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Best Snow Blower Brands

Nothing slows you down and inconveniences you quite like a snowstorm. Having the right snow blower can help you make quick work of snowdrifts that pile up in yards, walkways, driveways and work areas. Deciding which snow blower to buy largely depends on two factors: how much snowfall you get every year and how big the area is that you need to clear. This guide will help you find the right snow blower to keep you from being buried during the winter months.

Compare Reviews for Top Snow Blower Brands

Sears Craftsman Tools Read 159 Reviews

Sears tool brand, Craftsman is now owned by Black and Decker. It designs and sells hand and power tools including 12 models of snow blowers. Craftsman snow blowers range in price from $250 to around $1,200, depending on the size.

John Deere Snow Blowers Read 47 Reviews

John Deere was founded in 1837 and is headquartered in Moline, Illinois. It designs, manufactures and sells a full line of over 10 snow blowers for commercial and residential use.

Ariens Snow Blowers Read Expert Review

Ariens is an American manufacturer of outdoor power equipment based in Brillion, Wisconsin. Its line of snow blowers includes small blowers for home use as well as large blowers for worksite projects.

Caterpillar Snow Blowers Read Expert Review

Caterpillar, or CAT, is an American producer of worksite heavy machinery. CAT snow blowers attach to tractors to clear snow from worksites or surfaces like streets, sidewalks and parking lots.

Cub Cadet Snow Blowers Read Expert Review

Based in Cleveland, Cub Cadet manufactures lawn mowers, plows, tractors, snow blowers and other outdoor landscaping machinery. Cub Cadet sells single-, two- and three-stage snow blowers to fit a variety of needs.

Honda Snow Blowers Read Expert Review

Honda is one of the largest equipment manufacturers in the world, making everything from aircraft and cars to lawn and gardening equipment. The company makes and distributes single- and two-stage snow blowers for home use.

Husqvarna Snow Blowers Read Expert Review

Husqvarna is a Swedish manufacturer of outdoor lawn care and landscaping equipment like mowers, chainsaws, trimmers and snow blowers. Husqvarna sells single- and two-stage snow blowers.

Snow Joe Read Expert Review

Snow Joe was founded in 2004 with the goal of making and selling a snow blower that cost less than $100. Now, Snow Joe sells various electric and battery-powered snow blowers for affordable prices.

Toro Snow Blowers Read Expert Review

Toro manufactures landscaping equipment for residential and commercial use. Toro’s selection of snow blowers ranges from the lightweight Power Shovel for home use to the heavy duty Toro Power Max, capable of clearing streets.

Troy-Bilt Snow Blowers Read Expert Review

Troy-Bilt is a manufacturer of outdoor power equipment designed for lawn care and landscaping. Troy-Bilt sells an extensive line of snow blowers from small electric models to gas-powered heavy duty blowers.

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      Common questions about snow blowers

      What size snow blower do I need?

      The size of your walkway, your yard, your worksite or any other area you need to clear will determine the size of the blower you need. The two measurements you need to be aware of are clearing width and intake width.

      • Clearing width: Clearing width refers to how wide a patch you can clear with a snow blower. The larger width you want to cut, the more quickly you can work. For pathways and driveways, you can use a blower with a clearing width of 12-24 inches. You can clear a yard quickly with a blower that has a width of 30-40 inches. Worksites, farmland and large lawns may need blowers with clearing widths of 60-90 inches.
      • Intake height: Intake height refers to the height of the snow your snow blower can handle. The deeper the snow, the higher the intake height you need. For light snowfall, you don’t need a blower with height much higher than 12 inches. For medium to heavy snowfall, you can use a snow blower with an intake height of 18-24 inches. To dig your way out after a blizzard, look for a snow blower with an intake height ranging from 36-44 inches.

      Should I get a gas or electric snow blower?

      You can choose between electric or gas-powered snow blowers. Gas-powered blowers are generally stronger and larger, but electric mowers are often cheaper, cleaner and quieter.

