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20 St. Vincent Hospital Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 24, 2018

I've been extremely sick for a few weeks now, just had an ultrasound done on my kidneys and bladder, and the technician was extremely RUDE, and unsympathetic, just flat out a **. The lovely nurse's name is RHONDA **, and she works in Radiology. You should not work in the medical field if you are unhappy and a miserable **.

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Rated with 1 star
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 1, 2018

I was misdiagnosed four different things. Admitted to be kept in unbearable pain with no relief or bothering to help me as I cried and cried. Treated horribly like just a couple employees did their jobs. They threw you your blankets. Just the worst in my life experience and I've been in many ERs. So scary. Very unsatisfied.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 28, 2018

I thought I was having a stroke, so went to St. Vincent's Riverside. My first mistake was going to the hospital. Turns out, my body cleared the clot by itself. But now I'm stressed out over $12,000 in bills. Some of this comes from St. Vincent's and some from their outsourced doctors and labs. Apparently, most of their doctors are outsourced to a company called HNI. I put what I could on credit cards, but still owe $6,300. Their solution is a $262/month payment plan for 24 months (more than my car payment), or to apply with their HOPE Foundation.

The HOPE Foundation requires, in essence, that you sign a power of attorney, giving them the ability to look at all of your finances and to assign you to any insurance plan that they feel will benefit the hospital - including but not limited to Medicaid. No thanks. Not selling my soul and self respect so that the hospital can get government kickbacks for being a so-called charity. The hospital room I stayed in had a nightstand. The door literally fell off if you opened it. Technicians woke me up throughout the night for various blood draws, to the point that I felt ill the next day from lack of sleep. They told me that I had to pee into a plastic liner in the commode, so that they could measure my output. But they never emptied it!

After a full day, I gave up and dumped the liner into the toilet when it wouldn't hold anymore. I am a vegan, and they insisted on serving me piles of meat on small bits of wilted lettuce. I had to pick the lettuce out by hand, because they gave me no utensils. Then no one picked up the plate for 24 hours. The old food just sat there. Grody! They began to imply that the plan was to keep me another 24 hours. I had news for them. It wasn't happening. I'd had enough. Thank God I left. Otherwise the bill might have been double what it is. UPDATE: After posting this review elsewhere, I received a request from St. Vincent's to contact them with my name and contact information. The result was a demand that I pay the entire balance that day.

The notice was sent to me at 11:45 PM, so I did not receive it until the following morning. This was AFTER I had worked out the payment plan with them; after I'd been told that my first statement would arrive the end of July; after I'd requested an itemized bill -- which has not been received. DO NOT TRUST ST. VINCENT'S. In any case, I paid them at 3:15 this morning, using two credit cards. I was up, getting ready for my low-paying night-shift job. But the struggle is worth it. I know that, by giving St. Vincent's an entire year's salary for one night's "care", the hospital administrators are that much closer to owning this year's Lexus.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 11, 2018

Following an accident on a volunteer project, my 78 yr. old father was taken to St. Vincent Hospital (Indianapolis) ER department as a trauma 1 head injury. He was admitted to Trauma/Surgical/Neuro. ICU. I am a medical professional, and my sister is a nurse for over thirty years. If it were not for our constant monitoring of my the condition of my father, he would more than likely be dead. He has permanent brain damage due to the accident, but his case was made more difficult by the medication (heart meds.) mistakes and miss-orders which took place during his 34 day ICU stay.

On four separate occasions, there were either wrong medications "given", given all at once - instead of time released as ordered, or not given AT ALL until noticed by a family member who had to ask (beg) a nurse to check the med orders because he was tachycardic (he had not been given the necessary, daily meds. per orders AGAIN.) This hospital has an antiquated communication system/computer system, which seems to be causing the "services" to make mistakes on a daily basis. The nursing staff is light and over-worked. The management sees family members as a problem when they ask questions, and they act quite threatened. The harsh attitudes only make it more clear that there really is a problem in the St. Vincent system. We are all only human, but a large medical facility is not the place to allow "human error " to happen daily... especially in a specialized ICU.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 31, 2017

Took my daughter to the center for an assessment, her coordinator is Maria. After watching Maria walk around for about 20 minutes I walked up to her and asked if my daughter was left alone. She seemed adolescent in how she spoke with me. I took my daughter in for depression and anxiety attacks. It would not be a good idea to leave her alone. She had left her with someone in a room. Just not professional, they were going to admit her and my daughter said she was ok with that. However, what no one said was since this is a Friday no one of any worth was going to see her until at least Monday. So when someone did see her it was a whole 30 seconds 2 times. They had manic patients in with the depressed anxious patients and the screaming that went on at night was not good for the anxiety of said patients. They were supposed to not house the 2 different types together. If a patient was upset they would pop a pill in their mouth.

