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They are only friendly if you are smiling and not making any suggestion or request on behalf of yourself or loved one! If you make any suggestions or demands, the staff in Joint Replacement will intentionally use all of their powers to torture and humiliate you or your loved one! Little prissy RN Lindsey and Stephanie from the discharge crew will bang you or your loved ones around, bust into your room talking extremely loud and bump their carts into the door. They won't allow you to sleep and they will be talking to the top of their lungs about shots, urine samples, and they go overboard to attempt to make you lose your temper so that they will have grounds to throw you out!

Baptist Hospital in Nashville also puts you through unbearable pain while not giving you your pain meds! They are power abusers! I only write this as a vent and warn you all, and I have no reason to lie on Baptist Hospital of Nashville. Be warned! And the physical therapy staff (Janice and her gestapo) are Nazi's! To protect their jobs, they almost drag you out of bed, torture you and give you a fake smile all while it happens. I went to Baptist Hospital in Nashville all smiles and friendly. I am leaving with pure hate for these cruel people!

Satisfaction Rating

The staff here is very lazy. My father was on the 6th floor for almost 2 weeks. Everyday the room service always got his food wrong or it was cold. They even sent his food to another room that was empty that sat in the room for over an hour, then tried to bring it back to serve to him, very unacceptable. I did complain to the kitchen supervisor, Cheryl, after the 7th incident happened. She knew that shouldn't have ever happened to any patient. She tried to accommodate the family with food, and offered him whatever he wanted. We didn't ask for anything. We only wanted what he was ordered to begin with. The patients are here to be nourished.

Nursing staff is very lazy. They want to sit at the nurses' station, laughing, talking to each other on cellphones when I have been waiting for Kleenex and ice for over an hour now. I had to actually go out the room to the station. Then when I got there, no one ever acknowledged me. I had to say, "Does anyone care to help me?" Also my father's IV was getting low so after this thing has been beeping for 20-25 min., I'd say, again I called to numbers on the board. Someone came only to turn off the beeping when she should have actually made herself a note to check back within 20 min. or so to change out the bag.

No, it never happened. The IV had gotten down to nothing, just beeping away. No one ever came, the room is right at the nurses' station, so again I go back out the door only to find about 4 people just laughing, even the one that came to turn off the beeping noise. So by this time I was already a little frustrated. I asked, "Is there anyone to bring another bag in the room? It is completely empty (in a very upset voice)." So then as I proceeded back to the room, the CNA RN wanted to come and apologize for the first lady that turned off the beeping. Of course, I didn't care to hear it.

I really feel sorry for people in this hospital that don't have people with them at all times. My father is very fortunate to have family. I am the only child and we all do want the best care for our loved ones. The nurses never came in the room except to check vitals or give meds. A patient that has IVs, oxygen, on any kind of heavy pain meds etc. should be checked on every hour, and that could actually happen if the nurses spent less time playing around. When people's lives are involved, until it comes to their loved ones, then I guess they will care about other people's lives, and the part that eats at me is that they had to do nothing.

We had family here 24/7. He was never alone. We feed him, bathe him, cleaned the room, changed linen, etc. There was one cleaning lady, Hispanic, that was excellent. She said she had been working here for, I want to say, 13 years. She cleaned when she came in, but there was one guy - I don't even think he cleaned the toilet. I really think he poured some blue cleaning liquid in the toilet and left. I was shocked. The other lady always cleaned so he was a weekend worker.

I am in the medical field and this would never go on, at least not for long. I just feel like he's not getting the proper care that he should when he has good insurance because if he didn't, he would have been shipped out 2-3 days after he arrived. My overall experience with this hospital was not happy at all. We arrived on 913. Today is 9-23. I pray to God that my father will make it out on Monday, 9-24. I know he is very ill with cancer in his last stage. I pray that something will come out of this before our Heavenly Father calls him home.

Satisfaction Rating

I went to the emergency room at Baptist Hospital per the physician on call at my doctors' office. He was concerned that my liver or kidney or some other major organ might be shutting down. I had swelling that was so bad throughout my body I couldn't wear my jeans from a year ago that were too big and my shoes cut into my feet. I also had vomiting and felt like I was going to pass out.

Dr. Jenifer ** came in and gave me attitude about even being there. I explained to her why I was there and what the doctor on call had said. She said there wasn't anything she could do for me before she even looked at me. She would not let me finish any sentence. When she did look, she poked my leg three times and said, "If you are swollen, you must be a really skinny girl." She then proceeded to say that people who are swollen have their socks cut or make marks in the skin. She then left the room. I pulled down my sock and you could see where my shoes and socks had cut into my skin almost to the point of breaking the skin.

