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This is the top of the line SP-320, stainless with side burner. Have had this grill for three years. Year 1 replaced grill cover & grill lid. Year 2 replaced grill cover and metal grill base. Year 3 right side panel rusted, no warranty. Had to use Rustoleum paint and pray for the best. WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER WEBER!

Three days after purchasing my Weber grill, the inside of the hood was flaking off and falling into the food. I immediately called Weber customer service. Was informed by a woman representative that it was normal for flaking to occur and that it happens on all grills. I said I have owned grills for 40 years and never have I ever had this problem. They don't use heavy cast iron on their hoods! I told her that peeling paint and flaking is not acceptable. I purchased a Weber grill and spent all this money because supposedly Weber was the best. I have had the grill for 2 years. The grates are too far apart and food is always falling inside the grill. The burners cook all unevenly. The girl kept assuring all this was normal. Weber is not what I thought it would be. Unknown carcinogens falling into food is not normal.

I purchased a Weber Grill from Home Depot about 18 months ago. I was BBQ'ing one day when a fire started in the control panel of the Grill... The grill was so badly damaged from the fire that it is no longer usable, in fact it nearly started my house on fire. Weber and Home Depot have refused to do anything for me.

After the ignition controls on my 7 year old Weber caught fire, melting the starter button and both burner controls, I called Weber to report what I thought was a dangerous situation and, possibly, an engineering defect that could cause other Weber grill owners serious problems (luckily, I smelled the plastic burning, was able to turn off the propane tank attachment, and douse the fire with a potful of water). I wasn't calling to accuse anybody and didn't want any compensation from Weber.

I also didn't expect to be accused by their rep named Jill of not maintaining my grill. Twice she interrupted my account to state, categorically, that the cause was a grease fire, and that I should have followed the owner's manual regarding regular maintenance of my grill. She did offer to send me free replacement parts but I told her that, since the grill was 7 years old, I wouldn't be able to install a new control plate and, besides, I got my money's worth out of the grill and would most likely just purchase a new one. I did mention that my only regret was that I had purchased recently two new grill grids and the triangular pieces that fit below them and shield the burners. And I told her that I had several photos on my iPhone of the damage. She took my home and e-mail addresses and the conversation ended.

Six weeks later and I'm surprised that Weber never contacted me. Evidently their rep's diagnosis was considered acceptable and they probably never registered my concern. Well, yesterday I deconstructed the grill in preparation of discarding it in our bulk trash and voila! A light went off in my non-mechanical, non-technical brain. How could a grease fire occur in a part of the grill that is not connected to the fire box? That is, in detaching that hopelessly damaged section I could see that there was no way for grease to leach through the firebox into it. Upon examining the grease container beneath the firebox itself, I saw that it was 99% clean, and realized that I had replaced the aluminum grease container when storing the grill at the end of last year's grilling season!

I now realize that what I should have asked for was an $80 credit -- what I spent on the pre-fire new replacement items towards the purchase of a new Weber grill. But if the rep was listening to my account rather than chastising me for something I was innocent of, shouldn't she have made that offer herself? Oh well, I've made lemonade out of that lemon experience, and have repurposed my firebox to accommodate charcoal, dropping my new grill grids on top of the coals, and trying to get another 7 years out of my grill before the nursing home beckons. P.S. Before registering my complaint, I was informed that my conversation would be recorded. I don't know how long Weber keeps those recordings, but I'll bet they weren't interested in archiving something which could morph from an isolated instance into a syndrome.

Bought a Genesis at Lowe's for over 900. 3+ years ago, love the grill and want to mention it was my 4th Weber grill purchase. Wife put a steak on the grill and the whole grill caught on fire in 3 minutes, I had to unhook the gas line from the house to put it out. Called Weber and they said it was a grease fire and it was out of warranty. They looked at a photo and made that decision and never said they would have someone come inspect it. The rude girl said she would sell me one at cost somewhere around 7 or 8 hundred plus shipping and assembly was on me. I rehooked the gas hose and the grill stinks of leaking gas. They just lost a customer. Still like Weber but am buying a Napolean. I kept the old one to show all my friends and posted a picture on the bulletin board at work warning of what happened. The grill was always covered with the Weber cover and was not used more than once a week. It was not a grease fire.

