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Re-Bath specializes in fast bathroom remodeling. The company offers complete remodeling services or tub/shower-only conversions, and it provides free in-home consultations and a free design process. Re-Bath also offers tub/shower conversions especially for those with limited mobility and seniors who wish to age in place. Slip-resistant technology, accessible bathroom remodels and walk-in tubs are available in stylish options that will update your bathroom while increasing safety.

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  • Can be used 24 hours after install
  • Product and installation warranties
  • Free in-home consultation


  • Pricing not available online
  • Preset selection of fixtures

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Re-Bath specializes in stylish, fast bathroom remodeling, tub/shower conversions and accessibility features. Choose from a selection of high-quality, coordinating materials and products.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: April 23, 2012

I am very dissatisfied with the service and attitude of the owner of the Re-Bath store in my area. Upon ordering my bath liner, I was shocked to learn I would have to wait nearly 3 months for the installation. With promises from the salesman that they usually arrive earlier than that, I signed the paper and applied for the loan.

The date of the promised installation came and went, and I waited a couple more weeks after that before I went in to the store to find out why I hadn't heard from anyone. The owner, Nick Falletta, was very unhelpful and made lots of excuses. He said he had no idea why the tub was not here and said he could contact the factory but said they usually don't answer him. It was a very strange encounter, and he seemed very defensive and kept talking around in circles and not answering my questions directly. He felt sure there was a problem at the factory and promised I would have the liner soon and made a date for installation in about 2 more weeks. He said he was sure the liner was on its way.

The day of that appointment came and went, and I heard from no one. No one came that day. A few days later, they called me to say my liner was here and would I like to set up an appointment. It was like they hadn't even known about the appointment I already had. The lady was very glib and just said, "Well, let's schedule it now." I did get an appointment within a few days. The installers were polite and prompt, and when I asked them if I needed to remove the shower curtain for them, they said no and that they would do all the work and put the bathroom back together when they left.

I went to work and left them to finish the job. When I arrived home, they left my shower curtain on the floor balled up and had broken my rod and one of the curtain rings and not put it back up. The caulking around the edge of the tub was uneven too.

I called the next day, and they sent someone out the next day. He arrived promptly and cleaned up a little spot on the edge of the tub and said the caulk was the best they could do. He said the rod was old and was not their fault it broke and that it should be okay anyway. He said he could glue the ring piece but that it would take a while to warm up his glue gun. I'm not sure why he didn't plug the thing in when he got here, but I had to go to work by the time he was done with all the other stuff. So I couldn't wait anymore.

When I told him I was still unhappy with the caulk job and wanted the owner to call me, he said I could just call the owner myself. I really felt like I was getting the brush off and not getting taken seriously. I spent $1800 and felt like they had my money now and didn't care about my satisfaction or inconveniences, leaving my bathroom a mess to boot.

A week or so later, I went in to the store to talk to Mr. Falletta; and again, he talked and talked and made excuses and made no attempt to satisfy my complaints, except to offer to have another technician to check out the caulk. But he said the guy he sent out was the best he had. I declined that offer since I didn't feel he was sincere and was tired of messing with the company.

I fixed the curtain ring myself and just put up the shower curtain and rod myself, and I hope it stays in place on the tiny little piece of plastic left for it to rest on. There's no hope of getting the caulk to look better. I figured for $1800, I should have even caulk and a new shower curtain rod. There's nothing I can do now about the ridiculous delays, but I hope the public will avoid this company.

I will not refer Re-Bath to any of my friends, mostly because of the owner's cavalier attitude, ineptitude at being able to discover the reasons for the incredible delays in delivery, and his excuses for his employees' poor performances.

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Rated with 1 star
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 22, 2012

Re-Bath came in and did a remodel for us through the VA. They put in a whole new shower. As a wife of a veteran, I would have expected some respect but didn't get that. They left the bathroom a mess. They knocked off a bunch of tiles and didn't put them back on. They widened the door in the bathroom and did a really bad job of it. They put in a exhaust fan and did not vent it to the outside which is against the law. It goes straight upstairs and will cause mold and mildew. They got mad because a contractor that is related came and saw what a bad job they did, so he contacted them and they told me they didn't know I was going to have a contractor check out their work. That should not have mattered. If they are going to do a job, they should do it right in the first place.

What they did was illegal and to be doing it to a disabled veteran, I would say that is about as low as they can get. At the time they were doing the estimate, the VA called and told us that they thought my husband may have cancer. The person that did the estimate told me she will let us keep the exhaust fan if we promise we will not use it. It is connected to the light so I told her I can't promise that. She got very rude with me. The list goes on about the things that are not right. The gripper bar was placed in an angle that could cause my husband's hand to slip and he could get hurt. Please people, do your homework first before you have someone come in and do something that is illegal.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 7, 2012

I had a Re-Bath franchise remodel my bathroom by changing out the tub to a shower pan. They also installed three wall panels. After a period of time, I noticed that one of the wall panels began to separate from the shower pan. It appeared that the wall panel was cut too short. The franchise came out twice to attempt to repair. After the second attempt, the installer stated, "If this doesn’t work, I'll replace the wall panel.” Well, it separated again and now the franchise is no longer in business. When I contacted the headquarters customer service (Lisa **), they said, "Sorry, we can help you.” Does the main franchise have any obligation to fix the problem?

