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Rowenta Steam Irons

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Last updated: Jan. 19, 2018

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 19, 2018

Do not buy Rowenta products, my steamer had a leak (not visible) and got completely calcified outside. The thing is entirely broken after 3 years. I opened it to see what was going on and if I could repair it and I found that (See picture). The temperature sensor was broken, most probably because of the contamination or something. Several screws were stripped due to the severe calcification and they teared when I tried to unscrew them to access the boiler. I sent the picture to Rowenta asking where I could buy another steamer, they told me I voided the warranty and that I had to bring it to an approved repair center. I am throwing this in the garbage.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2017

Rowenta Pro Precision Microsteam 400 - Steam trigger quit working after 3 years. My friend had the same problem. With only a 1-year warranty on an expensive iron, I think I will search out another brand to replace it. I don't know the cost of repair yet, but will fill in the blanks after I take it locally to a small appliance repair shop. Always save the receipt when purchasing a Rowenta!!! I purchased through Amazon.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 22, 2017

Rowenta stole my money on this iron (Rowenta DG8430 Pro Precision 1800-Watt Steam Iron Station). $200 I might as well have ripped up and flushed down the toilet. I have owned two Rowenta steam generator irons that were wonderful. So I bought a third. Immediately it would not steam. My husband found a hunk of sponge in the water works and removed it. Then it steamed for 2 months and stopped. I called Rowenta customer service and got a very unpleasant clerk. She told me I was using the wrong water. I changed the water, still no steam. I called again and was argued with and given the runaround. Eventually they gave me an address to mail it to a service center in Michigan. I sent it in, it was gone for a month, and was returned steaming. It steamed for a month and stopped. Same drill, I called, got snotty condescending response, kept advocating and eventually got another address to send it in. I sent it in.

It was gone for a month and then a brand new iron arrived in the mail. I used it twice and it worked. Then it began to spew water from the sole plate and the back of the iron. My husband noticed it and asked why it was leaking so much. I unplugged it, let it cool down, and threw it in the trash! Rowenta used to have a quality reputation. That reputation is gone. I will NEVER buy another Rowenta iron and I advise others not to purchase one either. The iron was not able to iron. The customer service was awful and they never made it right. I did not buy this iron so I could spend my time mailing it to service center after service center.

I bought an inexpensive Black and Decker iron for the duration and it heats up every time, steams every time and does not spew scalding water on my feet when I iron. I understand how difficult it is to know if you can believe a review. You can believe this one. I have been sewing for 57 years and ironing as many. I need a reliable iron for my sewing and to iron the family clothes. I have purchased Rowenta for 43 years and been pleased. But they have lost my loyalty. I am bitter about this. Rowenta stole my money and I have nothing to show for it!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 1, 2017

I replaced my 20 year old iron with a Rowenta DW5000, even though it was working fine - just felt it was time for a change. I researched the brands and models and decided on this one. I have had it for less than a year. It never occurred to me to save the receipt. I have used it maybe 5 times --only pulled it out to iron one or two items so I never noticed that it shut off by itself after 8 minutes... and didn't come back on again until after it cooled off. The manual is ridiculous and impossible to figure out what the heck they mean. Customer service was very polite - they called me - had me go crazy trying to see the itty bitty serial numbers on the back and then had me send a picture. Just got an email that since I don't have a receipt it isn't covered but I could throw good money after bad by sending it to one of their service centers. THANK YOU SO MUCH? Save your money. Do not buy from this company.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 25, 2017

I recently had to replace my wonderful 25 year old Rowenta steam iron. I purchased the Rowenta model Focus. I absolutely hate it. It is so big and ugly, and I struggle to read the proper settings for the different materials. And, it is so difficult to determine how much water is in the thing. It is also difficult to fill with water. It is big and heavy and lifting it to do my ironing is exhausting. I am so disappointed with my purchase. Have been reading other reviews that the thing doesn't last. Good riddance when that happens. I will try another company.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 4, 2017

I have as a gift in my birthday. I try it, a leaking water for one side. I did ask someone by phone. Asked for a pr - pay first class stamp and I want to send back it. They said is going to be in my pocket if I wanted send the iron. I am not agreed and I am still have this unused appliance. Any additional questions?

