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Henry Ford Hospital

Detroit, MI

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Last updated: April 17, 2018

41 Henry Ford Hospital Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 17, 2018

First I love my doctor. I was in the Hospital in August, I see my doctor regularly. I am a single parent and I pay my copay every time I go. I pay twice a month on my bill, what I can afford to pay my deductible. I only get paid 2 times a month. Since I pay twice a month, they sent me to collections. I was just notified today that I will be unable to see my Dr anymore because paying twice a month, never less than 30 dollars, is not enough. So I am making an effort and never go and NOT pay. So now they are putting my health at risk because I am NOT rich and making an effort and paying something is better than nothing. So they have now lost a patient, and obviously I will be going to a different doctor. COMPLETE BS! They are only out for MONEY. They DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR PATIENTS AT ALL!

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Original review: April 5, 2018

I had a horrible experience in the emergency room of this hospital. I went there for help because I was out of my psychiatric medications and have been having issues after having my case dumped by the Guidance Center in Allen Park with no explanation or referral after five years in their care. As soon as the staff at HFW heard I was a psych patient, I was surrounded by male nurses and a security guard who escorted me to a room where all of my clothes and belongings were taken. I asked if I could just go home. They said no. They put me in a room full of men and shoved me on a gurney into a corner in front of cabinets where a bed doesn't even belong. I was kept there from about 11 pm last night until 11 am this morning with no food, water, or medical attention. I had asked for something for anxiety and that request was ignored.

I woke up several times during the night crying to see the male nurse that I asked for anxiety medication eating candy bars and surfing the internet. I was asked several times by doctors and social workers that came through if I was homicidal or suicidal despite my repeated answer of no. I was eventually told they don't even have a psychiatric staff there. When I was discharged, I was given a prescription for only one of my three medications because the young doctor on duty wasn't familiar with the drugs I required. The only good thing that happened is I got a referral to a mental health care facility after 12 hours of pure Hell in Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 7, 2018

I had to shave my hair for cancer and the doctor didn't even ask me why he diagnosed me with 3 things. One was that I pull out my hair by the roots and I eat it. Second thing work bugs were out of my bumps because I had allergic reaction. The next thing was allergic reaction then the second time I went in there for medical once again. I know it was the same doctor. I couldn't breathe so I went by ambulance and I had taken a ** prescribed by my doctor so I made a phone call and I told my mom where I was at. Then they all looked at me and we're quiet for a minute and then the doctor came up to me. I know it was the same one. He said, "Hey bipolar." So I was on a gurney sitting in the Hall and I said I'm going to leave. 8 guys jumped on me handcuffed my hands to the bed and my feet and they gave me an IV that I refused. They gave me ** and ** then they put me in patient.

Now the lady that did my rights complaint is now telling me that's not how it went, that I was on a phone booth and then put in the hallway. I need to find out this stuff cause I'm sick and tired of it. My doctors affiliated with that hospital then I went third time. They kept me and they kept threatening me. My third time I walked out I brought my friends with me. They sent a psychiatrist and ask when my insurance is ready so they can bill my insurance. It's all psych psych psych because I am diagnosed with bipolar. I wish somebody could get this story out because I'm sick and tired of them. They're trying to rip off my insurance company. I have sheets that I'm sitting into Medicaid. You guys want to copy put it in the book please. I'm begging you please **. I will tell you what Macomb County did to me. I have proof.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 10, 2018

I was hit by a car while biking on 6/30/2017. I was thrown across a street and landed on my head. I spent a week in the Henry Ford W. Grand Blvd., Detroit Head-Injury I.C.U. So many things went wrong! Neither I nor my family was ever spoken to by a doctor! They lost all my belongings, including my antique bike. But the biggest problem, and the reason I am writing this review (so that others may be wary of this hospital), is that I had a huge hole in the back of my head that went untreated for the week I was in the Head-Injury ICU! They stapled my long hair, full of blood and dirt from the accident, over this wound, and then never looked at it again.

I lost my sense of smell due to this accident, so it was only when I got home, and a nurse (hired by a lawyer for the person who hit me) started to try to remove the staples from the back of my head. She started gagging and had to leave the room, as did my husband. The wound was so rotten that they thought it smelled like a dead animal! The nurse was horrified. She said I needed to see a infectious-disease specialist immediately, or else my brain could get permanently damaged from infection. I had to see two specialists (both at Beaumont, since this lawyer does not like to deal with Henry Ford Hospital). They got the infection under control after a week, and the huge hole (which was neon-pink in color) finally started to close up.

How is it possible to be in a head injury ICU and not only to have someone staple dirty, bloody hair over a wound, but also to have no one else caring for me over the course of a week notice this?!?! I would have myself, but I was unconscious for most of the time there. I am still shocked, and I cannot get anyone's attention there. I have written a statement, which they lost twice, then after finally receiving it, put me off with promises of "a response within 30 days," but these 30-day increments keep extending. I have never said anything rude to anyone there, I just call or email to check up on my complaint. And how do you lose a 1960s purple bike from East Germany? They have called me three times to say they have it, then I go there to retrieve it, and they don't know what I am talking about.