Re-Bath response

Dear Mr. Berry, We're sorry to hear that your local Re-Bath franchise has gone out of business. Our records do indicate that you've spoken with Lisa, our corporate customer service specialist, and that she was working with you to attempt to resolve the issue to have your sealant fixed. This type of work does fall outside your contracted warranty so there is a service call fee. If you'd like to take advantage of this option, please contact Lisa again and we'll be happy to service your bathroom right away. Thank you.

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Original review: March 24, 2012

On March 15, 2012, I scheduled a March 23 estimate in Spokane, WA. The lady on the phone said, no problem on that Saturday at 12:30, but she didn't seem to be all there when I called, like she was out in space. I waited until 1:00pm on March 23 to call to see when they will show up. The same lady had no clue about anything and nothing was scheduled for me. I told her thanks for wasting my time, all she said was "I know my job, thank you very much." Really! You lost one customer because of her. I guess, times are good to lose business.

Re-Bath response

Dear Mr. Spradley, We're sorry to hear about the trouble you had requesting an estimate for a bathroom remodel. While we assume you've already had another company complete the work, in the event that you have not yet remodeled your bathroom, we would welcome the opportunity to earn your business! Please call us at 509-321-2315. We would also appreciate your consideration in updating and/or removing this review if you have renovated your bathroom with the help of another company. Thank you!

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 23, 2012

We contracted with Kentuckiana Re-Bath to totally re-do our main (and only bath with a shower) bathroom in July 2011. It is now February 23, and it is still not put to bed. We were told to have all painting and electrical work completed before they came to install. We paid 1/2 the money down (over $4,000) in July when we signed the contract. We did not hear anything back from them until the last week in September. When they called on the last Thursday in September, they wanted to come the following Monday. Not much notice, but we were told by the salesperson that when they call, we better be ready or we would be put to the bottom of the list again. We were.

We were told no one had to be there, but thank God my husband was and was downstairs in our basement with our dogs. Otherwise, our basement would have been totally flooded. Twice, he had water gushing into the basement, and he didn't have a clue. My husband had to tell him. My husband also had to clean up the mess twice.

On the first day, one of the walls was mis-cut. When I came home from work and told Mike this, he wasn't happy about it and told me that it could take another 2 months to get another wall in. I believe he was trying to get me to just live with it. On the second day, Mike installed the vanity and then realized they had ordered the wrong size and my door wouldn't close. Again, we were told that it could take another 2 months to get another vanity in. Instead, they took the vanity back to the shop and tried to cut it down to fit. This is the vanity that we were told was so high quality that we should never ever think about screwing or nailing anything into it.

When they brought it back and installed it, we noticed that nails were shooting up through all the drawers and had even splintered the wood. I actually cut my finger on one of these nails. When my husband said something to Mike, he said he noticed it. We both thought that was strange. I guess they were just hoping we wouldn't say anything. Why would you install something that was obviously not the high quality that was promised? It was refurbished as far as we were concerned.

For the first 45 minutes of the presentation in July, we had to hear about what a terrible company Bath Fitters is. Picture after picture of the excessive amount of caulk they use. Re-Bath is using just as much. We had 2 inches of caulk around everything. Walls were cut crooked. Definitely not the quality beautiful bathroom we were promised. During all of this, no one from the office called us. The only person talking to us was the installer, Mike, and he had become frustrated after he kept making mistakes. He just wanted off this job.

During one of his visits, he left our house without telling my husband (who was downstairs with the dogs out of his way) and left our front door wide open. After all of this, we noticed that they have knocked a hole through our wall into our bedroom. Now we not only have a bathroom that has not been completed in the 3-day max time but a tumor-like bulge coming through our bedroom wall.

Finally after sending an email to our salesperson, Cindy (and getting a very argumentative response back, making us to feel like it was our fault), I got a call from the owner, David **. He came to our house, looked at everything, seemed to be professional, and told us he was going to take care of everything. He has the hole in the wall fixed, and professional painters paint our bedroom. He also has them paint the bathroom because he thought they had a way of putting something on the caulk so it could be painted over, but the painters said that was no such thing.

Also, there was a nail hole in the wall by the vanity where they have originally installed the incorrect size. When the correct vanity was installed, of course, you could see the nail hole in the wall. Mr. David explained the only thing to do was to take the vanity out and replace the wall. We all agreed to let Mr. David install a piece of molding (again on our brand-new high quality vanity) to cover this nail hole. My husband and I just wanted this to be over.

During all of these months, I had relatives who couldn't stay at my home and had to stay in a hotel when visiting from Louisiana (end of October, again our remodel started the 1st Monday of October). I had Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my granddaughter's first birthday party, but I still had all of my bathroom supplies sitting in laundry baskets in other rooms.

The above are just the major issues. We decided to live with several covered-up mistakes that were made just to end this. Mr. David agreed to a reduced amount because our 3-day max bathroom remodel took from the 1st Monday in October until the painters left on December 27. In every advertisement, the big thing that is promoted is the quick turnaround. As a matter of fact, from Thanksgiving until Christmas, I had to hear commercials on the radio stating that I could call and still have my new bathroom by Christmas. How in the world could that be when I had given over $4,000 for my bathroom in July and still didn't have mine done?

