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All good below. The bad is the "free" spools. Really? I restring my own. They cost $60 for 6 for shipping. I buy some much cheaper for a friend on Amazon. Worx shouldn't overcharge on shipping calling the spools "free." 18V Trimmer: A bit underpowered for all but light trimming but no issues with quality. Battery life wasn't that good. 20V Trimmer WG155: I've been using this for about 2 years and it works great. The only issue I have is that the protective cover doesn't stay on good. It's very easy to control and has plenty of power. 40V Hedge Trimmer: Awesome in every way. I've used as a homeowner heavily about 2 years and it outperforms my old gas one. 40V Trimmer: It's very powerful as a long grass/weed cutter. I prefer the 32V for detail edging as it's easier to handle.

I first bought the trimmer edger and liked it so much I got the blower and mower. I have a very small area so the relief of not having to deal with a gas mower and problem blowers and plug in edgers was a great thing. I have them for a year with no problems cause I can finish quick before the batteries need charging. I whip out my blower constantly to fast clean my patio or steps, it's so easy! I understand problems associated with larger areas and these tools are not for that, but if you're like me these are great little time savers!

This Worx Trimmer "Dynasore" was used lightly for one season and the motor has burnt out and seized up! The ball bearings all fell out and the batteries suck too! Purchased this from Worx through Amazon. I don't blame Amazon... I blame Worx for selling JUNK... and I blame myself for being dumb enough to purchase it. BEWARE OF EVIL WORX!!

I love the ease of starting the weed eater, but the battery life didn't last long, before it started going dead in just a few short minutes. A neighbor has the WORX weed eater as well, she bought two batteries that are both used to trim a small yard. About the string. I bought a heavier string, that I wind around the original spools that came with the WORX. There is no comparison between the two. The heavier is so superior. After getting the hang of my WORX weed eater, it does trim the lawn edges very well, and can get under my deck. The batteries are so short lived, the company ought to replace them at cost. They are really poor quality.

I wouldn't recommend this for a farm, but for a small yard, it sure is easier than pulling a string, and the versatility is really nice, it just light duty equipment, and if you take care of it, it will get the job done easier. Have another neighbor with two weed eaters. He has to pull and pull to start either one. And I can remember those days, which were necessary for heavy duty farm work, but if I didn't have the WORX, I'd still go electric so I wouldn't have to tug on a rope. Tired of that crap, but count on buying another battery which will be from 35-45 dollars.

Worx yard tool weed wacker - Worx trimmer spool cover is cheap plastic. It wears it very fast. You can not operate your trimmer without it. At one time they would send you one when you purchased the spools. (They are free but with the shipping and handling you are paying for them). Now the spools are separate from the spools and if you can get one for under $5.00 you are lucky.

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I just purchased the Worx trimmer and blower set with their new, long-life lithium 2.0 batteries. These batteries have so much more life than previous batteries according to infomercial. I charged batteries overnight. Green to go on both of them. They did NOT last even 25 min! The infomercial says over and over the batteries last more than long enough to finish the whole yard. I wrote to live chat and was told by Brandi that the battery lasts 10 min on the blower and 20-30 on the trimmer. Those are their numbers. Their advertising is purposely false and misleading. Don't fall for this scam. Definitely under the heading of "Too good to be true- and it isn't". Save your money and buy something that really works even if it does cost more. At least you'll get something that does the job.

I purchased this based on the commercials and hearsay. This machine is nothing more than a "toy" and does nothing as far as edging the lawn. I purchased it from Lowe's and will be returning it today. Please do not buy this equipment. It is not worth the money. They should be giving these away.

The WG168 trimmer was bought in June 2015 from eBay, new in box with battery, charger and warranty form. It was a shock to read "made in China" but it worked although battery life was much shorter than advertised. Because the battery also got very hot, that made sense: it ** off when too hot. However battery life is much shorter when the battery gets so hot so it was the first hint of a programmed failure. Less than a year after purchase, after a few uncanny and loud noises the motor was stuck. On inspection (as electronics designer I'm qualified) the magnets were loose, one was broken, some were missing. The "why" was discovered immediately: the plastic around the bearing (where the trimming wire is located) got worn out. The holder for that bearing should have been made from metal instead of from plastic because due to the large forces involved the event of the rotor hitting the stator magnets is guaranteed when using plastic.