There was no one of any significance there on the weekend. Just a nurse or nurse aide to administer medication. Total waste, then they put her in a group therapy session where they have to listen to how Joe's wife left him for 45 minutes and that leads to more anxiety and the patient never wants to go back to them. Maria was "classroom trained" it seemed and didn't stray far from the classroom training she went through. Very impersonal and robotic. I have called since then and no one has returned any calls. I would look elsewhere before sending a loved one into this arena. Not good at all.

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17 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 1 star
Original review: May 9, 2017

St Vincent Medical Group, Anderson Indiana. I have been on ** for 20 yrs. Dr ** and I discussed that I only need blood work done for this medication twice a year and she would write me a years prescription after she received my blood work, since I'm a new patient. She didn't keep her word even though my blood work was normal. She continue to demand I get my blood work done every three months if I wanted a refill. This is because they can charge my insurance for this service... this is totally not needed to be done at my age. I complained to the nurse who did nothing. Second complaint is this office would regularly cancel my appointment and make me reschedule at my expense. If I couldn't get a new app before my ** ran out they would not call in the pharmacy a refill. I went without my ** for two weeks because of them cancelling my app... Couldn't get a new app. for three weeks... beware, beware. They put profits over patients.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Jan. 9, 2017

I've always been treated fair at St. Vincent ER Indy until I ran across a very rude weird doctor by the name of Dr. **. For last couple times she attempts to grab my chart and comes and has been very rude to me like I'm an addict because I suffer from chronic pain. I was there yesterday from sciatic pain in my leg and she asked me to go in another room and pull my pants down and looked at my behind. I felt very violated. I'm reporting her. This doctor is very snotty and totally judges patients the wrong way and liked to look at women's body parts and she comes off as a very masculate women whom is very butch and hard boned body. She always makes me feel uncomfortable every time. I don't know why she always chooses my chart and doesn't help me and wants to explore my body parts. I'm calling human resources Better Business Bureau anybody I can. This woman Dr. ** of St. Vincent de Indianapolis needs to be stopped!!!

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Rated with 3 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 10, 2016

First, let me say that I had no problems with my current doctor at the Harcourt Road location. But the staff has been continuously rude for the past years I have been going there (my daughter has told me repeatedly to get another doctor, but I liked my doctor unfortunately). It just depends on what day you go in on the Harcourt location. They are almost like a person with an illness. One day you're treating people fine the next day you're not. And definitely don't make any complaints about their staff. In my case I was dismissed as a patient, considered to be rude. Just amazing. They need to put a hidden camera in the front and they would see for themselves.

Mind you the key word here being hidden, because if they knew of course they would put on their best front. Because I refuse to be serviced in a rude manner, (anytime I'm paying or my insurance is paying same thing) I should be treated with dignity and not rudeness and I won't submit to those individuals treating me otherwise. I have been an office manager before and if you're not a people person and know how not to bring your home life to the job so that it is not reflective in your outward interaction with clients and know how to multi-task, that's what most front desk positions do. If a person can't do this, then that is not the job for them. My recent experience was so horrific and I was in pain when I went to the doctor, that when I complained to the appropriate people I was terminated as a client. Unbelievable.

I guess they have milked my insurance enough and don't mind putting a person out to pasture when they are done. St. Vincent Medical Group needs to work on their image because outside people that I have talked with most have experienced the same feelings on various days too. No worry I am not ever trying to come back there or refer them to any of my friends.

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15 people found this review helpful
Rated with 1 star
Original review: Oct. 14, 2015

I called the hospital ST Vincent (Harcourt Road) and made an appointment with Dr. ** as a new patient. I was given a two weeks wait and scheduled for October 14th at 5 pm (which is today). I have not been feeling well and I had gone to urgent care before, so I opted to wait and see the doctor. So after two weeks, I receive a voice mail confirming my appointment for Nov 30 at 2.00. I call the office and they say that the doctor does not take new patients after 5 pm. Well someone made the freaking appointment. This is absolutely wrong and unprofessional.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: June 19, 2015