One week after mailing the final payment, I receive a letter which stated the balance was still on my account but they wouldn't take legal action at this time. I called Mr. David. I left message after message but received no return call. Finally, I sent an email to the Re-Bath corporate offices, asking someone there to please have him call me.

The following Monday, January 23, he finally returned my many, many calls. He stated that his accountant had told him to send the letter because he was writing off the balance as bad debt. It wasn't bad debt; it was reduced payment for taking so very long and us just settling and living with the many mistakes and cover-ups. I also explained to him that we were told that this was a lifetime guarantee and that we would never have to call a plumber for anything to do with this bathroom. We had never received any of this information. He said that the information was not sent until the job was completed. I told him I wanted the warranty information and a letter sent saying we were paid in full.

My credit is excellent, and I certainly do not want this screwing that up. It is now February 23, and I have received nothing. My many calls have been left unanswered. I spoke to a Lisa in customer service at corporate on February 17, who acted like she cared; but obviously, nothing has still been done.

I just don't know what to do. Obviously, Re-Bath tells you what you want to hear but is not very good on the follow through. We just want this to be over. I want my warranty and guarantee and a letter signed and notarized stating my account is paid in full. I just can't understand a supposedly professional businessman handling this situation like this. They make the mistakes, and we get treated like this? What kind of crazy company is this?

Re-Bath response

Dear Ms. Curry, we're sorry to hear about your experience with your bathroom remodel by Re-Bath. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss a resolution with you. Please reach out to our corporate customer service office at 1-800-426-4573. We look forward to hearing from you -- Thank you so much!

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Original review: Jan. 10, 2012

Re-bath salesman named Jerad from the Denver office looked at the bathroom yesterday. I had to excuse myself for a few minutes and when I came back, they were both standing up and my wife told me to get him out of our house. It seems that he made a pass at my wife while I was in the next room.

Re-Bath response

Hi Andy, we're sorry to hear that someone in our industry may have acted inappropriately while quoting a job in your home. We've reached out to your local franchise about "Jerad" and they have not had a sales consultant named Jerad/Jared on their staff at all. Perhaps this person was from another company and this review is accidentally misplaced? We would appreciate any consideration you would give to updating this review, removing it entirely, and/or reviewing the correct company if you can recall their name. Thank you!

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Rated with 5 stars
Original review: Dec. 31, 2011

Most of you people have no common sense. Do you really think that any company would be cheaper than if you just do it yourself? Stop wasting salesman's time! If you can do it yourself, "have a guy," or like the cheap ** from Home Depot--then do it! If you think that you can do tub, walls, plumbing, accessories, fixtures for less than $5,000 then you are an **. Also, ceramic tile and bath fitter products are two different things. Like comparing apples with apples. Get your ** uncle, your brother-in-law, or your handyman neighbor to do the job. Then, when they ** it up and you have no warranties, cry somewhere else.

Companies are out to make a profit. It cost them money to send a salesman out to your house for a second time because you ** didn't do your research, so they pass the savings unto you to sign and make a profit. Bath Fitters is not out to give product away, so quit your whining if they ask you for your business. Use the Internet, do your price research and then call for the appointment. If you have no money and have a bad credit, do everyone a favor and leave them alone. Grow up. Go get your plastic and fiberglass tub off the shelf at Home Depot, go get your ceramic tile, go get your ** handyman to do your bathroom and when he is done, maybe he can throw in some new windows too. Then, call a professional company when you are ready to replace the ** work that was done.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Dec. 4, 2011

They treat the franchisee very poorly. Everything that goes wrong is your fault, not theirs. The bathtub liners will fill up with water in a couple of years. Think about it, a cup placed in another cup and even the smallest amount of water will make it into a water bed. We just gave up--between the customer and Re-Bath, we could never get any sleep.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Nov. 18, 2011

On Friday, July 1st, 2011, we decided to go with Re-Bath instead of Bath Fitter (we did get an estimate from them, also). We expressed to your salesman (Dean **) the importance of wanting a larger tub than we already had. He had to go back and forth with us several times on the phone, taking measurements, until he investigated and stated he could get the size tub we wanted. The agreed upon tub size was exterior 30 wide tub with INTERIOR measurements of 24 wide, 59/60 long and 14 deep.

Monday, August 22nd, was install day. The installer (Dave) was not very competent. He had turned off the water main, then removed the faucet handles. When he went to turn the water main back on, he had left the spigot open, so water was pouring into my open floorboards/joists. He asked for towels, I gave him older ones. they weren't enough, and he asked for more, so I gave him nicer towels. They were filthy when he gave them back to me.

I went outside to look at the new tub in my driveway. It looked oddly narrow. So I measured just the interior. The width was only 22, so I called the salesman. He looked into it and called me back, stating that the size tub I wanted/ordered/he agreed to, did not even exist. Evidently, Josh at the office was looking up the wrong type of tub, so that size exists, but not for the type of system we were having installed. I was aghast! What was I going to do? I had a huge hole in my wall/floor, and my old cast iron tub had been jack-hammered into pieces? And the agreed upon size tub I wanted didn't exist, because of a mistake on Re-bath's part?