All my clothes, jewelry, and sunglasses were lost, until I got a call in late September, saying they had been found. Not really true - no jewelry or sunglasses were there. They instead gave me a bio-hazard bag with my clothes. They had all been cut in half and were soaked in blood and dirt. The police officer who loaded me into the ambulance assured me that all my possessions were sent with me to the hospital. And I never spoke to a doctor while there! My poor husband and son were left confused about my prognosis, and my strangely remote behavior when I finally woke up. We all had to spend time online, researching head injuries, to get a sense of what had happened and what to expect in the future.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 23, 2017

I am writing this review in regards to my recent experience with a Henry Ford (plastic surgery physician) Dr. **. My family care physician wrote me a recommendation for a breast reduction augmentation due to back and neck pain caused by my over-large breast. I made a consultation with the Henry Ford Plastic Surgery staff member who scheduled my appointment with Dr. **. During my visit with Dr. **, she examined my breast and assured me that I was a great candidate for a breast reduction. She explained that her claims representative would submit the paperwork to my insurance company and she would follow up with me when she obtain a response.

Approximately a week later I received a denial letter from my insurance company stating that the denial was due to Dr. **'s surgery recommendation regarding the amount of breast tissue to be removed was insufficient with my insurance company requirements. However, the insurance company recommended that Dr. ** make revisions to my claim then resubmit it for consideration. I immediately contacted Henry Ford staff directory who transferred me to the Laura - claims representative for plastic surgery who informed me that Dr. ** made an error on the claim form she submitted to insurance company and she would immediately resubmitted the correct information to my insurance carrier. After approximately two weeks, I decided to follow up with Dr. ** because she did not contact me as promised.

Again, I spoke with the Laura, claims representative for plastic surgery. She responded very rudely to stating that the insurance company denied me again and Dr. ** did not wish to dispute my claim. I tried to explained to Laura that I spoke with my insurance carrier and she informed me that the denial was due to the lack of written communication documented on the paper work she submitted. On Friday October 20, 2017, I spoke with my insurance carrier who informed me that the second claim submission was denied due to the lack of sufficient information submitted by the Henry Ford plastic surgery claims representative. On Monday October 23, 2017 I contacted Laura - claims representative who responded to me in a condescending manner as I tried to explain the information I received from my insurance carrier.

She then informed me that Dr. ** do not want to dispute my claim or speak to my insurance carrier regarding the matter. She suggested that I appeal the claim myself or pay for my surgery out-of-pocket. I have been a patient and consumer with Henry Ford for 38 years and I have never been treated this poorly. Patients rely of their physicians to help resolve their medical issues in the best possible way. Doctors are required to ensure that their patients are receiving the best care and satisfaction during their healthcare experience. I am very disappointed because Dr. ** failed to deliver the best care and service during my experience. One bad experience can sometimes ruin all the good experiences, and making me question rather I should continue services with the Henry Ford health organization.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 19, 2017

I was a patient at Henry Ford Macomb in Clinton Township for over 3 weeks. I had a unfortunate experience with a Dr. Ursula **, D.O. on two occasions. To get to the point I will discuss the second time I had to see her. I had a follow up visit to get released to go back to work. I had an appointment at 11:30am last Wednesday. I finally saw this Dr. **, D.O. at 12:35pm, I did not complain even though I had to get to another appointment across town in Royal Oak and I was going to be late.

After meeting with her, I asked for the note to release me. She replied that she already wrote me a note on the 7th. A week and a half before that would not be valid because of the date. She right away gave me another attitude. I very nicely asked her how long it would take to get the note because I was so late. Her response was, "It will be done when it's done." I said, "I am sorry what did you say?" She replied, "You'll get it when you get it and she had to sign into the computer." I walked out to the reception desk and told the women there that I could not believe what Dr. ** D.O. said to me. I brought up the fact that I had waited 1 hour and 5 minutes past my appointment time. She said she was sorry but Dr. ** was the only one there. I stated that I had not said a word about how long I waited, so why should she talk to me that way.

The doctor eventually came around the corner, signed the letter and threw it through the window at me. I said to the "Doctor, you did not just throw that at me." She put her nose up in the air and walked away ignoring me. The receptionist apologized and said she would call the head of the Trauma Department. I knew she wouldn't. I called the CEO's office... Got a voice mail and called to two "patient advocate hot lines". I left a message with someone named, Christie {not sure if spelling is correct}. She called me back leaving a message and said she was sorry, would contact the head of the Trauma Department and get back with me. Four days later and I have not heard a word.

I am 57 years old and have been in the Hospitality Business for 35 years. I teach customer service. This Dr. ** (is she just a resident?). This very young and rude employee let alone so called doctor should not be dealing with the public with her smart mouth attitude. During our time together she stated I needed to come back next week for a follow up. Really? With her? I am waiting for that response from someone who really might care about this experience. BEAUMONT HEALTH SYSTEM FROM NOW ON!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 10, 2017

I need to file a formal complaint about Henry Ford In West Bloomfield. I had a Kidney stone last year and seems like everything went well. One month ago I started to feel pain in my lower back, having trouble urinating and in terrible pain. I sent an email to the Urologist and it took her 4 days to respond. When she respond she asked me if I was in Pain and I told her yes. Then she told me that she was going to send me to do some testing. Three days later I went to check my chart and saw that she was requesting to have a CT scan. I have to contact Henry Ford several times until finally they gave me the appointment. The day of the appointment when I got to Henry Ford they told me that the insurance was asking for an ultrasound before they send me to the ct scan.

