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We-Pack Moving
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    We pride ourselves in being the most affordable premium moving service provider in the country. At We-Pack moving, we don't believe moving should be stressful. Specializing in long distance, out of state moves, our team of dedicated relocation specialists can do as much or as little as your family needs. We offer a white glove service, ensuring your belongings are handled with care from start to finish. With the best trained movers in the industry, coupled with our dedication to make your experience as smooth as possible, we make and keep promises that the competition can't match.

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      Rated with 1 star
      profile pic of the author
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: May 28, 2019

      Awful service. They do not move you. They just find other people to move you. The company who is now moving me (American Home Relocation) is rated 1 star on Yelp. They require cash to pick up and cash upon delivery. Absolutely awful experience.

      2 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Dec. 12, 2018

      We reached out to We-Pack because they had several positive reviews and a few less favorable ones. I do not wish to skew the perspective, just give clarity to what can happen to you if you choose this company. My scenario: I had a couple that worked for our company that we wanted to make sure we took good care of. To assist them in a move from AR to FL, I reached out to We-Pack. Caitlin was my sales rep and she was fabulous. She spoke with me and the couple we were moving and did a great job of supplying detailed information. She was readily available and very knowledgeable.

      We had several questions. For example, it was my understanding that they brokered out the loads to other movers. I asked what process occurred to make sure that we got a good mover and would the company have their name on the side of the truck? She said that it may have their name (implying they owned some equipment) or it may not but that all movers were vetted and certified to the level of service they promise. After taking the inventory, we knew that often when the mover gets to the house, that the "professionals" see more cost than the homeowner.

      Bear in mind, this is a young couple with limited possessions... so we are not making a big move. They did have a riding lawnmower, and 2 kayaks. All noted. All items noted as much as feasibly possible. I was assured that the variation in cost would be a couple hundred dollars at most. I personally anticipated as much as $1,000. The couple stressed and put in writing the need to have 26 foot box truck, since they had a narrow drive and a remote location. It was confirmed in writing by Caitlin of We-Pack. We were all set... pay a small fee up front, show up Friday, pay another fee when loaded and then pay the balance when the truck delivers (target date the following Monday). Estimated cost $5600.

      Our Young couple spends days getting all prepared and has everything ready to go for first thing on Friday. We have a Russian Driver that calls us at 9:30 pm Thursday night, with such bad English that we struggle to understand that he is going to be there at 1:00 pm. We almost cancel and throw away the deposit, but the couple needs to be out the next day... to keep from having extra charges to their existing lease. They don't have much to move... so we say come on. The weather forecast for that night was heavy rain with threat of Tornados. The driver shows up in a tractor trailer. He can't back down the driveway... as we had advised he couldn't. The driver said no problem. We almost cancelled but we went forward.

      The driver then begins to wrap every shelf of $5.00 furniture with blankets and itemize it. This takes a 4 hour load and turns it into 9 hours. Now, with the couple having to help shuttle everything to the end of the driveway, furniture and couple soaked, the truck is loaded and they have a 13 hour drive. The mover, who has "Fair and Square Transportation" on the side of his truck and goes by the name of Indrek **, says that he has been lining up two other moves to go on our truck (one in NC and one in AL... Did I mention we were in AR) and informs our people at 10pm that he has up to 60 days to deliver their house items!!

      Guess who doesn't answer their phones on the weekend or return emails... you guessed it... We-Pack! We are now hostage. He leaves with all the personal belongings and guess what... he has been reported to the Better Business Bureau. Big surprise. Guess what else? The pickup cost is now going to be $4,000 instead of $2500! Why? Because they wrapped every imaginable thing in a blanket (despite the couple telling them it was not necessary) and had to carry it 300 feet to the truck. He also informed us that it would cost $4,700 to get our stuff unloaded when they showed up. We paid over $10,000 for a $5600 move. We-Pack has a operations line, that on Monday answered the phone, but put me on hold and left me there for 30 minutes. I never spoke to a person.

