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RainSoft Water Treatment Systems

RainSoft Water Treatment Systems

RainSoft Water Treatment Systems

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RainSoft Water Treatment Systems

About RainSoft Water Treatment Systems

RainSoft manufacturers and sells water conditioning and water filtration systems for residential customers. A water expert can visit your home for a free water analysis. RainSoft offers solutions for whole-home hard water conditioning to improve bathing, washing dishes and doing laundry. The company also focuses on drinking water solutions to improve water taste and clarity.

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  • Referral program
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Free in-home water analysis
  • Energy-efficient options


  • No salt-free softeners
  • Pricing not available online

Bottom Line

RainSoft offers traditional, salt-based water softeners and drinking water carbon filtration systems. Customers can visit the website to schedule a free in-home water analysis and find a local dealer to get a quote.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 19, 2013

We purchased the water filtration system from Rainsoft. I think it's the EC4. The installation team did explain the system and answered all my questions. The few first days, it wasn't working but I think it's good now. It's okay. The water is softer. I know it's a big difference since having the system than not having it. The sink is not corroded with bath salts. It's a big help. I still don't drink this water because I'm not too sure how filtered it is from that. My satisfaction is very good.

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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: June 19, 2013

We just purchased the water conditioning system from Rainsoft, the one that was in the $7,000 range (not the more expensive one). What happened is we recently purchased this house and we got this little card in the mail saying, ''We have a housewarming gift for you.'' It was a 50-dollar Home Depot card and so we looked into that and I guess it is the incentive to get you to get in contact with Rainsoft, but that was not a problem with us because we were actually eager to find somebody that could help replace the smell the we've had in this house. It's a brand new house but it had well water, so that's why we went with the system.

Everybody was friendly. When Bill came in to show us what the product did and then the guy that set it up, they were extremely friendly. He said that if we had any trouble, we were to call the numbers on the system itself or in the manual. There's tons of different information to contact them.

I've noticed that there is definitely a difference in the smell of the water. That's for sure. Then, there's the texture that is on your hands after you wash your hands. Now it feels slick and I always thought that was like slime but I guess Bill was saying that's your natural skin's oil. We've been telling several people about it already. They were spectacular and better than expected.

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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: June 18, 2013

Up in Illinois, we've had water treatment systems for almost forever. We've been down here 14 years. I purchased a brand new water softener from Rainsoft. I first heard of them here in the park and didn't have any trouble at all with the appointment. The salesman was knowledgeable and so was the installer. I was very pleased with the whole experience. It was very enjoyable. Water is now softer. I would recommend them to a friend.

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Rated with 3 stars
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Original review: June 18, 2013

The Rainsoft filter is fantastic. The salesperson was very knowledgeable. Just one thing, I'm not sure if the system is working or not. I see to it when the guys installed the filter, the system was working but after everything, it's leaking. So he had to come back. And we called up three times. I told the guy to check this out with me as the filter was a little dirty. He just left this off outside. He told my wife, ''You have to clean and then you plug this on. It's going to work.'' I called before but it looks like over there in the company, they really didn't care. The only thing is I already paid and this season I have his stuff outside. I took parts off. Personally, I thought it would not be a big deal for the technician guy, just figuring it out and getting everything running properly.

We talked to the technician twice and then he said, ''No problem, if you still have problems, I would go in the afternoon.'' Then the other day we called him again and I was not sure if he was working or not. That's the only thing... he's kind of a little off. I'm a manager in a restaurant so I do everything for my client. Sometimes it's even if they're wrong. But I guess it's not a big deal for the guy. If you have to clean, just get a rug or whatever. It isn't a bother. I don't know if that's the way you guys perceive it but that's my own perception.

Would I recommend this to a friend? Probably not if based on this service, not the system itself. The filter is great but the way they handle business is not so good. I guess the way that the company being in the business for a long time is because the product is good, not because of the type of service that they do. Seriously if they didn't have first the product, they would be out of business already. That's for sure.

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Rated with 3 stars
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Original review: June 18, 2013

My wife and I had gone to Home Depot and we were presented with these two guys from Rainsoft who did an interview and asked us about water treatment. It was for a free twenty dollar gift card at Home Depot. So we listened to him. The guy came out and we thought it would only be 15 or 20 minutes. It turned out to be almost 2 hours but he did convince us that we needed to do this.

We had no problem getting the people out here. The young man who came in and installed the water treatment system, the EC4, had a little problem finding the pipe but that's neither here nor there. We had it done last Monday and on Saturday morning, my wife and I were leaving and we noticed that there was a pool in the front yard. It was huge. It was in the driveway and way out into the yard and you could see the water bubbling up to the dirt. So I called the contact person that they told me to contact. He told me to call the repair people. I called them at 11:30.

