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Last updated: May 11, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 11, 2017

Last year I was fighting cancer and unable to work on my lawn. We decided to go with Scotts Lawn Service. They were really good at getting the treatments on my lawn. When I asked them to help with the ruined lawn they created by over-treating it I have not heard a word. The other day they had a salesperson call me to see if I wanted them to come back out. I told them yes I did want them to come out to look at my lawn to fix the mess they made for me. I have not heard back from them. I bet they came by and saw the ruined lawn and crossed my name and number from the call list.

I want them to come and fix my lawn. Before they came along I had a beautiful lawn. Yes we called them and yes I wanted those guys to treat my lawn. I just didn't think the treatments were going to be every week. I also expected to get some sort of customer service help since they over-treated it. Come back, put in a new lawn and I'll take care of it since I'm no longer fighting cancer!!

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Original review: May 4, 2017

I bought grass seed that had the expiration date changed 3 times. The original date was 2015 and now it has a date of 2017. I applied the seed and watered it, still no grass. I called and complained and they won't live up to the guarantee.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 15, 2017

I used Bonus S weed and feed. In fall used Winterize with weed and feed. I now have large crunchy Grass in large areas, right beside lush green grass. I have loads of milkweed. I called the customer service number. The first level wanted to refund my money on a bad. Said it could have been a bad batch. I requested a supervisor because I wanted to know how they expected me to fix this. Supervisor said if I had my receipt of purchase, go get centipede seed and a bag of their starter feed. Send my receipts and they would reimburse me. Funny, like I trust it. Two I give them the money and do all the work for something their product ruined. I WAS a customer for over 30 years, have three properties. No longer a customer! Hired a lawn care company. They ruin it, they replace it. That's exactly what Scott's should have done. Now on to social media to spread the word. Scotts problem isn't over.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 26, 2016

I work in the garden department of a large hardware & nursery store in South Florida. I have recommended Scotts Bonus-S for years to thousands of people. A few weeks ago I took a bag home because I had a few weeds trying to grow through my perfect St. Augustine yard. I used a Scotts spreader, applied it dry and immediately watered it just like the directions on the bag recommended. 2 weeks later and my grass is brown and my weeds are green and growing tall! It looks like I'm going to have to resod my entire 1/2 acre yard! Very disappointed in Scotts!!! I will NOT recommend any Scotts products ever again! In fact, I will tell everyone what happened to my yard! I cannot begin to tell you how angry and disappointed I am in Scotts!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 23, 2016

I went with Scotts in the beginning even though they were more expensive than other companies and in the many years I've been with them I've had outstanding results. Since they merged with TruGreen, my lawn looks terrible!!! The grub treatment (extra charge) was IMO not at the right time. When I asked I was told "It was the perfect time". I called again and asked them to take a look at the back lawn because it looked like grub damage. I was told it was disease and not grubs.

I just was in the back getting ready for fall cutting down perennials and got near a patch of grass that I could just peel up like a carpet - a red flag indicating grub damage. Sure enough I found 3-4 grubs in that patch and several more in other patches. I AM STEAMED! I've spent a bundle with them & resent getting short shrift with an offhand remark that I presume because I'm 73, they think I'm an idiot. I've been working the lawn and garden since I was 20 and know grub damage when I see it. DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 26, 2016

Have used GrubEx for a number of years, don't know if I got a bad bag or what put it down at the proper time. Followed the instructions to the letter. Long story short I lost my whole front lawn due to grubs. I will no longer use the Scott's products for grub defense. Lost confidence in this product. My next door neighbor has also lost his lawn from grubs using your product.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 13, 2016

Note: This review is specific to the Charlotte, NC location on 3037 Eaton Avenue. This company doesn't even deserve a star to begin with. Worst customer service I've ever experienced... Guarantees don't mean anything to them. Returning phone calls is beyond their intellectual capacity. And a field manager REFUSING to take a customer's call really puts them on the pond scum rating system. I consider myself a fairly reasonable person but once you take advantage and disrespect me, I'm not going to play nice, hence this review. I have also filed a complaint with the better business bureau. I suspect I'll never receive my refund so now it's my social responsibility to publicly forewarn ANY potential customer to run! RUN AWAY FAST!