Someone, somewhere in Re-bath had to have known that the incorrect size tub was being sent to my house. I allowed the installer to put in the 22 tub, with the condition that, I would not get a chance to take a bath until the weekend, and I would let Re-Bath know, then if I was satisfied with the smaller tub (Also, Dave tried putting in the new tub with the nails still in the studs! He left broken glass in a bag in the hall and when my dad walked by, he cut his shin on it). He also left the bathroom and toilet filthy with the grime from the drain, and the jack hammering knocked tiles loose in the adjacent bathroom, which Dave agreed to grout.

The weekend came, and trying to take a bath was quite a joke! The width was a little tight, but even worse, the water barely covered me! I measured the depth, and it was only 12! It was supposed to be 14. I was furious! Also, when we take showers, the bottom creaks/groans/moans so loudly, it can be heard in the next room, over the noise of a box fan, and an air purifier!

I called the salesman to let him know of the additional mistake (12 instead of 14 depth), and the unbearable noises the tub makes when showering. He gave me the number to the local franchise owner, Jim. I called Jim. He could not have cared less about any of my dissatisfaction. His rebuttal is that, I authorized them to put in that tub. No I did not! I authorized a 22x59x14 (since there is no 24x59x14), to be installed, and that is not what is in my bathroom. He had never received complaints about the noise. it is not possible, because it is sitting flat on the floorboards. I am no rocket scientist, but the exterior is 15 and the interior is only 12. My math says there is a 3 gap between the tub bottom and the floorboards!

He was adamant that he was not going to come out, and do anything, certainly not anything for free. I asked if he would then rebate some of the money I had already paid, and his answer was no. He offered no concessions whatsoever to try to appease this unhappy customer. I wish I had paid by credit card so I could have contested the charge!

The only saving grace is Dean, the salesman. He was not above being bothered to come out, and see about the creaking/groaning. He agreed to try to be a go-between for us and Jim. It has still been a process of waiting weeks, and not hearing anything. We initiated a call to Dean, and he replies, "you mean no one has called you yet?" Our answer, no! Currently, they are looking into what they could apply/spray under the tub to help with the noise. Now that they are investigating, apparently the noise issue is more common than they thought. To this day, we still don't know what is going on concerning products to help insulate under the tub. Also, caulking is already pulling away from the back wall (after only 2 months), to which it took 2 weeks to hear back from the repairman.

I believe that I have been reasonable, and more than patient. If this issue does not get resolved to my satisfaction, I will have to take measures. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, Ohio Consumer Affairs, Ohio Attorney General, my uncle (who is a prominent lawyer in the region), and my friend (who directs the news at the local Fox TV station). I have also posted on Facebook about the lousy service and product. A response would be greatly appreciated.

I assume your company normally doesn’t just install “whatever size tub they feel like” into homes. I would like to hear from you no later than December 15th, 2011. The outcome I am expecting is either : 1)for you to replace the tub with a deeper tub and do something about the irritatingly loud noise it makes (assuming the new tub may creak, also), or 2)a partial refund (the cost of the tub itself), and you do something about the irritatingly loud noise it makes.

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Original review: Oct. 5, 2011

In the winter of 2007, my husband and I went to a local home fair where we visited a booth for Re-Bath, and they sold us their products and services. We had them come to our home in March of 2008 to give an estimate for the complete remodel of our shower/bath enclosure. They quoted us $5,700 dollars and we would need to put down a deposit to order up our fixtures and materials. We gave them a check for $490.

He left and contacted us, stating that he needed to come and get an extra $200 dollars for a down of 10%. We foolishly gave him cash! Though we did tell him that we didn't feel comfortable giving him cash, he made a photocopy of it and signed it. He stated that a few weeks will go by before the office will call to set up an "install appointment". That call never came!

A few weeks went by and we started to worry, so we called, and called, and called. We sent off letters; we filed a report with the BBB. Nothing has happened in 3 years. I sent off a letter to their corporate office in August 2011, and they ignored it. This company is the worst company we have ever dealt with!

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Original review: Sept. 13, 2011

We had Re-Bath remodel our bathroom last year, and we applied for a loan half of the total amount of the job; it was $2300. Re-Bath had EnerBank give us a loan for $2300 with zero percent interest. So, we did go with the remodeling. At the start of the loan, we got a payment book with the dates and the amount to pay dated September 2011. The loan was done in September 2010, and we didn't get anything from them until December 2010.

I made the first payment of $500 on December 12, 2010, check number **. The next payment was January 7, 2011 for $300, check number **. Then the next payment was February 4, 2011 for $500, the check number **. Then on February 21, 2011 we made a payment for $500, check number **, and the last payment was on March 8th, 2011 for $500, check number **. If all payments will be added up, the total would be $2300. Mind you, during the time that we were making these payments, we received no email or snail mail from EnerBank. So, we figured since I can see it online and it shows that it's paid off, maybe it's already done. Today, September 12, 2011, we got a letter from them stating that we owe them the account balance of $243.60. They want us to pay a monthly amount of $67.74. They said that the due date will be on July 7, 2014.

