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For those who have stayed here as a resident would know that the HOA office here is closed 9.9/10 times during office hours. Whenever you call them on the phone it usually goes to voicemail. They are never there at the hours they claim say their office is open to public and its residents. It is definitely not the person's fault who works there because he gets paid and takes order by Board of Directors Keith ** from Legum & Norman, Inc. And they are the ones who have set up the system in a way that it bothers most of the neighbors and its residents.

I had a situation with their parking regulations and let me explain you their "regulations" on parking in the neighborhood. They say that, if we have a visitor coming, he or she can park there no more than 3 days in a row, otherwise it will be towed. Of course with the visitors parking permit in the car.

I had my brother come stay with me on Sunday and he parked his car in the Visitors spot with the visitors parking pass. Our intention was to go to the HOA office the next day and get a new parking sticker or get an extension on his visitors parking permit, so he can stay and park his car longer than 3 days and not worry about it being towed. So, next day we went to the office at 10am (their office house says they open 10am) and no one was there. We knocked on the door and no one had answered. So we waited for 15 minutes and no one showed up. My brother and I went our ways to work and since I am in the area, I stopped by the office around 2 or 3 pm and the office was still closed and this time with bunch of envelopes taped on the door by residents for HOA to pick up. So, I left again and we could not meet anyone that day for our parking pass.

The next day (Tuesday) we went and this time HOA office had a letter on their door, saying they will not be there for the day. What? Again, I dont blame the guy who works there because he is the only one working in that office and that man hustles and work for everyone. The problem is, he is the only doing all the work and of course he won't be there all day everyday. The Board of Directors Keith ** from Legum & Norman, Inc should hire an office assistant so that the office remains open to everyone during the office hours. So, we parked our car Tuesday night with the visitors parking was for the last time and it was towed because it was there for more than 3 days. Correction, it was towed on its 3rd day, they got it wrong. I paid 160 dollars to retrieve the car from the towing company.

The funny part is, the HOA office was closed on Wednesday too. So, I had to call like 5 phone numbers to get to Keith ** and right off the bat he tried to blame it on me, saying he and the other worker was there at the HOA office the day before and on Monday. I am like, at which hours? Are they expecting us to sit by the HOA office door steps and wait for them 8 hours straight and hope they show up? Then after few arguments he has asked me to put on a request during the board meeting they have every month in the evening at the HOA office. So I wrote up a letter and nicely handed to them and my brother and I showed up at the board meeting.

I spoke for about 3 minutes or so and explained them that it wasn't anyone's fault but the system needs to change or the parking regulations needs to be adjusted to cover up the fact that no one is here most of the time during office hours. They said they will discuss among themselves and would send me a letter of denial or approval.

Of course you can't beat bunch of bullies, so I got a denial letter from them. Not complaining about the money but I fear that most of the resident or future residents will bullied like this. If they have regulations and rules for us to follow, then they should be the ones following them first. Anyway, I am moving out of this place and hopefully never return.

Satisfaction Rating

We have been here for three years and nothing is fixed. Richard, the property manager is a big bully and likes to threaten tenants and owners. He talks about people and likes to start drama and has made racist comments toward people who live here. We have a leaky roof and termites in the walls. We also have neighbors that do drugs. Glad to leave.


I had worked on the board of the Palisair Homeowners Association for over five years. The Palisair Homeowners Association is located in the exclusive Pacific Palisades of Los Angeles, a group of multi-million dollar homes over looking the Pacific Ocean. Not only did I create the website and host it for the last five years, I represented the Palisair Homeowner Association in defeating a lawsuit against them. The ** sued the Palisair Homeowners Associations to remodel a house that was to block the ocean view of several homes in the Palisair Homeowners Association. It was a clear violation of the CC&R. I was the only one that was willing to stand up and protect the homeowners and got involved with the lawsuit against them. I spent hundreds of hours with legal matters including mediation, depositions and court appearances. I was the star witness in court that eventually defeated this frivolous lawsuit.

I created and hosted the website for many years. As well as hundreds of hours supporting the Palisair Homeowners Association. I submitted an invoice to this group of millionaires for $1,200 for the website creation and hosting I performed over the 5 years, and they refused to pay. This group of millionaires said they could not afford it and claimed poverty. This is after I saved them millions of dollars protecting their properties

I am now faced with the uncomfortable situation in needing to sue them for this injustice. I have never sued anyone, after battling many lawsuits for people that I felt needed protection. This group of millionaires that enjoy ocean views in the most desirable location in Los Angeles have pushed things too far. Sure the economy is not in great shape, but they are the riches people in Los Angeles. They look quite shallow when they refuse to pay their bills and then have the nerve to accuse me of abuse.

I have always fought for injustice and to protect people, now I need to fight the people that I have protected. Not only have they not paid me what is due to me, they now want to smear my name. These millionaires want my expenses and labors for free. I am not sure who ** is, but he is hiding his identity. If he were of any character, at least he would identify himself. He will soon enough be uncovered. I work in the legal profession and do not desire litigation. But in this case, I feel I have no choice but to now protect myself.


My home sale was blocked by Savanna Maintenance Homeowners Association due to an amendment that was added after I owned my home there. No one living there was ever notified of such amendment which states that one must own a home 1 year before it can be rent out. My sale was to an investor who planned to rent it out therefore the sale was cancelled 5 days before closing. It caused me expenses and losses of $50,000.00. My home was going to go into foreclosure without this sale so I begged the association for a waiver on my property to be sold to save me from foreclosure but they denied me.