Original review: May 18, 2017

I bought a Rowenta Focus Model DZ5161 iron from Sam's Club probably 6 years ago. It was expensive and I didn't want to get another one, so when it started leaking water after a couple of years, I returned it to the store as defective--it was under warranty. I really wanted a refund but all they would do is give me another. The replacement has been no better. It overheats, scorches clothes and leaks out the bottom every time I add water to it. It is going in the trash! My daughter got me a Shark iron for Mother's Day and I love it, so far!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 9, 2017

Purchased a Rowenta DW8080 about 18 months ago and the iron quit working. Initially I would move the cord around and it would work for a minute or two. Now, nothing works. This is my second Rowenta and my last.

profile pic of the author
Original review: April 16, 2017

I've had this Rowenta Focus for several years and it seemed to work fine. We now have a 1-year old cat in the house that runs all over the place like crazy at times. I was in the middle of making dinner and left the iron when I went to stir a pot that was overcooking. I heard a clunk and was cleaning up the stove. When I went back to the iron, it was on the floor hot plate down! I picked it up and the floor was scorched and hot to the touch. The iron never shut off! Now I have a ruined floor!

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 22, 2017

The irons leaks water. Complete ripoff for the range it has been priced. I was surprised to see so many other complaints regarding the same problem. With the inability to hold water this item is completely useless, Clearly with some many issues there is a design flaw and should be recalled!!! I took out my old $19.99 Black & Decker from the closet after about at least a min 1 year of storage and occasionally tossing it around and worked like a Champ. Holds the water no problem at all. I had purchased this iron on the fly for a trip. I'm glad I didn't get rid of it when purchased the Rowenta DZ5080 and yes the Black & Decker is much older than the Rowenta. This expensive iron that yields no quality results.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 20, 2017

We purchased a Rowenta steam iron because I started ironing all my dress shirts for work, and the 10 year old iron we had wasn't doing a good job getting the wrinkles out. Ours is not the most expensive Rowenta iron available. We chose it because it is a model manufactured in Germany, and someone at the local hardware store where we purchased it recommended it over more expensive models.

In short, the iron is excellent. It heats up quickly, has an auto shut off feature (like many good irons), and the steam output is outstanding - the metal plate has hundreds of small holes, as opposed to the 10 or 12 holes in our own iron. You can also press a button for a shot of steam, and there is a different button to spray a small amount of water. This iron does not have a retractable cord, which some people might want. We use this iron 2-3 times a week, have done so for a long time. It doesn't leak and has performed in an outstanding manner throughout. Highly recommended.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 19, 2017

After spending much more for a Rowenta steam iron (they supposedly have a good reputation), all the thing does is leak copious amounts of water each time I try to use it. It's going back to the store where I bought it. I see others are having the same problem. Absolute garbage from China -- should have known.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 16, 2017

My Rowenta iron overheated and burned holes through the fabric of a costly (vineyard vines) dress shirt. I phoned Rowenta customer service. I never got 'customer service', I just got an overheated argument. The rep actually asked if I had a receipt for the shirt! Well, I'm ironing the shirt, I MUST OWN IT. Goodbye, Rowenta. Hello Oreck!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 18, 2017

I received a Rowenta Steam Iron as a mother's day gift in May of 2015. Less than one month past the one year warranty, my iron overheated when I turned it on. It got so hot that it burned and melted my ironing board pad. This was a very dangerous thing to happen. My sewing room reeked from the burning smell. Rowenta agreed as a COURTESY to repair it for me. I have used the iron 4-5 times since the repair, and it has happened again. Rowenta refused to repair it again. This iron was over $300. As a seamstress, I need a good steam iron that is safe and reliable. This one clearly is not.

