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This is an absolutely horrible moving company. I was charged $700 more than I was originally quoted for moving a 700 sq. ft 1 bedroom apartment in Manhattan. We were only moving 20 blocks and it took the movers more than 8 hours to move. They were exceptionally slow and lazy but kept telling me how they better get good tips throughout. It actually took them 2 hours to put a bed together that normally took the movers 15 minutes to put together during 3 prior moves. Worse yet, they ended up cracking my expensive wardrobe and breaking my desk in half (just shows you how rough they were with my items).

I had 4 people come (which makes the fact that the move took 8 hours even more ridiculous) but 1 of the movers just left in the middle of the move without warning and the movers tried to lie and say he just had went to the restroom (he never came back for the next 5 hours). They ended up just stopping 3/4 through the move when my stuff not all assembled. It was really a terrible experience. I've never had such a bad moving company (moved 5 times in my life). The initial quote was attractive which is why I used them but it is hourly and they will just go as slow as possible in order to hike up the total bill. Stay away from these movers. Worst I have ever had.

Satisfaction Rating

They offered a low-ball quote and the initial contact person, "Staceyg" was quite nice. I also saw positive reviews on this site. Based on this, I (foolishly) decided to use them for a long distance move (from Manhattan to Austin, TX).

First half of the move (the "move out" part) was fine; however, when I called with my new address in Austin, I was told "Stacey" didn't work there anymore, and I was given to "Oliver". "Oliver" was horribly rude and refused to return my calls and emails. I provided a "move in" date but was told that the truck would arrive within three weeks of this date. This was consistent to language buried in the paperwork but directly counter what "Stacey" told me in the initial quote. All of my attempts to narrow down the date range and track the status of my goods were ignored and/or rudely handled.

The driver finally arrived in Austin with my things 10 days after the target move in date. The driver claimed that he would arrive at 4 pm but arrived at 6 pm, an hour after my building wanted the move completed. The driver arrived with a giant 18-wheeler (that took an hour to park) and was alone to handle the move by himself. Obviously, I became part of the move-in crew.


I had multiple conversations with Stacy who contacted me for the move from NJ to Miami Florida. I informed him of my monetary situation and that I had to stay within budget due to limited finances. He told me that it was going to be no more than $1,200 for the accounted items that I listed. I even had the list adjusted the day before I left. I informed him that when the movers came, they wanted to charge me for the boxes that were clearly included in my move and packaging that was never mentioned.

Stacy said not to worry as I spoke to him while the movers packed stuff onto the truck. I felt at ease that there had been a misunderstanding on the movers who were at my home, so I asked the movers if they knew what was going on. He simply stated that he was tired and that I shouldn't worry, that they would not charge me extra as they knew I had spoke to Stacy--and my price was correct. They packed my items on the truck and I signed the bill at the end of the move. It clearly states $1,200 plus approximately $52.00 for a box that was provided to ship my plasma TV. I then asked the mover if it was all within the allotted space and he said "yes." I had already given my deposit and he said that I didn't need to pay the other half of the money until the next day.

I then received a call from the supervisor claiming that I had to pay $800.00. He then said that I will owe them another $800 or so but he would get back to me because he had to get the truck out and on the road. Now, I was in tears because I only had enough to pay the $1,200 total. He said that he would call me back and not to worry. I then called Stacy and he said not to worry, I just need to remind the man on the phone that I had my pricing done already. Stacy said that it was probably a mistake on their end. I had already allowed them to charge me $900.00. My things arrived a few days later and the driver said that he was from another company, and that I had to dispute any charges with the original company since he was only there to drop them off.

I was harassed via my cell phone not only from the Velocity Movers but also from the other company that I didn't even have an agreement with. The mover said that I didn't need to worry and to just sign for my things and call them in the week. I called and left messages but no one got back to me. No one wanted to address the extra cost that was allegedly tacked on to cost without my prior knowledge to accepting those terms. It was then that the calls came claiming that I had to pay up the extra cost.

The supervisor said that he was going to see me in court and I would have to pay more. I am now being harassed about being taken to court by Velocity if I don't pay the $832.00 that they are charging me--that's $532.00 more than they charged me without my consent to proceed with the move--even though the movers said that the square footage was accurate when they took my things. There are several phone calls that were never returned and lies that I would not have to pay the extra cost in between the departure and arrival of my things. This is a disgrace and had I known this, I would have not used their services, as I had shopped around for services, fees, etc.

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