My lawn was looking pretty good in early spring. Now... now it looks like garbage. Patches of killed grass and weeds galore. 4 regular treatments plus 2 return re-treatments and I've never seen my grass look so bad. The one manager that returned my call, **, failed to meet his appointment with me, costing me time waiting for him and reduced pay in cutting my work day short. When we did speak on 9/2/16, he gave me the runaround and argued with me for 10 minutes (confirmed with my phone log). He was going to connect me with his manager, **, and of course he was "in a meeting..." Apparently that meeting is still in session as I still haven't received a phone call 11 days later and counting. GREAT customer service, guys! I have since called back 2 more times, for a total of 6 times I believe (it's too stressful to remember the exact amount of times I've called).

I actually feel bad for the customer reps at this company for the frustrations they have to deal with from PO'd customers. The last one I spoke with attempted to connect me with **, to no avail, her supervisor, to no avail, a different field manager other than ** and to quote the rep, "he bit my head off b/c I tried to connect you with him..." In other words, he wouldn't take my call. WOW. Really? And now I still sit here, baffled, and WONDER how in the world this business STAYS in business. Buyer. Just beware. Go somewhere else. Your money is too precious and valuable for the pond scum.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 7, 2016

Technician continued to make application mistakes. I asked that they send a different tech. Sent same tech and he burnt my grass in big, huge stripes. I then called to complain. One person said they were a branch manager and would come out (I sent pictures). When he didn't come for a week I called - he was on vacation. Called and spoke to someone else - he said the first guy was NOT a branch manager and that he would have someone come out to look at the lawn - they would call within 48 hours. He also tried to convince me that "maybe the problem was chinch bugs!" Seriously!

Week later - I called again. Told the story AGAIN, left my number AGAIN, and was told I could not talk to a Regional manager until my complaint had been in the system for 48 hours - IT'S BEEN A MONTH! Got home - had an automated message saying "we are coming to service your lawn!" I tried to call back - system wouldn't let me leave a message. Have been trying to call today - have been on hold for 50 minutes (so far!) and all other numbers I've tried said I'm calling outside of business hours. So... they can come and service my lawn. I'm not paying them one red cent. Looking for a new lawn service as I wait on hold. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 6, 2016

I had bad experience with this company, I was promised to have green, strong, thick lawn. Also I was promised a lawn without weeds. Up to date, I still have weeds, week, nor I have green lawn. I complained to the company when they refer me to the driver. I talked to the driver too many times without a result. This company have very bad customer service and bad service.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 30, 2016

Scotts began spraying our yard for fleas/ticks and mosquitoes in April. Upon initial set-up, I explained to them that I have a dog with dog door access to the yard, and need to be phoned 24 hours in advance of spraying so we can ensure the dog is inside and away from the poison. They repeatedly sprayed without calling in advance to let us know they were coming.

I called the 800 number and was assured it would not happen again. It continues to happen each and every time. I called our local (ANDOVER) office several times, and they do not answer the phone. I called the 800 number again and asked to have our service canceled, and was assured they'd get hold of a manager at the local office who would return my call. That was a month ago, no call, and they came and SPRAYED AGAIN! I called the 800 number yet again today as I cannot get through to the local office, and was told they could not access my Scotts account as they are now TruGreen, and that there is nothing more that they can do. I'm about to file formal consumer government complaint and a formal complaint with the BBB. To boot, they keep leaving me bills for service I tried to cancel months ago!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 29, 2016

Dead everything (except weeds). I have been using Scotts for 3 years. And for 3 years straight I have lost my entire lawn. Twice to grubs and once to fungus. They bill me for a grub treatment every spring and a fungicide during the summer months. I care for my elderly neighbor's yard (not Scotts, I do this myself). His yard looks GREAT. My yard on the other hand is in the process of dying *again* after Scotts treated it. It's full of nut sedge, dollar weed and Bermuda is popping up all throughout my fescue sod. I don't know what they are selling, but they are very good at killing my sod. It looks great in the fall when I have it put down. In the spring it's good and thick and a beautiful green. When Scotts starts showing up, it goes from great to terrible. By the end of the summer, my yard is the biggest eye sore on the street. I'm never letting them get hands on my sod again. I'm better off taking care of my lawn myself.

