received the permit package on May 1st and issued the permit on May 3rd. As of today 08/10/06, our permit has been issued for 3+ months and still no construction. We have contacted the builder numerous times by email, fax, phone, and certified mail, but still have not received any response. We are at the point of hiring a lawyer because of these unneccessary delay's.

We are about to be charged by our mortgage company for a 90 day extension since the home is not completed, so we have now been paying interest on the land for almost 1 year, plus all of the new expenses that we are now going to incur because of the builder's slacking. I know that there are some things that cause normal delay's with building a home, that's expected, but with the horrible customer service that we are receiving, we are just at a total loss. We are now also running into problems with our jobs, because we put in transfer requests for the end of the year and our employers are now having to make large changes to accomodate a different moving date for us. Also we have received several lein threats on our property since the builder has not paid the contractors who cleared our lot in april.

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