TruGreen Chemlawn - What To Do

Signing up with a lawn service such as Trugreen is just like joining a health club or opening a cell phone account. There is a contract that spells out the terms and obligations. Step No. 1 in protecting yourself is to keep a copy of every contract you sign. Put it in a file where you can find it.

If you decide you no longer want the service, dig out the contract and see when the term expires. You are probably obligated to complete the current term but a cancellation in writing will prevent unwanted renewals.

The contract should specify the address to which notices are to be sent. Send a letter similar to this to the address specified.


Trugreen Chemlawn
City, State, Zip

Dear Chemlawn:

Pursuant to the contract between us dated (date), we hereby give you notice of cancellation on the earliest possible termination date but in no event later than (termination date).

We will not accept or pay for service beyond the termination date. Further, you are hereby notified that your company's permission to come onto our property located at (address) is hereby revoked coincident with the termination of this agreement.

Any of your agents or employees who trespass on our property after (termination date) will be subject to arrest and your firm will be held responsible for any damages arising from any such trespass.

This notification supersedes and replaces any other communication. Verbal agreements shall not be binding.

Very truly yours,

Your signature

cc: Your city Police Department
City State Zip

IMPORTANT The letter should be sent via certified mail, return receipt requested. Keep a copy of the letter and a copy of the delivery receipt when it is returned to you. This is your legally binding proof that you canceled the agreement in compliance with its terms.

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