      Just to prove that I am not unreasonable, let me share with you the facts and what you need to know that I did not: 1. For full disclosure, Mr ** was polite, but this is not his first scam. He knows how to work the details of the move to put you in the most unnerving and vulnerable position, and he knows how to itemize to his benefit.

      2. When you book a move make sure you do what I did not: a. Confirm if it is a brokered load (we did this). If it is, tell them you want the name and address of the mover and time to approve or decline it. Call them. If it doesn't feel right... cut your losses. b. Ask for a guarantee that they will be at your pickup location first thing in the morning. You need the time for something to go wrong (weather, bad driver, difficult access, etc). c. Ask for written confirmation that you are the only pickup and stop on the truck. d. Ask for written confirmation of the delivery day. I don't normally get caught in these types of deals, and that makes me even more responsible for failure to check the obvious. We-Pack may broker out 10 good moves for every one bad move, but I got a bad move. Don't let yours be one too! Pay extra for guaranteed services or pay more later for bad service.

      6 people found this review helpful

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        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Nov. 21, 2018

        My wife and I wanted to move from San Jose, Ca to Roanoke, Va on 8/20/2018. I called We-Pack a month before and spoke with Matt. The guy was charming, told us we would not pay based on Weight, but on Volume. (Just like Amazon.) I gave him a detailed, item by item description of every single item in my 1 bdrm. apt. He promised me if the inventory I gave was correct, the price wouldn't change. I walked every room, opened every closet, etc. so my inventory was correct. He quoted a price and told me he would act as a concierge for my move, that I could call him night or day with any questions or issues. I felt relieved.

        Then a company called "Move On" showed up to pack and move my things. I was told We-Pack was doing the move. My first red flag. I called Matt and left a VM but he never called back. Even after 3 days of calling We-Pack, I never got a return call from anyone. So much for concierge service. Matt originally told me I had 30 days of free storage in Virginia in case my home wasn't ready to be moved into. I told MoveOn to bring the furniture to Virginia directly, thinking they would store it for me if needed. When the truck was loaded, the driver increased my bill by over $700 stating I didn't give Matt the correct inventory. How could that happen?

        After 10 days, my things showed up but my home wasn't ready for me to move into it. I told MoveOn to put it in storage and I needed delivery in 3 weeks to my new home. The driver blew his cork and said if he couldn't deliver it tomorrow at 10AM to the agreed destination, he would put it in storage anywhere of his choosing, and then it would be my problem to pay for it and to retrieve it. He told me to either find a storage unit he could deliver to by 10AM tomorrow morning or he would "handle it". Now it's 9PM at night! What the...? So I try calling "Mr.Callmeanytime Matt". No answer of course and no VM. I was panicked. I found storage at 8:30 AM (after calling for an hour) the next day and met the new driver, not who I talked to before. The driver was alone (too cheap to pay a helper) and had to unload everything (all my stuff) by himself. Unbelievable.

        I was lied to about my bill. I was lied to about the storage. I was lied to about their concierge service. It was nothing they promised. So, I had to pay $200 for storage I didn't want, I had to pay another $500 to rent a truck and hire a moving helper and then I had to load the truck, clean the storage unit, and drive 20 miles to my new home where I had to help offload my stuff. This company is a total fraud!

        I finally today (5 weeks later) unpacked my last box. Guess what? My brand new $1400 Bose Surround Sound System isn't here. My 29" flat screen is also not here. We have at least 10 broken glass pieces, some were gifts to my wife by her now deceased Mom and irreplaceable. My wife cried. I've had it with these people and I will shout it from the rooftops, Do not hire "WE PACK". They should be called "WeLIE" or"WeSTEAL" or "WeDON'TCARE". Please, if you know anyone who is moving, please remember this review. Absolutely the worst of the worst moving companies around.