I opened the same complaint on the extremely poor way I was handled by the office staff and doctor. The doctor's office will not reply to St. Vincent's customer service. Basic EKG could not be preformed professionally and doctor's instructions would not be followed. Had to call three times for results after two weeks and got a very short nurse answer.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 9, 2015

I was refused care placing my life in jeopardy because I am disabled, have Medicare, am a Christian who knows. I have it in writing the refusal to treat. What is going on? My son crying looked at me and said, "She is gonna let you die". Who is holding these licensed doctors accountable? I bet Medicare will love to hear of this. Am I not good enough? I can't help it. I am disabled, decided disability by SSI. At St. Vincent the sign says they "Do Not Refuse Care". It is a lie because I was.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 5, 2015

Went to emergency room at 7:20 with extensive pain in shoulder and had shortness of breath. I was told that I was not would be seen but there were many more important people ahead of me. I sat in the ER for three hours and when I finally went back, they were very rude! I was told I probably pulled a muscle and to take Tylenol and ice my shoulder. My situation was not an emergency. Turns out I have bronchitis. Glad I didn't listen to them. Unless you don't have a choice, DON'T come here!!! Very rude!!!

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Rated with 2 stars
Original review: May 14, 2015

I used to go to Saint Vincent Anderson Regional, (formerly Saint John's). My doctor was part of their health care network and I had all of my testing done at that location to make it easier on the doctor to treat me. I began seeing a doctor just for wellness checks and the occasional follow-up care for more severe problems, so I only saw the doctor a few times a year. Things were alright for that period, I had simple issues that did not require any effort to fix.

After a time I became very depressed, not suicidal (but that could have changed in a moments time), it came from nowhere. I saw my doctor and told him what was going on and my concern for not being in control of my thoughts. He gave me the number to the Anderson Center to schedule an appointment. I called and could not be seen for six weeks. I told the receptionist that I was concerned about the wait and she instructed me to call my doctor and have him take care of the issue until I was able to be seen. I did as advised but the doctor's office scheduled me an appointment to see the doctor three weeks out.

At this same time my back and legs began to hurt severely, to the point that I was having trouble getting up and even walking. The next day my children had an appointment with their doctor. The doctor came in to see my child and the first thing he said to me was "My Mr. ** are you alright?" Before I thought about it, I told him that I was so depressed and was really feeling miserable mentally and physically. He was very kind, and asked me if he could help. I told him about my appointment and that I hoped I would make it. He told me that he could help me.

So he instructed his nurse to give me some samples of a anti-depressant that that pharmacy vendor had left. I asked him if this would get him into any trouble, or if it violated any policies. He smiled and said "no, I am using the medication for its correct purpose and am totally sure that you are in a depressive state. I would not be able to look at myself if I did not do anything within reason to help you, or anyone else in need and have not violated any policies or protocols in doing so". If this doctor would not have stepped up to help, I may not have made it. It is a backward situation, the professionals that I paid, and trusted to help me to the best of their abilities, caused severe damage to me. A doctor that could have just been polite and went about treating his patient, my child, made his money and went his way, chose to honor the oath he had taken, "to do no harm".

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Rated with 1 star
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 8, 2015

Dr. ** replaced moms knee. The next day x-rays revealed her leg broken in two places. They operated again and over-anesthetized her. She never awoke. She was fine in life and health except for her knee. They killed her. We are totally devastated.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 22, 2014

My mother had a major stroke on August 17, 2014, one which the doctors said that she was lucky to have survived since she lay alone in her house for approximately 2 days before my brother found her. She was taken to St. Vincent in Anderson, IN and was lifelined to St. Vincent Indianapolis because they were better equipped to handle her situation. My mom was in ICU for 2 weeks and then was moved to the 5th floor. That is where the true administrative nightmare began. The first week they were very attentive to my mom. I didn't realize until talking to a couple nurses that the meds the neurologist had her on would make her very lethargic and sleep more than normal. Until I learned that, I thought it was just part of the process after having a stroke.

I have never dealt with this situation so I was ignorant to the phases that stroke patients go through. When I addressed this with the neurologist, he said that I was wrong, that the meds would not make her sleep. I ask him to prove it to me and change the meds or the times they are dispensed to her. They would give her the meds and then the doctors would come in to evaluate her about an hour later, stating that she was not cooperating! She COULDN'T cooperate, they had her sedated. The second week on the 5th floor was worse because no one is supposed to be there as long as my mom needed. So it was very clear that they wanted her gone.