Original review: Nov. 21, 2016

My daughter bought this expensive Rowenta Steam Iron for me. It is just under two years and it is leaking water all over the clothes and the ironing board. I am trying to find a customer service number for them and I cannot find it. I would not recommend this iron to anyone. It cost too much to perform like this.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 15, 2016

When my husband and I returned to the US, 3.5 years ago, we had to buy all new appliances and we splashed out and bought a very expensive, top of the line, Rowenta Iron. This iron lasted 13-14 months. We then purchased a second Rowenta iron, bringing that one with us to an American Military Base overseas, where approximately 3 months later it too stopped working. Since then we have purchased TWO more Rowenta Irons from the PX on Base and they are also no longer working.

The first three irons all stopped working in the same manner - started switching themselves off intermittently while being used until they switch themselves off all the time. The fourth and newest - only used 3-4 months - did something different. 30 seconds after we turn it on the light starts flashing and it stops heating up. Rowenta has informed me that for all my trouble and loyalty, if I PAY to send 2 of the 3 irons I have to them, they will fix them - BUT I have to ask myself - is it worth spending more money to post them to Rowenta - or should I put that money towards a new iron from a different company??? I CAN'T AFFORD TO BUY ANOTHER ROWENTA IRON!!

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2016

Purchased 3rd Rowenta iron Model DW 8080 last year after 1st iron I had started to leak water from bottom of iron. Water got all over ironing board causing the ironing board to start to rust slightly. Rowenta Ironing Board also. 2nd iron after months of use started to leak hence I needed a new iron to replace 1st iron which had also started to leak. All three of the irons I purchased leaked after months of use. Usually once they were out of warranty. Rowenta had me send the 2nd iron to a service center which they covered all costs. Now my 3rd iron has started leaking and we had to go out the day before my daughter's wedding to purchase another steam iron to take the minor wrinkles out of her dress. My wife did not want to use the 3rd iron that was leaking in case it stained my daughter's wedding dress (Disaster waiting to happen?).

I just got off the phone explaining everything to Rowenta and they basically told me they could not do anything or figure out why the irons are leaking. I have made 3 phone calls to them over the past years and one told me to use tap water, the next phone call they told me to use spring water. So I am now looking for another iron and using iron #2 that was repaired by them (that one after the repair also leaks a little) but is usable. Wouldn't be so bad except these irons are not cheap. They work well when they work but after a short period of time they leak from bottom of iron. Very poor customer service by Rowenta and they do not back their products. Buy different brand iron... Not Rowenta.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 24, 2016

My first purchased of a Rowenta product was over 15 years ago. A regular iron with steam option. Later I found the Steam Iron station with the beige base (water not visible). This product was the best ever. Lasted over 8 years. December 2015, my husband decided that it was time for a new one. So he purchased a ROWENTA STEAM STATION DG 8430. In July 2016 the following problems developed. It was sent to South Carolina for repair of the boiler and valve. It was returned late August 2016 and then the same problems began again for the 2nd time while trying to use:

1. Water and steam leak from the bottom of the base; 2. While it show that is ready for use, when I try to use the steam it begins to push out steam and a lot of water at the same time soaking cloth. I have emptied the water reservoir and replaced with clean water and hitting the reset button as per box instructions. I have cleaned the filtering system and return to position as per directions (Light requesting clean up (rinsing) was on, at the request of Rowenta representative this step was completed). Problem 1 and 2 continues.

While the steamer tank was full with water it was turning on the light for more water. In July 2016 the iron bust: 1. Water and steam leak from the bottom of the base; 2. While it show that is ready for use, when I try to use the steam it begins to push out steam and a lot of water at the same time soaking cloth.

I emptied the water reservoir and replaced with clean water and hitting the reset button as per box instructions. I cleaned the filtering system and return to position as per directions (Light requesting clean up (rinsing) was not on, but at the request of Rowenta representative this step was completed). Problem 1 and 2 continues. While the steamer tank was full with water it was turning on the light for more water.

