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I have used the H20 Mop less than 7 times in the space of two months and it fell to bits. The mop head detaching from the handle. Customer service would not offer a refund, as it was out of the 30 day money back guarantee. They wanted pictorial evidence of the break, and then emailed me how to repair the mop myself!!! Emails have been flying back and forth and I am still no further forward. I do not a replacement for a rubbish product that does not do what it says it does, but it appears I have no choice. My advice is DO NOT buy from Thane - poor quality products and appalling customer service.

What can I say. Just out of warranty and only used a handful of times. No steam coming out at all - contacted Thane, useless. As a gesture they are willing to supply the main body as a replacement but for £35 or try and fix it for a similar fee, very poor customer service. The company said because I bought it from a retail company this was the best they could offer. However, I pointed out it was a retail company selling on behalf of them. I then asked if I had purchased direct from them what would they have offered and the answer, exactly the same. So again, a poor excuse of trying to blame the fact that I bought it from a retailer.

I also pointed out that I could buy a brand new product for a similar price and I was advised that was my choice. Reading reviews elsewhere, this appears to be an innate fault. I will never ever buy anything from Thane again. I'm disgusted with being sold something which appears to have the same problem for majority of customers and they just don't care.

Bought the Thane H20 X5 mop yesterday. Followed the instructions for set up, only to find that the mop did not work. No steam was being produced. Tried the troubleshooting suggestions in the back of the booklet and nothing worked. Looked online for help and again found nothing. Taking back to the shop today for a refund. Very disappointing!!

A very high maintenance mop - develops limescale & stops steaming in no time. Vinegar etc. doesn't fix. Not worth the trouble for what it does. Have been reading all the complaints about their products and poor customer service, a rip off, disgusted.

Basically, if you don't change the filter (which in any of their lit. Never tells you where it is), you potentially could set your house on fire! These mops lite up like a Christmas tree, blow breakers, and then will blame you! Filters cost $12 plus and 4 times a yr. Which approximately is $80 yr. So mop costs $200. Do not buy extended warranty. You are wasting your money!

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Buyer beware! If you do not change those filters (which in any of their manuals never describe where they are and importance of ) you could literally burn your house down!

Filters cost with approximately 20 dollars 4 times a yr ! So never buy the extended warranty. Waste of money! Their after sales service leaves a lot to be desired to say the least twice! ( 2 mops ) almost ignited! Be careful, they have no after sales service! It's a joke!

Mine burned my fingers and I stopped working. I never received a recall for this H20 mop. The head fell right off.

I never received a recall on the H2O mop as indicated on your website. I stumbled upon this information when searching for replacement pads.

I was trying to report that my H2O mop had already sparked out at the cord before I knew of the recall/corrective action status. How do I replace the cord if it is already damaged? There was no prompt on the phone number I called to give me that information. What do I do now?

My h20 mop worked great for about a month. Then it got slower and slower. Now it smells like it's on fire and blows the breakers. I called and always got the operator to order from but she or he could not help me. I emailed 2 times with no response. I only bought this in August '09 and can no longer use this or the attachments I purchased.

I had the mop for about a week and it just stopped producing steam. The light comes on and the bottom gets hot but there is no steam coming out at all. It did a wonderful job on my kitchen floor and I'm just really upset that it just stopped working.

My H20 mop0 stopped working, I called the # spoke to the women, and was told if I didn't buy it on the infomercial take it to a hardware store to get it fixed. I told her I already did, she said I could buy a new one for 99.00, all I want is for my machine to be repaired. It was a great unit when it worked. I want it fixed. Thank you.

Below is the email I have sent explaining the entire fiasco. I have yet to receive an answering email or phone call. I am working with my bank to stop further withdrawals on my bank card. I am so angry that no one will help me. I cannot afford any more money to be withdrawn from my account. I have called 1-800-752-0775, 1-800-814-7320, 1-719-948-1580 and gotten nowhere. Help. I sure cannot afford an attorney, but I think something needs to be done regarding this fraudulent company.

I ordered my mop per the TV infomercial on Sunday, March 8. The gentleman who took my order identified himself as Scott. He told me I would have 4 payments of $33 each, but one payment would be dropped due to me being such a valued customer and my grand total would be $89. I decided to order another set for my daughter and he told me it would be cheaper to order two. Although he was nice enough, he was very pushy in his selling technique and I had a hard time convincing him that I only wanted 2 mops, 2 sets of mop pads (that should have been included for free) and 2 handheld steamers. No warranty, no disposable pads, no filters, no carpet stain remover or anything else, and definitely no extra charge so I could be the first to receive the next mop off the assembly line!