In pain I went upstairs to ask the people at the Urologist front desk to please let me know if Dr. ** would be there that day because I was in pain. That woman was unbelievably rude. She was just telling that the Urologist office will open at 8:00 a.m. I even asked her if I was in the right office and she told me again, "This is urologists and we are not open until 8:00." She didn't even showed a little compassion for my pain. I know was not her pain was mine, but they supposed to feel something or at least show some compassion to the patients. One more time I asked her if Dr. ** was schedule to work today and she also refused to even answer that question. As I am a parent Liaison for a school district and also deal with lots of pain of parents and students. I decided to file a complaint online, which was never answered. The only answered I got was that they were going to check on it. Which they never did.

Looking for another way to complain I end up finding a message from the doctor telling to get a urine sample, which I did and of course, they told me that I was not valid because of contamination. I have no idea how could it happened. The next day I went again and it took them two days to send the results with a doctor telling me that I don't have a Urinary Tract infection, which I knew already, I could have tell her that myself and told me to make an appointment for a re-evaluation. Is this the way she will treat a patient in pain. Send me to do all of this and then asked me to make an appointment. That she have been the first step. Anyway of course I don't ever want to return to that doctor and especially at West Bloomfield.

I have been a patient of Henry Ford for 27 years and my family and I just started to have problems this year. My husband finally got enough of the bad treatment and has been seeing by Beaumont (The best of the best). I really don't want to leave Henry Ford because of my wonderful Doctor Herminio **. He is really a very kind person even though is almost impossible to see him, because he is always busy. Maybe he is that busy because we trust him and feel very comfortable with him.

I hope people will file complaints about doctor arrogance. We pay lots of money to have very insurance and I deserve to be treated well. Even though I believe that all people should be treated well. My question for you is: I have private insurance, probably one of the best insurances in the area and I am treated like this. I wonder how people with not so good insurance like mine be treated. Hopefully this will never happen to another person. Thanks for reading..

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 13, 2017

I have been experiencing horrible back pain. I've been to emergency and finally was able to get into internal medicine Dr. Due to the amount of pain pills and treatments I've had with nothing helping the internal medicine Dr stated that I needed an MRI. There was no rush to order the MRI. I work for my insurance company and informed the office that I had a direct number and it only takes a minute. I had an appointment within 3 days on hold contingent on the MRI authorization. Authorization only would take a minute...

I received a phone call from the Dr office stating authorization would be in place and she saw my appointment in the system. I called to verify everything because the appointment was within 1 day... My appointment was given to someone else because authorization was not done. Now I have to go yet ANOTHER week barely walking and in pain because of a phone call? I've been to Beaumont facilities and St. John and I've NEVER had this issue. I was able to take my script, call the Beaumont and St. John Facilities and get the appointment. This is absolutely ridiculous. I'm sure Henry Ford won't hesitate in billing my insurance company and gladly receive the payment in a hurry! VERY DISGUSTED. IN PAIN AND AGGRAVATED PATIENT!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 5, 2017

My husband is a patient in the ICU for having a triple bypass. An incident happened at approximately 12:30-1:00 on the midnight shift. I had been sitting by my husband's side all night and I needed a snack. When walking back to his room from the vending machine I seen security and a lot of staff standing around. Obviously something was going on, I slowed my walk to hear and a nurse named Rachel said to me in a very rude and disrespectful voice, "Can I help you?" Obviously I was observing what everyone else was and found her approach to be far from professional. As a healthcare worker myself I found her tone and facial expression to be completely uncalled for. I have had nothing but wonderful things to say about this healthcare facility and this one situation completely changed how I feel.

Also the fact this is was in the ICU and my husband is very ill and having a few minor issues healing from his heart surgery made it even worse. I did not need to be treated and spoke to like I that. Our world is full of rude people but to be an RN in the ICU and act like that is just wrong and simply uncalled for. Maybe some further training in patience service and overall positive work behavior is needed for this employee Rachel an RN on midnights working 4 July 2017 at Henry Ford Macomb.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 22, 2017

Like I said I wish I could rate them zero stars. Where do I began. A few months back this all began with an emergency ambulance ride to the ER department from my work. Starting with the paramedics shouting at me what did I take assuming I'm on drugs - come on, I don't do drugs plus I'm at work dummies!!! Just rude. Then the ER staff worse, much worse. So they run every test they could think of just to run up my bill not trying to find the cause to my problem. Discharged me with the wrong diagnosis. The doctor basically saying it was all in my head (continue reading - literally it was in my head ). I say wrong because a short time after my discharge I was readmitted to the ER (thankfully not Henry Ford Health Systems in Wyandotte, MI) after I had collapsed onto the floor in a store. I was having a stroke.

