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Re-Bath specializes in fast bathroom remodeling. The company offers complete remodeling services or tub/shower-only conversions, and it provides free in-home consultations and a free design process. Re-Bath also offers tub/shower conversions especially for those with limited mobility and seniors who wish to age in place. Slip-resistant technology, accessible bathroom remodels and walk-in tubs are available in stylish options that will update your bathroom while increasing safety.

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  • Can be used 24 hours after install
  • Product and installation warranties
  • Free in-home consultation


  • Pricing not available online
  • Preset selection of fixtures

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Re-Bath specializes in stylish, fast bathroom remodeling, tub/shower conversions and accessibility features. Choose from a selection of high-quality, coordinating materials and products.

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Rated with 2 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 21, 2013

In 2008, I had a bath liner installed in the main bathroom. About a year ago, the water started to go between the liner and the original bath tub. I don't know why it is doing that. It is taking on more water with each shower. It is now very buoyant and dangerous to stand up. I don't know what to do about it. I can't locate Re-Bath in the Twin Cities anymore. I would like to get it fixed.

Re-Bath response

Dear Ms. Lien, We're sorry to hear that you're having problems with your bathtub liner. Our records show that your bathtub was removed by Metro Re-Bath, but that you did not approve the quote to move forward with a re-installation via Re-Bath. We would appreciate you updating or removing this review to better reflect your satisfaction with the removal of your bathtub. Thank you so much!

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 25, 2013

I had a Re-Bath remodel done 6 years ago and now water has accumulated between the liner and original bathtub. The franchise who installed it has gone out of business. I definitely would join a class action suit against Re-Bath and discourage anyone from purchasing their product or services!

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Rated with 2 stars
Original review: Oct. 4, 2013

ReBath is not what it lives up to be as other complaints I see the contractor that installed our bath is now out of business and so we have to call and wait a month before someone comes out to fix the tub that continues to lift. The mold around the tub consistently builds up. No matter what is used, it does not come up. The caulk that is supposed to be lifetime mold free is a joke. I'm in for a class action suit against the company. I also believe that since Home Depot promotes this company that they should share in some of the responsibility. I am so aggravated, I wish I would have never purchased this product.

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Rated with 2 stars
Original review: Sept. 29, 2013

Rebath is selling a product, not a quality bathroom renovation. They want to wrap your bathroom in acrylic. They quoted me a price of $25,000 for 2 bathrooms. And that was not even a finished product. After they were done, I would still have to get a painter and an electrician to complete the job. They said they do not recommend to anyone. The product is speed. They even say that there are better products, they just cost more?? Even with the so-called speed, the remodel would be six weeks before they would get started. I cannot imagine why I would consider Berschall installation over Berschall starting. I guess that is a question for their business model. The person that came to my house was all about his commission. Buyer beware!

Re-Bath response

Dear Bennie, We're sorry to hear you were not happy with the Re-Bath quote you received. We hope you did find a contractor to meet your needs and would appreciate your consideration in removing your review since Re-Bath did not renovate your bathroom. Thank you!

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Factual basis uncertain
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 26, 2013

I hired Rebath of tri-cities, WA in the winter of 2012 to remodel my shower. They came over with their "in person" sales pitch and about 50 A+ positive reviews about their work. It seemed legit, but overpriced. I talked my husband into it for two reasons: one, they promise to get the job done in one day and two, because they were backed with 100% satisfactory guarantee and a lifetime warranty. I figured if it all went south, they'd have to fix it for free and that would be worth the money. However, after the demo and install day, they in fact, did NOT finish in the same day. They ordered the wrong door and I had to wait two additional weeks to receive that. During those weeks my caulking started to peel off. I mean, right off.... no effort whatsoever. So when they returned with the door the installer said he fixed it but was very annoyed with my request. It was still not right.

6 months later I called them back because it was literally coming off altogether. They sent another installer that just "covered" the botched caulking and it looked worse than it did before. At this point I was starting to wonder if my $4k shower was meant to be hideous. I called them back a few months later when the base of my shower was covered with mold and told them there was no way to clean it without pulling out the remaining caulking. They sent two new guys out I hadn't seen before. These two said the caulking was horrible, the guy who did it has since been fired and they would fix it correctly, but that the mold was so bad they'd have to replace the threshold. I agreed and when I scheduled the last appt I told Loretta (office manager) that the caulk in the whole shower would need replacing because it was peeling off, done unprofessionally from the get go and I want it done right. She agreed and two weeks later the last installer showed up.