I received one mop and handheld steamer on Wednesday, March 11. Even though I was leaving on a week's vacation, I assembled both and tried them out. I found the mop to leave the floor considerably wetter than I anticipated but was totally shocked to find the steamer burned my hand! Steam was coming out of the trigger opening, around my fingers along the handle plus the handle became so hot I could not hold the apparatus. It burned me and really hurt! I did not try it again until my return and it did it again. I have spent 30 minutes trying to contact anyone to ask about the weird invoice that came with the order, showing a lot of things I specifically did not want, to ask where the other one is and to report the hand held problems. I have finally reached Shirley in the complaints department. She told me I ordered only one and the price is $169.71! That is what both would be according to Scott.

Now, I am super steamed. She suggested I write to dispute the price. I am disputing the whole transaction. What kind of business are you running? Although I am to receive a call from your complaints department within the next few days, right now I am so angry I want to send the whole box of stuff back, have the initial $56.57 returned immediately, and make sure the other two payments are stopped. By the way, that is exactly the amount Scott told me I would pay for two mops and handheld steamers! Please contact me immediately concerning this unfortunate matter. I have read so many good reports about the H2O and am so very disappointed.

I was using the H2O M mop and it blew out my electical circuit. The mop was extremely hot and smelled like it was burning. I put it outside as I was afraid it was going to burst into flames, it was so hot. This is the 3rd time I have used it. I have had it for about 6 months

There was NO return address or postage on box when I received it. I am getting this information from the User Guide booklet. Approximately 9 months to a year ago, I saw the TV advertising for the MPO mop and steamer. I sent for it, which took several calls from me to find out why it took so long to receive it, when in fact, it had been automatically deducted from my bank account. Finally, I received it, totally in broken pieces on the inside. Of course, it didn't work. I called the number I had and they said they would send me a new one, which they did, and charged me again on an automatic deduction from my bank account. The mop just didn't ever work like I expected it to and did not thoroughly clean without cleaning solution sprayed on the floor.

The hand held steamer never did work properly. The top did not ever close tightly and sprayed water and threw out water along with some steam. I just quit using it. Several months ago, I received a phone call from Thane (supposedly), asking me if I had ever had trouble with the hand held steamer. When I told them my experience with it, I was told that I would receive a check for reimbursement, as there was a recall for this object. That is all I have ever heard from anyone about any of this. At this time, I wasn't too suspicious (that part came later as I continued to be scammed online).

Finally, after a very bad and expensive experience with T-Mobile online, which I am still paying for, I will NEVER order online again, NOT EVER! I was scammed; I received a broken steamer and hand held steamer; I paid for the products 2 times to get half way workable products.

Purchased a H2O mop from a info commercial. Orig order April,2008 for the amount, including S&H 118.95. Received unit first week of June. I plugged it in and it didn't work. Spent at least an hr on the phone going thru all these tests before they could do anything. After they diagnosed that it could be the body they decided to send a new body.(they won't allow you to return a unit instead they'll send you parts) so 5 or so weeks later I receive the body. Guess what, they sent the wrong one. Called again and spent more time tring to explain what they sent was wrong.

They then decided to send me a different handle to fit the body they sent. 5 or so weeks later I received the handle and guess what, it didn't fit. I called AGAIN and they decided to just send me a complete new unit. I worked for a while then the button on the handle broke. I called in AGAIN and told them what happened. Of course they would send a new handle. When I received the first handle, then the second, then the 3rd,and don't forget I had to call in every time after receiving them, the 4th fit! don't forget how long I had to wait for each one to arrive. All the packing list states the name Cathy M. also. so each time I called in for another handle and my name was spelled wrong. Look up Cathy M. because nothing came up under [name] for the handles.

Sat 12-20 I called an spoke to customer service becasue the filter which is filled with tiny beads broke and went into the body which in returned clogged it and now it doesn't work. They were going to send a new body. the customer service Lady told me because of all the trouble I've been thru she was sending it out at no charge. I had to call back becasue I she didn't state sending me a filter and I wanted to make sure. Of course when I called back I got a different customer service rep. Shes checks my order and says I see the oder and its no charge. She puts me on hold for a while when she returns she tells me that I will have to pay S&H on both parts. After telling her that's not right and I would like to speak with her super. Victoria, the super tells me that I will have to pay for S&H on both parts.

She kept telling me I'm not going to argue with you. I'm not trying to argue,I was merely tring to get an RMA. she asked if I wanted to speak to her super, I said Victoria? and she said yes and I asked who was her super? She didn't know.

Amount of my time I've spent on the phone and having to pay myself for all the testing and diagnosing,telling them they sent the wrong parts and now they are rude. this product was made in China and I'm an American consumer. If people want to manufacture their products overseas then they need to stand behind them. I want my $118.95 back

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