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Wilmington, DE

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On 31 October 2004, I signed an agreement of sale with Frank Robino Builders to have a house built in their Village of Cannon Mills development in Delaware. The house was supposed to be built and available to move in within one year. After one year, the house was not ready. After two years, the house was not ready. After three years, and following up with the representative assigned to me, I was told that they had not broken ground yet, but soon. I was told there was a permit issue and they would keep me updated. There were no updates and no other communication.

Approaching four years, I called to get my deposit back. I was told that I had two choices: either they return my deposit whenever the house is built and sells, or I would need to show that I am experiencing some financial hardship which makes it impossible for me to purchase the house. I would need to get a letter from the financial institution who initially gave me the commitment letter, confirming that they will not lend me the amount needed for the purchase. In which case, I would lose my deposit because I was not financially able to complete the transaction. This was clearly wrong.

I went on to contact the main office with my problem, where I reached Dottie. I was given the run around on when I would be contacted to settle this issue. I was to receive a call back from Mr. **, who was the person responsible for approving refunds of deposits. It is now 30 August 2011 and I have not received any contact from Robino Builders, nor from their representatives to resolve their breach of contract. All of the following numbers I have for them have been since disconnected:

Office: 302-995-7011
Office: 302-734-4365

Fax: 302-734-7682

I spoke to one of their ex-employees who said that what they were doing to all of the people (who contracted for lots with them) was a shame. He said that they owed him a lot of money, they owed contractors millions, and the banks foreclosed on their land and properties. He said that the owner and the person he reported directly to, Mike **, has shut down the Robino company and is doing business under different names.


In February 2005, I signed an agreement of sale with Frank Robino Builder to have a house built in their development of "Village of Westover" in Dover, Delaware. The house was supposed to be built within a year, they kept telling me. A couple of family members who were also buying there were having problems with permits and they gave us no known date for delivery. In 2006, they gave us the option of getting our deposit back or switching to another development of theirs called "Cannon Mills". We asked them if our original community would be built soon, they said hopefully within a year or so.

We wanted to live in the "Village of Westover" so we told them we were going to wait a little longer. After a year or so, when we finally gave up on them, we asked them to return our deposit and they wanted us to sign a different release form that says they would return our deposit whenever the house builds and sells. But of course, I refused to sign that. I am no longer interested in purchasing a home there and I'm looking to have my deposit returned to me as soon as possible. I am out my deposit money. Thank you.

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