This is not a cheap product. It cost over $250.00 plus shipping and handling. This is the second time it has broken down. I contacted Rowenta Customer service and was asked: a. "what is the temperature you use?" (that should not matter as the steamer has its own temperature setting, one that I cannot control. It will get as hot as it was set to be in cotton setting); b. "what type of water did you use?" The box says tap water but also it can be 50% tap and 50% distilled water (which I use this option to ensure quality and longevity of the product).

Basically, any excuse but "WE WILL REPLACE THE STEAMER AS IT APPEARS TO BE A DEFECTIVE PRODUCT". Those words were never stated. The words of the customer services were "we will repair it this time, but after the warranty runs out (12/13/2016) it can be repair at your own expense" (shocker).

A product that requires repair twice in less than 10-months and replacement is not offered, not even at a reduced price! In my family there are 7 Rowenta Iron Steamer Station owners that will not replace theirs once they breakdown. Customer Service and quality products are very important when the price is as high as this product is. Customer Service was for lack of a better word - SHODDY!

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Customer increased Rating by 4 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: Nov. 11, 2016

I want to say thank you for Rowenta. After time Manager from Rowenta customer care contacted me and solve the problem... wow... I am very happy after I was sad. Now I have new one. They replace my old machine with new one. I love Rowenta.

Original review: Oct. 18, 2016

I had cloth steamer for few months, it is not working well. Walmart told me to contact Rowenta, I did. Rowenta Customer Service told me that it will take two weeks to fix it, I am waiting more than one month! No news! I made many telephone calls and sent many emails. But nobody care. Still don't know what's going on? Nobody answers my emails and no supervisor or manager returned my call!!

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 4, 2016

Like others on this website, I purchased the Rowenta Effective iron as a back up iron. I used a Black & Decker iron for more than 15 years, and finally donated it because the plug would not stay in the outlet. I purchased the Rowenta Effective iron about a year before I finally decided to use it. In less than three month's use, I started to notice it sticking to the fabric. I purchased the overpriced Rowenta Soleplate Cleaning Kit, and spent more than an hour trying to remove the residue on the soleplate.

This cleaning product is useless, so I am now out an additional $15.00. With less than six month's use of the Rowenta Effective iron I paid about $80.00 for, I am throwing it in the garbage. The built up residue on the soleplate is impossible to remove, and the iron ruins everything I use it for. I took the time to email Rowenta Corporate (twice) about their product, and just like others on this website, Rowenta refuses to stand behind their product. I even sent them photos of both the soleplate of the iron and their useless cleaning product.

I am a member of the American Sewing Guild, the El Camino Quilters Guild, and two other neighborhood sewing groups. I have already let at least a dozen others know about Rowenta's inferior product. I was also on the iron aisle at Jo-Ann's yesterday and advised a customer (shopping for an iron) to not buy a Rowenta. Like others, I saved up my pennies and bought what I thought was a quality product from Rowenta because of their brand. Their product is inferior and they will not stand behind their product. With reviews like these stacking up behind them, I am pretty sure they will not be around much longer.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 9, 2016

I purchased a Rowenta Iron about 9 years ago at the now defunct Linens 'n Things chain of home goods products. This iron leaked profusely from the day I bought it. I only started using this iron regularly (once a week for a few hours) about 3 months ago. Prior to that, I only used it maybe once or twice a year. About 2 weeks ago, the iron started "buzzing" - I could audibly hear it and feel a vibration under my hand as I was holding the handle. Well, today it died. I recall spending about $130 for this iron (when all of the other irons on the shelf cost less than half that). I mistakenly believed that spending more money equated to a better product. This iron is a piece of garbage and I would never recommend it to anyone!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 8, 2016

Six months ago my 15 year old Rowenta steam iron quit heating. While it was 15 years old, it was only used occasionally. The modern family does not iron much. I complained to the company and they did me the good deed to sell me a new iron for $37.40 no shipping. Well today it quit getting hot. Not happy. They offered for me to send it to be repaired. No deal especially after reading reviews. It is a shame companies will not stand by their products and we in this country and I suppose everywhere else. We have a lot of cheap products that are worthless because of being made in China. Oh for the good old days when you bought something and could count on it lasting a long time.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 29, 2016