I explained to him before I had to leave that I wanted it done right and it seemed we were on the same page. That night when I returned he missed about a foot of caulking that is a different color than the new caulking. He also said the threshold didn't need replacing after all. So he was there for no more than one hour. I walked into the shower afterwards and was so frustrated by their lack of attention to detail and professional quality of work. I am so done with this company and feel totally ripped off. I want everyone to be warned. Their "reviews" are not true, they do not hire professionals, and they charge WAY more than they are worth. Now I am forced to hire a real professional to fix this correctly because I've had enough. I may just sue them for the cost and hassle.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: June 18, 2013

I contacted Re-Bath locally to have my master bath remodeled before my husband came home from the rehab after an amputation. They told me it would take 2-3 weeks. I had to pay upfront which I never do but they wouldn't do it any other way (should have been a sign!). Six months later, we still had not had our bathroom done. We contacted their main offices in CA and filed a complaint. After going round and round, we settled for a lesser amount to get our bathroom done and they finally came and got it done. But it was 6 months, not 2-3 weeks as promised! The local dealer went belly up, no surprise! They are under new management and I don't know if they are better doing business or not.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: June 14, 2013

Re-Bath turned my bathroom into a mold-infested mess. The Franchise went belly up and Re-Bath national won't stand behind their warranty. I'm out about $12,000, a small amount when trying to sue a large company with fat cat lawyers. But if enough of us with damages by Re-Bath get together, we can explore a class action suit against them. I think they intentionally know that their franchisees are substandard. If you feel Re-Bath owes you money for not delivering what you paid for, contact me.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 2, 2013

I was quoted over $23,500 to do a 60 sq ft bathroom remodel. That's around $400/sq ft, at least double/triple what any other contractors quoted for me. Absolutely ridiculous.

Re-Bath response

Dear Mr. Douglas, we're sorry to hear you were not happy with the Re-Bath quote you received. Our average bathroom remodel ranges anywhere from $2,500 to $25,000 depending on the materials and fixtures you choose as well as plumbing and/or walls that may need to be relocated. We hope you did find a contractor to meet your needs and would appreciate if you'd consider removing this review all together since Re-Bath did not renovate your bathroom. Thank you!

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 19, 2013

In January 2013, we had a salesman come to my home and do his presentation. We decided to go ahead with ReBath and we were promised that work was to start in 11 weeks. Here it is, the end of May 2013. After many excuses, poor customer service and many accidental damage or mishaps, we are still waiting for help in getting our money back and cancelling the order. After months of phone calls, time missed from work, and aggravation, the owner flat out said, "No, we can't do that." This is from the Pacific ReBath in Oxnard, and the owner’s name is Mike.

We are filing a small claims legal dispute and filing a report with the BBB as well. All we want is to get our 50% down deposit ($5,500.00) and a cancellation of work that was agreed to back in January 2013; that's all. After all the problems and frustration, who would want a business like ReBath to even touch their bathroom? Not me, thank you. I already have an attorney and filing with the courts will begin this week.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: May 7, 2013

Paid $2247.50 in February 2013, three months later, no response - If a refund is not made, I will have no choice but to file in small claims court.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: May 6, 2013

First, they began to charge me for work that was not completed. I called to complain and they said, "We'll fix it." One week later, they didn't so I had to call the BBB. Lo and behold, two days later it was fixed. Then the work they completed was done okay, but it was the small things like not cleaning the cabinets out after they drilled the holes in them for handles or little spots of white paint from the trim on the walls. I didn't want to deal with them anymore so I fixed it myself and moved on. Now less than 1 year later, my shower is leaking. This was a huge amount of money put into a really crappy job. Very disappointed with the Re-Bath of Killeen, TX. Buyers beware.

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Rated with 2 stars
Original review: May 5, 2013

We recently had ReBath redo our upstairs bathroom. The workmen were efficient and the job was done well. However, I had ordered a matte finish for the walls and didn't get it. When I saw this and called to complain, I was told they didn't make matte finish in the color I got. With the order in front of me, I explained that it was clearly written on the order form. The salesman just kept repeating that it didn't come in matte finish. The installer mentioned that the matte finish was recently discontinued. I believe it was ReBath's responsibility to notify me if the product I ordered was no longer available. Instead, they installed a different product. I got $150 off the $9,800 bill, but was told that was for a different problem. They originally were going to install into the closet area and then couldn't, so the deduction was because they didn't use as much product. So, although I was pleased with the work done, I would not recommend ReBath in Greenfield, MA because they did make an error and made no attempt to rectify it.