The neurologists said that the last time it was a mini stroke and if diagnosed correctly could have avoided all of this, this time around. More testing showed that I had a PFO a hole in my heart causing the blood clots that cause my stroke. So I have since had the PFO closed and I am recovering from the aftermath of my stroke. Meanwhile every day 3 sometimes 4 times a day, sometimes one right after the other, sometimes spaced out throughout the day Henry Ford Health Care

Systems billing calls me (which I have detailed documentation of each and every call ) wanting payment. Payment for what almost killing me. If you don't like your job or have no companion to help people or even the job anymore get out of the job. This is people's lives you are dealing with here not just objects or a paycheck!!! A stroke survivor.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 21, 2017

When I arrived at the ER by ambulance and was put into a room in the ER 2 doctors showed up together. Before even evaluating me they said that I wasn't going to receive any narcotics at all. I am not a person to go from hospital to hospital looking for pain meds but I have severe Crohn's disease and also very low potassium- I will never go back to any Henry Ford Hospital because of the way they treated me. I've got chronic pain and deserve respect.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 14, 2017

My wife has Alzheimer's, she is experiencing problems with frequent UTIs. I have come to an agreement with my PCP about obtaining doses of antibiotics to get her started while trying to obtain a urine sample, which is a task, I have gotten a hat to collect her samples and test strips to test for bacteria. Now the real problem is getting a return phone call from PCP in a timely manner. It is my belief that 48 hrs after my initial contact is totally unacceptable, and when I get a call back it was the nurse not the doctor who calls, don't get me wrong, I truly like my Dr. But the communication between myself and her is absolutely terrible.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 14, 2016

This is about the hospital on 15 Mile between Drake and Halsted. Problems: Administration is badly screwed up. For example, my mother was scheduled for surgery at one time, then they called to change it, and called me, not my mother. (I'm the "person to contact in an emergency".) Then, the morning of the surgery, they called early and asked why she wasn't there, apparently expecting her hours earlier than they had told her she was scheduled to arrive. I can only guess that they are constantly confusing the times the operation starts, pre-op starts, and the patient should arrive. The mail room was also unable to find my mother, after she was moved to a new room. They just held her mail there until we tracked it down. Would it be so hard for them to find her new room, and forward the mail on? Fortunately the people at the front desk by the main entrance were helpful in tracking down the missing mail.

The various nurses and assistants don't seem to communicate with each other well. That is, my Mom would tell one something, and that person wouldn't pass the info along. So, she had to keep repeating the same thing to each new person she interacted with. One example was that she didn't want ice in her water, as it hurts her teeth. Every new staff member brought her water with ice again.

The different departments don't work well together either. For example, my Mom was on her back all day in one department, and was then transferred to ICU. She asked to be put on her side, explaining that she had been on her back all day and was getting sore. They should have already known that in ICU, but the lack of communication prevented it. The really odd part is that even after my Mom explained that, they still wanted to put her on the back because "we always start that way when a new patient enters ICU, then we rotate them later". So, apparently if you were moved between departments often enough you would always be left on your back and would develop severe bedsores. After I got involved, they gave in and put her on her side.

At least one doctor is insensitive to patient pain. My Mom told him to be gentle in one area, as it was quite painful. He ignored her, poked it hard, and she screamed, to which he said "Oh, the drama!" Inadequate post-op care. They only took her BP occasionally, during which time they found it was down to 60/40 and called a crash team. Constant BP monitoring, and a level of care similar to ICU, would have been in order. My Mom apparently had a hemorrhage from surgery, but they wouldn't admit it. She could have died between BP checks, which were hours apart. They gave her a urinary catheter despite her history of urinary tract infections, and the reason for it was apparently just to accurately measure her urinary output. Sure enough, she got a UTI, and they were then slow in getting her meds for that. They should have just weighed the diapers to get an estimate, then collected the urine when she was able to use the toilet.

My Mom lost a great deal of muscle mass, greatly prolonging her recovery, because they didn't give her any protein by IV. This should be done whenever the patient is unable to eat. The chart at the end of the bed was apparently for some other patient. I told the staff, but they were unconcerned. Trying to figure out what forms my Mom needed to fill out so I could get access to her medical info was just about impossible. Under HIPAA, they apparently required a medical power-of-attorney, which must be set up by a lawyer. Does it really need to be so complicated? Couldn't she just sign a form to authorize it?

Since nurses don't wear white uniforms anymore, it's difficult to tell if the person you are talking with is a nurse, PA, etc. You have to look closely at the ID and try to decipher what the abbrevs mean. Shift change was a nightmare, as nobody was available for maybe an hour as they all had a big meeting, hopefully to discuss patients. They should do staggered shifts, so only a small portion of the staff is unavailable due to shift change at any given time. This was less of a problem in ICU than in the regular rooms.

There are signs in the parking lot that aren't bolted down, and they fall over in high winds, creating a trip hazard to walkers. They don't feel the need to tell the patient what meds they are getting. The patient can ask and find out, but the staff doesn't just volunteer the info. This is an important check that they don't give the wrong meds, so they should always verify each med with the patient, or their loved ones, if the patient is unable to answer. There's an odd facility problem that the sinks in each patient room (not the bathrooms) didn't appear to have any paper towels near them. We eventually found out they are there, coming out from under a cabinet, but you can only see them there if you are short. They need a sign by each sink.

On the plus side, the facility was nice, including the art, and parking was free, although it was quite a long walk from car to room (a parking deck could put the cars closer to the rooms). Most of the staff were friendly. The cafeteria was good, but had rather limited hours. Room service provided good food. And they apparently kept the room clean enough to prevent infections (my Dad died from a post-op infection at another hospital).

