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Quit paying for costly home repairs
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Thane Vacuum

Thane Vacuum

Quit paying for costly home repairs

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      Quit paying for costly home repairs

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        Original review: Nov. 11, 2015

        I didn't experience all the horrors I've read about here. I rather had a good experience with the vacuum cleaner. As long as we fill the water to the minimum level, it works great. If we skimp out on the water it begins with... it will seem to do nothing. As a wet vac when the water level goes above the maximum line, it's pretty much useless until we drain out some water back down to the minimum level. My only two complaints is the stupidly designed hose and attachment heads. No locks, no twisting. It simply pushes together. The trouble with that is while vacuuming, it becomes loose and simply falls off either the hose from the handle or the head from the extension tube. That gets tiring real fast. The other complaint is how long it takes to clean the damn thing.

        As for power... it's pretty darn good. I vac'd once with my regular bag-less Bissell vac, then a second time with the H20 vac to see what the first one missed. OMG water was black and dirty. I tried a second run and though dirty the second time, it wasn't so black. Mainly murky. After a few months of loving it is when I noticed the head, hose or handle coming loose because of the push-in fittings. I opted for duct tape to lock the darn thing in place. P.S. I got two for the price of one. All I had to pay was $58.99 for the second vac's shipping. Overall good vacuum cleaner with poor push-in fittings. Oh the colour on the commercial showed white or red. They sent me pink!!!

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        Original review: Sept. 9, 2010

        I ordered a 2 for 1 special and am disappointed that the attachments with it aren't enough to do the job of a vacuum cleaner. Their low price is quickly upped when you buy enough attachments to do the job. From what I read about returns, we are stuck whether we keep it or return it. You see, they will not be caught for faulty advertising because they are just inside with it but implying more. My damages will be loss of money whether I keep the two vacuums and add what is needed or return and pay the price for that.

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          Original review: July 28, 2009

          I saw this H2O Turbo Vac on TV. The commercial said that this Turbo Vac could only be purchased from the TV advertisement and was not sold in stores. I discovered that this was not true and called to cancel the order after 15 minutes. I was told the order could not be cancelled & I would be charged an additional $80 for shipping & handling if I refused to accept the vac. package. This transpired on a Sunday. On Monday, I again tried to cancel with no success. I spoke to a Mr. ** on July 26, 2009 and again was told once order is placed, it can't be cancelled. When I placed the order, I was told order would be shipped in 4 to 6 weeks unless I paid an additional charge of 10 dollars. I said I did not want to pay any such charge.

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          Original review: June 7, 2009

          I typed in my credit card number online at the beginning of April. It was declined, so they told me it was declined. So when payday came, I went and ordered another vacuum, come a month later, puts my vacuum in as a purchase. In the meantime, I got really annoying emails, at least 10, one almost every day letting me know that my card was declined for the purchase. Well I just wasn’t going to order the vacuum but I guess if your card gets declined, they keep trying to put it through every other day and order without your permission anyways. So besides all the reminders of a declined card that don’t matter, they will order the vacuum for you whenever they feel like it.

          Well, a month later, we have almost 300 dollars taken from our account, $268.00. We were on vacation and our account went dry unexpectedly. They charged us 68 dollars to mail the vacuum. I got 2 vacuums for the price of one, which is also a lie. It doesn’t take 68 dollars to mail the vacuums. I wasn’t home when the FedEx man delivered them, so I couldn’t turn them away (major mistake).

          Well if you don’t call the phone number to say you want to return them, they will not return them. So I called and they have you send it to the same address where it came from! So it’s just another gimmick they use to not accept your return. The man said they would take back the vacuum if it has been run over or demolished. Well, they will not put in a return label for you, as all other companies do. Even though, they overcharge you for the shipping. If you add up $68 plus $68 that’s $136.00.

          So anyways, I didn’t want to lose my 68 dollars one way, I called the company. They said they don’t pay for any returns. So basically, you lose out on the price of a vacuum because each vacuum is 100 dollars. They totally screw you. They know exactly the pickle they stick everyone in from the first unauthorized charge they unexpectedly put into your account.

          The first time I plugged in the vacuum (with the water in as instructions say), it won’t even run for a full minute without shutting off. It doesn’t at all suck up hardly any dirt. I have to go over the carpets with my Hoover vacuum. After using this one, it does not suck up screws as the infomercial shows, much less dirt and debris. It doesn’t stay running! All of my money is down the drain. I’m not trusting them to get my money back after I pay for my own return.

          I have a broken down vacuum and all of the money wrongfully charged to me is gone. Oh yeah, my bank said that if I returned them, I would need to first call them and ask them to email my bank the amount that would be refunded to my account once the vacuums showed up. The lady said that she could not do that for me and I would have to go to the Thane website to do a complaint and/or request. Basically, she wouldn’t help me probably because there is no return. That’s the feeling I was getting. After that, they don’t talk to you as a person once you get down to being helped because there is no help.

          I hope everyone reads this. I’m only 30 with 5 kids in the army. I hope it don’t happen to someone like me that’s out there. Beware!

