Woodhull Hospital

Brooklyn, NY

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I had a bacterial infection in my throat that I neglected to address. By the time it was too late, I had become severely dehydrated from vomiting and knew I needed extreme medical attention. I left my apartment in Williamsburg alone - as no one I knew was around, answering calls, etc. - and tried to hail a cab to St. Vincent's hospital in Manhattan. Due to my sickly appearance, no cab would take me. Eventually I collapsed on the sidewalk and a kind gentleman called 911. Thankfully, he also found my parents' number in my phone. When I woke, I was in Woodhull. No staff member would tell me where I was. I was repeatedly asked what drugs I was on (answer: none). Staff demanded I give a urine sample. I was so dehydrated at this point that I could not, until threatened with a catheter.

I found my phone and was calling my parents when staff came in and took my phone from me. I asked if anyone called my parents and was told they didn't have contact info and wouldn't call until they knew what drugs I was on. They subjected me to a gynecological exam, while being restrained by two orderlies. When my parents arrived (AFTER ONLY BEING CONTACTED BY THE MAN WHO ORIGINALLY CALLED 911), they conveyed their outrage and immediately took me to our regular medical practice. I am appalled that Woodhull is still a functioning facility. If you have ANY other option, PLEASE go elsewhere.


We arrived at the Emergency Room at 9:01 PM due to asthma attack and migraine headache due to high blood pressure. The asthma was treated but in regards to my migraine headache, no one was able to help me or assist me--they just simply moved me to a bed! Then, after an hour, I was greeted by a rude nurse by the name of Denise **. This nurse's tone was loud, rude and inconsiderate! It was as if we were disturbing her! She didn't offer much assistance or answer any questions! She just yelled as if she was talking to a pet! The rude nurse soon left.

Three hours and 45 minutes later, after passing out from an extreme pain, a doctor was rushed over! But I wonder--if I had not passed out, would a doctor have come to my aid? Would it have been six hours? When she came, she quickly prescribed two Tylenol codeine and a shot! Oh, and a CAT scan! So, I waited with an extreme pain for three hours and 45 minutes for the doctor to give me Tylenol?


The hospital staff in the emergency room takes about 2 hours to ask if you need help. They are rude. They do not check on patients who are left in hallways for four hours. Regardless of your illness or injury, they do not care. This hospital has thousands of complaints and lawsuits. They should not be open.

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Woodhull Hospital