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Factual basis uncertain
Original review: April 22, 2013

I wanted to forward you our complaint we made today to the Better Business Bureau regarding ReBath of Houston. Sadly, we are most likely out of $16,800, but at least I feel some justice/redemption if I can warn others of our experience. Here is what we submitted to BBB: We met Jeff from ReBath sales in 2012 to get a quote for remodeling two bathrooms. We were especially interested in a "groutless" remodel. Jeff brought several samples of a thick stone-like material that would be used. At the time, the price of $16,000 seemed high but reasonable for the tear out of two showers, mold remediation, new flooring in one bathroom, removal of tile wainscot in the master bath, and the higher quality stone replacement for the showers/bath.

When the remodel began, we had our first evidence of deceit. The old shower tile and dry wall were removed and significant mold was evident, which was expected. Upon returning home that evening, it was discovered that the old studs and moldy insulation had not been removed. Instead, the wall had been covered with new dry wall (pics available), and you could see the moldy insulation and studs on the bottom of the wall. We halted the project until we could speak with the project manager who explained that the city was coming to inspect the plumbing so they needed to cover that up for the inspection, otherwise they would require another inspection for framing.

I demanded they do the work correctly. I felt very uncomfortable about their plan to trick the inspector. After all of that was finally done correctly, we came home to find our newly installed shower was very cheap prefab 1/8 plastic instead of the thick stone-like material we were shown. Only the stone-like material was used for the base of the shower. In one bathroom, there is a line cut through it about an inch above the base where it looks like they messed up the measurements and cut it too short the first time. The hardware is already rusting.

Both bathrooms look cheap and terrible. They also did not remove the tile wainscot in the master, stating it was not part of our contract. Calls and texts to our salesperson went unanswered. We tried on numerous accounts to contact the owner of the company, leaving messages, with no return calls. We sent an email which bounced back because the inbox was full. We feel completely scammed and unhappy with the final product.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: April 13, 2013

Beware of ReBath. They did a horrible job with substandard plumbing that caused major mold issues in my condo. In fact, I had to tear into the bathroom in the condo below mine because the mold was so bad. Now I'm out thousands of dollars. The local ReBath agent went bankrupt and the national ReBath company is refusing to do anything to back up their warranty. Save yourself a lot of grief and look for someone else to remodel your bathroom. Now it will cost me thousands more for the attorney I've just hired. I'll get my money back sooner or later. I wouldn't let this trash outfit do a job for me for free.

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Rated with 2 stars
Original review: March 29, 2013

ReBath of El Paso - ReBath sales rep failed to make scheduled appointment. Receptionist called within minutes of the appointment to reschedule for the following week. Work was being done for a 94-year-old woman. ReBath’s mistake forced the contractor to go with a much higher costing option, which in turn is costing the 94-year-old woman more money...

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Rated with 2 stars
Original review: March 27, 2013

We had our Re-Bath tub and surround installed on Nov. 1, 2012 by Re-Bath of Tri-Cities. From the beginning we found that our tub was squeaky and continued to get worse as time went by. I called within three days to bring this to their attention. It took two months for the installer to come back to assess the situation and another two and a half months to finally replace the tub and the shower surround on March 20, 2013. So far, all is well. I believe it was initially installed incorrectly. During this period of time I made phone calls and emails to Re-Bath and would go two to three weeks without a response from them. Eventually I would have to call again.

I do sympathize with Ken from his 3/13/13 post since he had the same franchise as I did. To anyone out there, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Keep a detailed log, by date, of your entire process, which I did.
2. Go to your state's Dept of Labor and Industries' website to check your contractor and see if his licenses are up-to-date and not expired. I had to remind Re-Bath of Tri-Cities that one of their licenses had indeed expired and they had to get it renewed ASAP.
3. Contact your state Attorney General's office with your situation. I haven't had to go there yet.

4. Contact Re-Bath corporate office. I will be doing this soon. This should tell me if they really care. Maybe this will help you Ken.

Finally, after all the hassle, I will not recommend this franchise to anyone. Customer service should be the number one priority. In my business, if I don't build a positive rapport with my customers, I will get negative results. There is a saying that goes around, "If you are going to do it, do it right the first time!"