I bought a Rowenta Steam Station approximately 2 years ago for ~$300. A couple of months ago the fabric insulation covering on the steam cord started unraveling from the end that connects to the iron. I tried wrapping it in electrical tape, but now I just have a sticky gooey mess. The cord gets so hot it has actually left a burn mark on my arm! I called customer service and discovered that they only have a one year warranty, which is ridiculous for a $300 product! They told me that my only option was to mail it into them (at my cost) and they would look at it and let me know how much it would cost to repair and ship it back to me. So I should spend $30+ to mail this unit, not knowing if/when/or how much it will cost to repair it???

I asked if I could get a replacement unit for a reduced cost, but they told me that was not an option. After spending so much to begin with on their product, they expect me to go out of pocket several more hundred dollars to repair or replace the unit??? I had a Rowenta iron before this steam station for over TWENTY years and it was solid quality (made in Germany). It also had a rock hard warranty. My experience with that first iron is the reason I bought another Rowenta when I decided to upgrade to a steam station. Sadly, they have since slacked on their quality standards (they're made in China now) and they no longer stand behind their product. I used to LOVE this company and their products. One thing is for sure: they have forsaken me and lost me as a customer.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 12, 2016

I bought this iron 16 months ago. I never spent a lot on an iron before but decided I wanted a really good iron and so I bought this one. It worked great for 15 months. Then it stopped working. After spending over $100 on an iron I found out the warranty had expired and further, the company won't let me buy parts to fix it myself. This iron was not abused. It sat on an ironing board and used maybe 4 times a week for one or two pieces of clothing at a time. I have never had an iron last such a short time, nor have I ever spent so much on an iron. I won't be buying a Rowenta product again!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 16, 2016

I purchased the Rowenta model DW8090 iron for my wife after Christmas from a fabric store. My wife does a good deal of iron-on vinyl for tee shirts and after several of the tee shirt patterns started coming up or off, she started to investigate why. She first checked the date of the vinyl and it was perfectly good. Then with our laser thermometer, we started doing temperature checks on the Rowenta iron and found they constantly varied from a maximum of 140 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. The iron never reached any higher temperature than a one time 165 degrees. I called Rowenta customer service and reported the problem and they advised me to send it to their service center in Ft Worth, TX and we did.

Several weeks later a man called and said it was repaired and was returning it. We got it back and the ticket said they had replaced the cord and sole plate and it checked out, ok! We again tested it and it would not get over 160 degrees and the temperature varied up and down over a 20-degree range below the 160-degree temperature. I again called customer service and was directed to return it to the parent facility for their "lab" to check it out. They probably tell everyone to do that! Anyway, after a few weeks they called and left a message that the iron was on its way back.

I called customer service and spoke to a lady regarding the defective iron and she said it checked out with no problems. She said it tested out fine going from 175 to 397 degrees and I told her I would be sure to check it out. We got it back the other day and immediately checked it out for the temperature and it went from 88 degrees on low to a max of 152 degrees. This is no way near the temperature needed to do iron-on vinyl as that requires at least 320 degrees! Incidentally the $6 Walmart Rival iron tested at a heat range from 135 to 406 degrees!

One additional problem is that this model does not have an automatic shutoff, even though the instruction book leads one to believe this, and I can not believe UL would approve an appliance this dangerous. Someone will burn their house down with one of these irons if it has not already happened. I am calling Rowenta customer service Monday but fully expect them to tell me I do not know what I am doing and that I am out of luck because as the lady told me the other day, "our lab checked it out and there is no problem with it." I know we are just out the $90 dollars, but I sincerely hope this will halt someone else from making the same mistake I did and that was thinking if it was made in Germany, and not China, it had to be good quality. Bottom line is Rowenta spells Junk and that is that!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 11, 2016