Original review: Aug. 20, 2016

This is probably one of the most bizarre experiences I have ever had. A salesman from Scotts kept calling my phone to get business but I would always tell him no and never made a verbal or written contract to get their business. Well, that didn't stop them from supposedly and forcibly doing treatments in my yard although weeds still existed. I refused to pay them so then they came after me with a collection agency calling and harassing me over something that I didn't even ask for.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 5, 2016

Have been a customer for three years. No significant improvement in my lawn. Tried to contact Scotts for several weeks: web page, phone calls, messages and survey to no avail. Only asked for someone to contact me. I noticed an issue (not their tech) and I wanted to discuss. No calls, or contact in weeks. So much for their satisfaction guarantee and 48 hour return service.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 4, 2016

I found out that I was not receiving Scotts product for the Lawn Service that I paid for this year. I was being treated with TruGreen products. I am very unhappy that I didn't receive anything in writing from Scotts. I have been receiving TruGreen mailings but never opened any because I used TruGreen previously and was not happy with the products.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 20, 2016

I elected to enroll in this service back in the spring when Scotts came around my neighborhood selling their product door to door (in a no soliciting community for starters). As a first time home buyer, in the first year at my home, of course I wanted a beautiful lawn so I figured I'd enroll to get the added help for a great yard. Well, I can tell you that nothing about this experience has been great at all. The first treatment was prompt and had two technicians out doing a real bang up job on my yard. Thinking this was the beginning of what would be thick, luscious green grass - free of weeds. WOW was I wrong! At the time of my second service I received a phone call from my wife saying Scotts had come and put signs in the yard but failed to actually treat the lawn.

Funny this happened at the same time that we started parking our cars in the garage so it looked as though no one was home! So, naturally I called pretty hacked off but could not get through to anyone at the office so I left a message. After their alleged "48 hour re-treatment" period had passed I received a phone call, not from management about my complaint, but from the technician himself who stated "I can't remember your house specifically but I know I treat all of my houses... If I come and retreat and I have done the service, the chemicals will [burn/harm] your grass and have adverse effects on the lawn." Naturally out of fear for making my grass worse than it already was I finished my bickering and had them add a note to my account to announce their presence EVERY TIME they came to treat.

Needless to say there was no note added to my account by this technician, rather I got a different technician next time... Funny because he also did not treat the lawn. For service 3 and 4 I received NO INVOICE but silly me, I enrolled in their "EZ Pay" system so I was charged the negotiated/discount rate agreed to for an 8 treatment package. Every time you call these people they have some prompted script of BS they feed you for options and alternatives for what they can do for you when you are "dissatisfied". How about hiring people who actually do their job? How about doing a ride along to see what your technicians are doing? The office manager actually told me that area covered by the technician according to the report and their training protocol would have taken the technician 2 minutes...

I laughed hysterically at this because I have a very large front and back yard, not to mention the backyard is fenced in making it impossible for you to travel the entire lawn in 2 minutes. (Note the receipt actually indicates "entire lawn" was treated at the bottom.) I can't walk my entire lawn in two minutes barehanded much less applying a treatment, dragging a hose. Service record says leave treatment signs in place for 24-hours for safety of pets and children. Funny, I have two small children and yet, there are no signs. Why you might ask? Because the technician took two minutes to write an invoice and walk it to my front door but did not even put the signs in the yard to make it look as though he had actually done his job.

Meanwhile, I have been watering my grass, pulling weeds, and applying shelf bought weed control from Lowe's. (As directed by Scotts - their program is not 100%. They will tell you, you have to do your part too.) The only results I have seen on my lawn have been the areas where I have spent grueling hours in the hot sun pulling the weeds or planting seed myself, the flowers beds where I have applied treatment to control weeds. The rest of the lawn looks exactly the same as when I started paying for this BS service. All of this brings us to invoice number 5. Finally I had enough and made the final phone call when my invoice had all of the sudden changed from the agreed promotional rate and now reflected a past due balance. HOW CAN I HAVE A PAST DUE BALANCE WHEN YOU DIRECTLY WITHDRAW THE PAYMENTS MONTHLY???