This is just crazy. Here's the letter that they sent us, “Our records indicate that you entered into a Same AS Cash loan agreement on September 7, 2010. After reviewing our records, it appears that we have not received the full principal balance on or before the same as cash due date of September 7, 2011. As stated in your note and disclosure, your loan is now a fixed rate installment loan that requires a minimum payment that is due every month as stated above. If you have any questions, please call our customer service department at 1-888-390-1220."

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Original review: Sept. 9, 2011

During installation, the wrong hardware was installed. We had asked and paid for controlling the temperature of water but did not receive any. We had to call and get it ordered, which took some time to do. When the new hardware was brought out, there was not a new overflow valve installed. We asked for a new one and they said that they would order it. But a couple of weeks later, they called to say that they did not install the overflow valves. Why would someone pay over $3,000 to put a rubber stopper in the tub while taking a bath?

This contract was signed on 26 Mar 11 and the new control was installed on 19 May 11. The installer didn't bring the overflow valve. The installer stated that he would have the office order one, but we never heard from them. We called and were told that it was on order with the new temperature control valve. When they notified me that the new temperature valve was in, I asked about the overflow. They said that it was all there--valve and temperature control.

When the installer got here, he did not have the overflow valve. I called the office again and they said that they would get back to me. Finally, they contacted me about a month ago stating that they did not install overflow valves. So, why would anyone pay that kind of money and still have to use a rubber stopper to take a bath? Also, when we talked to the sales rep, we were told that the old rotten wood would be replaced. On the first day of the installation, after the installer left, all of the rotten wood was still there. All he did was put the liner over the rotten wood. He said that he needed that to make a clean corner, with the liner.

I am so confused. My husband heard about this company on KTRH radio talk and there was a lot of bragging. Maybe they do good work, and are very thorough, but not in my case. My husband has to work hard and we had to save to get this done. Your help in this is greatly appreciated. My overall experience is half star. It is already September, and it still can't be fixed.

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Original review: May 24, 2011

My disabled older brother just had his hip replaced, and I wanted to get his back stall shower redone, so he could use it. He saw Re-Bath on TV. The sales rep Lori ** came out and put him through the wringer for 3-1/2 hours, while he was exhausted and in pain. She kept stalling him about prices, and instead of the "Re-Bath Liner" thing, she insisted the entire bathroom be torn out and remodeled.

It's a 6x7ft bathroom with a tiny 30x30 stall shower, and her "estimate" came to $14,640! My brother was intimidated, and she was very pushy, so he gave her a $1000 deposit. He called me the next day and said he was so high on his pain meds that he hardly remembers anything! He asked me to cancel the contract! He's on Social Security, and his wife hardly makes anything! I read over her estimate, which doesn't detail anything for such a huge price for a tiny 6x7ft bathroom! That price doesn't even include painting the walls or tiling the floor! I'm appalled how this sales rep can sleep at night!

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Original review: May 2, 2011

I wanted to take the time to thank the Re-Bath people, especially the owner Phil and his office staff Roz (who is an interpreter for the boss and easy to get along with)! Ray, the installer, came to the house to begin working on our bathroom, everything was going along just fine until he tried to put the liner into our tub. What were the odds the we would have the one that would not fit or is out of stock? So I was faced with a dilemma. A two week wait for a replacement began to smell pretty bad! Since this is the only bathroom that we have.

The other option, I wasn't even sure of. However, as everything worked out, the owner came to our rescue. He removed the existing bathtub and installed a new replacement bathtub from Re-Bath so the work could continue! Throughout the day, Ray, the main worker, worked twice as hard while Jim, the plumber, took care of all aspects of plumbing. Ray diligently worked and was very friendly to communicate with. The following day, the owner came to my door step, he wanted to make sure how the completed job turned out. I have to mention that they are extraordinary well rounded individuals, they know their work! If anybody was ever to ask me if I would I endorse them, the answer would be yes, I will definitely endorse them. As it's extremely hard today to find true workers versus workers. Anybody having a business before would definitely know what I mean. Re-Bath gets an A for the excellent work. So please continue on with the same philosophy. As I tell many people all over the world, united we stand divided we fall. This holds true to a very small company and a very large company.

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Original review: May 2, 2011

In December we had a bath unit removed and a new shower unit installed. Apart from the plumbing, the work was carried out entirely by a single installer. He worked tirelessly without a break and we feel the standard of his work should receive the recognition he deserves.

We have no hesitation in recommending Re-Bath to carry out work of a similar nature. We would be grateful if you would pass on our feelings and hope the installer continues to progress in his career.

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Original review: Nov. 1, 2010

Hi Tom, we're excited to hear that you are considering Re-Bath for your remodel and hope you'll give us a try. Please view our customer testimonials on our Facebook page as well as in this Advice Box thread: **. If you have any questions, please contact Aimee ** in the Re-Bath customer service department directly at ** ext. 154 or by email at ** and she can help you.