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I wrote to the Weber customer service folks requesting information to purchase the parts to convert my Weber grill from natural gas to propane as we are moving and natural gas is not available in the new location. I got an email stating that they do not sell the parts, do not take the grills back and redo them in the factory and offer no trade in. I understand from several reliable sources you can do this conversion, so am very disappointed in the Weber response. They were not willing to work with me at all. I even asked for a discount or something on a new one and Boom nothing. Really like the grill, hate the lake of support.

Pros: The grill itself was decent grill as far as using. It collected grease well, uniform heating and outside holding up well with the stainless steel. Cons: My grill was 3 years old. The grates became bad, stuck with food, hard to clean off so I replaced them. The igniter stopped working. Replaced it. One of the two valves began to leak while in use and burnt the stainless steel top, rubber under valve. Called company. They wanted $110.00 to replace the valve only. They said I had to replace the manifold. They did knock off the price to $65.00 but after already putting over $100.00 in it the year before plus the stainless was damaged from the broken valve causing the finish to rust, I decided to buy another grill. I can get a new cheaper grill every couple years and still be under the cost of the Weber. Sorry Weber. Too costly to maintain...

Both are charcoal grills with vented lid and vents on bottom of grill. No accessories except ash catchers. Weber Grills are deep enough to not catch food on fire and with vents open, smoke the food beautifully. Sturdy, long-lasting. Small one 3 yrs; large one 15+ yrs. Charcoal grills, Weber ones in particular, give the real cookout flavor. I like that I can control the heat easily, and the food does not dry out like when using a gas grill. I gave away a gas grill and bought Weber charcoal grills!

Small Weber - no accessories. Wanted small grill. Love Weber. GREAT for single people with small spaces. Very well made. Nothing beats grilling with charcoal. I have cooked everything imaginable even a 14 pound turkey using all favors of charcoal.

22" cooking area Performer Deluxe series - Charcoal holder under a lid that keeps it dry. Regular drum for perfect cooking. Bought it as a gift for husband. Easy to use and I have had it for 18 years. Use it year round even in central Illinois winters. I love this grill! Easy to use, easy to clean and in my opinion you can't beat charcoal. When cooking a brisket or ribs I put the charcoal on one side and the meat on the other. The grill grate opens so you can add charcoal when needed. Since they are being cooked for 4-6 hours that is a very handy feature. There is a thermometer on the lid so you can tell it is cooking at a low slow temp.

The name Weber, with just two burners and really the name was what I wanted. Auto lite went out second year and never replaced. Easy to clean. Food is easy to prepare and easy startup next time out. I have no problems with this grill. Clean it top to bottom once a season and purchased two sets of SS burners (that's it).

Cook and heats evenly. Make the fire in a cone shape in the middle, steaks and burgers or anything that cooks fast cook great in the middle. Everything slow such as ribs cook great around the outsides.

Standard Weber kettle - Classic design and functioning. As expected, perfect charcoal grill for home use. Have mastered smoking turkey for TGiving, ribs during the summer, and various other grilling and barbecuing tasks.

Other than the ignition issue it's a great grill. Love the side burner for making bacon. It heats evenly and has a great gas gauge underneath.

It was large enough to cook meats and veggies while being able to boil pasta on the side burner. It was also on sale, which it was originally $400 but we only paid $225. It cooks the meats evenly, and I don't believe it ever burnt our food so far! After 4 years it still works just as good as it did from day 1. Cooking burgers, steaks, hotdogs, corn on the cob and veggies have always tasted good on this grill. Compared to other grills we have had, this one has been the best. The side burner is great making it so we don't have to cook anything inside the house. The storage below makes it easy to store away cooking utensils and other things for quick and easy access while you're grilling.

It's about 22 years old, falling apart but still working. When new it was excellent. Unfortunately now it's not but still grills adequately and parts are no longer available for this grill. I could grills marinated butterflied leg of lamb like nothing else. Steaks, hamburgers, chicken, vegetables, you name it.

