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Sears Ovens and Ranges

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Last updated: Dec. 12, 2017

289 Sears Appliance - Ovens and Ranges Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Dec. 12, 2017

My wife and I purchased a new Kenmore gas range (model: 790-74033313) in June 2017 at the Sears store in Burlington, MA. We elected not to get the Sears “protection plan” contract. I had been a dedicated Sears customer for almost a half century and never had any issues with their Craftsman and Kenmore products, purchasing items such as chainsaws, lawnmowers, power drills, washers, dryers, refrigerators… you name it. But with this latest new purchase, I quickly become totally disappointed with a Sears appliance. Never had any previous issues... since 1969. Until now. And what an issue this has turned out to be. A real nightmare.

We followed the instructions provided with this new Kenmore gas range, but was not able to "burn off" that new oven smell. Despite a half dozen attempts over several weeks, setting the oven to 400 degrees and keeping it on for nearly an hour, a "chemical" odor consistently permeated our home. It was more pronounced on the second level of our townhouse condo. Sears technical support was supposed to visit our condo to look at the oven in August, but the driver called us on his way out and said there was nothing he could do about an oven "odor" and would not bother with the house call. He suggested, over the phone, we use the "Mr. Clean magic eraser" cleaning sponge, dampen it with water and vigorously wipe down the inside of the oven.

Knowing it was past the 30 day period to request a return of the range, and enduring the mounting frustration with the oven’s performance, I attempted to try the so called remedy with the “Mr. Clean magic eraser”. Not exactly a routine task for a 71 year old, but I managed to angle my way into the nooks and crannies of the oven. However, the cleaning turned out to be a waste of time. The oven still gave off that persistent “chemical” odor.

My wife and I were not about to let Sears ignore the problem we were having with this new gas range. We become more resolute and spent countless hours on the phone over the next week trying to schedule another appointment with their technical support team. Not sure where Sears has outsourced their customer service department, but it is now very difficult to understand the dialect of their representatives. And stalling tactics seems to be more of a skill they practice now-a-days rather than dedicated problem resolution. Certainly not like the old reliable Sears who always put the customer first and stood behind their products. I knew that Sears very well once upon a time. Anyway, we were able to schedule another appointment, and this time a technician actually showed up.

Considering all the red tape and administrative loopholes we had to navigate to get this second appointment, the technician's arrival in our home was a minor achievement considering the first house call never happened. Our expectations to finally have some resolution was quickly reduced to hopeless despair when the "aggravated" technician announced he had no resolution to the oven. He did tell us after we interrogated him that he gets calls like this all the time. He explained that Sears laminates the ovens when they are warehoused to protect them from rust. But that coating should "burn off" after setting the oven at 400 and running it for at least 30 minutes he maintained.

We told him we have tried that over half a dozen times. He suggested using the "self -clean" feature, but had no further ideas when we told him we tried that also. He gave us another number to try at Sears to see if we could get a return on the range even though it was beyond 30 days. I did not get anywhere with the telephone number he provided, so went back to see the salesman who sold me the range in mid-June. It was now mid-October. He listened to my plight, said it was too late to take the stove back, but he talked with his supervisor who agreed we could have a new replacement (same model number) if we purchased the Sears 5 year protection plan for $150. Since I was the only customer he knew of who had this "odor" problem with the oven, he and his supervisor were able to approve this "replacement" stating the original range must have had a defective oven.

So, Sears came out and took away the old stove and replaced it with another. They would not however cover the plumbing costs to unhook the gas flex line on the original range and would not cover the plumbing costs for the new gas range hook up. So I paid $350 out of pocket for the privilege. After all that, my wife and I hoped now our new Kenmore replacement range would be a resolution to our previous problem. But, afraid not. We had the same issue with this new replacement range. An oven odor that would not quit despite countless attempts to burn off the chemical odor, identical story, without success. So, I went to the same salesman at the Sears, Burlington, MA store again.

It was now late November. He emphasized with my aggravation, especially when I told him how difficult it was to schedule a service call. I told him I was not about to jump through any more circus hoops trying to get another technical support visit. He offered to call for me and It was no picnic for him either trying to get the service call scheduled. But he did get it done. This second visit by a Sears technician occurred on December 3rd.