Hence I am convinced that technically, Worx tools are designed to fail. The only way a corporation can get away with that is a customer service set up to primarily blame customers and to use all legal loopholes available to avoid accountability. The Worx customer "service" acted as expected: despite the availability of all required serial numbers that can easily be verified, this corporation proclaims that nobody else but the eBay vendor is responsible and as could have been guessed, that vendor (Positec Worx) set up shop at eBay with a different ID, avoiding damage claims. But eBay itself is guilty as well because it allows vendors to abide by a 30 day warranty, indirectly declaring a producer's 3 warranty null and void.

I don't understand the STAR rating system provided!! In order to truly rate Worx, there should be reverse stars, less than lowest rate of one Star. Not only do they inflate and glamorize their products, when you try to contact them about the deficiency of their products, the telephone is out, e-mail is out, and their CHAT line is a total joke. After entering the queue you are lucky to start a chat in less than 25 minutes. While I realize everyone's time is valuable, my lose of 25 minutes costs me about $50.00. The person on the other end of the "CHAT LINE" is usually trying to conduct 5 to 10 conversations at once. If I could use my rating system I would give them "MINUS 3- STARS" In short they suck, from personnel to product!!!

Very disappointed with my experience with the Worx WG788 lawnmower. When I first researched this $400 lawnmower, Worx never mentioned that the battery would ONLY last 1-2 years. If they would have stated that, I would never have purchased it. Well true to their "hidden" guarantee, the battery just died after 2 years! A replacement battery will cost anywhere between $150-$200.

What is Worx's response to this: "Thank you for your email. I do apologize for this inconvenience. Should you need any other assistance or have additional questions, please do not hesitate to email us directly any time or contact our customer service department at 1-866-354-9679, Monday thru Friday 9am to 6pm EST and Saturday 8am to 4pm EST". For anyone looking at a Worx infomercial, be aware that this type of service (lack thereof) is what you might expect to receive. We as consumers need to get these types of products and terrible customer service out of the market place.

The Trimmer spool line does not last long! The guard to protect the line does not stay in place. The spool is NOT self-refilling. The cost is expensive to replace the spool line. They say it's free on their website but shipping cost is expensive. The battery does not last long like it says on TV.

I bought a Worx yard trimmer in 2015. The commercial caught my attention as a top of the line product. However, since then I have used the trimmer 14 times roughly. The battery charger stopped charging batteries so I reached out to the company to inquire about purchasing a new one. Not only do they not specialize in customer service they don't ever get back to you. I'm stuck with an expensive piece of equipment that works but can't obtain a charger because being a customer who already bought their product isn't of value to them with the way they have treated my case. I don't have time to wait until the end of summer to get this resolved. I am purchasing another weed whip in less than two Years but will do my homework this time. Don't be fooled by their commercial, they want you to buy and then they could care less about their product and their customers. Recommend other company in a HEARTBEAT!

I have purchased this trimmer and blower. It comes with 2 lithium batteries and a charger. Well! The batteries are dead. I always had an issue with batteries. I gave up and bought a Black and Decker. I am so dissatisfied with the batteries. They are expensive and cannot find them. I found the information book and it says WG540. The battery serial #34067. Not sure where the other is at this time. On the battery there is a number WA3512.

Bought my gas trimmer online after watching TV infomercials. The trimmer did not perform as expected and did not even come close to their claim. On TV, they claim it can trim the size of a football stadium. It's a complete lie. The video was edited to lure consumers into buying their product. My trimmer battery degraded quickly and each charging only lasted 2 minutes. I'm surprised they got Costco and Canadian tire to carry their line.

With all of the negative reviews I can understand everyone's frustration. You can't expect this battery-powered string trimmer to perform as its gas version. There's just no way as there are limitations as you would a Tesla automobile versus a conventional automobile. You have to adjust to this greener version as battery technology gets better. The 30-minutes limitation per charge state is enough for me X 2 batteries. It does the job quickly and efficiently. Now the claims on their infomercial is total crap in which I never believe what is advertised on TV. You can say anything that amounts to a grain of salt but an illusion is what hooks viewers to a product that is too good to be true... at an unbelievable price with performance claims exceeding the laws of physics. There goes your hard-earned money as your expectations goes out the window!! The position of the handle is very uncomfortable, and the string auto-feed is useless.

