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Over the past few years, I have purchased a number of Swiffer-WetJets and each and every one of them has broken within a 6 month period. They cost 30.00... where I live, so not cheap however they are cheaply made. There is no doubt they are handy and easy to use, and I loved them for quick mop ups but I will not be buying any more. I have complained in the past and was told they would look into the problem with the handle snapping off and the fact they just quit spraying... or drip consistently all over everything.

Today I broke my last one and will be dropping it off at the place I purchased it along with the other 6 broken ones. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT AT ALL. Even with all the complaints Procter and Gamble have received they have not fixed these problems, the design or given me anything other than a coupon to get another one which didn't even cover the cost. I am done.

This product works great for the first year - year and a half. Be prepared to buy a new one after that because they just die and then need to be replaced. I have gone through 2 and have written to Procter & Gamble and they don't respond. Terrible service and terrible product over time.

I read most reviews. I also have a problem with the handle. I have bought 3 in the last 6 months and the handles break. Replace the handles with something other than plastic. You got to make the handle more sturdy.

Love Swiffer WetJet when it worked. Have owned two in the last four years. First one - the handle broke. I secured it back to shape with wood and lots of duct tape. Then it quit spraying. I checked the batteries and they were fine. Ran hot water and vinegar over the nozzles and never worked again. Got another one. Worked great for about six months. Nozzles quit spraying again. I tried to fix but to no avail. I think the idea of the Swiffer WetJet is terrific but way, way cheaply made. I tried numerous times to contact the company, but "ain't nobody home". I would urge people to keep their receipt and take the Swiffer WetJet to the store of record for a refund when it breaks... because it will break OR never buy one.

Worst tool I have ever used. Hate it. Needs to be redesigned, does not pick up in any fashion. Wasted money & time. Not impressed at all.

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I have found my grout going black and dirty looking with the Swiffer. Is there anything to get the dirt out of the grout and why is this happening? I think a mop would probably get into the grout grooves and the Swiffer does not - any ideas or thoughts?

The latest Swiffer has once again stopped spraying and P&G seemingly makes it impossible to contact them to make use of their so called warranty coverage.

This product is not good. The vacuum part is useless and does not pick up anything except fine dust.

The Swiffer Wet Jet is a product I've tried and have had nothing but a poor result. The product does not clean, but rather pushes the dirt around and the solution leaves a sticky residue that I have to rinse off. I have thrown this item away and will return to a mop and solution to clean my oak floors. I wouldn't recommend this product to anybody.

This is the second one I have had in a 18 months and the handle broke in the same spot. Where the metal stops and the curve starts on plastic handle. How hard would it be to curve the metal too and add reinforcement?

Bought 3 of these mops. Within 6 months all have broken where the metal pieces connect. Also it's unavoidable because you really have to use a lot of force to even get the things to clean. A more abrasive assortment of refill wipes would be very useful in this case.

My Swiffer wet jet is a ok, but I found that the floor is so sticky after that it takes me hrs to get the sticky soap off the floor. Not impressed.

Handle snaps at point of switch. It doesn't work. I used ONCE, and it snapped. My old one was much better.

First of all, let me say that I enjoy my "swifter mop" and use it very often cleaning all my wood floors with your products; however, I am on my third mop over the last two years, and I am hesitant to purchase another one for $20. All the mops have broken in the same spot - at the curved handle just below the button where you spray the cleaner. In reading some of the reviews, I noticed that consumers have complained of the same problem. I wonder if you have done anything to correct this problem and make the mop more enjoy to use.

I got my first Swiffer vac when we bought our first home. It had hardwood floors and we were very satisfied with the vac. However, within a few months, the battery was dead (it didn't even last 5 mins of vacuuming). We bought another one thinking the previous one might have been a faulty product. The next one lasted almost a year but again the same situation. We stopped using it for a the next couple of years. But going against my better judgement and mostly due to the fact that there is no other equivalent product.

I bought another Swiffer vac from the ShopRite grocery store on route 46. And guess what? The battery started acting up again in a couple of months. I had to recharge fully after 5 or so minutes of vacuuming. I had already recycled the packaging and thrown away the bill. So there was nothing I could do about it. I hope the stores would stop selling this faulty product. It is a total waste of consumers' money and a breach of their trust. I am stuck with a jumbo Costco pack of dry sweeper paper refill. But I have decided that this time I am not letting P&G swindle me again!

Love the Swiffer Wet Jet... the old versions! I bought a new one thinking it would be more heavy duty. Put a little pressure on the curved handle where you would expect it to be for tougher spots or stains... Snapped, right at the curve. I actually thought maybe I was a little strong while pushing to clean. I used duct tape to try to fix it. I used the fixed unit because I didn't want to spend more money. I love the Swiffer product so far. It's easier and cheaper and cleans. Then I got another one... to my surprise... snap... in the same location on the handle as the other one! Guess what? It's time to just buy the 2$ bucket and the $7.99 mop. The result is the same :). But the cost for convenience is way more than working a little harder. I WILL NOT buy another Swiffer product again. UNLESS you actually make it more cost effective AND convenient!