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: March 26, 2013

I hired Rebath in May 2010. The first problem was the saleslady, Lori, who showed me a whirlpool tub and told me it was the best one because of the location of the jets. The installer put in the tub while it was at work. The next day, I noticed it was not the tub I picked out. After numerous calls to the owner, Carol, and many excuses, she told me the tub did not exist and the company they order the tubs from made a mistake on the advertisement. She said the only thing she could do was to refund me $400. At this point, there's nothing I could do; the tub was already installed.

The second problem, after a couple of weeks of bathing, I happen to go downstairs and the plastic cover over my light fixture had fallen to the floor due to a leak from the tub. The carpet was saturated. I called the company, and they sent the installer back out. He had not tightened up some piping leading from the tub, so he took care of that. I asked him about the carpet on the floor, and he said he couldn't do anything about that. I told him he needed to replace the cover for my light. He went and got a cheap cover that didn't match the other covers in my basement.

The third problem was when the installer put my cabinets in, there was a heat vent behind them. Before he installed them, he said he would put an extension there. Again, I came home from work and the cabinets and counter was installed. I assumed he did what he said he would do. Winter came around and the counter seemed very hot. I could not see behind there so I thought it was ok. On the second winter, I noticed the seams in the cabinets were coming apart, which brings me to this winter. I had a contractor who was doing other work take a look. He could not see behind there either. He said that there is no extension and the installer just put the cabinets and counter right over the heat duct.

I called the Rebath so they can come out and take a look, thinking they would remove the cabinets and do what should have been done in the first place. They first said they had no record of my job at all. I gave them the invoice number. They said they can't find anything. They asked me to make a copy of my contract and mail it to them. I did that. After a week, I called and they said they didn't receive it. By now, I know they're coming up with any excuse. I said, “Why don't you just send someone out to address my complaint?” I was then told that they can’t do that without the paperwork. What legitimate company does not have records after only 3 years? This job cost me $15,000.

They also claimed that the installer does not work there anymore. A week later, I got a call saying they found the paperwork I mailed but after 3 years, there’s nothing they can do. I have dealt with a lot of companies and most construction companies will at least give you 5 years. The salesperson told me they stand behind their work - that was a lie. The lady I talked to (Gwen) had the nerve to say to me, "Can you take a car back after three years?” She said they can send someone out, but there is a $95.00 fee, and there is still no guarantee anything would be done. Why didn't they tell me that in the first place? Simple, they make up stuff as they go along. Please don't do business with this company. Learn from my mistakes.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 16, 2013

I found Re-Bath in a trailer-showroom, which was parked at a Home Depot. A salesman came to my house. On that day I hired them to install a shower. The first issue is the accident. The second issue is the quality of work. The accident: The plumber working for Re-Bath finished his work. He left the property, failing to return the crawl space access cover to its correct position. The contractor working for Re-Bath broke a work light bulb in the bathroom. He asked me for a replacement bulb. When I stepped into the hall closet, my right leg stepped off into the thin air of the crawl space opening. My left leg bent at the knee under my weight and folded up to my rear end. As I fell, my 230-pound body was forced to the right. The edge of the crawl space access caught my right side, cracking a rib. My upper torso caved-in the wall.

I told the contractor to leave. I drove to the veteran's hospital emergency room for care. The VA healthcare was the only health care I could afford (free to me because I am 70% disabled, service connected). Therein began better than a week of agonizing pain of my side. It was torturous to even lower and raise myself to and from the toilet. There are no safety handrails in a private home. After two years, my knee continues to be painful, but my side stopped killing me nearly two years ago. Re-Bath soon began asking for their final payment. When I told the young people calling me that I had to wait to look at the job because I was in great pain and taking drugs for pain due to the fall, they laughed at me. Yes, laughed. What was wrong with the male and female callers? Later, Re-Bath sent a demand letter for payment. I had no ethical choice but to pay them.

The VA appears to be over burdened with Veterans of baby-boomer age and young people returning from armed conflict. The VA sent me to physical therapy and issued more pain relievers. At physical therapy they said there was nothing they could do but that I could "rub it like **". With knee pain persisting, they took x-rays and an MRI. An outside consulting firm reported to the VA that there was something torn in my kneecap and something "clipped". In rebuttal, the VA physician’s assistant in orthopedics ruled that the x-ray showed no damage. The physician’s assistant refused to order a second MRI. The VA's x-ray showed that a rib had been cracked and had healed.