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 11, 2016

Henry Ford Hospital at West Bloomfield, MI has a walkie-talkie type unit in the ICU rooms for patients to communicate with nurses. It is only way a patient can call for help. In the morning on the day I was scheduled to be discharged from the ICU (4-11-16), a nurse hung up on me twice (one minute apart) after blurting out that she would have my wife look for my driver's license (thought to be lost). She did not allow me to say a single word before hanging up on me. When nurses speculate that they know why a patient, esp in the ICU, is calling and hang up on them without letting the patient said speak even a single word, patients can die. For all she knew, I could have been in severe distress.

You can't allow nurses to hang up on patients, esp. in the ICU! Surely HF hospital must know that such reckless conduct is completely unacceptable in a hospital. The hospital should conduct an investigation to determine if any patients in the ICU died after nurses hung up on them without letting them speak, and should reassign whoever had the bad judgment to hire such nurses to other responsibilities (and discipline or discharge any nurses who engage in such conduct). A child knows better than to conduct themselves like that.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 3, 2016

I came to the hospital for a very basic checkup of my eye that had been injured by a protester at the republican national convention. The first bad impression I got of this hospital on West Grand Boulevard in Detroit, Michigan was I had to pay for parking for the emergency parking lot... not very courteous. Then the wild goose chase of the intake process was very disrespectful and disorganized. The people at the front of the ER intake windows were not helpful and treated me like less than a human being. Then I was put in a waiting room for over 3 hours then I was shifted to another room for over 4 hours. Ridiculous. Completely disorganized and subhuman. Also loud talking employees in the hallways. Seems like a third world hospital who has no real regard for human dignity and respect.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 28, 2016

My sister was hospitalized here on Friday for possible suicide attempt. She has a psychiatric record there. Family requested multiple times she be sent to a psych facility. On Sunday they were shipping her home in a cab without notifying any family. My sister committed suicide that night only a few hours after being discharged. Pure negligence from this hospital and the psych doctors. Now I'm grieving the loss of my 26 yr old sister who just needed the right help. The hospital and the mental health help in this country failed my sister and my family. They deserve negative stars!!!

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Original review: July 7, 2016

My mother was admitted and treated to Henry Ford Hospital in West Bloomfield, Michigan recently. Upon release, we told that she would be taken to Canterbury on the Lake, a rehab facility in Waterford, Michigan, less than 30 miles away and close to our home. I suggested that I could come get her and deliver her to that facility. The "people" that worked there told me that would be unnecessary. They had a service that could do that. Mind you, my mother was in need of NO special services; life support, traction, oxygen, etc. Just a little help getting into the vehicle and a ride.

Superior Ambulance Service was the service provider Henry Ford referred my mother to. We were not given a choice. To take my mother less than 30 miles without ANY special care or services, the bill exceeded $900.00 + a mileage fee of almost 200.00. This is a blatant abuse of the system, anyway you cut it. Our cost is a $100.00 or so out of pocket. So we should be happy right? Yet I just learned our insurance premiums are going to up over 50% again next year. Wonder why? This was not an emergency, no hurry. Is this a kickback relationship or is this accepted practice? What a gift my insurance company and possibly Medicare provide to the people involved in this fraud! I am so sickened by this situation that I want to do something, or talk to somebody, or sue or something to stop robbers like this. This is criminal behavior!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 28, 2016

I've been dealing with an excruciatingly painful condition and have already seen TEN different HFHS physicians with NO avail, no long term management, no plan (promised plans are consistently broken) and NO responsibility. If one more physician literally tells me to go BACK to the ER for help, or for the ER to refer back, vice versa and vice versa, I seriously can't even take it anymore.

It all started about a year ago when I was initially misdiagnosed as having Interstitial Cystitis. Then... after countless attempts to receive help from the ER when I'd be screaming and shaking in such extreme pain I thought I was dying, I would maybe see a nurse twice during the many hours spent there, thus screaming and crying in pain again having to leave and go to UofM where they took me seriously. Then, I had a laparoscopy with removal of some Endometriosis. I was still in pain and the OBGYN instructed me to drive 20+ miles to go to the ER (even with post surgical pain) as it was "no longer within" his "scope".

More ER visits to the point where I finally packed a bag and told them I wouldn't leave until a plan was put in place to appropriate diagnose, treat and insisted on a plan to be put in place so I wouldn't have to go to the ER. Kept me overnight in Observation only to be met by a Pain Management Dr who spent less than 5 min with me, gave NO examination, asked NO questions in regards to the pain experiencing and just remarked on how high of levels of pain meds I needed to be on - uh yeah! Kinda why I needed help. Made a promise to at least manage the pain until I could get in with a specialist (in August), then come to find out he refuses to help - along with his staff - due to a non-fact based, biased and COMPLETELY inaccurate recommendation.

I am still in EXCRUCIATING pain and have nowhere else to go! Henry Ford Hospital - your ER doctors even mistook me for the wrong patient for hours (downtown ER early June) and also promised to admit me for either pain relief or my Endometriosis only to be kicked out at 1 am. I CANNOT believe Dr's like this even exist?!? What does a girl need to do to finally obtain the medical help she desperately needs??? Oh and BTW, UofM actually caught cysts/fibroids that you never did. Additionally, how is it possible to have SO many physicians completely clueless about Endometriosis and the severe pain it causes??? Unbelievable!!!