        8 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        profile pic of the author
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Nov. 19, 2018

        Please don’t go for it, this is a cheating company, they are just like a brokers, they will simply charge from you and they will match a third party to move your stuffs and they will be disappeared. Finally you have to keep on calling to the third party. Then the third parties will never deliver your items.

        5 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Oct. 20, 2018

        The pricing is decent, however, the sales people promise the world and once they lock you into contract they change the paradigm. Do yourselves a favor and heed my words: DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH MOVING BROKERS. THIS IS WHAT WE-PACK MOVING IS, A BROKER! After doing all my research, including the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs, it was decided that We-pack Moving would be contracted for a long distance moving job from NY to Florida. It was for my elderly parents and I was charged with the entire project.

        As I said I dotted my i's and crossed my t's with the research I conducted along with an interrogation of the salesman "MATT". Many of us who live in an apartment building in NY can relate to rules and regulations regarding moving times and elevator use. This was one of the points discussed. Communication and promptness were also discussed as well as dependability and flexibility which were all guaranteed.

        Well up to the moment, We-Pack has fallen flat on their face including price and all their pillars for customer satisfaction. The operations department seems to be disconnected from their sales department because they accused me of letting the company know about restrictions for pick up between 0900-1600 HRS when this was discussed with the Matt who said they had a lot of experience with moves from NY and that it wouldn't affect their services. Then, they wanted to charge me an additional $500 to reschedule the pickup because the contractor they hired had reported being at my building at 15:15 HRS. How were two men going to pack and move all the materials in 45 minutes? Moreover, they arrived without being prepared for a full-service move which means they didn't even know what services they were contracted to provide nor did they have the materials to do it.

        All this information was garnered by me as I spoke with not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 different people and the salesman not one of them. He was conveniently unavailable. In addition, We-Pack Moving tried to be slick by sending phone calls from my number straight to voice mail but when I would call from another line would conveniently answer and then send me to their voice mail instead of speaking with me (unprofessional cowards).

        Moreover the delay is costing me almost $1,000.00 more because now the contractors that were scheduled to come in once the move was completed as scheduled have to be changed at a substantial hit to my pocket because of their failure to do as promised. I could add so much more to this but I won't. Just know that your better off with a moving company that works for themselves and does not subcontract any portion of their services. And whatever you do stay clear of We-Pack Moving. - Disgruntled in Orange, Florida.

        5 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        profile pic of the author
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Aug. 2, 2018

        I was able to get through to We-Pack immediately but now that I have concerns and no insurance I can't get a response. We-Pack handed my contract to One Way who picked up my items and then demanded I pay an additional 1,000 because We-Pack under quoted. I can't get anyone to call me back but they did charge my credit card.

        4 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: July 11, 2018

        The main office of this company, based in Florida, I think, was highly professional, and gave me a sense of confidence that I had made a good choice... but then the actual movers showed up. This is the problem/challenge in dealing with this company: they contract the actual moving to local companies wherever the customer is located. And that is where things fell apart. We were under the impression that someone was going to contact us locally to look at what we had in the house, so they would know what size of truck to bring. No one contacted us. Then there was a screw up when we heard from the movers that they were going to come on Tuesday and didn't show, because they didn't make clear that we were supposed to call back to confirm. So, they arrived a day late - Wednesday - and then they took all day to load our belongings, 95% of which we had pre-packed to make things easier.

        They also brought a truck that wasn't big enough, because they left a lot of stuff behind - things in heavy duty plastic totes that were supposed to be packed, boxes of belongings that were supposed to go. We were so busy trying to clean and clear out downstairs that we didn't realize how much they had left behind. Because of this we had to go rent a U-Haul truck and spend all of Thursday, till roughly midnight, loading it not only with the few boxes we meant to take with us, but with so many things they didn't pack. Because we were so utterly exhausted, we wound up leaving things behind - things we needed at our new home and personal things, like documents and childhood belongings that had survived numerous previous moves.