      • Corded electric: Corded electric blowers are small and have a limited range due to the electrical cord they need to power them. They are, however, the cheapest on the market, and they will work for areas that don’t receive a lot of heavy snowfall.
      • Cordless electric: Cordless electric snow blowers have increased mobility due to their battery-powered engines. Size varies among models, but they can handle light- to medium-sized snowbanks.
      • Gas-powered: Gas-powered blowers are the strongest types on the market. They are more maneuverable than corded electrical models, but they are heavier and require self-propelled steering features that make them more expensive. These are best for large yards and driveways, and they can handle medium to heavy snowfall.

      How much do snow blowers cost?

      The price of a snow blower depends on its size and features. The more snow it can handle, the more you’ll pay for it.

      • $100-$200 range: For $100-$200, you can get an electric snow shovel or small snow blower. For this price, you will probably need to power your blower with a cord; battery-operated blowers are generally more expensive.
      • $250-$450: You can get a battery- or gas-powered medium snow blower in this price range. It will have more power than the corded electric models.
      • $500-$900: You can get most heavy duty, gas-powered snow blowers in this range. For this price, your snow blower will likely come with features like hand warmers and remote chute controls.
      • $1,000 +: For $1,000 or more, you can buy a snow blower attachment to your lawnmower or tractor. These are the largest type of blowers on the market, and they are used to clear snow from large areas.

      Can I adjust the chute?

      Because snow blowers chop up snow and eject it through a chute, you’ll want to be able to control that chute’s direction. Some snow blowers have features that make controlling the chute easier.

      • Manual adjustments: Smaller snow blowers will require that you stop the machine and adjust the chute by hand.
      • Lever and crank controls: Most snow blowers have controls that allow you to turn the chute from the control position. You either use a lever or crank that connects to the chute, so you can adjust it without stopping the blower.
      • Joystick or remote control: High-end snow blowers have joystick or remote controls that turn the chute more easily than cranks or levers. Joystick and remote controls give you more control over the chute’s direction than any other option.

      What kind of steering features do I need?

      Snow blowers, especially gas-powered models, are heavy, which can be a pain in heavy snow. To lighten the load, here are a few options to look out for that make cutting through snow easier.

      • Power steering: High-end snow blowers come with power steering to help you turn your blower with ease. Power steering is a smart option if you’re clearing an area with a lot of corners, edges or objects you need to move around.
      • Self-propelled system: Larger snow blowers often have a self-propelled system that moves the blower as long as you pull a handle. You can set it at different speeds to find a comfortable pace. Self-propelled blowers can make it easier to clear yards and larger driveways.
      • Dual tires: Some snow blowers have two tires on the ends of their axle instead of one. Dual tires give you more traction and maneuverability in thicker snow, making them a good feature to have if you live in a region that experiences heavy snowfall.
      • Track tires: Some snow blowers are equipped with tracks instead of wheels. Tracks give you better traction in uneven terrain and extreme conditions.

      What other features should I consider?

      Snow blower options vary among models. Here are some features that may come with your blower that can help you make your decision.

      • Chute extension: You can get an extension for your snow shoot to make it taller and angle it further away from you. This will keep the snow blower from blowing snow back in your face as it clears snow.
      • Heated grips: Some snow blowers come with heated handgrips. These keep your hands from freezing during use.
      • Electric start: Most gas-powered blowers require you to pull a cord to start the engine, but this can be difficult under cold conditions. Blowers with an electric start rev up with the push of a button, making them far easier to start in the cold.
      • Drift cutters: Drift cutters are blades that extend from the top of the scoop to cut through tall snow drifts as you use the blower. These make your snow blower more effective in deep, dense snow.
      • Headlights: Most midsize and large snow blowers come with headlights to help you see when using the blower in conditions with poor visibility.

      Types of snow blowers

      Single-stage snow blowers

      A single-stage snow blower uses an auger to cut through snow. This auger moves the snow through a discharge chute, which ejects snow in smaller pieces. These snow blowers are lighter than two- and three-stage blowers. They operate with either an electric cord or a battery and can handle snow banks up to 8-12 inches high. They are often electrical.