This tech spent a good hour at our condo making adjustments on the new stove. But, in the end, even he could smell the odor. He tried to tell us it wasn't the stove... probably an issue with the air quality in our condo. Did we have any new carpeting or painting done recently? We had done nothing in our home to create any possible air quality issues. We have a gas furnace, gas dryer etc... and no issues with odor's when they run. The odor only makes a presence when the Kenmore gas oven is turned on. Of most concern with this Kenmore range oven is what harmful health effects the “chemical” odor is emitting; not only to our home environment, but any food we would be baking in the oven. We want Sears to solve the range issue once and for all.

Sears has been portrayed in a less than shining light in the news over the past few years. However, we wanted to remain faithful to them based on the always dependable previous history enjoyed. We wanted to continue doing business with them and prefer not to see this once great company fail. Guess we learned the hard way though. Sears is not what they used to be. Not even close. This cursed range we bought, (two in a row now; June and then the replacement in October), will be the very last product we ever buy from them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 9, 2017

We bought a new wall oven and the Preheat light won't go out after reaching its limit. We trusted the salesman to use his "buddy" and he said he tested it and showed me the light out on Preheat at 350 degrees. As soon as we tried the next day - bam. No light out. Next we discovered the salesman put us in for wife's new name and shouldn't have been anymore old information on old card for the new account that has new name. Guess what. The address was updated, but NOT the name on the BILL which can screw you. Confusing the name caused us to have to call get new card, AFTER payment made to so called New Account (card not issued yet). So now we have to hope the new card has all the account information and PAYMENT of $500.00 on it. If not we may give this and all other appliances right back to them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 29, 2017

No wonder this store is closing. Bought a range that was faulty. Ordered a new one in store. Was told they cannot set up the delivery or removal of faulty one. Gave me a number for delivery... It was in the Philippines #! The warehouse is in Harrisburg though. No one would give me that number. Called the Philippines 5 times and could not understand what I was being told. Finally after 45 minutes I was told that someone would call me 24-48 hrs. But wait it gets better, I was told later after they demanded my CC info that someone would call me in 72 hrs. Now I'm wondering if we will ever see our new range or maybe we will be stuck with a faulty one. Is this any way to do business? What a shame, Sears USED to be a great store. Delivery in the Philippines... Give me a break!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2017

Bought an expensive stove with convection oven from Sears and bought the guarantee as well. So far a Sears repair person has been to my house 6 times as the convection oven did not work. I have repeatedly asked them to replace the stove with a new one as I have lost a lot of money on baking ingredients. They have refused even though I bought the high priced guarantee. They have finally agreed that I was correct in that there is something wrong as I made the repair person stay and watch how it baked. Cookies that take 12 minutes to bake took over 40 minutes when the repair person finally left (cookies still not done) and he ordered parts to be installed. First and last time that I will ever order an appliance from Sears. They do not stand behind their products or their guarantees!! Buyer beware!!

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Original review: Oct. 31, 2017

Called to place order, and foreign man assured us there would be installation of our wall oven we bought. This oven is STILL sitting on our porch and there has been no installation yet, and although the sales department has finally admitted fault it has not sent proper paperwork to installation department. Department heads do not accept responsibility and are not trained to resolve problems like this- they hung up on me when I ask for a manager in sales dept!!! I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM SEARS AGAIN!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 1, 2017

I called to purchase heating elements for my oven (Kenmore Range). The gentleman I spoke to asked me to explain the problem. He stated they both go out at the same time and it was a computer piece I needed. He explained why and how easy it was to replace and there was a YouTube video to walk me through it. He was right and I thank him for his help and not letting me purchase items I did not need.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 15, 2017

We bought a new Kenmore range from Sears, it was delivered damaged. Had a second one delivered, it worked for a week then went out. Had a third one delivered, plugged it in and everything flashed. Had an electrician come and check out my plug and breaker box, everything ok. Had Sears come and pick up the third oven and told them I wanted a refund. Oven got picked up by Sears on Aug. 30. I was told it would take ten business days to receive my refund. Ten days have come and gone. I called customer service at Sears to check on my refund and I was told it had not yet been processed and no one could tell me why. Called corporate office got nowhere.