I checked my bank statements to confirm and was told that as a result of a merger that my account had been made "true" and that was the remaining balance from previous treatments. When was this discussed? How is a discount a discount when you have to pay it back on the back end? NO ANSWER! I demanded a refund for the recent service and the alleged "back-pay" but was told they didn't do such a thing. I was a given a non-late payment status upon cancellation. Trust me I wouldn't hold my breath on that either. An agreed $38.00 per treatment turned into a $91.20 service because of what I had apparently agreed not to pay. OUTRAGEOUS.

Bottom line, I wish I had gone online to read reviews about this service before I enrolled. I wish I had paid attention to the fact that none of my neighbors (except the other young couple who moved in shortly after us used Scotts) but rather use companies like TLC or local contractors. Your lawn will only get worse if you enroll in this service. They will argue about why it is you're wrong. They will not refund your money. They will not retreat or try to do anything for you until you're literally yelling at them through the phone. At which point it is too late. Unless you like throwing money away, be smart and never use this company for anything. It is a CON! I can't believe I wasted this money when I could've had a stockpile of my own weed killer and fertilizer by now, especially since you have to do it yourself in the end to begin with. I hope this saves some of you out there. Happy gardening and good luck with your grass!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 19, 2016

They ruined my lawn and when most of my lawn was dead, I told them to cancel and never come back. They did not cancel the service and kept calling me back to convince me I was not mowing the lawn properly and they will help me. I refused to accept help and yet they sprayed chemicals on my lawn and sent the collection agency after me to collect money.

Original review: July 6, 2016

If I could give this useless company ZERO stars I would. Don't ever use these fraudsters. My lawn is completely ruined, looked worse than it ever did since Scotts lawn service took over this season. DO NOT make a mistake like I did and waste your money with this useless lawn service.

Original review: July 1, 2016

I signed up for Lawn service to include fertilizer, weed control, and insect protection around the house. The weeds are still growing and the insects are still in the house. I did not request grub control yet I was billed for it and challenged when I complained. Do not pay to be lied to. My lawn looks no better than anyone on the block and nobody else uses Scotts. As far as I can tell they showed up and sprayed water, for all the good it did.

Original review: July 1, 2016

Ez seed - I was treated like a 3rd grader who did not know how to use their product. Then when it was time for them to issue a refund it took at least 5 phone calls emails and whatever else. I finally did receive the amazing amount of 13.00 six weeks later.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 28, 2016

We had a sales rep from Scotts Lawn Service show up at our house. We told him we did not want all of the services that they offer and were told we could skip some. We said we did want the grub control. He said we could have that and the cost would be $35.00. He put a line through round 4 and 5 and wrote in $35.00 out in right hand column. The service tech came and did round 4 plus grub control and charged us $74.20. When I contacted the company, I was told they never do just grub control alone. They said I could pay in two payments if it was too much. The sales person lied to us and we had to pay for something we did not request.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 27, 2016

I used Scotts Bonus S Southern Weed And Feed late last year on my lawn. Since then my yard has gotten worse throughout the year, from brown patches to weeds. I contacted Scotts, they verified that the product UPC was the recall product and offered to pay for seed or 1 pallet of sod, neither did I feel was sufficient due to the amount of damage and work needed. I contacted a landscaper and submitted a quote to Scotts. A claims company inspected my lawn. Next I got a call saying I was denied a claim due to the this being last year and the google map they looked at from 2011. Any suggestions? I do have an attorney that's going to handle it for me but beware of Scotts products.

Original review: June 27, 2016

I ordered a package of 8 services a year. After four of them, now my best hope is to flee... Works were rushed. The coverage of fertilizer was always not enough and distribution was always uneven. Customer service hard to reach; service representative was rude and not helpful.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 14, 2016

I've used Scotts since early March this year. It is now mid-June. My yard is in the worst shape it has ever been in. I have more weeds now than when I used a consumer off the shelf product from Home Depot. I requested a refund and was told they do not provide those even though their website says, "Satisfaction Guarantee. We don't just promise you'll be happy. We guarantee it." This instead references the fact that they will come out within 48 hours to retreat the lawn. Ultimately, I would not recommend their service. I used a few of the smaller local companies at my last house and had success. I really didn't think there would be such a massive difference using a brand name so I just Googled them and signed up.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 6, 2016