Rachael, on behalf of the Re-Bath corporate office

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Original review: Oct. 6, 2010

The salesman left our home just a couple of hours ago and I was looking online about Re-Bath. I saw this response to a problem they had in Sugarland, which is close to us. Someone from their home office in Tempe, AZ said to their customer with the problem: "To state that we have "not been trained to use a tape measure or a saw correctly" is offensive and untrue. We only employ master carpenters". I would expect plumbers, not carpenters to do this type of work. No wonder the customer had problems. I thank these people for sharing their story and will look for someone else to do my bathroom. It almost cost me $9000.00, which I thought was a little high.

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Original review: Oct. 1, 2010

This is a written response to the complaint posted for Re-Bath from Sugarland, TX. We have documentation on this issue. What actually happened on 1/18/10, our consultant Jason went out to visit the Verdones for a sales call. He did not sell the job because they were uncomfortable buying anything on the first day. A few weeks later, the Verdones called Jason back to say they were ready to move forward. They set up a follow up sales call on 2/1/10. Jason went back out to the home. It was at this time that Jason explained to them that our normal installation process takes 1-2 days. He never told them that their installation would only take 1 day. He said that it is possible for some of our jobs to take 1 day. But it was up to the installation team to decide which jobs were possible to do in 1 day and which jobs would take longer than that.

The week of 3/1/10, we called the Verdones to schedule their installation. It was at this time, over the phone, that we told them the installation would definitely take 2 days. We apologized for any inconvenience. But we gave them the option of either coming out on a Saturday or putting a lockbox on their home so they would not have to miss any work. They declined both and set up their installation for Thursday and Friday, 3/11 and 3/12. Then, they called the salesman, Jason, to see if there was anything he could do to push to make their job "one of the 1 day jobs" because they had to work. This clearly indicates that they were perfectly aware that this job would take more than 1 day. We were fine with working around their schedule, but they declined.

Peter arrived at their home on 3/11 and worked his normal 8 hour day. On Friday, he arrived on time again. But during the course of the installation, he ran into a few challenges, which can sometimes happen on large jobs. As the afternoon was getting longer, he asked the Verdones if they preferred him to work late to finish the job, or come back on Saturday morning to finish. They chose to keep him there on Friday night working until the job was finished. He did stay until 11 pm to finish, but that was at their own request. He was willing to come back the next morning. After the installation, the Verdones signed the Customer Approval sheet and did not list any complaints in the section titled "Comments" on the Approval sheet. They paid the balance in full, and that was that.

Three weeks later, Ms. Verdone called the office irate saying that her bathtub was too small. She stated that we sold her a larger bathtub. But it clearly states directly on the contract Standard size bathtub. Standard is 60x30, and that is what we installed. However, because Ms. Verdone was completely irate, we chose to compromise with her. We agreed that ReBath would take out the 60x30 bathtub that was on the contract, and replace it with a 60x32 bathtub - but the Verdones would be responsible for paying the cost of the new bathtub, $200. We agreed that we would not charge them for the labor, just the new bathtub, simply to make them happy. We ordered the new bathtub, and waited for it to arrive. When it arrived at our warehouse, we called the Verdones to set up a new installation. They stated that they are both teachers, so if we could set up a time in the summer after their school year ended, then they would not have to take any time off of work.

On 5/6, we sent two installers to their home to install the new bathtub. In the process of removing the walls, one wall was damaged. We explained the situation to the Verdones and gave them two choices: 1. we put the damaged wall up and simply cover the non-straight cut line with a piece of trim, or we 2. reorder a new wall, but that would mean the Verdones would again have to wait. They chose to put up the trim. We installed the new bathtub, put up the walls, and put up the trim. Then, they decided that they did not like the trim, and they decided to have us order a new wall. So, we left them with a working bathroom. We did not collect the $200 and we reordered another wall. When the wall arrived, we called them once more to schedule the final installation.

We arrived at the home on 6/18, put up the new wall, and finished. When we tried to collect the $200 that the Verdones agreed to pay us for installing a larger bathtub, they became irate once again. They called the office and we agreed to waive the $200 charge, once again - to make them happy. They were completely satisfied and seemed very happy that they did not have to pay the $200 fee that they agreed to. We never heard from them again. We went out of our way to make the Verdones happy. Every time we offered to come out on a Saturday to do the work, since they teach during the week, they refused. When they called with a complaint, we did everything in our power to make them happy. Mistakes happen, and we admit that our installer had some trouble with one of the walls when he was replacing the bathtub for them. However, we fixed everything that she was upset about, and even gave her a larger bathtub than the one on the original contract, for free. I honestly do not know what more we could have done to make them happy. I have attached all supporting documents.

Please note that every time we performed an installation, they signed the Customer Approval sheet with no comments or complaints. We pride ourselves on excellent work. And any time a customer is upset, we try to resolve the dispute any way we can. To state that we have "not been trained to use a tape measure or see correctly" is offensive and untrue. We only employ master carpenters - and we think that it shows great dedication to stay at a client's home until 11 pm to finish a job on a Friday night. Most clients would appreciate that kind of hard work, but it seems that the Verdones did not see it that way.