She did run blood work, some that were unnecessary. I told the male nurse that they have to use a pediatric needle on me. He refused and caused me unnecessary pain. Later, he made condescending comments regarding the fact that I was scared of needles to other staff members. I never told him that. I had told him I didn't like needles. There is a big difference. I told Dr. ** I just had an EKG and echocardiogram that both came back fine but she still ran the EKG anyway even though I didn't need it. When the blood work came back, she said I was dehydrated and said, "I can give you an IV fluid or you can just have a Sprite and go home, your choice". Needless to say, I left at that point.

Dr. ** and the male nurse were both condescending to me and let me know in no uncertain terms that I had just wasted their time. When my boyfriend stepped out in the hall, they were eating donuts, laughing and talking on their cell phones. There was no one in the waiting room nor did it appear anyone was being attended to. There was a nurse there by the name of Charlene who was incredibly sweet and kind. I love my doctors at Heritage Medical Associates but will never go to Baptist again. I went to my doctor on Tuesday morning and was told it could be an allergic reaction or even worse, a blood clot.

Satisfaction Rating

I arrived at Baptist Hospital in Nashville, TN ER room. The girl behind the counter acted like she was disgusted she had to get off her phone to check me in. Then she proceeded with attitudes receiving my info. I sat there an hour in severe pain waiting to get my vitals checked with very few people in the lobby. Soon after vitals, she gave me a cup to urinate in and 45 minutes later, still in severe pain from a kidney stone reviving. No help or comfort from anyone.

Satisfaction Rating

I took my husband William ** to the ER at Baptist on March 05, 2011. He was having blurred vision and severe headaches, with nausea. We were made to wait for hours before he was seen. Then he was treated for a migraine. I told the doctor that William has never had migraines and rarely a headache. She had a CT scan ran and said he should be fine and that he could go home, the CT was normal. She gave him something for the nausea, told us if he got worse, to come back and sent him home. We were back in the ER the next morning by ambulance, and were told that he was an extremely sick man. An MRI was ran and found he had had a massive stroke. This was on Sunday morning. On Monday we were told that he was brain dead. He passed away on Wednesday.

I don't think he should have been sent home on Saturday. I feel like if the MRI had been run on Saturday, maybe he would still be here. I lost my husband and best friend. I am submitting this because I feel that every doctor should take more time with their patients so that this doesn't happen again to someone else. My husband has gone to be with our heavenly Father, but I, our children and grandchildren have to live with the emptiness, loneliness, and grief of not having him here. Loss of income, and seeing our granddaughters suffering, and we have 2 grandsons that will not get the chance to know him. The ER doctors really need to take more time with her patients.

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There was an older man in your emergency room who had kidney stones and was in a lot of pain on 10/09/2011. I was there with my daughter, whom I brought in because she had been vomiting from what was later told to me was a virus. The gentleman, who was older, was in so much pain that he couldn't sit down or keep still. A young nurse with long, dark, brunette hair came out and switched wheelchairs with him to use for an older woman who looked like she had gangrene on both the right and left legs. There was an older woman whom I was told had a staff infection on her right middle finger, also a young woman in excruciating pain, and a gentleman whom I could tell had 1st or 2nd degree burns on his left arm.

When they came to get the man with the kidney stones, they told him that he was not allowed to walk back to the emergency triage room and that he would have to sit down and lift up his legs, to which he responded he was not able to do because he was in so much pain. He was told that if he wanted to see a doctor, he had to lift up his legs. What part of what he said did the nurse and the others didn't understand? It made no sense how they were treating this man! Furthermore, the man went in with no bruises and came out with a bruise on his left ear lobe.

Personally, I think all of the parties involved, including the security for that time period, need to be replaced and the personnel who caused the bruise on this elderly gentleman should be replaced with more competent workers who are more compassionate about their patient's care and more in tuned to the pain that the patient is experiencing.

You can reach me at **. My suggestion is that you call me immediately because when I said something about how this gentleman was being treated, I was threatened by security that if I didn't shut up about how this man was being treated, my daughter and I would be escorted out of the emergency room and they would refuse to see my daughter. I went ballistic in the emergency room and told them that they can't threaten me just because I was standing up for someone who was in pain and they were running all over this gentleman's wife. Someone needs to call me ASAP about this matter.