Called customer service back and told they would have to reprocess my refund and it would take another 10 working days. So they have both the range and my money. I will have to keep fighting them to get my money but believe me I'm going to get it and then I will never again do business with Sears. If anyone else has had this problem I would like to hear about it and how it turned out for you. Also I would recommend that if you are considering purchasing an appliance from Sears to give it some hard consideration.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 19, 2017

My parents purchased a KitchenAid stove from Sears. Come to find out just days later, the bottom drawer of the stove was damaged (big dent). A call was made to an 800 number & a technician was suppose to come and inspect the damages, but never showed up; hence, the wait was about a week and a half. We called back & explained the situation, and with no care in the world, they gave us the runaround & kept transferring us to different operators, & did not resolve anything. We then continued to call corporate, which a very rude female employee kept interrupting me & would not let me finish explaining. It was also a dead end. She said there's a 72hr. time limit on which to report any damaged goods. Told her that a call was made within that time limit, just for her to tell me that there was nothing documented, because we called the "wrong 800" number, so therefore there was nothing they can do for us.

No sympathy, no remorse, no nothing. Not even an apology. Let me say that the appliance was about $2,200!! I am considering into obtaining an attorney, due to Sears delivering damaged goods. Word of advice, do not purchase anything from Sears. They are very rude, unprofessional, & do not care whatsoever of us, consumers. This is not our first horrible experience with them. We will be closing several accounts that we have with them. I am informing family, friends & many other people to not purchase anything from them, & to steer very clear from them, due to their shady ways of handling customers' situations.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 14, 2017

Was out shopping for a new range. I actually found an employee that was more than willing and helpful in the store. This is very unusual these days. The store in Elgin and the employee's name was Francine. She is a keeper!!! Because of her helping me I ended up purchasing a range and dishwasher.

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Original review: July 13, 2017

Actually placed a claim, with Sears Home Warranty at the beginning of June, of a malfunction of the self-cleaning feature on my oven. Repairs were scheduled for June 30th. Need to mention that the oven was perfectly functional and would just not self-cleaning. Obviously, it could be manually cleaned. Further, cooking using the oven was not at all an issue. On repair day, the repairman managed to rip off the door of my oven, thus rendering it nonfunctional, just a few days before the July 4th, cooking holiday. Just cannot cook with an oven that has got no door. Further, the repairman stated that new repairs would only take place on July 14th, in addition, the replacement door would not match in color or type. I am the home owner and the renter called me in despair from work. She had been informed by her husband at home, present at repair.

Contacted the repairman by phone at the home. He mostly tried to remove all culpability from himself. Explained to him that I was interested in determining whether this oven could be declared unrepairable. (In my own mind, his brand of repair was truly the bastardization of my appliance.) He refused. Spent half a day calling Sears to explain the predicament in which I found myself. My calls got rerouted, transferred numerous times, to eventually end at a survey questionnaire, whether I wanted to be surveyed or not initially per my answer to this very question. The transfer of last resort it seems is the survey questionnaire! Started collecting agent numbers. Requested to speak to a manager to no avail. It was stated that this person was on another call.

Requested annotations of my account to explain my situation. Asked again if my equipment could be declared unrepairable, was told that only the repairman can so declare. I has hit a vicious loop. In desperation, ended up placing an order for a replacement oven late in the afternoon not to miss the delivery date of July 3rd, using my own money. Called Sears Home Warranty again to request where to complain for damages. Was provided the number of a third party organization, Sedgwick Claims Management, Inc. Placed a damage claim with this company. Provided all my information, but in the end, my claim was denied. The reason, repairs were scheduled and underway.

No authorized users on my account placed a claim for fixing a ripped door or scheduled an appointment with Sears Home Warranty. On my Sears account only two authorized users exist, the lady of the rented house and myself, the owner. The lady was at work and calling me on what to do about the situation. I for one was requested an unrepairable status for the oven and never accepted any less. In essence, a Sears repairman can actively place a claim for the enrollee, schedule his own repair visit without consultation for damages that he himself caused and the enrollee is left with the only option to follow suit with his motions.

