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The company close already. What gonna happen to the warranty of the tiles of the pool - lots of tiles came out already. Warranty say the pool and tiles is warranted as long I own the pool. I don't know who to call. Please let me know if I still have hope of claiming my tiles warranty. THANK YOU.

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24' Above Ground Cantar Matrix Pool in a Box complete 48" deep - Never told the prorated warranties are through the manufacturer in Canada! Because of this, the Better Business Bureau can't help. In Canada they won't help, because purchased in US. Both companies (Canada = Trendium Pool Products) give you the runaround for 3 months. Swimming Pools Etc will NOT talk to you on the phone. They do not return e-mails. They got their money... you're on your own! Over $1,000 for the purchase. Warranty NOT being upheld! They just keep e-mailing wanting more/different pictures!

BEWARE: DO NOT purchase products from Swimming Pools Etc!!! As us, you could have some pretty upset, hurt, unhappy (don't understand) children and grandchildren. Definitely unhappy purchasers that are very frustrated to learn after the purchase, or when something goes wrong they made a BAD choice w/ a major purchase! Severely upset with the under-handedness!

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I ordered a pool alarm and was horrified to receive it after 5 weeks of chasing several times, in a crumpled box, which was ripped and dented, no care had been taken in the packaging and shipping and after spending $500. I wasn't prepared to risk using the alarm system as it looked like the box had been totally knocked around. I sent an e-mail asking to return the alarm and for a full refund. I didn't hear anything, but a courier turned up to collect the original alarm. Then another alarm arrived by courier, this time it was packaged, but I had asked for a refund!

When I sent them an e-mail to ask why they had sent me another alarm, they said I didn't cancel the order??? I then asked to return and get a full refund, and I was told that I would have to pay 25% restocking fee x 2! This is outrageous, but then it gets worse as the owner Jeff sends me an e-mail asking me if it’s my time of the month??? WTF? NEVER USE THIS COMPANY!!!

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Borderline theft. They processed my card twice for the same transaction and refused to undo it. The very rude woman told me to file a complaint and hung up on me. Don't trust them with your financial info. I filed a complaint with the credit card company.

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I purchased ten water bags in 2010 and four of them were defective due to poorly attached valve caps. I received no reply to my email inquiries. I was able to glue the valve caps to make the bags usable. But, one year later, four of the bags leak due to manufacturing defects. (Leaks are around the areas that were stamped in molding process, not around caps). They have no customer service and they have a shoddy merchandise.

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After receiving my brand new motor. It was the right item but my pool pump model had some factory reconfigurations making the motor unusable with this model. I filled out the form for the RGA to return it and received a prompt response that my request to return it was denied. Keep in mind this is a never been opened item. I was told by the very rude woman on the other phone that they do not accept motors back for a refund. I told her I would file a claim with my bank to reverse the charges and she basically said to do so but that it would be denied. I admit I was rude back to her but still can't believe they wouldn't make an exception for a brand new pump.

Read everything before you give them your hard earned money. I was even going to buy a brand new complete pump to replace the one this motor would have gone in. Not now.


I bought a 2 person Sauna Model MS:IR2, could find it at Mastersaunas, from Swimming Pools etc. in March of 2008. with 1 year warranty. On 4th of July, 2008, it stopped working completely. I notified Swimming Pools Etc. by telephone. They will give the message to Jeff **. I called repeatedly several times. Finally, I got hold of Jeff **. He said he did not get the message, asked me to email the problem and info about the purchase, because they have no record of the purchase.

I sent the info to him and he repeatedly ignored my emails. Finally, he told me to hire an electrician to diagnose the problem. I stated in the hand book it is their responsibility to diagnose the problem. In the handbook, it states if there is a problem we are not to touch it, because it will nullify the warranty. He stated that they can't diagnose over the phone. I hired an electrician; he diagnosed the problem as a faulty control box. I emailed Jeff ** and he said to take pictures of the control box and send them to him so he could match it up. I sent the pictures in, then he said to FedEx the control box to him. I FedExed the control box to him on Oct. 22, 2008. Ever since I FedExed the control box back to them, they have chosen to ignore me or give excuses that they don't have any in stock, when during this time they were selling them on their website (Master Saunas and Swimming Pools Etc. are the same people).