        By the way we were a full day late starting our move because of this fiasco. And another detail, the 'we' who were having to do all of this extra packing was my 78 year old mother and myself, a 53 year old woman. I would not recommend using this company. It's all too dependent on whether the local contractors are any good. Ours were nice enough, but hard to comprehend - they were Russian, I think, and they just did a terribly mediocre job.

        4 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: July 9, 2018

        This company is a sham. I'm sure the reviews on here are totally bogus. They are moving brokers, not a moving company. I too was tricked by these bogus reviews. Don't know how these people go to work everyday, lie and cheat customers and go home and sleep at night. Check out their BBB rating it is dismal. According to the public record they have only been in business for 1 year and have already racked up 45 complaints against them. Mine will be 46. My fast talking and very reassuring sales rep Gary assured me that they would be doing our move and would not sub contract it to another company, that was a lie.

        When I called 2 weeks before my move to tighten up the pick up window I found out that they were subcontracting our move to Moving Express out of NJ. This company has a terrible reputation (look it up) and are known for loading your items on to their trucks, once all your things are loaded they try to double and triple charge you the original quoted price for the move.

        If you refuse to pay they throw your stuff on to the street. Once items arrive at your moving destination they arrive broken, stolen or lost. They will tell you that people only write reviews when something is wrong and that bad reviews are standard in this industry... THEY ARE NOT. They will say anything. Oh and the fact that you can only do a bank transfer for your deposit so you can't dispute the charge with your CC company is a tell tale sign of fraudulent business practices. Learned that the hard way.

        When I refused to give my items to Moving Express and requested them to do the move themselves or get me a reputable moving company to do the move. They told me they would find me another company they partner with, and have yet to respond and give me another option. I asked for deposit back. They have not even bothered to respond to my emails or take my calls. I was left with no choice but to hire another moving company. They took $700 of our hard earned money and gave us nothing in return, don't let them do it to you. Run don't walk away from We-Pack Moving.

        3 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 5 stars
        Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
        Original review: June 28, 2018

        We-Pack Moving was picked after I looked around for a comparable moving company and was displeased with what I found. We-Pack Moving had a very personable and nice moving agent who went over everything I would be transporting. When the movers showed up I knew they meant business. They immediately went after it and even disassembled a few pieces that were too large as a big unit. We-Pack Moving unpacked me at my new home and reassembled everything as well - really such a magnificent job.

        Be the first one to find this review helpful
        Rated with 2 stars
        profile pic of the author
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: June 26, 2018

        Have called Gary ** at We-Pack but he will not respond. Steve from the CA who packed the damaged lamp is American Trooper Van Lines has said to notify American Trooper Van Lines movers. I have tried several times. He also added $400 extra to the move as he said that Gary **'s quote was too small. Paid $500 more. On the other hand in Lakeland FL the $300. My grandson had to help move the boxes in his truck because Garry ** didn't do as promised to shuttle from CA and to Lakeland. I checked with your rating before hiring We-Pack on your recommendation help. Thanks.

        3 people found this review helpful

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          We-Pack Moving author review by Tom Rains

          We-Pack Moving is a federally licensed moving broker, meaning it manages a network of nationwide agents that are licensed to transport household goods across the country. The company has been in business for over 10 years and is headquartered in West Palm Beach, Fla.

          • Free quote: Interested consumers can visit the We-Pack website to request a free estimate for their move. They only need to enter their origin location and destination, move size and move date.

          • Free storage: Those whose new residence will not be ready immediately can have their items stored for up to one month for free.

          • Residential: We-Pack has services for those facing a long-distance move. They work with carriers across the country to offer customers competitive rates.

          • Corporate: We-Pack Moving offers services for corporate moves and can help companies with their office relocation.

          • DOT Number: We-Pack’s website clearly lists their Department of Transportation license number. Consumers can use this number to find information about the company’s safety record and other background information.

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