This baffles me. I have come to realize that an insane Sears repairman could use a sledge hammer to destroy all that he wants at my house, place his own repair claims and schedule on his own his repairs. I would then only be left with applauding and waiting patiently for his damages to be indeed repaired no matter how much more delay ensues. It is my pleasure to provide below 2 pictures of the old range/stove, with the door ripped, a status imposed by the so-called repairman. (He left us with more damages than he found. He also seemed to have no good solution for a repair.) 1 picture of the new stove.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 12, 2017

Worse than Bad. I was actually quite excited about this at first and even upgraded from the appliance warranty to the whole house protection plan. My oven (7 years old Jenn-Aire) had quit working and I thought this would be a good long term solution for all of our appliances. Appointments are at least 2 weeks out and maybe further. The first guy came over and was nice enough, identified the problem and ordered the part. That took a couple of weeks and another guy came, installed - but set it up incorrectly so the oven would get warm - but not cook correctly. Called another 2 weeks for the next available appointment and a new guy came out - said the first guy had set up the keypad for Celsius versus Fahrenheit - and he couldn't switch it back. So we had to order the part again. I had to supply the oven manual and the guy made wouldn't call for Helpdesk support.

Another 2 1/2 weeks for the part and next appointment. Guy came yesterday. Installed the new part. It got hot and he left. We tried to cook pizza last night and it took 50 minutes to cook about 2/3rds of the way done. Tried again this morning - it doesn't cook and maintain temps correctly. So I'm going to call someone local and cancelling my Sears Plan. I called today and they put me on hold for 25 minutes. Then informed me today they were going to bill me for the $500 deductible plus whatever else they can come up with - probably another +$600 over the parts that I've already paid for and the monthly membership fees. AND MY OVEN STILL DOESN'T WORK.

So I'm going to be out around $1000 and no oven. I'm calling someone local. Sounds crazy but they simply can't do the work and are apparently grossly understaffed in my area. They can clean dust from under your fridge, replace seals on your dishwasher door, balance your washer but anything technical, I'd look somewhere else. We've gone through most of the summer without an oven. Very Disappointing and expensive.

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Original review: June 19, 2017

I ordered a stainless steel gas range online through Sears chat system. I have a copy of my chat stating this - "I need a gas range delivered, installed & jetted for propane. Plus I need the old range hauled away." Here is the response I received - Per Alex - Here is the Order Summary - Merchandise subtotal - $477.98 / DELIVERY & INSTALLATION FREE/Haul away service $25 - including tax $530.64. I agreed to this & paid. This gas range was being delivered to my home in Wisconsin where I have tenants there. I gave the representative the address & zip code in New Richmond Wisconsin. On the day of delivery the new range was left in the dining room and not installed because the old range was not disconnected. I hired somebody to come & disconnect, then attempted to reschedule. This was a nightmare & turns out Sears will not install for free, in fact they don't install in my zip code at all. They will not stand by their employees quote.

I had to pay somebody else to install the range. The parts Sears ordered to do the propane conversion which I paid for were wrong (evidently it was for a dryer). It turned out the range came with one, but it was the wrong one. The installer I hired had to research & figure out the correct part needed for the conversion. He ordered & paid for new parts, I paid the technician to go out again & the range still doesn't work. The oven didn't work & one of the burners doesn't light. I have made many phone calls to Sears in an attempt to resolve this. They take no responsibility for the additional cost that their employee created. I'm currently in contact with a corporate manager who will not refund any of my money and am currently waiting for a repairman to come out & fix the current issues.

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Original review: June 16, 2017

We purchased a Kenmore induction cook-top five years ago. It recently stopped working, so I called the Roanoke Virginia Sears for a repairman to look at it. They scheduled the appointment two weeks out. They will not give a time frame for when the repairman will show up and will only say "be at home between 8 and 5". The repairman did show up that day, said he could not fix the cooktop that day and needed to order a part that costs $1,100. But wait! The good news is that we could sign up for the "WONDERFUL" Sears Home Warranty service, and we would get half off the cost of the part, and the charge for the part and the annual fee for this "FABULOUS" home warranty service will be... Almost exactly $1,100. What a coincidence!