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Original review: Sept. 13, 2010

I had a ReBath system installed a few years ago. Some time went by when I noticed I had a stain (I've come to the conclusion that it's a hard water stain. No one was ever sent to look at it) at the bottom of my tub which has the non-skid treatment. (The installer has since retired.) I have called and sent emails to ReBath. Most time my calls were not returned. I tried the cleaners on the list. I tried the Palmolive. Long story short, they told me the product warranty did not apply to stains. However, if you notice the online ads say that their system is stain resist. I would like to have my liner replaced without the non-skid. The rest of it is okay.

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Original review: Sept. 4, 2010

We signed a contract on June 22, 2010. We were told it would take 2 days 3 at the most. Today is Sept. 4, 2010 and it still is not working. Someone was to come up today to fix it and they were not only a no-show, they didn't even bother to phone and cancel or reschedule. I get the run around every time I phone them. No one returns my calls to set an appointment or cancel.

The shower leaks, the shower door does not close properly. One of the tiles has no grout on it. It's going on three months and we still cannot use the shower.

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Original review: Aug. 22, 2010

Rebath of Central Florida, owned by Richard **, was sold to another individual in an asset sale only. Richard **, franchise owner of Rebath of Central Florida, walked away from paying his companies' debts after the sale.Thousands of dollars in materials purchased and supplied to customers' homes was never paid for. Richard ** owns another Rebath Franchise in Long Island, New York. People should be made aware that he may not pay for materials in New York and customers could have liens placed on their homes by suppliers and workers. Rebath of Central Florida stiffed one of his former employees with default judgement in the amount of $18,500.00 plus court costs and attorney fees.

The employee was kind enough to sign a credit application for Richard ** since Richard ** was an absentee owner. The debt is due to Scripps Publication, parent company for Florida Today Newspaper. Richard ** took the profit from the sale of the Rebath of Central Florida sale and skipped out on this debt and thousands of dollars more. Rebath has a very bad reputation of doing this type of thing; it is all over the internet. And their installations are of poor quality.

Again you can see it all over the internet. This guy Richard ** still qualifies Rebath of Mid Florida with his Master Plumbing license and the person harmed by the debt is seeking the State of Florida to revoke Richard ** Master Plumbing License in the State of Florida. Rebath Corporate knows of this debt problem and states, "It's not our problem."

Yet Richard ** is a Rebath Franchise Holder still in Long Island New York. Richard ** should be made to pay off this debt or have his New York franchise taken away. What kind of Franchise owners are you allowing, Dave Sanders? Force Richard ** to pay the debt.

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Original review: Aug. 20, 2010

I am sorry I did not find this site before. Reading the reviews of other Re-bath's customers, I can relate to them. They have a horrible service. I tried to order a bath. The lady in Puerto Rico didn't know how to use the VISA, so she charged many times and I had to go to the bank to solve the problem. She put a lot of pressure and was very rude and pushy because even though she didn't make the charge to my credit card because she did not know how to use it, she was blaming me for the whole situation. I solved the problem with the bank but I lost trust on them because she said she ordered the bath tub as a special favor. Come on, this is business; I know she doesn't do favors.

My bank account was frozen for several days because she messed up and that was the first experience. Then she kept calling me and demanding a deposit with a check. I did not trust them already. She kept calling me and threatens. They have a contract that allows them to keep the deposit after three days of the order. They never cashed the deposit because they did not know how to use the card.

After these people in Puerto Rico threatened me to take me to court so they can have the deposit, I don't feel like doing business with pushy people that don't know how to handle a bank account and at the top of everything are threatening to take me to court. This Re-bath thing is a nightmare. They just care about selling and having your money. At least in Puerto Rico, they have the worst customer service ever and the people who handle this company are very rude with no knowledge about business and about customer service. If you want to give your money away and have a nightmare, call Re-Bath, Puerto Rico.

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Original review: Aug. 16, 2010

I visited a Re-Bath in Baton Rouge and scheduled an appointment. My problem is that the rep said following the estimate, we will be offered a discount. But if we declined at the time, the discount would walk out the door with the rep. We don't want to waste a one-time opportunity. But we do not like that "gun to the head" without any idea of the cost of a walk in tub with installation and/or a shower replacing a tub. We just choose not to do anything at this time. If this is how they want to do business, I'd suggest to anyone the following: Get other estimates first. Then, schedule Re-Bath as the last estimate you get. This way, you know if the deal they are offering you is worth taking.

I'm sorry but I don't know what they would be charging for a walk in tub or shower installation. But I personally hate companies that do business this way. It leads me to believe that they are not the best game in town (value/price/quality). And that is why they threaten to take away the discount if they can't strong arm you into making a decision on the spot. Honestly, we shopped around with other contractors and we are glad we did. The Re-Bath discount was as fake as their sales tricks. It would have cost twice what we finally paid.

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Original review: June 22, 2010

We had to replace our bathtub in the master bath when it cracked and leaked water into the master bedroom. We talked to the Re-bath sales person. It was a hard sale as he threatened to withhold the 10% cash discount if we didn't sign a contract immediately. My husband and I sent him away without a contract but not before we copied all the notes he had taken during the sales process. He called back and offered the 10% discount whenever we were ready to sign. He sold it as a one day installation as a team would come to do the work.

