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I ordered the Wow Storage System from PCH and the first time I used it, the tabs broke off the container. On many, they won't even close. I have several that I have tried to use for my lunches at work and when I open my lunch bag, there is a mess all inside. I'm very unhappy with the product as a whole!

I had a similar situation with the wow containers. I ordered them and found out after that it was a double order. I immediately called back( within 15 minutes) to correct the order and was told that my order would not be processed for 24-72 hours. I kept calling back twice a day in the morning and in the afternoon each day. On the third day the operator asked me if I was Eileen; I replied yes and she told me my order was already shipped and it was too late to do anything. I refused shipment and have not heard anything from the company. I just lost approximately $60-70....

I do not have that kind of money to throw away. I am a small person living from paycheck to paycheck.

I made an order for one set of wow containers. Their web site is confusing and it ends up looking like you order one set when in actually you end up ordering 2 sets. Every time you call you speak with a different person. I called immediately to downsize my order. I was told that my order was not in the system. I called repeatedly for three days. Finally I got an email saying they processed my order and they would e mail me when it was ready to be sent. I immediately called and was told it was too late and the order was sent out and could not be cancelled. I repeatedly told them I just wanted to downsize and not cancel. I was charged $ 57.99 for this!

I just wanted one order and because of their decaptave practices I ended up with a double order costing over $50.00.

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