It is black, 3 burners, side table, place to hang implements, separate bun and hotdog rack, built in temp gauge and a scale to indicate amt of fuel left. This grill is fantastic. Never fails, easy to clean, move and use. We grill all year long including in winter ever so often. This grill is great for large gatherings or just a steak for 2. This grill is great for cooking an entire turkey or a small chicken with a can of beer up its ** as well as seafood (just love shrimp on the barbie!). I will admit that we like our hamburgers and steaks cooked medium rare, and believe me when I say I have failed miserably in the past until I got real good understanding the power and heat of the grill. Needless to say I am king griller as long as I follow my wife's instructions and keep an eagle eye on the food!

Small grill, electric, runs on 110 line. It doesn't get hot enough to cook steaks. Only used grill 3 times since buying, do not like the way it grills.

Quintessential Weber: Black, shiny metal, ovoid, with a top, vented, with a grate, on a 3-legged partly wheeled stand. Positive previous experience with similar Weber grill. We prefer the taste of charcoal/wood over gas. Didn't want a big one because of space. We'd like an offset firebox re-purposed metal drum-style grill but didn't want to fool with having one made. Plus, they are so big, no good place to store it. This little Weber is simple but adequate. Vent holes important. We use a chimney to start the coals. That helps a lot. It's great for quick cooking at high heat, but of course where it falls down is when you want to do something low & slow. Need a different kind of grill for that. But we've compensated for it by moving the coals way over to the side & meat to the "cool" side, sometimes shielding the meat with aluminum foil, and using the oven in the kitchen to finish.

Had a fancy grill and no one took care of it. Gave it away and got this one. This is easy to maintain. Plain old charcoal grill: small, easy to clean, and takes up little space. I use 3 days during the week. Love the charcoal taste. Clean up is a breeze.

I was contacted back from a customer service rep. They apologized, sent me a new cover and even threw in a free grill glove.

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I recently contacted Weber Grills customer service. WOW! How disappointed I was to stand behind their product for OVER 30 years. Lesson learned. I purchased a grill cover that had a 3-year warranty. After 5-6 months the cover was falling apart. To make a long story short they did not honor the warranty since the cover was discontinued. Btw, I even mailed in the proof of purchase as I was asked to do... They refused to send me a replacement since the cover was discontinued. It makes a lot of sense now that I see how many more unhappy reviews are out there from people like me.

I bought a Weber Genesis 330 grill 3 yrs ago for $830 from Lowe's. Most expensive grill I've ever owned. It's worked beautifully for the entire time. Lights easily, good temp control and even cooking every time. After 2 yrs the front left corner cook box appear to be corroding on the outside. Nothing functional but worried me. I should have called then but waited until now. WOW was I surprised at both the Lowe's and Weber teams. They were excellent, responsive and quickly sent me a replacement part no problem. Even more, when I was concerned about how to change it myself, Weber had their extremely knowledgeable area rep come to my house and change it for out. Not easy and over 95F today! Truly exceptional service. I will be buying Weber grills the rest of my life. Thank you Weber!

I received a Weber 2 Burner Grill as a Father's Day Gift three years ago. I was involved in the buying process and thought that Weber had a good reputation. After two years of good service the grill caught on fire while cooking some ribs. There was severe damage to the grill with melted knobs, gas lines, etc. Instead of replacing the grill Weber customer "service" required me to send in pictures so that they could determine the course of action. The decision came down that they would send replacement parts and an authorized technician would repair it. That done I used the grill for the rest of last summer. This past Sunday I decided to grill for the 7th or 8th time this spring. When firing up the grill the igniter did not fire so I pressed it a second time. A ball of flame came out of the open grill, singeing my eyebrows and lashes.

Understandably I am leery of using the once factory repaired grill and sought satisfaction from the Weber Organization. My request was for a new grill or a full refund as it was obvious they failed both providing a safe grill and in turn repairing a defective grill. Each and every individual accused me of not following correct procedures as laid out in their manual. At no time did they accept any responsibility or liability for their shoddy quality. By the time I reached the Vice President level I realized that the condescending attitude is part of the corporate culture. My next call will be to CEO Thomas Koos to determine if as is believed a fish truly does rot from the head down.

I bought a Weber Spirit 310 from Home Depot. I have had it about a year. It is very cheaply made with its flimsy door to access the propane tank to its ignition switch that I have replaced twice. But my biggest complaint is it leaks in the rain. The grease tray fills with water and stained my deck. I think an outside grill should be built to keep water out. My old cheap $180.00 Char-Broil had no leakage problems but my $600.00 Weber does. I called Weber and they told me to buy a $70.00 cover. I emailed the company and got no response from them. Stay away from Weber, they do not stand behind their products.

