I am 8 months pregnant and moving to Georgia. I hired "Soul Movers", a moving company located in Park Slope, Brooklyn. From the beginning of dealing with this company, it has been a complete nightmare! I spoke to Patrick, who is a salesperson for the company and explained to him that I needed my items shipped on specific dates. He asked me when would be a good date to have my stuff picked up. I told him the 17th of April.

As the date approached, I called him and asked him to push the date to the 21st because I didn't want my delivery there before me but he told me to keep it on the 17th because it allowed enough time in case anything were to happen during delivery to be able to get another truck to deliver my stuff. I agreed to keep the date and I took my flight as planned.

On the second day, I was in Georgia, I called the office and asked when my delivery was to arrive. I was told by Patrick that the truck would not arrive until the weekend. I told him that I would not be there for the weekend. He suggested that I leave my keys with a neighbor or leave it with the delivery men. I then told him that I had no one to leave my keys with and that they were setting me up to get robbed. He suggested that I leave my stuff in storage. I told him I had not signed up to have my belongings put in storage because they were supposed to have my things delivered to me during the time I stated. I asked to speak to a manager and he had me speak to Alma. I found it odd that the receptionist who answered the phone sounded exactly like Alma. I confronted her about this. She lied and said it was a completely different person. Alma was short-tempered, unprofessional and rude to say the least. She spoke over me and would not listen to anything that I had to say.

They had the foreman call me to smooth things out. I asked why he was calling because it had nothing to do with him. He informed me that it was his responsibility to make sure that he found a carrier to deliver my belongings. At this point, the office personnel did not want to deal with me so they passed me on to the foreman. Needless to say, I left Georgia without having my items being delivered to me.

When I reached New York, I called Soul Movers and spoke to Patrick. I asked him what was going to happen with my belongings and he told me my things would have to be put in storage. I told him I would not pay for storage because that was not part of the deal. Patrick agreed to do it. I asked him to put it in writing so in the future I have it on record that my items would be placed in storage without any charge to me. He sent me the email.

A few weeks went by and I had a friend who was also moving to Georgia. She referred me to the company and she decided to continue using them to have her items shipped.

I called Soul Movers and asked them to ship my belongings because my in-laws would be in town and were willing to supervise the delivery. Patrick told me that it was not possible because my friend's items shipped already. Once again, I found it odd that they had not notified my friend her items had shipped. I told them to find a carrier asap to have my items shipped before my in-laws left town. He told me he would try but it was short notice and he could not guarantee finding another shipping company to send my stuff with.

Days went by and my things were not shipped. I told them that I needed my items shipped because my baby's things were in there as well as my 7-year old daughter's belongings. I explained that it was very difficult for me to travel such a long distance this late in my pregnancy. I told them I would make one last trip so I could receive my stuff but they brushed me off. I asked to speak to Alma regarding my situation and once again she was nasty and hung up on me.

I then made it my business to go up to their office.

I was shocked to find that Soul Movers was being run out of Alma's basement. I gave her a piece of my mind and I told her I would not leave until they found a carrier to deliver my stuff. I stayed for about 2 hours. When she saw how serious I was, she and Patrick started calling outsourced carriers to find out who was going to be making deliveries to Georgia. They could not find one then and there, but assured me that they were on top of it.

A few days passed and I received a phone call from Alma (who was a lot calmer and pleasant) informing me that she had found two carriers going to Georgia. I asked her when were they expected to arrive. She then told me if the truck was a full truck, it would take 1 day and if it was not a full truck, it would take three days. I told her to give me a call as soon as she got the details so I could book my flight. I also warned her that my flight would come out of the remaining balance I was to pay them.

The weekend came and went and not a word from Soul Movers. I get a call on Monday morning from the driver of Soul Movers. He tells me that he was going to deliver my items within the afternoon or the following day. I asked him how come I wasn't notified that my belongings were shipped. He told me he didn't know. I was then infuriated and called Alma who did not pick up her phone. I called the driver back and he told me he put my stuff in storage and his job was done.

I called Bonnie (another person in the company) and explained to her what happened and she told me she would call Alma then call me. Hours went by and I hadn't heard from her. I call Bonnie again and she tells me she and Alma had been playing phone tag all day. Bonnie tells me she'll call me back just as soon as she gets in contact with Alma. Bonnie calls me 5 minutes later and tells me I cannot get my stuff out of storage until the remaining balance is paid + storage fees+ re-delivery fees and I cannot know the location of my items until all fees are paid in full.

This company is deceitful and I am growing more and more frustrated with them. I need help getting my belongings back before my baby is born.