I have since found out that they never filed this amendment legally in the first place and therefore it should have been null and void as to stopping my sale. I ended up in pre-foreclosure status which affected my excellent credit rating of over 40 years and the house had to be put back on the market at an all time low at that time of September, 2010. I would like to sue this association for my losses and have them investigated by the state of Florida. They have never operated under Florida Statute Law since they have been an association. No quorum vote, never had one, never a board of 8 people get together and decide everything that gets approved. This is in no way a majority of homeowners voting on something such as my request.

I think Savanna Maintenance Homeowners Association has way too much power when they can tell a homeowner of 10 years who, how/what. They can sell their home too? Is this America? I think a jury would agree with me and help me with my losses. This association gave themselves the power to spend up to $250,000.00 without a vote because they rule and they don't let the people vote anyway. I have proof of the many discrepancies in this association which is wrong. The law needs to check into this big time association. They have a 2.5 million dollar CD yet no dues ever go down. It always goes up every year for the past 11 years.


There has been an huge increase in Aesir Property Management dues for 2011. It has increased by 21K. Our first fee was when we purchased the home 2005, we had to pay the Association a total of 337.81. It stated Reserve Payment and current year protection per day for 138 days.

These fees do not make any sense what so ever and for what? I have diagram of the common areas that are suppose to be maintained by the association, which involve only 2 which they are cutting the grass only. They are behind only several homes. Now how often thru the year do they cut this grass? Maybe 5 months.

Our dues have been from 25.00 to 10.00 to 100.00 and 135.00 since 2005. The expenses for 2006, 12,141 total (profit) loss 9,643, which doesn't make any sense. For 2007 total expenses were 10,731.00, for 2008 18,615.00 and for 2011 total expenses now are 31,190.00. A 21K dollar increase. For 2 common areas they cut grass, there is nothing in the community for the people.

The City of Woodstock maintains the park area, the builder is suppose to maintain the empty property by cutting the grass and weeds, which he doesn't do. It's not the associations responsibility. So, I would like to know where all this money is going?

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RE 6/11/10 violation notice received from Spectrum Association Management agents (a.k.a. Homeowners Association, HOA) who represent D.R Horton (company that built our house). They have threatened to take me and my husband to court over the issue of grass and they refuse to allow us to landscape our own yard, specifically stating: "the missing grass in your front yard must be replaced". I'm going to write in 1st person, singular.

Since HOA agents are stalking me, I've stopped working in my yard, except for completing small chores. In the past, a white male HOA agent got out of his car, took pictures of me, and screamed at me in front of my house. I was alone outside with him. He really scared me too! I was defenseless! I found out that he worked for the HOA, when he hollered at me. I asked him, “Who are you? I don't even know who you are!” (He didn't tell me his name.)

Disrespectful HOA agents, all strangers to me, have stopped me from continuing to landscape the yard that I am paying for the next 26 years. So I cannot sell my house! I do not have extra money to buy a 2nd house nor to rent! Since it takes years for grass to grow well and new grass will not survive rough south Texas summers, it's a huge financial loss! I cannot show nor sell an un-landscaped yard! Currently, there are 4 houses for sale on my short block. I want to sell my house too, making it the 5th house for sale, but nobody's going to buy a house that is not landscaped.

Since moving into a D.R. Horton community in 2006, HOA agents have refused all of my requests to grow a garden, including having a bench, flower pots and roses! They have not explained why either. I have contacted them by phone, via email and letters, requesting them to be provide their rationale.

On 2/26/09, a Spectrum manager responded to my 2/25/09 letter about my garden. First, he phoned me and he appeared to understand my concerns. At my request, after we hung up, he emailed me an email of support with these words: "In regards to our conversation today, I have resolved the violation letter that you received." Regretfully, I trusted this Spectrum manager! I began to grow a water-conserving xeric garden.

I am not a young woman or a rich woman. I have epilepsy too! It's exhausting working in sweltering Texas heat! I've hauled thousands of rocks, found in my front and back yard, already in ground or left behind by original workmen, builders and landscapers. I've bought expensive/decorative potting containers, mulch, drought-tolerant plants/plants that live in bogs, such as caliches. Now Spectrum agents are stalking and threatening me again!

Since 2006, the original, inferior grass that I unknowingly bought died due to poor drainage. The caliches within ground, which smothers and kills most in-ground plants, drought, grubs, not being able to water frequently due to watering restrictions, trash left by workers and thousands of rocks.

In 4 years of harsh weather conditions, some plants are trying to live. I can't move them! HOA agents should respect me too. I've done nothing wrong! Why anybody would sue me over a garden is totally unprofessional, scary and all wrong. I could have another seizure over this any minute because I cannot stop worrying and I'm afraid! I am 61. I am supposed to finally live in peace and feel safe in my own house, which is not really a "home" since I presume HOA agents own it.


I am the President and Treasurer of our Homeowners Association. I have been asking for a small compensation of $80.00 a month plus expenses to do the accounting, etc. and manage the building because no one else will do it and we can not afford a management company without raising our dues significantly. One owner only told me it is illegal by "state law" for me to take any money except expenses. Is she right or wrong? Please send me an email Thanks a lot.

Your association should declare a special assessment to hire a lawyer who specializes in homeowners associations to get an answer to this question and to do a legal audit of your bylaws and corporate structure. There is too much at stake to rely on free Internet advice.