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Selinsgrove, PA

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I recently wrote a complaint on Icon Legacy on a home we purchased. Within days of my comment one of the owners of the company contacted our dealer and us and arranged a meeting for that week. The owner - Bruce was very nice and understanding and thorough in documenting all the problems and concerns and assured us that he would do what he could to make corrections. The window company already has arranged a meeting to come out in the near future to check out the problems with the windows. I will update as things progress.

Pat of Penfield, PA on

Original Review

We went with Icon Legacy A Plus Log modular based on initial research. What we got was not what we thought we would get. Company misrepresented itself from the start and demanded full payment before delivery. Constant delays. When house arrive was left twisted sitting overnight. Mexican crew put up structure in less than 8 hours and left a mess of debris and destroyed personal property in the process. We are in financial ruin over this crap of house.

Company won't even talk to us or reply to emails. Says must go through the dealer. The house was delivered less than half done and with materials piled inside so high you had to crawl over materials to get in. Materials broken and ruined by set crew. Had to pay additional 55k out of pocket to subcontractor to do work and it was subpar. House leaks air like a sieve. Windows have air blow through as though screens in and up, large gaps along sides and not seated right. Not one door works. Every outside door is twisted and day light shows 1/4-1/2 inch around. Walls leak air. House won't stay heated and costing us a fortune in fuel. Pocket doors won't open, cabinets warping and falling apart. Kitchen still not done. Company failed to send enough materials to side the house and roof the house, failed to send right doors for inside, enough flooring to finish kitchen and dining room, enough dry wall to finish walls, etc. Roof so bad that private contractor wouldn't touch it. 6 separate independent contractors asked for help and took one look and said won't touch, never saw such poor workmanship. With winter and high winds am finding the walls leak air like an old homesteader cabin; not even sure insulation is fully in walls.

Company sent wrong materials to finish house as well. We can't get any help. Dealer has helped pay for some stuff but he hasn't been able to help much. If anyone out there has success getting restitution let us know.

Satisfaction Rating

We paid our local builder for drawings from Icon Legacy so he could get a building permit back in June and today is November 25th. The salesman has no idea what he's doing, has sent emails to our local builder asking questions he had the answers to months ago, and has been telling our builder since September we will have our stamped drawings needed for a building permit "by the end of the week". When I call as the consumer, the receptionist actually laughs at me and told me no one from the president on down will speak to me. The only person they will speak to is our builder and they are refusing to talk to him now either. The only person anyone can get through to is the totally incompetent sales rep. Is there anyone out there who can get these drawings we have waited more than five months for? We can't live with family in one room forever while they hold our money and don't supply the product we have paid for!!!

Satisfaction Rating

It has been two years and the money I put out to repair the damage in transit has not been paid. After assuring me they had a check for last year, they now say they sent the check to the contractor who has not been connected to them since my home was delivered. Beware, they do not and will not send any money whether refunds or rebates. The set crews they send do terrible work. Our town building inspector said he never saw work this bad. They use crews of Mexicans to get the work done in one day regardless of the product application. Nothing lines up. Every seam is major. Nothing like the sample they show. So take warning. If you purchase, hold back at least $5,000 at delivery until everything is complete.

Consumer Increased Rating!

I am a builder and have worked with Icon Legacy since 2007 and have worked with a few others but always go with Icon Legacy because they have the best prices and a best house for the price.....their homes are top quality......Icons sales staff is great to work with particularly Randy A who is always a pleasure to work with.......

I had some misunderstandings in the past on MY part and regret writing a past post against Icon Legacy and hopefully my new post will clear this all up....

MIKE of Newton, nj on

Original Review

I was a builder for Icon Legacy. They ripped me off out of my money numerous times and they don’t do quality work. I’ve worked with other modular manufacturers and this is the worst of the worst. It takes forever for them to get a repair crew out to a job site to fix things. Their set crews do shabby work. I don’t recommend anyone to buy a house from Icon Legacy Custom Modular Homes unless you want a shabby house.

Satisfaction Rating

Icon Legacy don't know you after being paid. The house was delivered with siding damage, hole cut in the walls and ceiling on interior. The bedroom joint is not even close off 1 ½". I overpaid and they did not refund the overpayment. When I called Icon, no one will talk to me except the secretary. They say to call the builder. The builder said he sent a repair order. Beware, they are very nice at the factory but after payment, it's a different story.

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Icon Legacy (Randy, Kevin) failed to prepare the driveway/approach for delivery despite having viewed the site previously. They were requiring the home to be staged offsite and approach prepared at my added expense. The project was delayed 2 days- $3,500.00. They refused to allow inspection before payment. Also, they refuse for me to take my home back when the inspection was denied. They made numerous attempts (all named parties) to transfer my funds from my bank behind my back without my approval.

When above illegal and immoral efforts failed, they granted inspection but then delayed delivery and setup of units 4 hours out of spite, which cost overcharge to me of crane and operator I shouldn't have been paying for ($1500) in the first place. I lost about $1,000 on a piece of junk that I must now dispose of and I will never buy a John Deere in the future. They agreed, verbally and in writing, to repair or replace the damaged material and shoddy workmanship but have flatly refused to do either.

This includes broken or improperly assembled cabinets, lack of floor structure, missing siding on dormers, busted framing on dormers, unsupported and shaky interior walls, busted exterior sheathing, 2x6 framing split vertically the length, roof trusses missing 70% of their material composition, main supports not square, plumb or level, vertical supports with 1-1/2" gap so as not to be supporting anything and to be properly repaired should have the shingles ripped off, a crane yank the roof section, reframed, reset by crane and reshingled -$65,000.00 and front door not closing.

They failed to clean up any of the mess including food stuff and 8.5 lbs of nails in the driveway as well as all packaging, straps, and dunnage resulting in extra cost to me ($1,650). In addition, a member of set crew saw fit to run an 8" lag bolt into the core of a 16-year-old apple tree that once provided shade and fruit. Apparently that guy had nothing better to do. This cost me $74,250.00 plus court costs and attorney fees and lost wages to prosecute.

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