Thank you,

Lola Denise **

(Daughter of Dr. Dorothy L. **) (deceased)

Satisfaction Rating

Physical therapist, Janice **, while I was recovering from a successful spinal surgery, was sent to my room. After introducing herself to us as "Janice the Terrorist", she proceeded to jerk me up. I announced that she had broken my back and I even told her where. She continued and, in her haste, she did not put my brace on me and walked me around. I went down the hill. I kept telling everyone, "She broke my back". The next day, my doctor, during his rounds found out and sent me to have an MRI. My back was broken. Another surgery, and almost losing my life after nine and a half hours of surgery to redo and repair, a stint in a rehabilitation center, and then being in a body cast for four months; I couldn't recommend Baptist Hospital in Nashville, TN!


I got doubled billed for a service then without calling or writing me about it, they sent it to a collection company.

It had already been paid but they made a mistake in their computers and still seven months, they have not fixed their mistake. Baptist Hospital in Nashville needs to get a better system. There's no telling how many people have lost their credit scores to the ignorance of Baptist Hospital in Nashville.


While on a business trip, I was admitted to the Emergency Room of Baptist Hospital in Nashville, TN in June 2008. Many tests were run until I finally checked myself out of the hospital. It was clear that Baptist Hospital was going to subject me to every type of test possible in order to make a lot of money on my visit. With every test and every doctor that said hello, I was charged ridiculous fees. Baptist Hospital did nothing to help my medical condition. (I later got help in my home town in Virginia).

My medical insurance, Aetna, only paid a small portion of the bill. I've been making monthly payments for lab fees, hospital charges, doctors, tests, etc. for the past few years. Last year, I called the Baptist Hospital billing department and told them I was having financial difficulties. Liz **, a Patient Accounting Specialist, told me to fill out a Financial Assistance Application with my personal information and return it to her. I immediately sent all the information and waited for a response. I stopped making monthly payments at that time, waiting to hear from the Charity Department. Nothing.

I called on 12-14-09 and left a message. No response. On 12-21-09, I left another message. No return call. On 3-8-10, I received a collection notice from Nashville Adjustment Bureau, stating my account had been placed with them. I called "April" at NAB and have set up a payment plan.

Baptist Hospital has adversely affected my credit by turning over my account to NAB. They never returned my calls after I provided them with my confidential information. This is a terrible way to treat people. I deserve a return call. In addition, with my current health issues and economic condition, it's not fair to put additional pressure on me. It's bad enough that they didn't diagnose or treat my condition, but adding insult to injury, they have now put me in a very bad situation with a collection agency.


On May 6, 2009 I had a spinal fusion by Dr. Gregory ** at The Center for Spinal Surgery. On May 17, I developed a headache, fever of 101.3, chills sweating, swollen incision site, fluid from incision site, and heart rate over 100. I went to my local emergency room in River Park Hospital, the E.R. doctor contacted the on-call surgeon for Dr. Gregory and the on-call surgeon stated to give me pain medication and send me home.

The River Park doctor said he would not touch my back since he did not do the surgery, he would admit me for pneumonia, start me on IV antibiotics and contact Dr. Gregory in the morning. On May 19, Dr. Gregory spoke with the River Park admitting doctor, my wife, and myself. He stated he would not treat my headache, he would have River Park treat me for pneumonia and then see what tomorrow brings. The admitting doctor at River Park stated his hands were tied he could not transfer me to Baptist because Dr. Gregory would not receive me.

The River Park doctor refused to look at my back and he refused to transfer me to another facility that could look at my back. He said he would treat me tonight for pneumonia and call Dr. Gregory again in the morning. My symptoms worsened and I remained unstable with a fever, high heart rate and now I was ashen in color and my headache was so bad I was nauseated, sweating profusely, and I couldn't open my eyes from the pain. I decided to leave River Park Hospital against medical advice and go to the Baptist emergency room in Nashville - an hour and a half away from River Park. Because I left against medical advice, I had to suffer in pain because I could not receive medication.

At the Baptist Emergency Room, the E. R. doctor did a spinal tap and a chest x-ray. I did not have pneumonia instead I had staphylococcal aureus septicemia and according to infectious control at Baptist, I almost died. When I went to the Baptist lab for follow up lab work for my infection, the lab tech said she has seen multiple patients come through with the same infection from the surgery center. My staph infection was not on the outside of my wound but deep inside. I had to be reopened and my surgical site cleaned out. This is a public safety matter that has affected a good amount of people.

I currently am in a weaken state and I could still die from an infection acquired from my spinal fusion. I am currently receiving IV antibiotics at home and still am developing complications.

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