      Two-stage snow blowers

      Two-stage snow blowers work like single-stage blowers except they have an additional impeller, an interior rotor that moves snow faster. These can cut through more snow and move it through the chute faster. They are often self-propelled. These blowers can handle snow banks that are up to 24 inches tall, and are best suited for clearing large areas.

      Three-stage snow blowers

      Three-stage snow blowers can clear as much snow as two-stage blowers, but they work faster. These blowers have an additional accelerator that allows you to cut through heavy snow more quickly than a two-stage model.

      Snow blower attachments

      Snow blower attachments are large scoops that you attach to your lawnmower or tractor to clear large sections of snow up to 3 feet high. These are best for large lawns, worksites or farmland.

      Electric snow shovels

      For small areas, you can use electric snow shovels. These are essentially small snow blowers for handheld use, generally used for walkways, stairs or other areas that won’t fit or don’t require a full-size blower. They are usually about a foot wide and can handle snow banks 6-8 inches tall.

      What type of snow blower do you need?


      If you own a home in an area that experiences regular snowfall, you can use a snow blower to clear pathways and driveways quickly. They are especially useful for people who are unable to use snow shovels. Depending on the size of your home and the snowfall you get, you can use a small electric snow shovel for light snow or a gas-powered blower for cutting through heavy snow.

      Apartment complex managers

      If you’re managing an apartment complex, a snow blower can keep steps and walkways clear. They can help you minimize tenant risk by keeping pathways to and from your apartments safe. Look for small to medium blowers to keep walkways clear.

      Business owners

      If you have a business in an area that experiences heavy snowfall, you can use a snow blower to keep storefronts, sidewalks and parking lots free of snow. Snow blowers can keep pathways clear for customers, clients and employees to minimize risk. Look for medium-sized blowers for sidewalks and storefronts, or use large blowers to clear entire parking lots.

      Worksite managers

      Worksites in areas that see regular heavy snowfall will need a snow blower to keep the site clear. Large blowers and blower attachments can cut through snow to help you get back to work quickly.


      Snow can hinder your winter farming plans if you let it pile up. You’ll need to clear areas for transporting harvested crops like grain and for getting to and from your barn to feed any livestock sheltered in barns. Attach a heavy duty blower to tractors or other farm equipment to get rid of snow from large areas.

      What do the experts have to say about snow blower brands?

      John Deere Snow Blowers

      John Deere is one of the largest manufacturers of home gardening and agricultural equipment in the United States. John Deere sells snow blowers that attach to riding lawn mowers and tractors to clear snow with ease.

      Read More
      Sears Craftsman Tools

      Craftsman makes and sells tools, work gear and lawn and garden equipment. Craftsman makes a variety of single-, dual- and triple-stage snow blowers. Craftsman snow blowers are available online and at Sears.

      Read More
      Toro Snow Blowers

      Toro manufactures and sells outdoor landscaping equipment. Toro makes mowers, tillers, snow blowers and many other machines for home and commercial landscape maintenance. Its line of snow blowers includes electric and gas-powered blowers of all sizes.

      • Toro Power Shovel: The Toro Power Shovel is a small, corded snow blower ideal for cleaning small amounts of snow from decks, porches and pathways. It weighs about 13 pounds and has a clearing width of 12 inches.
      • Toro Power Curve: Toro’s Power Curve snow blowers are single-stage, corded blowers that have clearing widths of 15-18 inches. They are effective in removing light snowfall covering small driveways and walkways.
      • Toro Power Clear: Toro Power Clear models are gas-powered blowers that can handle medium snowfall. Models in the Power Clear line can have clearing widths of 21 inches, making them ideal for large driveways covered in 3-9 inches of snow.
      • Toro SnowMaster: Toro SnowMaster snow blowers are two-stage, gas-powered blowers that are ideal for clearing large concrete areas and yards. They have clearing widths of 24 inches and can clear snow up to 12 inches deep.
      • Toro Power Max: The Power Max is the most powerful line of snow blowers from Toro. These are deluxe throwers that have a 28-inch clearing width. They are built for clearing snow from large areas of concrete, asphalt or gravel.
      • Best for: homeowners and workers who need to clear snow from hard surfaces and yards.
      Troy-Bilt Snow Blowers

      Troy-Bilt is a manufacturer of outdoor power equipment for landscaping and lawncare. Troy-Bilt’s products include tillers, mowers, cultivators and snow blowers. Troy-Bilt sells an extensive line of single-, two- and three-stage snow blowers.