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Original review: March 20, 2016

My husband visited the HFHS ED West Bloomfield on 3/19. It was the worst experience ever. Being a former HFHS employee, and former ED RN, current CVICU RN. I was totally turned off by the employees, starting with the receptionist. DR ** the ED physician had to be the most incompetent ever. My husband blood glucose was 351, Sodium 123, With a weight loss of 30 lbs 3 weeks. My husband was discharged home. These levels are all near critical levels. No regular insulin was given, only a NS bolus 1L given. The PA on duty was very rude. Waited 15 minutes for a pillow! Yes you are nestled in the affluent suburbs of Detroit, but your care sucks! Waiting for my survey. Being a former employee, I know the standard of care. I have written emails to Wyandotte HFHS, because of their superb care to our family. HFHS is renowned for "THE EXPERIENCE". West Bloomfield you suck!

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Original review: March 4, 2016

Second time being admitted in this hospital for breathing problems. The ER diagnosed me with one thing, the ICU with other, and then the inexperienced Intern with another diagnosis. The Intern that was assigned to me even called a ultrasound of one body part another, and almost became controversial when corrected. Needless to say I was discharged without the proper medicine and treated for pneumonia, which was not the case. I await the bill to see how many visit from the so-called doctor I will be charges.

Now again, I'm back here with the exact same issues 4 days later, and confirmed by the ER doctor that what they treated me for was incorrect. Moved to the 5th floor. Told I would have a private room. Again, NOT true. The nurse called the on call doctor at 5:30 a.m. Here it is 9 a.m. NO DOCTOR. Wheezing, and have not received any of my morning meds that are daily necessary. And they wonder why my blood sugar are high. Is this hospital racist? I work. I have insurance that I pay for, no government assistance. But if I was, you should treat every patient the same. Now intern are in here seeing the patient next to me. I will definitely be looking for another hospital.

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Original review: Feb. 25, 2016

My husband went in for a colonoscopy and soon as he woke up was ask to go sit in a wheelchair as they needed his spot. They had patients on gurneys in front and on the side of the nurses station. My husband walked out. He was not wheeled out to the car. We have never been treated like this before in other hospitals.

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Original review: Nov. 8, 2015

Henry Ford and Low Cortisol Levels with NOTHING DONE? I went to Henry Ford for an evaluation thinking I could get more than my current doctor who said, "why would I evaluated every fat person that comes in here?" According to many the doctors do not like endocrine problems and stay away from them more than help. So many of you walking around overweight probably have pituitary tumors, but why look, it costs money.

After all of the symptoms and the basic blood tests, (it should be a clinical diagnosis and doesn't always show up, according to one of their fellows (higher up) I asked why not an MRI to rule out the tumor and she said, "well, everyone has tumors, but not the problem." Well, I have the symptoms of bigger shoe size, larger hands (like over night), stress related serious problems (worried about my heart), weight from a women's size 3 to a 12 in five years, and my legs which have always been quite large. Thighs have gotten smaller and my belly bigger.

I had breast surgery to reduce the over a few month increase from size C to a size and back surgery, now reduced to a C by surgery. All of these things should say something. Dr. ** first took almost two months to call on basic blood work. The first visit, there was a phone call after repeatedly getting up and leaving the room to address others waiting I guess. And then finally a professional came and said, "you have someone waiting", and she just left and said, "I think I have enough." You spend all of these medical dollars and this is what we get.

A big beautiful building, chairs, some pretty lights and a doctor who has a nice house, the private schools for their kids, the inground pool, the vacations to the Islands and we're left with "just a minute". We are paying these knuckleheads bills. WE ALL NEED TO STOP THIS NONSENSE BETWEEN THE MEDICAL MESS OF NOT TREATING ANYONE AND THE OVER TREATMENT AND KILLING OTHERS. So what if you shop for a doctor. If there are doctors that could do the job, people would not have to doctor shop. What happened to second opinions. Outrageous to the person who was accused of this. That is lawsuit worthy when a doctor says that. It was obviously in the E records and I would file in court. There would be no way of her knowing anything unless she looked at the new record system.

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Original review: Oct. 28, 2015

I've been sitting here in ICU with my daughter since yesterday afternoon. It is 8:30 am. I have barely seen a nurse and when I do she is telling us different from the last nurse! EXTREMELY disappointed! Waited over an hour after my daughter call the nurse's station for migraine medication. Very poor care!

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Original review: Oct. 13, 2015

Still being very weak and sick, she was moved to the 5th floor for recovery. She was put into a room with a women with mental problems. My wife was still so weak, she was still not able to walk or defend herself. I called and asked if they had any procedure for how they matched roommates. I was put on hold for the charge nurse who never answered. My wife had pneumonia, a heart procedure and was on a ventilator for 5 days. This after only 2 days off the ventilator. The doctors and the 3rd floor were great, but it was like a whole different hospital 2 floors up. I am very worried about the lack of concern.

