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I asked for the replacement charger base for the Wagner drill model WB180K 1, no response. I haven't heard from anyone for months and I'm still waiting on the replacement charger base.

I bought a 9.6 volt Wagner (wb96) cordless drill. The charger got hot and no longer will charge. I just want a charger, but they're are no longer available. I have a great drill that is useless.

About 10 years ago, I purchased an 18vol Wagner Cordless Drill, which I use about six times a year for small household projects.

This morning, I smelled a burning electrical smell and called the local fire department. I had plugged in the Wagner charger base and it was smoking and overheating and it was spreading to an overhead fixture. The charger base was warped from the heat and my drill is now useless.

I went online to find customer service for Wagner and found this product had been recalled some years ago because it was one of a series of models -- mine is WB180K -- that was overheating and in some cases causes fires. Customer service said they they no longer made drills and were not responsible for any damages or credits.

I have a Wagner Codless Drill 18V that was a gift to me quite a long time ago. Oneday I was going to charge my drill and after it being pluged up for charging, I remained in my shop and I begain to smell something as if it was burning. As I started looking around and I saw smoke coming up from my drill charging unit. It had already melted the little charging unit. It was about ready to flam up when I caught it just in time. As I was looking around on the internet to try to fined another charger, I found where the charger had been recalled so I wanted to know if there is something that can be done about my charger.

Our Wagner cordless drill # WB144K will not charge. We have waited months to get the replacement drill that we were promised by phone. The 800 number and website listed are no longer available. What are we to do?

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I bought a drill a couple years ago. I plugged it in this morning and the charger started to melt. Luckily I was paying attention to it or it could have caused a fire.

Several years ago, I bought a Wagner 18v cordless drill model number wb180k at Sam's Club. A year or two ago, I was charging the battery and the charger and battery melted together. I was online looking for parts and saw a recall. I contacted Wagner two weeks ago, left a message on the phone and emailed them. I've got no response. Is the recall still in effect? If it is, how can I get them to get me new parts?

The battery and charger were destroyed and the price of drill was $60 to $80.

I'm just writing about the problem with the battery chargers for the Wagner cordless drills. I called Wagner Spray Tech company and explained that I had a charger that was overheating and began to melt, just like the ones I just learned about when I did a search of their website. Thank God my house didn't burn down or any of my family be injured or die from a fire that this could have caused as I charged the battery overnight! When I asked how I could get a replacement as I had read about the recall, I was told they haven't made cordless drills in over 10 years! I was also told that there were no replacement parts to be had, anywhere for the drill.

How sad, they chose to treat people this way with not even a coupon toward any other Wagner product. So my drill is useless. When it worked, it was a great drill. I will remember this when I ever think about purchasing any other Wagner product and I will not purchase their products in the future. Something to think about for you too!

I have a drill Wagner # WB144 that has a defective charger, and according to your website, has issued a recall for that part. When I clicked on the website, **, to find out how to get a replacement, the screen popped up on your site, consumeraffairs.com, and said sorry, unable to find the site I was looking for. When I tried calling the number 800-214-0585, it is not available from my calling area. I would really like to get the replacement charger, as it started to stink, and when I investigated, I found it was starting to melt. Could you please give me some directions on what to do?

I noticed that while charging my battery for the drill that it overheated and melted its base causing it to be unusable to charge the battery. Could have started a fire in the house.

While charging the battery, it overheated and bulged on one side. This, I assume, resulted in the base being overheated and rendered useless. I contacted Wagner and they were most cooperative in replacing the base. However, the battery is also destroyed and will not be replaced.

My husband received a Wagner 18 Volt cordless drill as a Christmas gift. On March 22, 2009, the battery caught on fire and caused property damage and also personal possession losses of over $6,000. We have not contacted the company as yet but plan to. We are in the process of having repairs done and getting a list of losses together for our insurance company.

I have a drill 14.4Vol From Wagner Spray Teach company and the charger base got melt. all the time that I conected it is smell smoke... I right now I can use my drill because the charger base get overheat and I get electrical problem with it. electrical panel.

Electrical power problem. So, I have this product for 2 years and righ now I am having a problem charging the battery. I fill that I spend a lot of money in this product and I can get parst to repleces it. The problem is the store were a Broght this product was out of bussness.

I got the replacement for the charger base, and now it will not charge anything. I have purchased two new batteries, and cant get any charge from the new charger base

I purchased a Wagner cordless drill and the base caught fire nearly burning down my house. I called the company's recall number in June 2007 and was told that a new charger base would be sent right out to me within 6 weeks. I gave them 4 months and nothing received so I called again and was told that my name was not even in the computer and they would send another one out. It is now Jan. 2008 and another phone call was madeand no information could be found. And once again they said that it will be sent out. Hopefully before the carpal tunnel sets in from phoning the company. Poor business relations!

I purchased a Wagner Control Spray in April of 2006. The infomercial on Television said it would "paint your deck in half the time" cut down on your valuable time and use the Wagner Control Spray. I thought "wow, this is great" they offered a 30 day money back guarantee, however, being busy I did not get around to opening the product until August. Guess what, it didn't work, with LATEX paint. However the commercial never said or warned against this. It just said "paint" your dect in half the time. In calling and asking for relief from the company, I was told "funs over, your stuck with it". I called Wagner the Company and they told me they did not sell me the product, that the product was sold through an independant dealer and there was nothing they could do but offer another product to me at a significant savings. I cannot believe that I am the only citizen that assumed it would work with Latex paint, the owners manual even gives instructions on cleaning when Latex paint is used. Something is way off course here and I feel like false adverising or misleading at least was used to sell this product. I want my money back because of the misleading advertising used to falsely push this product. Please help.

I am in Vancouver BC Canada. I have a drill, WB144 and I received a new charger base. But it doesn't work.
When I try to charge the battery the light comes on a moment and disappear.

Please let me know how I can use the drill. I heard about Bettery Plus but it has no store here. thanks.

I have a Wagner cordless drill and charger, #WB144. The charging unit melted and ignited some plastic and paper on the table and burned an expensive motorcycle and some tools and miscellaeneous items on the table. No damage to the building or structure and no personal injury.

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