      • Just One Touch: You can use some Troy-Bilt snow blowers, like the Arctic Storm models, with just one hand. This frees your other hand to adjust the chute as necessary.
      • E-Z Chute: Troy-Bilt’s E-Z Chute is a manually-adjustable chute. The E-Z Chute’s pitch control lets you adjust the chute’s direction up to 190 degrees.
      • Troy-Bilt Flex system: Troy-Bilt’s Flex system starts with a power base that fits several different attachments. The Flex snow blower attachment is a 26-inch dual-stage snow blower capable of handling snow 12 inches high.
      • Track snow blowers: The Vortex Tracker and Storm Tracker snow blowers have track tires instead of round tires. These blowers can handle thicker snow and have clearing widths of 26-28 inches.
      • NoiseGuard Engine: Troy-Bilt’s Storm 2890 snow blower is equipped with Troy-Bilt’s NoiseGuard engine. It is one of the quietest gas-powered engines on the market, making it a good choice for people who live in neighborhoods.
      • Best for: homeowners living in areas that experience light to heavy snowfall.
      Cub Cadet Snow Blowers

      Cub Cadet is a machine manufacturer based in Cleveland. Cub Cadet builds lawn mowers, tractors, plows, snow blowers and more. Cub Cadet’s single-, two- and three-stage snow blowers can handle snowfall of all sizes.

      • 1X compact snow blowers: Cub Cadet’s 1X single-stage snow blowers are electric blowers best for clearing snowfall up to 8 inches from driveways and walkways. Each features a push-button electric start and remote chute control.
      • 2X snow blowers: Cub Cadet’s 2X snow blowers are two-stage blowers that have clearing widths of 26-33 inches. These gas-powered blowers have electric starters, trigger control power steering and single-hand chute control.
      • 3X snow blowers: Cub Cadet’s 3X snow blowers are three-stage blowers that can clear up to 18 inches of snow 50 percent faster than the 2X models. These blowers feature electric starts, trigger-controlled power steering and an LED light bar for better visibility.
      • Cub Cadet’s Trac: Cub Cadet’s Trac snow blowers are 3X blowers that have high-traction tracks instead of wheels. These blowers are best for clearing thick snow in harsh conditions.
      • Snow blower accessories: Cub Cadet sells several snow blower accessories. These include LED light kits, drift cutter kits, a universal snow blower cab covering and more.
      • Best for: homeowners living in places with light to heavy snowfall.
      Husqvarna Snow Blowers

      Husqvarna manufactures outdoor power products for forestry, park maintenance, lawn care and gardening. Husqvarna sells chainsaws, trimmers, lawn mowers, watering products and snow blowers.

      • 100 series: Husqvarna's 100 series snow blowers are compact single-stage blowers that have clearing widths of 21 inches.
      • 200 series: Husqvarna's 200 series snow blowers are two-stage blowers with clearing widths of 24-27 inches. They feature heated handles, LED headlights and power steering.
      • 300 series: Husqvarna’s 300 series snow blowers are two-stage blowers built to handle heavier snow than the 100 or 200 series. These blowers have clearing widths of 27-30 inches.
      • Five-year warranty: Husqvarna snow blowers come with a five-year warranty. This warranty covers the engine and guarantees the starter for five years.
      • Track models: For clearing heavy snow in uneven terrain, the ST 327T and 330T are the heaviest blowers from Husqvarna. These blowers have track tires for increased traction.
      • Best for: homeowners who live in areas with light to heavy snowfall.
      Caterpillar Snow Blowers

      Caterpillar, or CAT, is an American designer, developer and manufacturer of heavy equipment and machinery. CAT sells snow blower attachments for tractors for large-scale snow clearing projects.