Have had Scott's Lawn Service for a number of years. Their service has been mediocre at best (weeds all the time) BUT lately have had serious problems which they promptly ignore. Their tech noted fungus in the yard and spot treated it. The treatment literally killed the sprayed areas. Talked to a supervisor who basically said it was my fault due to inadequate irrigation. I asked him to have the manager call me but that request was simply ignored. They did this exact same thing to my yard,about 3 years ago. They have refused to do anything about it. The only thing they seem to excel at is billing you and trying to sell you more of their "services". I have photos of the damage which show they clearly did this. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE UNLESS YOU LIKE BEING TREATED POORLY, OR NOT AT ALL.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 3, 2016

A George from Scotts signed up a few homeowners on our block for lawn service including myself. He told me and the others that the cost would be $42.00 for entire lawn service visit. They would fertilize, fill in holes and signed me up for 7 treatments. When I got the bill, it was $84.00. It was doubled. After I called customer service. I was told someone would call me back later. I waited 3 days, no call. George lied to me and the others, a real scam job, plus they never ever did the backyard as promised or filled in any holes. Beware of this company...

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 23, 2016

I have been very pleased with Scott's Lawn Service. After being told by a competitor that they aren't "miracle workers," I decided to give Scott's a try. They brought my lawn back from major pet damage as well and damage from under watering. Our lawn has never looked better! My only complaint is they never let me know ahead of time that they are coming out. It would be nice to know so I can make sure I have payment ready.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 11, 2016

I went from TruGreen to Scotts in the fall of 2015 and what a huge mistake it was. I have brown patches, burnt spots and the tech who applies the granules or spray leaves green stripes due to poor application. Managers came out several times to fix and to tell me I had a disease but if my lawn is healthy like it was with TruGreen my yard should be in great shape. It's been the worst decision because my yard looks horrible and I feel the chemicals they are applying are burning the grass. It's not even summer time and my yard is burnt to a crisp. Bald spots and dirt where grass is just gone. Now I hear TruGreen will buy them out end of this season. Never go with Scotts ever again. They don't give you any type of guarantee or satisfaction. They just keep coming out and spraying or apply granules that burn your yard. So pissed.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 10, 2016

I got a call from them to start the year and we went over my services in my account and they were trying to get off the phone quickly so I wouldn't change anything. I slowed her down and told her that I didn't want Aeration but she tried to pressure me to take it, most likely because it is a good money maker for them and I told her multiple times to remove it. Finally she said she did. That was in February. Now in May I came home last week to an aerated yard. No heads-up that it was coming, as it usually is. So I called in and complained and insisted that they remove the $100 charge. They said they would if a manager would approve it. A week later, no manager has approved it. I requested a manager to call me, nothing! I have to file a fraud claim with my bank to get my money back! Go elsewhere to get your lawn serviced!! These guys try hard to steal your money!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 5, 2016

I bought Scotts zoysia seed twice to seed areas that were bare. At $35.00 each time, and not one blade of grass appeared. I tilled it, put in new topsoil, watered it every day for two weeks (nothing).

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 4, 2016

Last year Scotts did my partner's home. She was a widow and needed advice on lawn. Scotts sold her a 4 treatment package. Lawn didn't get better and I then bought into PARTNER'S HOME, it was for sale. So now as a new owner and after a written cancel of services last yr. and a phone call to the regional office, she continues to receive services and bills. Of course we are never there for the treatment, but the bill comes.

After I talked and explained we are not paying and now the lawn is over fertilized, because I did prior to application, he still stated he was not responsible for damage and we still owed money of $91.00. The $ is not the point at all, it is the audacity of Scotts to imply and bully that we have to pay and it's our fault for not cancelling properly and it's always a auto renewal even though no contract is signed.

On the phone with the service mgr. for Waukesha Scotts Lawn service. Dan, if that is his real name, stated we didn't cancel properly. Mail or phone doesn't work because we did this. I followed up with the Wis Dept of Commerce. This is a illegal practice built on scaring you for credit reporting. Be wary of these bad bullies and their practices. I can't say the treatments are bad or good. We just didn't see any improvement in an already good lawn, prior to their treatments.

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