I bought a Rowenta, model DW 9280 iron in February of 2015. It has been a horrible iron. It constantly leaks water from the base so badly that the floor, ironing board and clothing all become soaked with water if trying to iron. The temperature regulator also seems to be failing, as the iron has begun scorching fabrics while set at very low temperatures. The warranty ended 4 months ago, so I do not have any recourse with the company to try to get the iron fixed or replaced. The quality of product is horrible, and the prices are high. I will not buy another Rowenta iron in the future.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 28, 2016

I have tried 3 different Rowenta steam irons and all 3 leaked badly and all 3 had to be returned. A salesperson told me that the ones marked Made in Germany do not leak but the ones marked Made in China will leak. The last Rowenta I got was model DW5183, which is made in Germany. I used it exactly 4 times. I followed the instructions for self-cleaning and when I reached the last step and plugged it in, a flood of water came leaking out from the bottom, all over my kitchen counter and floor.

I called Rowenta customer care and they told me to send it back to them for repairs. Since this is a barely-used iron, I think they should have offered to replace it with a new one. Poor customer service, in my opinion. The iron is going back to the store for a refund. The length of the cord on this Rowenta is OK (could be longer, like my old Black & Decker's) but the cord on the Rowenta self-winding irons is way too short to be practical and the extra bulk at the base throws off the balance of the iron. Avoid those models. My previous steam iron, a Black & Decker, lasted 15 years before it started having problems. Fortunately I did not throw it out and will try to have repaired, since it is a better-made iron than the Rowenta. If you do get a Rowenta, save the packaging and receipt because it is very likely you will need to return the iron and get a different brand. I will never buy another Rowenta product.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 21, 2016

I have never been so disappointed in an iron in my life. I saved to buy a Rowenta iron as I heard they were the very best on the market and worth the high price. I sell my sewing and crafts so I treated myself to the top of the line Rowenta. It feels nice and glides nicely, good weight, love the long point at the front... BUT IT LEAKS NON-STOP. I dye some of my fabrics and of course a gush of water marks the fabric and makes it useless. I have tried everything to stop the leaking, but nothing has worked. I will never buy a Rowenta product again and when I took it back to the store I bought it from the sales lady said, "Oh yes, we have a lot of Rowentas returned!" I wish I knew this little piece of information. I am now using a Black & Decker steam iron, that was 1/2 the price of the Rowenta and it works BETTER. So long story short, don't be fooled by Rowenta.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 4, 2016

I purchased my first Rowenta over 15 years ago & it lasted quite a long time with no issues - after ironing every day it just stopped working. Purchased a cheaper model iron as I was in a pinch - used it about a year, when I decided to purchase another Rowenta Model DW 5181. Had a little over a year & now it leaks like crazy (I clean regularly & store correctly) thought maybe I was overfilling, but that is not it as I put little water in & empty daily - it leaks so bad that my iron board is soaked & I have replaced the cover/padding twice to avoid mold, etc. Then the other day - I had it set on low - to iron a blouse I have ironed for months on the same setting & it scorched a hole right in the arm - This was not a cheap blouse & one of my favorites & it is no longer available for replacement - SO I am now very very unhappy!

I read somewhere that they should be monetarily responsible to their customers. I am thinking very seriously about checking into a class action lawsuit - one year warranty on $150 plus iron & they will do not do anything & it seems that is when they decide to stop working or begin having issues? I think they making sub par irons with the hopes that we continue to keep replacing them with a new one, not me any longer & based on the many complaints on here - I think a class action is justified!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 1, 2016

I purchased my first Rowenta Effective iron model # DW2070 one year ago at Bed Bath and Beyond and have hated it ever since. It shuts off in the middle of ironing and I hardly ever get any steam coming out. At first I thought it was something I was doing wrong, but after reading all the terrible reviews, I know it is the cheap product and not me. Unfortunately I do not have my sales receipt or proof of purchase from BBB, but was told by their store manager to contact Rowenta and report it and maybe they will honor their guarantee. So now I wait to see if I get a response.

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