The case manager we had for her there was absolutely NO HELP and lied continuously to us. I fought long and hard to get my mom transferred to another facility that could better care for my mom. Their resolve was to send her to a nursing home. That was not acceptable because I KNEW my mom needed more care than any nursing home could or would give her. After threatening to file a grievance AND after firing the case manager (which I didn't know I could do until a family member that works in the field told me), mom was accepted to Seaton LTAC, which was what she needed to advance from the condition that she was in at St. Vincent on 86th Street. She stayed at Seaton for about 2 weeks which was exactly what she needed and she was able to start minimal therapy.

When her stay was complete at Seaton it was determined that she would be transferred to a Rehabilitation Hospital. They recommended Community Rehabilitation Hospital. When I ask why she couldn't be transferred to Bennett Rehab in Anderson they said that CRH had a designated brain injury unit that could address the needs mom had as a result of the stroke. And they said that Bennett Rehab did NOT have a unit designated to the neurological issues that she was presenting. So we decided to send her there because in the long run it was in her best interest to take care of her mental status as well as the therapy.

As of tomorrow, October 23, 2014, my mom will be at CRH for 3 weeks. I feel that they have addressed the neurological portion of the stroke but my mom still needs intensive therapy. And she also needs to get closer to home so her family and friends can visit her more often. This will benefit her tremendously getting the support from loved ones. I requested that she be transferred to Bennett Rehab because Carrie ** said that she would be accepted when she can participate in therapy for 3 hours a day. I spoke to Carrie ** at Bennett Rehab and was informed that mom wasn't able to participate in 3 hours of therapy each day. When I replied, "You mean like she is doing now?" Her reasoning became that because we chose to send my mom to CRH instead of Bennett that she couldn't qualify mom.

I explained that they offered the Brain Injury Unit that Bennett didn't offer and that my mom needed that as well as therapy. She said that "if you would have just taken her there for 2 days and transferred her here (to Bennett) we wouldn't be having this issue right now." I ask her, "So, if I would have chosen you first, instead of getting her all the help that she needed at the time, you would accept her now?" That is a bit childish, isn't it? She again said that I should have had her transferred to Bennett instead of CRH. This whole ordeal has been an absolute nightmare and a constant battle. Fortunately, I have family members that work in the medical field and they were able to tell me what I can do in order for my mom to receive the care that she not only needs but deserves.

This information is NOT common knowledge and it terrifies me how many other elderly people have been thrown into a nursing home and aren't receiving the care that they too need and deserve. I am in no way saying that all nursing homes are the same. Some do give exceptional care and do care about the patients. But most are not equipped with the needed staff to care for Brain Injury and Stroke Patients appropriately in the first critical stages of recovery. And not all patients are the exact same. The length of stay is typically not this long but I assure you that my mom needed every minute of care that she has received and needs more in order to recover. And the lack of compassion that Carrie ** showed my mom because we didn't chose Bennett Rehab first (regardless of whether they could provide the care needed) is not only childish but very scary that anyone can dictate the future of a helpless patient's life and well being simply out of intentional revenge.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 19, 2014

Went to St Vincent Carmel e.r. on 1/31/2014. Had the worst doctor ever, terrible bedside manner and misdiagnosed me. Nurses were right but he wouldn't listen. To top it all off the doctor was not in the united healthcare network. I was stuck paying a horribly high bill for atrocious service. I won't go back even if I am dying.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 9, 2014

My adult son was admitted to the stress center this week from Aug 5-8. He was not competent making decisions due to bipolar and paranoid schizophrenia conditions he has for years. The center nurses including the head nurse with whom I spoke with refused to take any input from me about my son's medicinal history, and not willing to consult my son's regular psych doctor at Indiana Health Group, and not let me contact the center doctor to share the medical history. The reason they gave me was my son didn't sign a release form. How could one expect a sound decision from mentally impaired patient and only rely on patient's own information?

My son was given a meds at the center w/o any prior knowledge that he had been proscribed before which caused severe headache, and the dose escalation was from 2mg to 10mg in three days. Dose escalation too fast has caused aggressions and manics in the past by the same class of meds to my son. This holds true for this meds. The day my son was discharged from the center that his aggression and anger exploded. My home got damaged - several holes as big as 6-8" big on the walls, stair rails got damaged, as well as several knives and sport equipment. This was the first time such massive damage was done by my son.