Two years later, I sought private treatment for my knee when becoming eligible for Medicare at age 64. A wonderful primary care doctor sent me to a wonderful orthopedic surgeon, the first real doctors seen for my knee. The orthopedic surgeon sent me to physical therapy for several weeks, three times per week. That wonderful care has helped strengthen my knee. As my therapist said, the strengthening will make me more comfortable. It has but pain remains. My limp is 95% less though pain is virtually a constant companion if I walk fast.

I talked with an attorney after the accident. He told me what my doctor would have to have documented were he to file suit. I explained that I was never seen by a real VA doctor and couldn't afford to pay for a private doctor. I told the lawyer that the VA was done with me. The two-year window of filing suit recently closed. With no chance of obtaining satisfaction through legal recourse, Re-Bath has left me with a painful knee and has done no more than laugh at my misfortune, which is a direct result of their negligence.

Yes, I'm old fashioned and an old man or a person in the last quarter of his life, but where human decency and integrity are absent, a void is filled with indignation at any age. Indignation shares this life with pain. The second issue is one of color matching, which Re-Bath was not informed of. I saved up for this job and paid a pretty penny for it. I paid extra for a matching soap and bottle holder for the shower corner. I was in so much pain for so long that I didn't care to really look at it. In fact, for several months I used a second shower. I couldn't enter the bathroom. The job represented lowly human behavior.

The color difference between shower walls and soap holder is clear to the eye. I've grown accustomed to it after two years. Should I have called Re-Bath and complained? Yes, but I could not bear to look at a reminder of Re-Bath nor bear to speak to them. As a side note, the contractor left me a tube of caulking and instructed me in how to apply it to the shower pan.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 13, 2013

Re-Bath of the Tri Cities did a beautiful job on my bath remodel. All of their installers were courteous and respectful of my home. They put down drop cloths leading from outside to my bath. The job was done in only two days. The only problem came with the floor. My wife had picked out white tile with black grout to match the wainscoting installed on the wall behind the toilet. The tile that was installed was far from white. It was a shade of yellow, which Re-Bath called oyster white. Before the job was started, we were told that if anything was not right, they would remove it and replace it until it was right. When we told them that the floor tile was wrong, my wife was told the floor would be made right for a price. We have paid Re-Bath because we did not want the installers to have to wait to get paid for their labor. We are not satisfied and have no leverage to use with Re-Bath to have the mistake rectified.

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Rated with 2 stars
Original review: Jan. 26, 2013

Re-Bath installed our bath/shower in our upstairs bathroom in 2009. It was not installed properly and leaked into our downstairs bedroom. They came and repaired the leak. The pipes were not attached correctly. Later, I noticed the tub insert was not glued to the original tub and water was seeping into between the two. They came and re-glued the tub and re-caulked. Now 2012, the tub/shower is leaking again into our downstairs bedroom and the labor is no longer warrantied (only 2 years). Long story short, don't use Re-Bath. Shortcuts in remodeling your bath is not worth the pain.

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Factual basis uncertain
Original review: Jan. 12, 2013

I hired Re-Bath in June of 2012 and gave Barry ** of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin $7,000 down for a complete bathroom remodel. He has been a "no call, no show." And to date, January 11, 2013, he has yet to deliver any goods. I have taken him to small claims court only to win the case but not to get my money back. In the midst of this, I have received calls from other suckers taken by this scam. Please do not give Barry ** any money for any job because he will not deliver. He is currently working under another name. Now, he is working as Perfect Home Services Inc. DBA. He is going to take your money and he will not show up to do the work. If you have been taken by this scam artist, please file your complaint with the court system.

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Factual basis uncertain
Original review: Nov. 28, 2012

This company is a total sham! The Re-Bath franchisee took our $5,000 down payment and never came to do the work or return our money! I called corporate but all they care about is their online reputation. The fact that customers of their franchisees are being scammed is of no concern to them and they won't even address the problem probably because they’re getting too much money off the franchisee's fees! It's 14 weeks out and we still have not had our $5,000 returned to us. So apparently, they think they can steal money through contracts and that's okay!

