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Ms.Guzman came to our house for a rena ware demonstration. She sold me some items for the amount of 1501.00 it included 7 piece Chef pan set, 1 presure cooker, portable stove range, and a water filter. After Ms. Guzman left our house she failed to leave me a copy of my signed contract I called her several times and i failed to get a response from her or a call back. After so many attemts I was able to get a hold of her by using a unknown number.She gave me my receipt aprox. 4 weeks later. By that time most of my order had arrived except the 7 piece pan set of which she stated i would receive 6/12/06. I have yet to receive the set. I have attemted to contact Ms. Guzman several times, I have left a message with her daughter Jessica Guzman and i have not herd back from her. I emailed rena ware int. on 6/20/06 and I have not received a response either.

The second issue is with one of the items i received (water filter). we noticed that the quality of the water was no diferent than from that of the tap. What we did was test the water with a local vendor that has the solutions and proper tools to test the quaity of the water. The person stated that the water is of same quality as that of the tap. My mother, owner of the item, called rena ware international and spoke with wanda (agent) and the agent stated that she would have Amparo Guzman call my mother so that a resolution could be found. This call took place 6/19/06, and yet we have not received a call from Rena Ware Int. nor Ms. Guzman. My mother called again on 6/21/06 and Rena ware Int. Placed her on hold twice for a long period of time, and twice the call was disconnected.

This is not the only complaint that Ms. Guzman has received. Another person who attended the demonstration has filed a comaplaint against Rena Ware Int. and this representative.

All we ask for is a response to our complaint and a resolution or our money back.

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