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Original review: Aug. 18, 2015

I went to Providence Hospital Urgent Care after slipping on ice where they confirmed fractured ankle. Since it was Sunday afternoon, casting department was closed and I could call Monday to schedule appointment with Othopedic doctor. Being unemployed and with no medical coverage I shopped around to find best price for the unemployed, uninsured, and self-pay. Henry Ford Hospital's pricing quote to see orthopedic, X-Rays, cast and follow up was $366; broken up into four payments with $91.50 due up front and three remaining payments of $91.50. Based upon the pricing and repayment agreement I proceeded with treatment.

Nine month later I received a bill from Henry Ford Hospital in the amount of $1700, which is suppose to be 45% no insurance discount. Despite countless letters, hours of phone calls to their billing Gods, the doctor, pricing, and records; the bill is still owed and I continue to fight to resolve. They have refused to provide me a copy of statements that were added to my medical records indicating price that was quoted, as well as the payment arrangements.

An associate in the Pricing department informed me that she was prohibited from providing me a copy of the agreement, and that I should contact the records department. Records department sent me through all kinds of hassle about permission to release my records to myself; but I played along and went down to main campus on the boulevard and signed to have my records released to me.

Instead of Records providing a copy of the statement added by Pricing regarding the agreement, they only provided a copy of appointments dates when confronted about notes taken by the receptionist when I arrived for my appointment, notes from the nurse that checked me in, notes taken by the student doctor and the orthopedic doctor; whom any of them could confirmed my conversation about charges.

Going on two years later, I now have insurance through Health Marketplace, but am still unemployed and unable to pay Henry Ford Hospital money. I don't feel I owe them. As a result, they have blocked me from making further appointments, including with my primary care doctor, and health maintenance care such as annual mammogram and physical exam. Since I purchase HAP that has to be used at Henry Ford Health, I am once again without medical coverage due to not permitted change medical plans until the end of the year.

Despite the billions of dollars Henry Ford Hospital receives from federal and state agencies, and insurance companies; believe it, that they are embezzling millions more by over inflating charges for treating patients with no insurance in emergency rooms and office visits. Therefore; the charges they are writing off to IRS for non-payment are falsified as a result of being grossly over-inflated; as in my case.

The first mistake Henry Ford Hospital made is to assume that an unemployed African American without insurance so they assumed I wasn't going to pay. They took advantage of that fact and felt confident they could jack up the price of treatment as much as they like because they figured it was just going to be written off. The third mistake Henry Ford Hospital made is to overlook the 40 continuous years I've been a Henry Ford patient and have always paid what I owed.

I have already selected my new primary care doctor at Botsford Hospital, and hope to work with HAP and Health Marketplace to reassign my health coverage for now. Henry Ford Hospital is no better than Dr. Fata; Greed is Greed whether treating and billing patients for cancer that they never had, or whether over-inflation of charges then trying to hide the fact. I have notified Medicare and other federal agencies about fraudulence and pushing for a full audit of Henry Ford Hospital patient billing.

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Original review: April 23, 2015

Very, extremely and unpleasantly slow. Ask questions more than needed and don't move fast enough for patients that need it. Rooms and bed availability is beyond poor. Waiting emergency room nasty and overcrowded... so unclean you don't want to wait to be seen as well as the triage and front desk clerks' attitudes are so unprofessional. I went to see my mother in the emergency triage and the clerk ask me if I wanted her to get my mom to come to the door.

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Original review: Jan. 27, 2015

I visited Henry Ford Health System Ophthalmology Clinic at 6530 Farmington Road this morning (January 27, 2015) and had the usual pleasant experience. On my way out of the facility I decided to try to check my weight as I am a diabetic and seem to be losing weight recently. I had my last check-up in December 2014 and did not want to wait for my next check-up (months from now) to know if I am in fact losing weight and should consult my primary care physician.

I have been receiving all my health care from Henry Ford Health System since arriving in Michigan in 1993. I have Health Alliance Plan and pay close to $500 a month for my insurance. My employer (University of Michigan) pays at least thrice that amount per month. I did not think that a few seconds on a scale just to check my weight without first making an appointment with a doctor or nurse and paying a fee was too much to ask -- but it was for Henry Ford Health System. Both the Dermatology Department and the Internal Medicine Department in the same building as Ophthalmology refused to allow me to step on the scale to check my weight but it was the behavior of the staff of the Dermatology department that I would like to bring to the attention of the Henry Ford Health System.

One of the nurses quickly informed me that the room in which the scale was located was being used for patients. It was obvious that this individual, for reasons best known to her did not want to provide me with a few seconds on the scale so that I can determine my weight. I was willing to wait if asked to do so and to provide evidence of my patient status and that I just attended the eye clinic in the same building. My common sense tells me that since it is an out-patient clinic, there must a window of opportunity when no patient is in the room if this nurse wanted to be helpful. Instead I was summarily dismissed without a flicker of conscience about the utter mean-spiritedness of this denial. I even wondered whether it was selective and based on stereotypical beliefs about people of my racial background. One of the receptionists suggested that I try Internal Medicine in the same building, which I did.

The receptionist in Internal Medicine was kind, courteous and friendly as one would expect in such an environment. She took the time to explain to me that I would need to make an appointment with the nurse and asked me if I wanted to make one. I explained to her that I was only making the request because I had visited the facility for my annual eye exam and did not expect it would be too much to ask to be able to check my weight. I appreciated her honesty and sincerity.