I feel extremely sad about the outcome of the treatment and what happened to my home. This could have been minimized or avoided. I called the center after this happened. The nurse was not willing and not able to connect the doctor who treated my son to get medical advice. This was the worse experience I ever had in trying to work with mental health care providers in the last three years during which my son received in-patient care in several other states including Community North Hospital in Indy. Everywhere else, care providers understood and value family caregiver's insights about patient's meds history and arranged a meeting for us to meet with doctor or head nurse while patient privacy was protected, and seek feedback about their care and service. They took patient care as a priority unlike staff in the St Vincent stress center who cared only for the release form. Do they ever think mistreatment or improper treatment of patients is also unlawful?

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: July 6, 2012

St. Vincent sent an emergency patient over to our office for Dr. ** on a day that he is not there. 8240 Naab Road is his satellite office and it is our main office. When he is there on Tuesdays, we are not allowed to be there so we cannot see patients on this day even though this is our main office. He got upset when we did this when a holiday was on Monday and we put our patients that came on Monday for Tuesday for the Holiday. Anyway, I asked my husband, Dr. **, why he was coming when we cannot see patients on Tuesdays and Thursday is our day and we are full. The patient came to our window and started yelling at me when it was closed and calling me a ** and I walked away and asked that she be removed. Nothing done.

Then Dr. ** comes in while we have patients in exam room and I was making copies of encounters sheets and he had opened the door of his exam room. His patient started yelling at me again and said I looked at her and if I look at her again, she will beat my face in. I did not look at her and I was minding my own business. She gets out of exam chair and comes to my office space in it and starts threatening me and Dr. Kirk ** stands there with a smile and just lets her keep doing this. He does not try to stop her and I told her I was not looking at her and she says, "You and the other girl did not even acknowledge that I was here." We do not work for Dr. ** and we do not have to because Dr. ** told you he was on his way to the waiting room. We work for our doctors and not Dr. ** and she still kept getting in my face.

Then she goes back into exam room when the doctors would not let me call the police to have her removed. I am the office manager for Dr. ** and his wife. Then I got on phone with Emdeon and was trying to get a problem resolved with our clearing house and we still have patients in exam rooms who are hearing everything. She is leaving and she starts yelling I am a racist and is telling her little boy, "Do not talk to her. She is a racist." I am on the phone and the guy on other end says why is she saying that? He heard her yelling it and again Dr. ** did nothing to stop his patient from harassing me as staff for another doctor. Our patient came out and said, "I am sorry and you are not racist." He was a black man who has been our patient for a very long time. He said, "I am sorry she did that." I want an apology from the doctor and his patient. I ended up leaving work for rest of day because I was upset. When you also call Dr. **'s office, his girls are very rude.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Oct. 24, 2011

When arriving at the hospital on Friday, my mother was in level 4 restraints, her room was switched, her mouth was swollen and lips were cracked and bloody. I was not contacted about the restraints nor her move. The staff was rude and disorderly. This was a very unusual visit because my mom has been in the hospital for over a month and my family and I had no complaints, but after her move to the fifth floor, the nurses seem to have no bedside manner. Again, I was very shocked at the behavior of the staff and could not believe what was going on.

There was a sitter in my mom's room as well, which concerned me with the restraints being so serious. I was there for three hours and no one came to give her a break from the restraints. The staff could not explain to me how often she should be released from the restraints. No one came to see if she had eaten or drank until I called for a nurse. In addition to everything, after talking to my mom, it was apparent that her gums were grossly swollen which was the reason she hadn't eaten. For this particular day, the list just grew longer and longer.

When the head nurse came in, I was trying to hold a conversation with her to find out what had happened the night before and she was just rude. No eye contact and she used a condescending voice the entire time. My mother has some serious problems going on and I am concerned about her treatment continuing on at St. Vincent. I think my biggest concern was the lack of empathy when dealing with my mother. This group of staff on Friday was the worst I have ever seen in the health care field. I have been in the medical field for years and level 4 restraints on, without contacting the family, is just unacceptable.

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Original review: April 4, 2006

This place sends patients home after surgery with fevers telling them that this is normal and if it gets worse to call their personal physician. Staff doesn't communicate with family or patient because there are so few staff they are overworked. Staff is pulled from one area and placed in other areas that they aren't trained in or familiar with. Nurses are pulled from a geriatric floor and put to work in a level III NICU where they have no experience.

Case A: a medicare patient is admitted with a bowel obstruction, and NG tube is put into the stomach with through the nose. The patient is given an 'emergency colonoscopy' the doctor notes in the chart that the patient needs surgery for a new cancer. Nobody tells the patient, the family or the patients primary care physician. Repeated requests for information/contact with the doctor are ignored.