I am on my second Wetjet. The first broke at the handle. I bought another one and the part where the cleaning pad goes broke off. Store won't replace it. Bad product.

I have just bought my 3rd Swiffer mop for $24. The other two broke in the same place. Somehow it has to be reinforced. The plastic handle breaks off right where the curve is right next to the spray button. So it's useless. I keep buying your product because I like mopping with it; it's fast and quick drying. The cleaning fluid and mop pads are expensive to buy, but I would say it's worth it especially if I have coupons.

My Swiffer mop hadn't been used for a few months. I tried the power switch. Nothing happened. I changed the batteries and noticed the bottle of fluid was empty. New batteries did nothing to make it operate. Took off motor cover and found the motor looks rusty as if the fluid leaked on the motor and won't operate. I only used the mop 1 or 2 times. Now it's junk! Not impressed with product at all...

I used to love my wet jet! I had one for over 5 years and it finally broke. :( Well their new ones are garbage!!! I went through 3 new ones in the last six months! No more will I buy a replacement. I'm pissed. Don't buy the new ones, they are JUNK!

I have owned a Swiffer steam mop since Christmas of 2014. All in all was very satisfied with this device. However, this past weekend (11/5/2015) when I was using it there was a huge spark from the wire that bends inside the mop and a small explosion. Needless to say it scared the hell out of me. When I went to unplug it the outlet was all black and shorted out. So now not only does the mop no longer work but the outlet needs to be replaced. Not Happy!!!

When using the Swiffer to clean the floor it becomes a back breaking job for someone like me who is 6'1" tall. I wished I was able to telescope the pole to a much comfortable length. Your next ad should include this option. If a man needs to help around the house or just clean up now and then, the option to extend the length of the Swiffer mop to a more comfortable position would be a big plus...

Refill wipes way too expensive for the small amount that you get in the box. Cleaner bottle does not last long at all. Can't refill with my own cleaner. This makes this product WAY TOO EXPENSIVE keep up with. Swiffer is making millions while consumer is going broke.

After only a few months, the spray jets clogged. My friend hates her Swiffer and she gave it to me because a jet clogged. I used it twice and the second jet clogged. It seems that all the complaints involve clogged jets and broken handles.

I bought a Swiffer Sweeper Vac when they first came out. It was fantastic and we used it for years. We only live here 6 months a year and we have no kids or pets, which surely prolonged its life. We use it after every meal to pickup crumbs, and in two bathrooms to pick up hair... nothing big; that's it. The floors are tile and the areas are average in size.

Last fall I had to replace the original b/c it would no longer hold a charge. I was so pleased with the original product, I did not hesitate to buy another, even though it cost considerably more now. The second one lasted about 6 months, and we were not here all the time. I was annoyed but did not have the receipt, but I figured it was a fluke and went out and bought another. Price had increased again or I bought it in the wrong store.

This (third) one is dead in less than 6 months, too. WHAT HAPPENED? This is really disappointing b/c it's a great idea but a waste of money. If I could find the receipt, I'd send a copy but I trusted you, P&G, so I am hoping you trust me to be reporting the truth. Read all these complaints. Everyone seems to be saying the products are not what they used to be. NOT okay!!! It will be interesting to see if they acknowledge this deterioration in quality.

I've own my Swiffer wet jet for 6 months now. I don't use if often because I do like to use a real mop. I do however use it at least once a week. It quit working and I figured it was the batteries. It took me a while to remember where that compartment was but finally got it. Changed the batteries and it still did not work. Took the 3 screws out of it and it is rusted around the motor or some coil thing in there. So now I own a piece of junk that will have to go to the land fill. I won't buy another one. Sorry.

I've gone through three Swiffer wet jets. Will never get another one again! The sprayers constantly clog up & make a big mess of a puddle on the floor. Not good on hardwood floors. Highly do not recommend this product!

Called in to register WetJet like website stated to get warranty, was told by rep that was not need. After persistent got ref No. Not sure if there is any warranty on this product.

I bought my first Swiffer & it worked like a charm! I was so. Then the dreaded day that the handle broke.

I have been using my Swiffer wet jet for a number of years. The strips on the bottom that hold the mopping pad will not hold the pads anymore. I bought a new one today 8/3/2015 and will hopefully be using this one a long time too. Although after reading the reviews about breaking handles I am a bit leery so I am taking a wait and see attitude. After reading all about breaking handles I saved the old one and am hoping I can find the replacement strips to replace these so I have a backup.

The trouble with all these websites is there are so many places to wade through to try and find the item you are looking for. It is a terribly long process that could be simplified. I just don't have the time or patience to spend the time searching through all this mess. I want to be able to list what I am looking for and go directly to the actual sites that carry it. I like all of the Swiffer products I have used so far although I must say the wet jet does not pick up and contain dog hair like it claims. It just deposits a line of it on the floor. I do try to pick it up with my Swiffer sweeper which I love, before I mop. And I like the Swiffer dusters although they must be changed often during the cleaning process or they just redeposit the dust to a different piece of furniture.

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