On my way out of the facility I decided to let Henry Ford Health System know, in case they care to know, how it feels to be treated in this way. I returned to Dermatology to ask whether the nurse would care to provide me with her name. The receptionist went inside, then returned and told me that the supervisor would call me if I gave her my phone number, which I did. When I returned home I received a message on my machine from someone who gave her name as Sherry from Dermatology and stated that she had been asked to call me. Her tone was just as haughty and dismissive as the nurse from Dermatology so I decided to save myself the aggravation of speaking with her and search the web for another method to contact Henry Ford Health System. Something is very wrong with the customer service climate in the Dermatology department and I sincerely hope that I do not have to visit that department again.

If there is a policy against allowing patients without appointments to step on the scale to determine their weight then please let the public know so that informed choices could be made about health service providers.

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Original review: June 19, 2014

On 06-07-14 My Husband had a Breakdown. I was told to take him to Mclaren Hospital to have his vitals checked. Had to be admitted into the Henry Ford hospital. His official diagnosis is 100% psychosis. He has been a threat to himself and others. While I thought he was being treated, I consulted with the V.A. to ensure his care. While in the Henry Ford hospital, he did call home and make threats not only to me but to other patients and staff, which was overheard by the staff there.

06-10-14 They called me to make me aware of his plans to murder me and my family. I will leave out the names of the people who tried to help me because I believe Dr. ** would cause them to lose their jobs. I had a meeting with her on 06-11-14. My Husband was an emotional mess. After all the work the V.A. went thru to accommodate Gerry, Dr. ** refused to fill out V.A. paperwork so he could be transported without upsetting him. Instead Dr. ** insisted on sending him home in a cab! -- saying he hasn't shown any aggression, 06-19-14, at Henry Ford Hospital, without any regard for Anyone's Safety! Gerald does not even know where we live. I am waiting for him as I write this letter. The Sheriff had to bring him home.

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Original review: March 18, 2014

I went to Henry Ford as a new patient. I brought all of my medical records and tests results for the last 20 years. I have numerous physical and emotional problems resulting from years of hard work and abuse. Instead of listening to my problems and reading the medical records, the doctor accused me of doctor shopping, asked me where I bought my pain medication on the street, and did her best to humiliate me. I was shocked. I have been receiving pain medication for years, and instead of looking at the records, she asked me if purchased them on the street and enjoyed harassing me. She showed no concern for how I felt about what she said and seemed really proud of her insults to me.

I told her I found her accusations insulting and she did not apologize and asked more questions taking pleasure in her abuse and neglect of me - the patient. I left and returned asking her to put it in writing she made such an accusation. She refused to put her accusation in writing. I believe if such an accusation is going to be made, she should have put it in writing so it could have been brought to a malpractice lawyer. Her behavior was highly uncalled for. I do not recommend Henry Ford if you have a real problem.

After reading the other complaints on this site, I can see the place is so big no one knows what the other doctor is doing, and other people have been verbally abused or ignored as I was. I have never had a doctor ask me if I purchased street drugs to supplement my prescription medications in such a way. It is insulting. This type of behavior is not medical care, it is a police action to deprive someone of medical care. I hate seeing my insurance company pay for the lack of service I received today. I will be billed over 200 dollars for hospital harassment since I take pain meds for being an old lady.

This is not funny and she was laughing under her smug smile the entire time. She thought the whole thing was funny. I am going to request Henry Ford not be paid for the office visit since no exchange of medical information was made, instead she was acting like a cop looking for drug abuse information instead of caring for the patient. How disgusting. Be warned if you want health care, real health care, the staff I have met at Henry Ford are only concerned with trying to arrest druggies, not care for the patient's health. I am extremely disappointed with the service and hope to want new patients away. If you want to be truly cared for, do not bother going to Henry Ford.

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Original review: May 10, 2013

On April 30, 2013, I went to Henry Ford Hospital downtown for an orthopedic 2nd evaluation by Dr. **. During the consult, she told me she spoke to Dr. ** and the Cleveland doctor who I had not seen in over a year and was not treating with about my medical condition. I told her she had no right to talk to any doctor without my permission and she said, "You are right."

I notified Henry Ford and when their Privacy officer contacted Dr. ** and interviewed her, I found out not only was her consultation not in her office but at a party for Orthopedic surgeons. This was just chit chat between two friends and had nothing to do with any treatment as Dr. ** had told me in Feb. she was not going to operate so why in March, at this conference with a doctor I had not seen in more than a year talking without permission to a doctor who had not treated me in over a year.

Dr. ** admitted she violated Hippa and when asked about that statement, she said she was taken aback by what I had said to her about the violation and her reply was that she agreed because she was so taken back. After being in practice for so many years, she knew exactly what was Hippa protected and I caught her in the violation.

Henry Ford Hospital never bothered to interview her Resident that was in the room the entire time and Henry Ford Hospital is covering up their crimes against a patient and their violations to avoid huge penalties because of their Hippa Violation. Henry Ford needs to pay me since this violation was against me and to be sued by the State of Michigan for violating the Hippa law.

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