And yes, the battery degrades after 30-minutes in which it shuts off intermittently. The infomercial never states this but I'm glad to have one to test and verify their claims. Other than this, it does perform well. I bought mine last night from a couple from SF. They claim the batteries are dead but how do lithium batteries die in a year?? So I cleaned it up the next morning, charged both batteries overnight, and went to work on my backyard jungle by 11am. The performance is good, with the advance knowledge that the utilization time is only 30-minutes. The claims from disgruntled owners are right-on. I never saw this website only positive reviews from the Worx website and through Amazon. It's ridiculous for a 3-4 hour charge that's good for only 20-30 minutes. You can't go wrong with its limitations unless you exceed the performance of what it was designed for.

I bought a Worx weed trimmer. I like the trimmer itself, but I am totally disappointed in the fact that the battery lasts no time. I was only out there about 10 minutes and the battery lost power. This is more than a huge disappointment for me. I am a widow with a little over an acre to take care of and had read reviews that were not bad on the product, so I bought one. Now I am so disappointed I will never buy a Worx product ever again.

I had stopped buying the Black and Decker, because I was told it wasn't any good. Well, I will take my Black and Decker any day compared to having to wait an hour after only doing a 10 minute weed job. You will never get me to buy another because of this. Also the whole process of putting it together is nonsense. Why do you have to go through so much for a simple tool? But my biggest complaint is the battery. I wish I had read these reviews before ever purchasing this product. Improve your batteries or no one is going to buy this product.

Worx lawn mower - Broke after one use. Received $75.00 of my $210.00. Ripoff, poor quality.

I was missing the bolt and plastic handle that secures the adjustable hand hold on the edger. I called and talked with WORX and explained the problem with the missing part. What I was expecting was an apology and notification that the part would be shipped quickly since this was their error. What I got was an apology and then told that the part would take 10 days to two weeks to get. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told the same thing. This in my opinion is terrible customer service and speaks to their commitment to their customers. They do not seem to have a procedure in place to handle this type of situation and really do not seem to care. Customer service is key to success and they do not have it.

Worx trimmer/edger/mower - The 6 pack free weed eater line is free until you get to the shipping. 5 packs of 6 cost $46.66 to buy. The battery last 30 mins. and take 3-5 hours to charge. For the small price of $49.99 you can buy a 3rd battery to keep charging. At this rate of pay out it will be a very costly time yearly. IT'S A PIECE A JUNK... RUN!

I bought my mower last spring, hoping that the negative reviews I read were realistic. Although some said it's a powerful machine and that the batteries were powerful enough to handle my lawn. I discovered, however, that the power died after 30 minutes (without using the mulch mode). After using the mower 5 or 6 times, I found that the batteries wouldn't recharge until they cooled down - the green "charged" light would click on instead of the red light. A couple of weeks later the batteries were charged to green, yet there was no life in the mower. I troubleshooted the problem, and checked out the key switch, but that isn't the problem. Supposedly the mower is under warranty, but I don't want to go through the trouble of pursuing this, because it's simply a poor product. I'm writing this simply to warn others of this product. Don't give up your internal combustion engines just yet.

I purchased the WORXWg545.1 blower. This unit will not stay charged as long as advertised (walk at a normal pace 3 times around a football field). It discharges in 12 minutes. I just spoke with "Grace" in Customer Service and she did not find my complaint to be valid. So this is Customer Service? I tried to explain to no avail that it might possibly be a bad battery or a bad charger, since I read lots of complaints about the charge life of the 20V MAX LITHIUM BATTERY. "Grace" disagreed with my assessment, but she offered no help.

I have 2 other WORX that are battery operated: String Trimmer and Hedge Trimmer. I have the WORX vacuum/shredder and the limb saw that are not battery operated. So, as you can see I have bought a few WORX products. BUT, never again. Grace was unimpressed with my buying record with WORX and she was sorry that I was having a problem which she disclaimed to be a problem.

