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I purchased a Toro electric start snow blower at Home Depot. Used it last year (about 4 snow falls). When season was over I ran blower until empty. This year it would not start - took back to Home Depot and was told it probably blew a piston. Was told to take to a Toro service place. Took to Broadway Total Power at 4204 S Broadway, Englewood Co. They kept it about 14 days then called me and said I had put kerosene in engine and had ruined it. I told them I had never purchased kerosene and did not even know what it was used for. He told me I had probably got it at the service pump at the gas station. I said "ice stations sell kerosene so you can put in your car." Give me a break.

By the way, my brother used the same (gasoline or as BTP says kerosene) in his snow blower and it worked fine. We actually used the same can of gas. I then wrote a letter to Toro complaining about Broadway Total Power - stating they are unethical - if there was kerosene in blower, BTP put it there. BTP was too lazy to fix blower or return it to Toro under the warranty (which was supposed to be 2 years). Toro should be ashamed to have any dealings with such a disreputable company (their local agent). To date I have not received a response from Toro either.

I purchased my Toro Snow thrower on 12/18/2013 from First storm I used it for 20 minutes when it jammed. When I took the side plate off to check it, the belt was totally shredded. I took it to an "authorized" Toro dealer. It took 5 weeks for the dealer to "get the parts." I have a 150 ft. circular driveway and I'm 60+ with bad knees. I had to hand shovel my way out of each storm we had in Massachusetts. When I did finally get it back, it worked fine for the rest of the winter. 11/25/2014, a storm is coming. I go out to start up my mostly unused snow blower so I will be ready for the storm. It makes noise but it won't start.

I went out every hour to try starting it. Nothing. Next morning I try to start it again. It makes noise but it won't turn over. In tears, I pick it up and put it in my Toyota Corolla and drive it back to the "authorized" repair shop. It will take "2 weeks" before the shop will even get to diagnose the problem. That's the middle of December. If the shop has to "send away for parts" like the last time, it will be the middle of January and I'm spending another winter without a snow blower. I paid $399.99 for this machine so I could do my driveway! I am so frustrated and upset. And I can't return it to Toro because it has had gas and oil in it. Where is the fairness here? This is just wrong. Is there anything I can do? Thank you.

Not a Happy Toro Snowblower Power Clear 180 Owner. Since the day I have brought this Snowblower in 2010, there has been nothing but problems. It was in for repairs before I ever used it. The machine had carburetor repairs from the local Toro Dealer, who held my machine hostile for 3 months because I didn't buy it from them. He advised me what a big favor he was doing for me to repair under warranty and this was the last time. Since then, I have added the Star Tron Fuel Treatment, which the Toro Dealer advised me to use so to not have any more problems. Yesterday, I brought non-ethanol gas and put it in the gas tank. I smelled a gas odor. Then I took the machine out to run engine. It ran for about 3 minutes and stopped running. I checked the gas tank, and it was empty. The full tank of gas had leaked out. This product is defective. I've done everything that I was advised to do, and it's a bad product. I want my money back.

I bought it brand new in November 2009 and have used it four times. It worked great until 5th time.

The pull cord was seized, and when it finally pulled, gas was pouring from the carburetor. I took it to the dealer where I purchased it, and remarkably, there were four other customers there for the exact same problem. I searched the web for a recall but could not find one. I have heard of similar recalls on other Toro machines for fire hazard with leaking carbs. Very strange indeed!

Subject: Toro Snowthrower, Model #38585, Serial #290001780, with Tecumseh engine model LH195SPO, Spec: 67529D, DOM 08254CE0055. Purchased blower 2 Jan 2009.

Has an inherent safety/design fault, i.e. "Starting Kickback." One pulls the recoil start handle and pull handle is immediately ripped out of your hand. What is happening is the engine is apparently backfiring and making motor spin backwards and pulling string back into unit causing hurtful damage to your hand/fingers along with possible internal engine damage.

Albeit not an every start event, when it occurs, the kickback hurts terribly. Since 27 Sept. 2010 (2 1/2 months ago), unit has been at local Toro dealer. Dealer has personally experienced the kickback twice, latest 5 Dec 10. Unit has been repaired under warranty 1/29/09 (replaced intake valve, flywheel key, ring-chute, screw plate, recoil handle). It has also been repaired 10/11/10 under warranty, replaced camshaft. I have written Toro HQs 4 times since 16 Nov 10. (Case#xxxxx, ref: ******), fully detailing history of fault(s) and repairs to date.

Due to ongoing/considerable cost to me in time and money, along with unit being hazardous, I requested Toro refund me $709.99 (amount I paid for this unsafe unit) and after which unit be immediately returned to Toro HQs for any further analysis desired. Both local dealer and Toro HQs have ignored my pleas for resolution. I refuse to be a part of any further "field testing" of a Toro product. I have been a long time Toro product(s) owner due to their past good reputation for quality. However, I am totally disappointed with Toro's selling such an unsafe Snowthrower and then ignoring my request for refund.

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Recall on Snowblower. Having problems with Toro providing parts to the dealer to repair the recall.

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Toro celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014 and continues its legacy as a leading provider of innovative outdoor environmental solutions. Their products help homeowners and businesses enjoy their outdoor environments. Toro snow blowers help homeowners clear their driveways safely so they can get back to enjoying the outdoors instead of getting stuck in the snow with products that can move anywhere from a few inches to a few feet of snow.


  • Toro product selector: The Toro product selector allows homeowners to narrow down their snow blower options based on the amount of snow they need to remove, whether or not they require electric start and the size, slope and surface type of their driveway.
  • Buy parts directly: Toro sells commonly needed parts for their snow blowers, making it inexpensive and easy for homeowners to fix snow blowers on their own instead of waiting for someone to repair it.
  • Find a local dealer: Toro works with dealers across the country, and the website’s handy “find a dealer” option allows consumers to easily find a Toro dealer close by who can help them with their snow blower needs. Toro dealers receive routine training and know everything there is to know about Toro products, so you don’t need to rely only on what you see online when you’re buying, replacing or repairing your snow blower.
  • Financing: Consumers who want financing for their snow blower can apply online or directly through their local Toro dealer. Financing starts at zero percent, and Toro regularly runs financing specials.
  • Compare online: Toro’s product selector allows consumers to choose as many snow blowers as they want to compare side by side. This gives consumers an easy way to compare prices along with features, including engine, throwing distance and warranty.
  • Best for Those who have driveways and those who live in colder climates.

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