Four days pass. The patient pulls the NG tube out on several occasions. Its found on the bed or floor, the staff member picks it up and puts it back into the patients stomach through the nose.

The family complains and asks for a patient advocate because the patient is found on the bed with no bedding several times, staff is asked for blankets and the family is told that they dont have any. Messages are left for the patient advocate. The family is told the hospital no longer has a patient advocate and is given the number for the floor manager. Three days later the floor manager calls the family and apologizes. The patient still has no blanket. The patient is sent home after a week and a half when the Medicare runs out.

Case B: patient has bariactric surgery on friday. Starts to complain about swelling and pain in the abdomen and asks for the doctor to be notified. The staff refuses to contact the doctor because they dont want to make the doctor angry with them. The family asks for the doctor to be contacted when the patient starts running a high fever. The staff still refuses to call the doctor. The next day, the doctor on call is contacted and finds that the patient has a massive infection and transfers the patient to ICU.

Case C: patient has abdominal surgery on monday, has trouble in recovery, very low blood pressure, doesnt come out of recovery for many hours. Family isnt told that there is a problem until very late that evening. Patient seems to be doing well but there is a problem with the surgical drain, the device used to suck fluids out keeps falling off the drain tube, its a small bulb that needs to be squeezed so that is sucks out the fluids and it needs to be emptied from time to time.

The bulb falls off and the drain leaks out on the patient and the floor. The staff usually just picks up the bulb and sticks it back onto the tube. The patient is sent home with a fever after four days recovery.

Case A: after a week and a half, the family is called at 7:30am by a case worker from the hospital, they are told that the patient has been released to a nursing home and they need to be at the hospital by noon with $50 cash to pay the transportation company that is going to take the patient to the nursing home. There was no prior discussion with the patient, the primary care physician or the family.

The case worker told the family that the patient could not go home, that the patient needed rehab and that the hospital had contracts with several nursing homes. The case worker would not say what home the patient was released to. The family contacted the primary care physician and had to find a home of their own choosing the place the patient in before the hospital sent the patient to one of their own homes. The family had to arrange transport on their own, the case worker agreed but only if the family took the patient out before noon, if the patient wasnt taken before noon, the hospital would go ahead with the transfer.

Once the patient got settled at the nursing home things got worse. The fever kept going up and the patient wasnt able to eat. After a week, the patient had symptoms of a heart attack and was transported by ambulance to a different hospital. The physicians there determined that the fever was due to a massive esophageal infection that had progressed to the patients bloodstream. The patient was given large quantities of antibiotics, but was still unable to eat. The patient died two weeks later.

Case B: The patient had to stay for six weeks in ICU until the infection cleared, patient had good insurance.

Case C: The patient goes home with a fever, staff tells the patient and the family that this is normal for a patient after surgery. Four days later the patient goes to the physicians office to have the staples removed. Two days later six inches of the surgical incision opens and begins draining large amounts of puss. A call to the surgeon and the patient was told to go the the office. The surgeon checks on the surgical site, prescribes antibiotics and packs gauze into the wound. For the next three months the patient has to cover the open wound with gauze until the wound closes on its own. At one time or another the entire incision opens and drains puss. Two years later the patient suffers from a hernia through the incision due to improper healing of the underlying tissue.

Complain to the hospital, well they are quick to apologize, but nothing else. They are also quick to demand payment, Case C received a final notice please remit at once bill on monday, three days after the patient got home.

I don't think that any of this would happen if the hospital was properly staffed. I've watched this happen for several years as the hospital acquired more property, and each acquisition was followed by layoffs of nursing staff and staff from other departments. In some areas the hospital requires the staff to record how much time is spent with a patient, if too much time is taken with a patient, the staff member is reprimanded. Sometimes it's necessary and good patient care to spend a few extra minutes with a patient.

These patients might have done better if the staff had had the extra time to care for them properly. If management was more interested in supporting staff members instead of worring about is a doctor was going to be angry if the staff called about a complication with one of the surgeons patients. If staff wasn't so rushed maybe the patient would not have acquired an infection through the drain tube.

I believe that infection control is very poor at St Vincent Hospital on Indianapolis, due to poor staffing and management looking the other way. But since the patients are sent home before the infection is found the hospital doesn't have to show this in their patient care statistics, once the patient goes home the hospital doesn't track them anymore.

That's my say, I don't go there anymore if I can help it. I'm patient C, Patient A was one of my family, and patient B was a close friend.

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