I purchased the blower on Worx.com. It worked pretty well on the initial charge. Problem is, I have not been able to get the battery to charge since. I have called and emailed their tech support. They have asked me the same 15 questions, 10 times over. Still, no resolution. Here's the kicker - I'm still paying for the thing as part of their "Easy Pay" payment plan.

Bought the tool in April 2013. Last summer, the zipper broke and I called customer service. They replaced the bag. This summer the zipper broke in exactly the same place. Again called customer service and they wanted to charge $21.99 for the bag. I said, "Since there was a 2-year warranty and I got a new bag last year, why would there be a charge?" She said, "The bag is not covered under the warranty and it was replaced last year as a courtesy". I only use it for home use, so it is used about once a week during the summer and a few times a quarter during the winter. If you buy this product, plan on a new bag each year.

Directions were awful. A 3rd grader could have done better. They had the directions in ten languages, none of which were understandable English. I am in the process of returning all of this stuff under the 30 day money back guarantee. Don't waste your time. The battery lasted about 11 minutes before it died. If you had 10 spare charged batteries this might be OK. If the batteries were good this product would be OK. It is light and powerful but it is DOA without a good battery.

Bought the product online from QVC about two years ago. Worked pretty well at first but the charge only lasted about twenty minutes. Followed instructions to let battery completely discharge before charging again. This was time consuming. Although the trimmer after twenty minutes still had some power, it was not enough to actually do any trimming. Thus, I had to hold the trimmer across my lap and keep the power button pressed until the charge was completely used. This year, used the trimmer once, went through the above process, tried charging the battery again and it would not hold a charge. Save your money and either buy an electric trimmer or a gas powered one.

24v lawn mower battery melted down after less than 3 years. Can't get live person for replacement or to complain about dangerous/defective battery.

Caution to everybody that's going to buy a WORX tool or any product put out by. Completely down and then recharge it in - that should work. We have done this over and over and over and it doesn't work. When we contacted them, they said to let the battery die completely down and then recharge it in - that should work. We have done this over and over and over and it doesn't work, then works, doesn't work. It's a piece of crap. So save your money and buy something better.

I have the Worx, 20V Max Lithium trimmer/edger, WG155. It worked great when first got it. We purchased it locally. Have had it for about 2 years with no problems. Now the spool cap broke. The stores here no longer carry this item or any Worx items. Lowe's and Home Depot stopped the items totally. Had to call helpline for assistance, 30 min. of recordings. Finally talk to a human, tell her what I need. She asks how old it is, if punched from them, or ever purchased anything from them. Then she wanted the model #. I read it directly from the box. She tells me it's wrong, try again.

Always hang on to original packaging just in case. Again, I read the model directly off the box, again she tells me I'm wrong. By this time I was getting aggravated, so repeated it for the last time. Now she tells me if it was purchased through them, it would have a 166# on it. I told her again it was purchased from either Lowe's or Home Depot. She tells me it $12.99 for 2 spool covers, never said a word about shipping costs. Guess after reading all your comments I better check my credit card charges.

2 weeks later they arrived. Put one on, but a full charged battery on and nothing. The batteries worked fine, are fully charged, but nothing is happening. There isn't even a sound when I push the button then pull the trigger. Now I'm not sure what I'll do from here. I will go through the entire machine to make sure nothing is stuck preventing it from running, but I'm pretty sure it's something else. All I know is at this moment I need to do my yard work and don't have the time to sit around on the phone waiting for them to answer my call. Will have to let you know the final results.

What a piece of junk! I've owned many items in my lifetime and this has to be about the worst. The batteries are worthless. The original one that came with the unit did not hold a charge so after several complaints, we got an extra one sent to us free. AHA... not much better than the first. I can trim about 75 feet before the battery dies. REALLY!!! The spool holder has broken 4 times now. It gets brittle in just a matter of months and then shatters. Line is free... you pay shipping. I just found that a local store carries it too, and it is the same price as what I am paying for shipping. NICE... NOT!! A total waste of money.

We purchased a battery operated blower/trimmer together. The first time used, they were great! Have used about three times and each time battery time is less. Now blower will turn on for about 5 seconds before going off. Each time you turn it on, it does this, so it is now useless. I do like the trimmer and other than the battery life, it is ok. Blower was a total waste of money! These were purchased at Lowe's.

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