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Rated with 2 stars
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 26, 2012

I am 88 years old and a long-time customer of Rebath, and I had bought a walk-in bathtub (Model 4828ST) in every house that I lived in. I was very satisfied until this year, when I had a problem with the air bubbles system in the tub and with the automatic drain system. I called them in July of 2012, and nothing. I've continued calling and calling, and every time, I talk with this very nice lady who is trying to help me. But she can never reach anyone from the service department. They are out on the field or not in the office. Every time, I get the same answer that someone will call me back. One time, they actually did call and said that they need to order something and that when they will have it, they will let me know and schedule an appointment. But they never did. Last time I called was three days ago. When I asked to talk with the manager, the lady said that he is not in the office and that he will call me the next day. Again, nobody did.

I really like the product, and I will like to take full advantage of using it, which I can't if parts of it are not working. I also have a doctor's order of taking a jet bath twice a day, which I cannot do since they don't work. I also tried to contact a regular plumber, even though my tub is still in warranty. But I couldn't find one that knows how to deal with this product. I don't know what else to do, so maybe someone at Rebath will see this complaint and do something.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 19, 2012

A Re-Bath salesman came to our home and used high-pressure and highly manipulative techniques to try to get my husband and me to commit to their offer the night of the estimate. The presentation took 2.5 hours and clearly was not altered at all, even though we were trying to hold/entertain a 2-year-old who we had to keep up past her bedtime because the guy just kept going on and on. Most of this presentation was spent watching a PowerPoint of information I already knew about the company from researching them on the internet.

From the beginning, the salesman seemed more interested in interrogating us over other options we were considering and giving me his opinion that other remodeling companies we had received bids for (and we didn't give him names of companies because that felt awkward) were not trustworthy or respectful because they were taking a couple days between taking the measurements and the final bids. He asked me, "How does that make you feel that they didn't respect your time enough to give you a number?" I thought to myself that it doesn't bother me that a company understands that remodeling a historic 1947 home's bathroom requires a little more thought than taking measurements of surface materials and plugging it into a 10-cell pricing chart (like Re-Bath did), and it definitely isn't good business practice to make a major home improvement decision without investigating a few different options.

The salesman wasted so much of the presentation trying to badmouth who he assumed was bidding on our remodel. I finally just said that I'd prefer to focus on what Re-Bath had to offer. It was clear to me from the salesman's behavior he must have received some extra incentive for signing a person up the day of the presentation. He was clearly angry with me when I told him we would be taking a week to look at all of our options before making a decision. He actually said, "So, you've just been wasting my time then?" Additionally, I can say that while these look like good quality imitations of stone/tile work, it is not worth paying over double the cost of even higher-end tile/grout systems. (Re-Bath bid us $8,400 for just the shower.) Re-bath materials have less resale value regardless of what a Re-Bath salesman thinks of these products and when most people end up staying in their home for 10 years or less. This isn't smart investing, and in the end, that is what you are doing every time you improve your home.

On a final note, while I am not LDS, I found the following conversation that occurred at the very beginning of the meeting unprofessional and offensive. The salesman and his "trainee" were talking to us about our daughter and baby on the way. Making conversation, I asked each of them about their kids and the trainee said he had five children. The head salesman then added something like,"Yeah, he used to be LDS and you know how that goes," giving me eyebrows. Now, I realize that this guy has noticed we have a wine rack in our living room and a coffee pot in our kitchen, and made an assumption we are not LDS/mormon, and now is making a comment to me about a religious stereotype? Not appropriate and I wish I had ended the presentation right then since this was my first red flag of many — seriously, too many to list out here!

Re-Bath response
Dear Ms. Carroll,

We're sorry to hear about your experience with one of our Re-Bath Design Consultants. We understand that our franchise owner did reach out with a personal apology. We hope you felt the owner's apology was genuine and that the consultant's comment is not a reflection of Re-Bath. If so, we would appreciate your consideration in updating this review and/or removing it entirely since you decided not to have Re-Bath install your bathroom. Thank you!

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Original review: Sept. 1, 2012

Re-Bath Madison, WI does not deliver. We met with Re-Bath salesperson, Barry, to have new shower doors and additional work done. We signed the contract and were told it would be 6 to 8 weeks. We had to call them at 10 weeks to find out what the status was, nobody called. Then they scheduled the installation date. Well, 8 am came the day of installation and nobody showed up and nobody called (we shifted schedules around, etc. to facilitate this). Nobody called back to reschedule the installation. We have called the corporate office but they cannot help except talk to the franchise manager which is no help. We want our money back and have submitted to them a letter to terminate the contract. It has been 3+ weeks and Barry has not gotten back to us even though we call him many times per week. This company is a sham.

