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I bought an existing Brentwood home in a relatively new subdivision. The home was 2 and 1/2 years old. During the home inspection, the inspector noted that there was no insulation above the upstairs rooms, an area of about 600 square feet. Quite an oversight for a company that advertises energy efficient homes. When I called the number for Brentwood on the Web site, the person answering said they work for Crescent Homes and cannot help me. They advised me to go to the Brentwood Web site which, of course, lists the Crescent phone number. I cannot find anyone to answer for Brentwood Homes. What should I do? The estimate I received for insulating the upstairs rooms was $1,500.00.


We Purchased the home in 2006. Within a few months we noticed dark spots on hardwood floors, floor boards popping and shifting. Brentwood's Warranty Manager said the problem was due to incorrect installation of hardwood by flooring company. It didn't ring true because some areas of the hardwood had much higher moisture readings than other areas. Also, our neighbors were having problems with hardwood and they used a diffrent flooring installer.

After over a year of getting the run around, we called the President of Brentwood and insisted that an professional engineering firm inspect our home. They finally agreed and sent out their engineering firm.

Even after seeing the engineering report, Brentwood still refused to correct the full scope of the problem and wouldn't put anything in writing. Another concern was that they wanted to drain water from our yard onto land behind our home, the Warranty Manager told us this was "Protected Wetlands" and they had "a verbal OK" by the ownder to drain water onto it. We asked him to put that in writing and he refused. Now that "protected wetland" area is being developed by another builder.

We could go on and on. We put so much of our personal time into phone calls and meeting with several different people from Brentwood, their contractors and their representatives. Even after all this time and effort, we still do not have any resolution to our problem.

I recently noticed that Brentwood Homes apprears to be changing their name to Crescent Homes. I wonder why?


We bought a Brentwood home in March 2007. This home is 3 years old and is having terrible moisture/mold problems. Moisture is coming up around the perimeter of the home and is now migrating to the middle of our home. The slab foundation is faulty and there is moisture damage throughout our home. The wood flooring is stained from the moisture coming through the slab. There is now black mold growing on our back porch, underneath the flooring and likely inside the walls of our home. The back patio is unusable and most of the time the backyard is too wet to use. Brentwood's solution was to glue down a new floor. This is not acceptable.

The root cause of the moisture intrusion should be investigated and fixed. This house is an environmental hazard and am worried about the health of my family. The moisture intrusion is getting progressively worse. The Charleston Co. building inspection report states that the slab for this home failed twice. Also failing was the framing inspection, insulation inspection and the mechanical rough-in. This does not instill alot of confidence in the construction of this home. There are MANY homes in this subdivision with the same moisture/mold problems. These homes are built on a swamp ON A SLAB!

Their own engineer told me he has lived around here for 35 years and no one would ever build out this way because it is way too wet. I left many messages for Ted Terry, president of Brentwood, to call me. He never did. I would not recommend anyone buying a Brentwood home. They are poorly built and not willing to do anything to make the home livable.

I have two small children and I am very worried about the health effects with this rapid growth of mold in this home.


Have you heard that in CA new home builders are asking the folling question before selling you a house. Have you even been in a legal action with a home builder? If you answer YES they will not sell you a home... I have this in writing. They are also using this as a scare tactic, because all the other new home buyers will be afraid to sue because then they will never be able to buy a new home again. This is a violation of your civil rights. I know this is affecting a lot of people and the number grows everday.

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