When the material was ready for install, one person arrived with instructions that it was a two-day job. Not only was it a two-day job but he stayed until 11 p.m. on a Friday to complete the installation. The window frame was curved on both vertical sides. The latex caulking used around the tub and wall pieces were unpaintable and all over the paint. The tub was significantly smaller than the size indicated by the sales person. Jason came out to the house to look at the problems. He agreed that everything needed to be fixed. However, they had to order more parts.

We are teachers and taking days off to monitor the work was a big problem. Jason said no problem, it will only be a one-day fix. The crew came out to fix the issues only to create new issues. It seems that they have not been trained to use a tape measure or a saw correctly. It looked like they had tried to patch up the wall to look good--but failed!

We called Jason again. Again they had to order parts. Jason actually came to install on the last try. Most of the problems are patched--not fixed to professional standards. I have several places where I had to seal myself. It still does not look professionally installed. My recommendation to everyone I meet is not to use Re-bath for several reasons: 1) They lied about the one-day job twice; 2) They don't call when they say they will; 3) Their work is shoddy and unprofessional; 4) It took five days to complete the one-day job that was promised. At the end of the day, this is just a crap job, we could have done a better job on the details!

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Original review: June 21, 2010

In July of 2007, I contracted Re-Bath to do my main floor bath. The cost was $4,800.00. Re-Bath ordered the materials and installed the tub cover, walls, grab bar, soap, etc. holder and a shower bowed rod, plus the faucet and new drains. The first issue was the installer failed to adequately caulk around the tub walls and the water was leaking down into the basement. The company returned caulked as needed.

The next issue was that the shower rod continually fell off so again, they were contacted. A service person drilled the wall and reinstalled the rod with anchors. That didn't last for two weeks and I repaired it myself after fixing the drilled hole. The second issue was the liner released from the tub and water was getting between the two. The service man again came out and re-glued the tubs through the drain. The next issue was his repair created a drain leak into the basement so the company again was contacted and a service man attempted to repair the drain and left. The drain was fine for a month or so then started leaking again.

I contacted Re-bath about having the drain re-repaired on the Friday before a Monday holiday. They said they will call me on Tuesday after the holiday; however, it was almost four weeks to the day when they called. The company wanted to send a service man to fix the leak and inquired if we had a basement for access. We agreed that he could return the same afternoon and repair the leak.

Three minutes after we spoke, I again was contacted by the service people and was told that I would have a $69.95 service charge for the repair. I told them that it was still leaking after the last two fixes and they said that they only warranty for one year. I canceled the service trip. My issue is why the job in its entirety was not completed correctly during the installation? And why, just because they can't get it right, should I pay for another botched repair when it is their place to provide a quality service and product?

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Original review: June 16, 2010

The Ronkonkoma Re-Bath was a horror to deal with once they had my down payment. They had poor customer service on the phone and behaved as if they were the ones doing me a favor and I could go nowhere else. The actual product is subpar and they weren't able to install it in one day like they said. All they were doing was fitting one tub over the other. I will certainly not go back to them again.

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Original review: June 7, 2010

We would like to request that the posting done on 6-7-10 with the name Mike of Port Arthur, MO be removed. First of all, there is no city or town by the name of Port Arthur in Missouri. There is a Port Arthur in TX and one in WI. Which Re-Bath did this customer deal with? Besides that, the post has no specific complaint to address. I have read through terms of use and my understanding is it is for consumers to have a place to post complaints if their concerns are not being addressed by a company. Thank you.

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Original review: June 7, 2010

These wonder products never measure up to their promise. They have been around for the past thirty years and their number of outlets is around 200 across the nation which is comprised mostly one man shops. Just look at the numbers, we have about forty million baths in the USA and if a bath required replacement after twenty years than two million baths would be replaced each year. My point is if it was a wonder product then we should expect a radical shift in consumer preference but that isn't true. They do on a good year maybe forty thousand or 0.05 percent. The product never made it to main stream. Why? It is just a plastic covering that looks cheap.

My advice is expect the cost of a conventional bath room remodel to cost the same as a "Re-Bath" and using time tested products will add value to your home not take away from it like a Re-Bath. Use real products for your remodel and stop wanting for a magic pill. I promise you that you will not regret it.

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Original review: June 4, 2010

I sent a complaint in May 4. I am glad to announce that Re-Bath is addressing the pooling water problem. They will be ripping the walls out and re-leveling the tub. This is suppose to take care of the problem of the pooling water on the ledge of the tub. Can my posting be removed from this web-site. I am satisfied.

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Original review: May 21, 2010

A friend of mine had Re-Bath finish her bathroom. She was really excited about it and saved for months. The workman Re-Bath sent was a felon and stole $6500 from her and he was arrested on this charge and two others. I have read some other reports on the internet about Re-Bath sending convicted felons into someone’s home who was a policeman and he threw them out. She was too trusting. She talked to Re-Bath and they just gave her some lies. It was on Channel Five, the local TV station who carried a story about it. Re-Bath will try to say that the people who report these things are fake but I have attached the TV site where you can read about it yourself. I just pray that no one is killed or raped by these people. How much does it cost to run a background check and drug screening? A few dollars? The amount they charge is high. They must be so greedy for a dollar that they care nothing about the people who they are supposed to service.

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