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Original review: Aug. 23, 2012

I requested an in-home estimate to replace a shower, toilet, and flooring. The salesman who came had very few samples and was reluctant to go through steps to obtain and display more. Quite frankly, my wife and I have to take some of the responsibility for allowing ourselves to be rushed through the process, but we did make some picks from some small samples of the flooring and shower walls. After agreeing to the deal, we were then told that we would have to wait 3 months for the installation and would have to pay 1/2 down. We should have backed out then, but we went on with the deal and paid the down payment. Time went by, and after 3 months, we had heard nothing. So my wife called and the lady on the phone said, "Okay we'll schedule you right away" (?) So the job began shortly.

We were told that it would be a 3-day job. Things seemed to go okay at first, until the installer brought in the shower wall materials. It looked nothing like what the wife and I thought we had selected. The installer assured us that the pattern was what had been ordered. So it had been months since the order was placed and the bathroom was torn up, and I was ill, so we gave them the benefit of a considerable doubt and allowed the installation to proceed just to get it over with. The end result was what I would consider to be a mismatched floor and shower enclosure. So the installation proceeded. When it was time to check out the job, my wife did it because I was very ill. She wasn't careful enough and gave the installer the remainder of the money. Most of the job was done okay but the installer had obviously rushed to finish up. There was silicone caulking excessively smeared around on ceiling, walls, and baseboard.

The quarter round had been removed to allow for the floor installation, and had primarily been stuck back in place with caulk. One outside corner had a gap of almost 1/4 inch. When I called later to attempt to get the situation corrected, the salesman tried to explain away every complaint and displayed no interest in satisfaction at all. When I told him that the silicone would prevent paint from stocking, he tossed off the statement with a comment about "having to caulk the seams" to do a proper job and refused to accept the fact that there were smears as over an inch from a shower wall joint. He called back the next day and said that he had been told that a local paint store had something that could be painted onto silicone and then painted over. The representatives at the paint store said, "That's a lie!" So, I went ahead when I had recovered from my illness and, with a lot of effort, scraped enough silicone off to allow painting, and fixed my baseboards.

Lessons learned - don't trust salesmen. If a salesman has samples and does not have something you really like, end the session until he can produce more. Do not accept a 3-month schedule. Do not pay half down. Confirm before the installation starts that the materials are what you ordered. Do not pay the remainder of the money until you have thoroughly inspected the job. Do not assume that just because the first couple of days' work looked okay that the last day's work will be done to similar standards. And so on. In other words, be a lot better prepped consumer than I was and be a lot more insistent. Also shop around. I have already started getting estimates on another bathroom (Re-Bath excluded, of course). I am taking my time and have already found out that I can really beat Re-Bath's price. My only consolation is that I have definitely cost Re-Bath at least two jobs so far and I enjoy passing along comments to people looking at Re-Bath's display at Home Depot. People do seem to listen.

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Original review: Aug. 9, 2012

The problem started on 6/6/2012 with Re-Bath. A sales rep came out and he told us (me and my wife) that he could make a bigger shower. However, the shower we received was smaller and the space between the top and the bottom was very minimal. It was also leaking from the left side and under the door. I paid $6,500.00 for this shower with my Home Depot card. The sales rep never told me about the Baltimore code when installing a shower, where you need a certain amount of space for medic to come in, so now, they want to credit me $1,100 and want me to pay the remaining balance of $5,400.

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Original review: July 30, 2012

After having my whole bathroom done by Re-Bath in May, I am still waiting because they have to tear everything out and start over! It will be August when they do this. In the meantime, we had to cancel all of our flooring work and driveway, garage, porch! They screwed up our whole summer with our company. Almost 2 and 1/2 months of plywood floors in our rooms. Their salesman know how to get you! Please if you're thinking of having Re-Bath do your work, look for someone you can trust. They make it sound so nice and fast, but believe me, you will regret it.

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Original review: July 23, 2012

It was very nice to start with but now the tub is cracked and I have tried for 6 or more years to find the people who did it. They are no longer in Columbia. I am 70 and Ralph is 91. We do not have the money to fix it or buy a new one. These people lied to us. Can anyone help us?

