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I bought a Capital Pacific Home approximately 2 years ago. Our home was the last one they built in our community (Verrado). This left empty lots on all sides of us. Capital Pacific homes did not finish fencing in our property on one side because this was to be finished when they started construction on the home next to us, as we have zero lot lines.

We bought the corner lot, so we own both sides of our property. When Capital Pacific Homes pulled out of our community their lots were sold to K. Hov.Homes. K HOv Homes said, they are not responsible for the return fencing between our property lines. I also contacted our HOA asking them to assist us by contacting Capital Pacific Homes, as they have not responded to us.

The HOA basically repeated what the KHOV representative said, and that this issue had "fell between the cracks". I just want the small wall built between our properties, which is what I paid for when I purchased my home from Capital Pacific Homes. We had several issues with our home after we moved in including tile that was improperly installed, our heater was never connected and did not work, our tub leaked water into the ceiling and came out of our can lighting on the first floor, and our kitchen island was built in the wrong place/position.

Some of these problems were addressed only after we filed complaints with the Register of Contractors. But Capital Pacific Homes refused to fix our island as "it would cost to much, and involve to many contractors". We also had a very difficult time getting Capital Pacific Homes to help or respond in any way to any of the issues even though our house was still under warranty.

I like their homes, and they said the home we like would be built in 6 months. Over One year later they haven't built it. Fortunatley we didn't put any money down. At this point I'm scared to buy from them because I'm not sure how strong their organization is financially since they say things that don't happen. How would I find out if they're having financial problems?

We bought a brand new 3200+ sq ft house from CAPITAL PACIFIC HOME about six months ago. We moved in the house in Feb. 25, 2006. The house has a standard 1 year warranty. I have informed CAPITAL PACIFIC HOMES of our problem concerning our a/c unit. The a/c was not working properly since the last week of June and they have sent out the company that installed the ac unit, L&S Air Conditioning and Heating, three different times to fix this problem but nothing was fixed. It's now almost a month and our problem with our a/c unit has not been solved. Is this because the house is under warranty and they are taking their time to fix this problem?

In the part of California where I live it is not common to get temperatures of over 100 degrees, CAPITAL PACIFIC HAS NOT DONE ANYTHING TO SOLVE OUR PROBLEM. We don't know where to go for help. We are so frustrated with this problem. There are other issues with the home as well which are quality control issues, and the home builder also seems to be hesitant on addressing those issues as well.

The inside of the house is over 90 degrees and it is unbearable due to not being able to run the a/c. When the unit was working, airflow was very weak from the a/c unit which caused the unit to never shut off and the lower floor never got colder than 82 degrees no matter how low the thermostat was set. The cost to run the unit for 2 weeks before it went out was $618! For 2 weeks during the month of June!

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