      • Snow blower attachments: CAT’s snow blowers attach to tractors to clear large areas of heavy snow. These two-stage blowers are made for worksites and street clearing.
      • Intake widths: CAT’s snow blower attachments have intake widths that range from 67-88 inches. These can make quick work of dense snow up to 4 feet high.
      • Chute features: Each of these attachments has a chute that can throw snow up to 40 feet. These chutes have hydraulic controls and can rotate 180 degrees.
      • CAT Impeller: Each snow blower has an impeller that helps take in snow fast without overwhelming the motor.
      • Rental options: If you don’t want to purchase a snow blower, CAT offers equipment rentals. Check the website to see if there are any rental locations near you.
      • Best for: farmers, worksite engineers and road crews that need to clear large amounts of snow from work areas.
      Ariens Snow Blowers

      Founded in 1933, Ariens Company designs and manufactures outdoor power equipment. Ariens makes lawnmowers, tractors and snow blowers. Ariens makes a wide range of snow blowers for home and commercial use.

      • Path Pro: Ariens Path Pro is a single-stage snow blower made to clear driveways and walkways of snow. It is a lightweight blower capable of clearing up to 9 inches of snow.
      • Compact series: For more power than the Path Pro, the Ariens Compact blowers have intake widths of 20-24 inches. They can clear snow up to 20 inches high.
      • Deluxe series: Ariens Deluxe series has auto-turn steering for increased handling. They have clearing widths of 24-30 inches to take care of snow up to 28 inches high.
      • Ariens Professional series: The Ariens Professional series snow blowers are built for professional use to clear streets, sidewalks and parking lots. The Professional series blowers have clearing widths of 28-36 inches.
      • Five-year extended warranty: You can purchase a five-year extended warranty for your snow blower for $99.95. This warranty covers parts, the engine, repairs and maintenance service.
      • Best for: homeowners and workers who live in regions that experience light to heavy snowfall.
      Snow Joe

      Snow Joe was founded in 2004 to make a more affordable snow blower. Now, Snow Joe, and its sister company Sun Joe, design affordable lawn and gardening tools like lawnmowers, trimmers, chainsaws, cultivators, pressure washers and snow blowers.

      • Electric snow shovels: Snow Joe’s electric snow shovels are single-stage snow blowers with clearing widths up to 13 inches. There are both corded and cordless models.
      • 40v cordless snow blowers: Snow Joe offers several battery-powered snow blowers. These single-stage blowers use a 40v ion battery, and, in the event of a depleted battery, they can use a cord to continue work. These are best for light to medium snowfall of up to 18 inches.
      • 80v cordless snow blowers: Snow Joe’s two-stage ion snow blowers are capable of handling medium to heavy snowfall. These are some of the largest battery-powered snow blowers; they have clearing widths up to 24 inches.
      • Availability: You can find Snow Joe snow blowers online from the Snow Joe online store, Power Equipment Direct or Amazon. They are also available at brick and mortar stores like Home Depot and Target.
      • Free shipping: All snow blowers bought directly from Snow Joe ship free.
      • Best for: homeowners who want affordable snow removal equipment.

      Honda Snow Blowers

      Honda is a Japanese manufacturing company and one of the largest distributors of power equipment in the world. Honda sells mowers, pumps, tillers trimmers and snow blowers. Honda snow blowers are available in single- and two-stage models.

      • Single-stage blowers: Honda single-stage blowers have a 20-inch clearing width. They are semi-self propelled blowers that require a slight push to engage the automatic drive.
      • Dual-stage blowers: Honda’s dual-stage blowers are built to handle medium to heavy snowfall. They have clearing widths of 24-28 inches.
      • Joystick electric chute control: Most two-stage Honda snow blowers come with electric chute controls. You use a joystick for direct control.
      • DC electric start: Two-stage snow blowers have a DC electric starter. This means that you don’t need to plug it in or pull a cord to start up the blower. All you have to do is press a button.
      • Track drive models: Honda sells two track models of snow blowers. These two-stage models have clearing widths of 32 or 36 inches. These blowers are built to handle heavy snow on uneven ground.
      • Best for: homeowners in areas that experience light to heavy snowfall.
      by David Chandler, Ph.D. ConsumerAffairs Research Team

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