In Jan 2010, I called Master Saunas, asked for Jeff **. "Bob" said that Jeff was no longer available, he will help me. When I talked to "Bob", he said that they have a shipment coming soon and for me to send my info, because they don't have any record of me. (Now I have to go through all of this again with "Bob" denial and delay tactics). I sent all the info to Bob and he chose to ignore my telephone calls and emails!

On Feb 4, 2010, I called Bob again and Shelly ** said he was not available, She will help me. She asked that I send my info. because she can't find a record of my purchase. She said she will stay on top of this and make sure I get a control box, because they are expecting a shipment a day now (It's 17 months now and they are still playing this game of passing it to someone else and that person is asking for all the info again & again!).

On May 19, 2010, Shelly asked me to send pictures of the box so that they could send me the right one. I sent her pictures of the control box. On May 20, 2010 I sent pictures of the control box and stated that they have my control box that I shipped to them on Oct 22, 2008. Shelly received them on 5/20/2010 with the following email, "George, I received these images. I will do my best to get the correct unit out to you today! " Shelly shipped the control box that day. When I received the control box, it was the wrong control box, completely different! And it was scuff marked all over it, it looked like a used Control Box!

On 5/24/2010, I emailed Bob and Shelly and explained to them that the one they sent was completely wrong. I sent with the email the explanation and again the pictures of the control box that should be sent to me! On 5/28/2010, they sent me this email "We have the one that is shown on mastersaunas and will ship it today with a return label for the incorrect one."

I finally received a control box that was shipped on 6/4/2010 and received it on 6/8/2010. When I open the shipping box, the control box was full of scratches, scuffs and dents. This could not be a new control box. It did not have a Serial number on it. It was torn off!

I called Shelly immediately, and asked her if this was a new control box. She said, "I assume that it is!" I told her that it was full of scratches and scuff marks and dented and it absolutely could not be a new control box. She asked me to send pictures of the control box to them! I have waited over 23 months to get this rectified. My patience has run out!

I have filed a dispute with the credit card company which is Mastercard through GE Money Bank, P.O. Box 98xxxx, El Paso, TX 79998-1726, numerous times and their response is:

"October 9, 2008 We have become a third party in this matter and we are unable to file a dispute on your behalf. We have no voice in any warranty situations on the master Sauna purchased. Please contact the manufacturer regarding the warranty on your merchandise or continue to discuss with Jeff **. Unfortunately, our numerous attempts to contact Mr. Jeff ** were unsuccessful."

They have a record of ignoring and delaying already over 23 months! I believed I had assurances from faulty purchases through the credit card company. I guess not! The Master Sauna has been broken down almost two years now. I am still paying for it through Master Card until this is resolved one way or another. I am disabled and this has been a physical and mental disturbing hurting time.


This entity made a complaint regarding Swimming Pools Etc, stating that Shelly "hung up on him", but failed to mention that he was trying to get my personal information and stating, "Why won't you give me your last name? Are you afraid that you are so rude that I will come and hurt you?" We do not tolerate threats against our employees, nor do we require them to listen to screaming, cursing, and other abusive behavior.

This customer requested a refund on merchandise a month and a half after it was ordered. We attempted to assist him, but he was rude, threatening, and verbally abusive. We offered him store credit, as he had waited too long to receive a refund on the item, but he was irate and refused. This person threatened our staff and was screaming and cursing, which is why the call was ended. This person continued to call and yell and threaten our employees, and then posted a complaint under a false name.

It is unfortunate that one or two angry individuals can use sites such as this to attempt to ruin a company's reputation and extort money from them. It is also unfortunate that this site does not offer a way of rebuttal, nor notify the company and obtain their side of the story in the interest of truth and keeping this report valid and useful to consumers.


I Ordered A ladder for my swimming pool on 4/15/2009(order#99798).I received ladder on 5/19/2009.I ordered wrong size.I was told I could return it and received instructions and return #(RA#16186)on or about the end of May.I returned the ladder which I paid shipping on or about the 2nd week of June.I followed up with several phone calls and was told they could not credit me until they verified they received return.I patiently waited all summer with several follow up phone calls to no avail.I was told in sept. of this year I would receive a check in the mail for my return,that did not happen.I called again on 10/13/2009 and spoke to shelly.She told me that I waited too long for a return and could only get a store credit.I tried to explain my time line with her and asked if I could speak to the person who made the disicion.She told me the disicion was final.She then got exasperated with me and hung up on me.I called back and was told if I continued to call and harass her,which I did not, she would report me.All I want is my money back which I was told I could do.

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