So we signed up and scheduled the repair for today. Again, he wouldn't give me a time frame and said I needed to be here between 8 AM to 5 PM. We received a reminder phone call yesterday to please be at home b/w 8 AM and 5 PM, so I took the day off from work. Guess what? We received a call after 10:30 AM to say that they will have to reschedule (no explanation and no real apology). So far, this "WONDERFUL" and "FABULOUS" home warranty service isn't working out so well for us! Seems to be working great for Sears though. They have our money and don't seem to be too interested in repairing our cooktop. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS SERVICE! Buy another brand of home appliances!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 9, 2017

We bought an electric Kenmore Elite Wall Oven in November 2015. It is now 1 1/2 years old. I purchased the extended three-year warranty. We have had problems with performance - Convection mode burning food or cooking unevenly, taking a long time to heat up, conventional mode not working at all, food doesn't cook or takes three times as long to reach temperature. We've lived with it because I don't use the oven too often and if it's important I use the old reliable clunker in the basement that works perfectly! But now the Self Clean Cycle on my new wall oven is turning on by itself!!!

I have never used the Clean function because I read that it burns out the control board. The oven is mounted in a kitchen island in the middle of the room and I did not want to harm the granite or the surrounding island. Yesterday I heard a beep and saw that the Clean Cycle was on. I thought that maybe someone had brushed against the control panel. It is easily activated. Even the brush of someone's shirt can turn it on. I shut it off and was curious, but not worried. Today there was no one at home but me and I was in the other room when I heard the oven beep again. Sure enough, the Clean Cycle had started. I called Sears Repair and that is when the fun started.

After talking to 4 (Count-em - 4) different people, companies and departments, I finally got to someone who agreed that I had indeed purchased the extended warranty. She then proceeded to try to convince me that I had somehow programmed the oven to delay start. Uh, no way. Both times there was no indication that delay start was activated. She admitted that if I had preprogrammed it (Which I did not), there would be a light indicating it. Apparently I am not even capable of seeing a light because she kept insisting that the only way the Clean Cycle would turn on is if I did it! Here's the great part though. When we were talking, the oven beeped and did it again!!! Again she asked if the Delay Start light was on. I was so angry at this point I almost put the phone in the oven. Anyway, she told me to unplug the oven. When I told her it was a WALL oven and I could not pull it out, she told me to shut off the circuit breaker.

Now I have to wait five days for service. One of my first calls was to regular service and they could come out in two days if I paid $89. Since I paid $200 for the extra warranty, I have to wait longer. I have been a loyal Sears customer forever. Never again. I have had problems with multiple appliances over the past few years. Where do you go to get something reliable that doesn't break or burn?

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Original review: April 21, 2017

I have around a 10 year old LG Gas range which has had a service agreement on it since it was purchased. The alarm stopped working. After 4 attempts to repair the issue, they now refuse to repair it (by replacing the main board) saying that the problem I have is "cosmetic" and the alarm is a non-functional aspect of the appliance. They say as long as it heats, it's functional. The maintenance agreement does not spell out what is a non-functional item. People reading this review who have counted on service agreements should seriously consider not purchasing them, at least not without clearly understanding what's not covered. Given my experience, I will hold this experience against Kenmore and Sears and never purchase another Sears product or ever visit another Sears store.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 17, 2017

I bought a 24" freestanding range from Sears (online) but when it was delivered it had no drawer (as pictured online). So I voiced my discontent and was promised that I could exchange it. For the next seven days I called repeatedly trying to get someone who I could understand (bad phone lines, bad accents, poor grasp of English, poor grasp of process) to help me swap the range for a 30" range instead. I left over 10 messages explaining that they could phone me at work (with number). By the last day I called and asked them to please come out and take away the 24" range and credit my account. I had to argue with the service representative to get him to do even that.

And then an hour after that, I got an email from someone in the "Recovery" department saying that they had repeatedly tried to contact me (without success) and wanted to talk to me about my exchange! I've been a Sears customer since I was a child but this was the last time I will ever shop there. And I will urge my condo association to never shop there either. Three thumbs down.

