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Admiral Homes has been a complete nightmare from the day my friend moved into his home that was obvoiusly made by people who werent wearing glasses that they needed. The slab of the home is a disaster and was reported to the company many many times, until they forced an arbitration on the owner of the home. The "suspicious" arbitration was of course in favor of the builder even though there were major deviations in the concrete slab from the front door to the back door, from side to side. The home is built like a golf course with hills and valleys in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, laundry, bath, etc etc.

The outside of the home was not constructed correctly over the garage allowing a lot of water to get behind the brick. The master bath has mold. Probable cause WAS found against the builder , however somehow that was reversed. The builders relative is a circuit court judge. 3 years later, the home has deteriorated, companies have refused the job of fixing it calling it a "wash out" and the builder continues to try to harass and do as little as possible. The immorality is disgusting. I know the Governor has been contacted. The builder bully's his clients who he builds defective homes for..hoping you will "go away". Negative publicity on the homes, only makes the builder bully that much more. Builder never provided proper warranty.

County building inspectors have refused to look at the home. This has been documented (why???). What is being hiden? What is underneath the home? Other Oakleaf residents with this builder are ready for action. Class action is brewing against this bully. I have seen emails from the builder to the client and they are quite "suspect". Media has been notified.


I purchased a home and after moving into the home, discovered many problems, including a large number of building ocde violations. The builder refused to correct the problems and went as far as committing fraud in an attempt to cover up the problems. Their statement is always "we are working to correct the problems." I filed a complaint with the state and the contractor, (Mr Arnold)has been charged with negligence and misconduct by the state of Florida. My complaint with the BBB is "unresolved," and my attorney has filed a civil compliant.


< We went into contract on a new home through Admiral Homes located in Jacksonville FL, we were preapproved by Adirmal lender. We went to plan review 4 months later. The next thing we knew our home increase in value 27,000.00 and the builder told us we could not get the home because our credit. We obtained our own financing and they refused to accept. They took our deposit and rip us off to steal the equity in the home. We are now suing them for both.

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