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          Original review: May 17, 2009

          Ordered the wet/dry vacuum cleaner after seeing the infomercial on TV. The thing is a pile of flimsy plastic not worth two cents. Yes, it will suck up a small liquid spill, but for regular vacuuming, it's useless. Besides that, it takes more time to clean up the vacuum cleaner after sucking up a liquid spill than it would take to just clean up the spill with paper towels!

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          Original review: Sept. 29, 2008

          Om May 5,2008 early in the morning, I switched the channels & watched this paid advertisement buying the H2O Vacuum cleaner for 5 payments and if you call us in 10 or 15 mins. your payments will reduce to 4 easy payments only instead of 5 for two complete set of H2O vacuum cleaners includes stain remover kit and 2 package of fragrance. Very cheap for two. So I called them right away.

          Talked to a lady name Jackie from Florida and explained all the details.gave me the direct office if you order more or other stuffs in future. While talking to that lady name Jackie it was very very clear that the total cost of my ordered with the amount of $200.00 for 2 plus regular shipping and handling of $39.00 for both of the vac. cleaners total of $239.00. I was thinking to pay in full amount but the lady told me she will set up for 4 payments charged to my Chase Visa. I agreed because no other chrges for paying installment except to my visa card. The first bill in a month came up to $62.45. If you devided the $239.00 for 4 payments will be $59.75. I ignored it because its only a

          matter of $2.70 difference which is still ok for me. On the 4th month, which i am expecting the final payments, I've noticed the bill came up stating 4 of 5. So I immediately checked all my previous statements and it was started stating this the _of5 was on the 3rd bills. I called the H2O vacuum cleaner direct line to verify and clear their mistake but the two ladies that I talked to said we never had a promo for 4 payments, insisting never. I also kept insisting my side that their program explained that and I will not forget that because I typed down all the information and conversations during that time of watching and after I ordered. The lady replied if you have recorded that promo to show that as a proof, we will return and reduce the payuments.

          I replied back, How would I know that this going to happen and I never record because I trusted your store. So it's a big mistake for me. However, I completely gave up arguing with them. I said to the lady, that would be fined. I am planning to order more but I think this will be my last to patronize your product. Now the total payments they already charged from my visa is $312.25 for 5 payments.

          I heard from other people when ordering on-line and from as seen on TV that you have to be very careful and watch out with their kind of tricks. Unfortunately happened to me. Dissapointing and frustration to tv and on-line ordering. It's true they can not be trusted. They are very impressive showing their products but there something behind always. Sorry for myself as my consequences.

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          11 people found this review helpful
          Original review: Oct. 10, 2007

          We ordered the h2o vac from an infomercial. It arrived and we found it to be a lousey product. it is cheaply made, has very little suction, tips over (full of water), and is next to impossible to clean adequately. My husband phoned them to return the product and they said why don't we take a 25% credit instead because we would still have to pay shipping and handling which was $59 to us and would be another $59 to return to them. He agreed.

          I called the next day and when I told the cust service rep that it did not pick up well when I tried to vacuum- she sarcasticly said what, are you trying to pick up nails?. I went thru another 2 calls with them with similar result s and they will not let us return this product b/c of my husband saying that we'd keep it and take a discount. I mentioned that they compare the product to the Rainbow (suburban air's product) and I said it is not where comprable and the rep said they are not responsible for the content of the infomercial.

          Every time you try to use this product the hose falls out of the handle (one rep said to use sandpaper on it, the supervisor said they would never give that advice (she need to tell her reps that!). The supervisor asked if the hoses are cracked- why would they send out a brand new prodcut if they know it falls apart or would have cracked hoses?

          We are very distraught and out about $250. (and have a dirty home until I can afford another decent vacuum cleaner!) We are very frustrated with the product but also with the inadequate level of customer service. They would not give me an address except the website and the pone number on my Visa bill (1-775-412-6848) thanks for readint this complaint.

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          10 people found this review helpful
          Original review: March 20, 2007

          Ordered H20 vaccuum over the phone on 3/3-product was 199.95 and as a result of the order, they offered to send 2nd one free and only pay 39.95 S&H. I declined any additional extras except for the Hepa filters, which was quoted as costing an addtional 14.95. I specifically asked what the total charge to my card would be and was given the amount of $254.85. There is a 30 day money back guarantee--was not aware or told over the phone that if I sent it back that I would be responsible for S&H back to them.

          I received the vaccuum and after the first attempt to use it, I did not like it. Called the next day and explained that I wanted to return the product and also to dispute that my credit card was charged more than the total given to me just prior to hanging up the phone. It was billed $313.75. Called to argue this and was told the the first vaccuum was 54.99 S&H and was Express shipped. I NEVER requested this service and the 2 vaccuum's arrived only 1 day apart. I would not have requested it as I was not in any hurry to receive it.

          I am extremely disappointed that I am now responsible to pay and ship a product back that is a money back guarantee as well as adament that the customer service rep I ordered from did not give me the correct amount and information. I was told It's all in the script they read., but there is no way I was given correct info. It is going to cost me in the long run, $94.85 S&H for them to ship it and what ever it is for me to ship back for a product I am not satisfied with and not keeping. They need to make things clearer to the customers so that this does not continue to happen.

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          12 people found this review helpful

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