Re-Bath response

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Graham, We're sorry to hear about your experience with your bathroom remodel by Re-Bath. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss a resolution with you. Please reach out to our corporate customer service office at 1-800-426-4573. We look forward to hearing from you -- Thank you so much!

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Original review: June 1, 2012

Say no to Re-Bath! My Re-Bath nightmare: I met with Ron, a salesman from Re-Bath, on Friday, June 3, 2011 at 6pm in my home. After his sales pitch, I picked out the bathtub, tub surround, tub/shower fixtures, 1 round toilet, and wainscot for lower wall and trim. I was informed I would receive a 210% discount if I made a down payment that night, and that work would begin in 36 weeks. I put down, in good faith, a $5,000 down payment. I was promised I would not be without a 4 functioning toilet at any time and all work would be completed within 53 consecutive days. I did not get a round toilet. The one I picked out and paid for was damaged, so Tristan took it upon himself to pick out one he liked and installed an oval one, which is most definitely a man’s toilet, not a woman’s which is quite uncomfortable and ugly.

I do not recall ever seeing in writing the 10% discount I supposedly received. I was promised work to start in 6 weeks. It was 2 days shy of 10 weeks! I was without a toilet for 3 days and without a shower for 5, which covered a weekend! All work was guaranteed to be completed within 3 consecutive days, whereas it took 5. On August 17, 2011 (almost 10 weeks [75 days] later!), Re-Bath finally came to install my dream bathroom. Or so I thought! The problems I found, I reported to Re-Bath via email to Stephanie who assured me everything would be taken care of. When the work was complete, I noticed there was no electricity to 4 rooms in my home that had previously worked.

The bathroom light/fan/nightlight did not work properly. The light and fan were connected to the same switch and the nightlight did not work at all. I did not receive the paperwork/warranties from the items I purchased (sink, vanity, mirrored medicine cabinet, and toilet topper). When I received a final bill, I emailed Re-Bath and informed them I would pay the bill as soon as they fulfilled their promise to fix the problems and give me my warranties for items I bought. A Re-Bath representative hired an electrician to fix the electrical problems, if they found they were due to Re-Bath’s mistake. He came out on August 25, 2011. The letter from Schwartz Electric states that they did indeed find that the neutral or white wire was not making connection back to the panel. That is because Tristan cut it! They could not find any connection with the work in the bathroom to my problem.

They admitted they broke off a switch plate cover to the basement light switch, and left the mess for me to clean up. They admitted the chipped paint off a blank cover on my ceiling and pried it open. This has been covered for the past 25 years! They admitted to entering my attic. They totally missed that the light/fan switch in the bathroom did not work properly. How could a trained electrician miss that? They reported numerous code violations (all homes have code violations as codes constantly changed. This home was built in early 60’s, so obviously there are code violations compared to today’s standards!), caused numerous damages to my home! Damaged drywall when removing kitchen switch plate cover, damaged ceiling when removing pained over cover, damaged ceiling in kitchen/living room when in attic, and destroyed outlet cover in basement and left the mess.

As I did not trust the electrician Re-Bath hired, and who could when he missed the most obvious problem - the bathroom light switch not properly working - I hired Fox Electric. Matt, an electrician with Fox Electric, came to my home on Friday, September 2. He found/repaired the following: Bath fan has 3 circuits, two (fan and light) of which were connected to one switch the other (night light) not connected at all. He repaired it, so all three are connected to their own switch. He found the bath fan was installed incorrectly, was not properly braced to support unit, but held up by drywall and one screw. Bracing between rafters is required. Also it was found that electrical connections were made outside of junction box and junction box cover was pinching the wiring. He found other two switch circuits were cut and tapped in attic! Not code!

Matt informed me that all junction boxes are required to have access, one was covered up by Re-Bath. He found that the vanity light was installed against code and the back plate for fixture was missing. When the vanity was removed, found circuit for kitchen light and other cut and tapped in the wall! Matt found hot lead cut and taped in wall as well. He found all circuits in junction box were cut and left in wall, when electrical junction receptacle to the right of sink was removed to cover it with the wainscot. I did not want this to go to court. All I wanted was for Re-bath to own up to their mistakes and do the right thing by paying for the electrician and repair to my ceiling. And I would pay what I owed (if anything) once these costs were deducted from final payment. Now, I have a white trash bathroom and white trash kitchen/living room. I’m heading to court in 2 hours. I hope the judge sees Re-Bath for what they are.

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