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Original review: Feb. 23, 2017

We purchased a Kenmore Elite 36" Electric Cooktop in January 2017. It has proven disappointing in every respect. It is impossible to keep clean, even following directions during and after each use. Most important it is absolutely impossible to regulate the temperature of the cooking elements. They fluctuate between totally on (VERY HIGH) and totally off during the cooking cycle, if you try to increase or reduce the temperature of the element. Instructions say this is how the temperature is regulated. Not true - there is no regulation possible. If I had known this, I definitely would not have purchased this product. As I am not a Sears regular customer, I cannot access their website to post a review of this product. I think it is cowardly on Sears' part to deny customers the ability to provide public opinions about their products. I definitely do not recommend this product.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 17, 2017

I purchased a Kenmore #79046763900 in black and stainless steel. The cooktop is just spray painted... no enamel. I had to replace the knobs at my expense for very bad fading. One knob is $50. Can't use the electric oven clean feature as it started flaming and I had to shut off the main power. Very cheap built stove & very dissatisfied.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 6, 2016

The cord from my range to the wall outlet melted. Sears denies any culpability. Apparently electrical issues are not covered on my 5 year warranty on my less than 2 year old stove. Sears installed the stove, attached the cord and I am searching for a class action lawsuit. It may not help, but I don't trust that this issue will not happen again. When the technician pulled the oven from the counter there was a pile of ash on the floor. He remarked that I was extremely lucky not to have had a fire. My house was rewired 4 years ago and the modern breaker box is probably the only thing that prevented a fire. Furious doesn't begin to describe my emotions. Sears used to stand for dependability and quality. No wonder their stock has dropped and business is down. Reputation is everything in business!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 22, 2016

The control board on my Kenmore gas range just failed. The range had a 1 year warranty and the warranty ended one month ago. Of course Sears is willing to charge me a diagnostic fee plus the cost of the control board - about $300. I would think that some leeway would be provided but not so lucky. And it is 3 days before Thanksgiving but Sears cannot send anyone out until AFTER Thanksgiving. I just purchased a dishwasher from Sears tonight. I will be cancelling the order tomorrow and I will not buy from Sears again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 24, 2016

I was cooking some chicken in my oven under temp. 350. All of a sudden I smelled something burning. The oven was so hot. It went up to a F2 and I could not turn the oven off. I had to go to the garage and turn off the power switch. This is not the first time this happen to me. This happen last year with the same stove and Sears came out and put a new motherboard in. Now this is happening again. Sears is coming out Monday to repair the stove but I wonder if this is a recall and has this happened to anyone else. Now I'm afraid to use this stove. The model no. is 66595824003. The serial no. is RL 4710813.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 20, 2016

I have a Sears Range since December 2015. Oven has not been used very much. Top of the oven door (just above the outside handle has burned and scorched). I called Sears in St. John's Nl, Canada @ 709-726-3770 and the salesperson advised me to call Samsung. Samsung informed me that it is made by Frigidaire. After 2 weeks of correspondence with Frigidaire (e-mailing pictures, receipts and delivery notices) they told me that Sears are responsible for the problem.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 7, 2016

Do not purchase Windmax products from Sears or any other outlet. Not only are the products poorly made and advertised deceptively, they will not accept returns. This statement is on their website: "Our Marketplace Guarantee. We want you to shop the Sears Marketplace with complete confidence. If you're not satisfied with your Marketplace experience, Sears will work to fix the issue. If we can't, we'll refund the cost of your order and shipping up to a $2,500 total." Needless to say, after 3 emails and 4 phone calls and 3 weeks I have not been able to return the item. Do not waste your time with Sears or Windmax!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 1, 2016

Ordered a range hood at the local Sears outlet for $700. Delivery was to be 4 weeks later. We are selling our house and this date would work out for the listing and open house. Called Sears central a week before to check delivery date. They had absolutely no information on the order and advised to check with the store. The store did not have any other information other than the delivery date, no tracking or progress information.