We order a Weber Grill and when opening the box we noticed a small dent in the lid. After contacting Weber they insisted on sending us a new lid. We received it within the next 24 hours. Also included with it was a gift on them for our inconvenience. We received a rib cooking rack. Outstanding customer service. Polite and quick response time.

I purchased this Weber Genesis S320 natural gas grill in 2010 and have used it year-round without any problem. In the last several weeks I noticed a strange noise and peeling when opening and closing the top. On inspection I found both cotter pins in the top-to-cook box hinge had rusted and one had broken in two. I was able to remove one cotter pin using a pin punch (¼ inch diameter, as are the hinge holes; the cotter pins are ¼ inch by 2 inches). The other cotter pin could not be removed - in fact I broke the hinge portion on the cook box attempting to remove it. I strongly advise anyone with this type grill to check the hinge cotter pins every year or so and if they are rusty, replace them before they can not be removed.

I have owned two previous Weber grills and in fact they are now used constantly by my relatives. When I decided to purchase another grill in mid-2013 I assumed Weber was still the "best"? WRONG!!! I have the same problem with rust on the base platform. I called Weber and the person I spoke to was not helpful, and since my platform was almost 3 years (one year out of warranty) they wanted to charge me $75.85 plus shipping and handling to replace my rusting unit! I WILL NEVER PURCHASE NOR ENDORSE THIS COMPANY'S PRODUCTS! BUYER BEWARE!!!

We bought the Weber S-310 grill less than 5 years ago in 2011. A couple of months ago, we were pre-heating the grill and looked outside and saw giant flames coming out of the sides. Luckily our daughters and their friends, who were playing in the backyard, were far enough from the grill and weren't harmed. Our grill is placed right next to our home, and the flames were close to reaching the walls before we were able to put it out. After inspecting what happened, we learned that the covering of the hose caught that runs from the ignitor under the grill to the natural gas connection caught on fire.

A Weber rep claimed that the fire was started because the hose that connects the ignitor wasn't all the way in the hole, as seen in the photo. They also charged us to replace the burnt hose. Be wary of this grill and make sure to check EVERYTHING before using it, we were lucky that it wasn't much worse. I definitely will not be buying another Weber grill after this experience.

I purchased my Weber Genesis S-310 in 2011 for $800.00. After 5 years of use, the 2 side panels, the rear panel and the bottom panel is rusting out. My door is about to break because the pin holding it in place is rusting. The bottom line is that the base holding up the fire box is very poor quality. The manufacturing process is defective. A 5 year grill should not be rusting this bad. Look at the pictures and keep in mind this is after 5 years...

My previous Deluxe Weber lasted almost 15 years. Father's Day 2012 I got a new one... The grill deformed within a year, bought a new one, this weekend, the entire bottom ash catcher broke off, rusted. I always had my grill undercover, one lasted 15 years this one not even 4. Taking a real hard look at other makes now, the quality definitely is not where it used to be.

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Weber grills have been around since the 1950s when their infamous kettle style grill became the hit of suburban backyard cookouts. Since then, Weber has continued to innovate and improve the grilling experience. Today, they offer consumers a wide range of grills including gas, electric, travel size, smokers and, of course, the kettle-style charcoal grill.

  • Innovation: Weber’s original design was a huge success, but they didn’t stop there. They have also invented useful accessories, including flavorizer bars, a light for nighttime grilling and a built-in bucket for charcoal.
  • Easy to find: Buy your Weber grill online or from one of the many dealers near you. Use their online tool to find a dealer near you.
  • Weber Nation: Join Weber Nation for an all-access pass to the latest blog posts, community news and recipes. You can also access your online orders, register your grill and submit questions, photos and comments to the community.
  • Weber app: Download the free Weber app to access all the information you need for the perfect grill, no matter where you are. The app includes recipes, tutorials, a grocery list and a handy timer so you know when dinner’s ready.
  • Grill comparison: Are you torn between two or three grills? Weber’s website has a grill comparison feature that allows you to do a direct side-by-side comparison of up to three grills at a time so you can find the best one for your family.
  • Best for Weber’s versatility makes the company great for travelers, families large and small and homeowners.

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