Day after delivery date, not delivered of course, went to Sears. No information on order other than a new delivery date. They could not provide any information other than the expected date. Could not advise on progress of the order. Salesperson now says not to expect it on the new delivery date "due to her experience and that the hood was a special order and hard to get." This was on a Friday afternoon at 3:30 pm. Came home, found the same hood on Amazon. Ordered the hood on Friday at 4 pm. Hood was delivered on Sunday afternoon 2 days later! Canceled Sears order that same Friday I had ordered the hood on Amazon. No wonder this company is going under.

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Original review: July 26, 2016

Purchased June 25, 2015. Called Sears when first purchased stove it caught on fire, which was on Oct 2 2015. Then in June 3, 2016 called Sears because stove wasn't self-cleaning. Superior appliance started the cleaning and left. When it finished the cycle it left burn marks on my oven door nor did it clean. Called Sears back and Superior Appliance sent Sears a report of the oven door and it not working. Called Sears back on June 25 to repair my stove. Service person was out again. Nothing could be done.

Asked Sears what was they gonna do about my stove. They sent out their tech. He advise me to read page 19 of the manual book and left. Called sears, upset. They opened up a claim case # ** and told me it was out of warranty. They couldn't help because a liner burnt the stove that I had put in the stove. Spoke with superior on July 26, 2016, and he said in his report he advise Sears the seal on the oven burnt the stove. Sears kept stating that I wanted a replacement stove.

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Original review: May 21, 2016

I bought a gas grill and cover from Sears Oct 2013 when I bought my new house. By February 2014 the firebox had rusted completely out. I checked and cannot get a replacement part. I'm a 64 year old widow and just wanted a way to grill that I could handle. I also bought a Kenmore Elite refrigerator at the same time and the ice maker has never worked. My mom and dad's Sears appliances worked for 30 years. I cannot afford to replace mine. What can I do to make Sears make this right?

Verified Buyer
Original review: April 29, 2016

Nothing but the clocks, timers respond to push button panel. Operating instructions are worthless.

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Original review: March 16, 2016

It was the Sears Ultima we bought, about the middle of the road model for Sears at that time. We wanted a nice big window on the oven door and easy to see and use controls which this model had for us. It was about $100 less than comparative models that had the same features. My understanding is that the year we bought it, this model was built by GE.

Sears has changed over the years as far as their quality of customer service and parts and repair options but they still provide excellent value for the cost. I have bought Sears brand major appliances my whole life, over 50 years worth of Sears. I have always shopped around, gone to discount houses, major appliance stores and mom and pop appliance stores. Regardless, I have always managed to get the best deal, the best shipping, the best servicing and the best set up and take away of the old appliances at my local Sears!

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Original review: March 16, 2016

Hate it! Cheap made. Runs too hot. Controls suck! The storage drawer at the bottom is so flimsy it twists when you use it. Been a firm believer in the recommendations of Consumer Report but as long as they recommend anything from Sears I will NOT follow their recommendation. Low quality construction and absolutely the worst customer service of any dealer around. Sears is the worst. Only a fool would throw their money away on anything from Sears. Hello my name is Fool.

Seriously I purchased this stove 100% based on Consumer Reports recommendation even though I knew that dealing with Sears on appliances was extremely risky at best but I was such a believer in CR that I took the chance. Was a very bad decision on my part. Never ever will I purchase any appliance from Sears again and I don't care if the Lord himself recommends it. Kenmore has gotten so cheap and shoddy in their products and Sears has the worst customer service in the world. Just waiting for this piece of crap to completely breakdown so I can get a quality stove again.

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Original review: March 16, 2016

I did not purchase this model (Kenmore #362-75502000), it came with the condo I purchased in 2007. However, I am an avid cook; love to cook and bake so I use it often. If I had not been satisfied with it, I would have replaced it with something newer. It is self-cleaning and the range top is also easily taken apart and cleaned. The oven temperatures are pretty accurate. The gas flames can be adjusted quite nicely. I do not like the broiler very much - it seems to burn items easily and splatters grease easily. The Kenmore model I cook on is certainly not top-of-the-line. It has self cleaning (an absolute MUST HAVE), an oven timer and temperature, and a clock.

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