I was told, ''Yes, someone would be there within an hour.'' Six o'clock comes and... So I started calling and I said, ''You know if this is the type of service that we're going to get on a Saturday, please come and get this machine. I don't want it.'' Oh yes, we had to turn the water off. We haven't had water at all over the weekend. And this guy Vic called on Sunday morning and said, ''I will be there in just a few minutes. Don't panic.'' He got here and the ground was so saturated with water that every time he took a shovel full of dirt, it would fill right up with water. So he said, ''I hate to do it but we got to wait until today. We got to wait until Monday to let the ground...' We both understood that. He said, ''I will put you on our list for first thing out this morning at 10 o'clock.'' It was 11:45 when the young man who originally put the machine in finally showed up this morning. I was going back out there to see what he was doing.

I'm still upset about not having water for the whole weekend. My wife and I were discussing finding out what kind of compensation or whatever it is. I don't need monetary but something. Somebody's got to do something because we've been out of water since Saturday morning.

The water tastes good. That's good in the coffee. Like I said, in the very beginning it's great. It's just getting used to having conditioned the water instead of what everybody else call well water. I think it's pretty good but... I'm going to give it a three, and after this is done and after we find out what's going to happen, then we'll follow up.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 17, 2013

I have the one that has the filter for the water because I don't need the one with the chlorine. It's a water conditioner. Even before, I really tried to see why the water looks so much different because I have a well and that's what drove me to kind of test it.

The first time I heard of Rainsoft was in Home Depot because that's where I purchase new stuff normally and then I saw the thing. I talked with a young girl. She was new but she knew what she was talking about. She was setting the appointment with me. She was asking me if I was interested to test the water. It was free of charge. They tested it and then the person with her actually who did the presentation was very good. He's been in the business for 14 years so I think that he was very knowledgeable of the program. The person checked the water that's in the well and then that's when I made the decision to do it.

Actually I can tell you that the people who came to do the installation work as a team. There were two people. One was working outside with the well and everything and then they got another person who worked inside under the sink to install the filters and they were pretty fast. I think probably they were done in two hours forty-five minutes.

You can tell the difference from the first day - you can drink the water. Basically, it's been really good.

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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: June 15, 2013

We actually had a coupon in the mail and it offered us a free gift card. When I called, a guy came out and talked to us about the water filtration system from Rainsoft and he told us everything within our water now. That kind of concerned us a little bit. The sales rep seemed very knowledgeable and they had a lot to show. They knew exactly what they were doing and the presentation was very good. We went ahead and purchased it for the simple fact of just having cleaner water that got us interested. As for the installation, they made sure we understood everything and all that. The water is a lot better tasting and it feels cleaner. It's a very good experience and their product is very efficient.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Jan. 4, 2013

After filling out a request for a free water test (on what I thought was a trusting site, since it came from Home Depot and all), I got a call from an 800 number. The woman wanted to set up an appointment for a rep to come to my home and do a free water test. I was hoping to get it done in the next couple of days or even that weekend, so that I could determine which affordable system I should purchase from Home Depot and install on my own! She said that her company reps are "so" booked. There are just "so" many appointments that they are even assigning folks from out of the city to come in and help with the "overwhelming" schedule ("her company" - wait, "you're not with Home Depot," she said no, and something to the effect of they are a Home Depot preferred company, blah, blah, blah but I figured if they are connected to Home Depot, and as touted and certified as she made the company out to be, then they must be decent enough).

She offered a few appointment times that didn't work for my schedule ... oh wait, for my husband and me. If you are married your spouse is "required" to be present (the mere fact that she asked if I was married should've been my red flag #1, and that my spouse had to be present should've been red flag #2). For a simple water test, my husband didn't need to be there. I could show him the results. The reason they want both parties present is so they can close the deal - they know with most marriages you need to have the okay from your significant other for a large purchase - the systems are approx. $5000 plus.

I've dealt with numerous "scams" (and I use that term loosely. After all you do get a product, it's just ridiculously overpriced and packed with promises of over-exaggerated goodies). Anyhow, I have had plenty of sales schemes: Rainbow (vacuum), knives, gym memberships, others that don't come to mind at the moment. As we finally found a date and time that worked, I started to hesitate making the appointment because I didn't know my husband's schedule. Then the woman threw out the promise of a $25 Home Depot gift card and I figured what the heck, make the appointment and if it doesn't work, cancel it.

Well, after a few failed attempts to reschedule the appointment, etc., etc., my husband and I sat through the 2 hour pitch - not a water test but a sales pitch and we never did receive that promised Home Depot gift card. Oh, well. That was 2 hours of time out of our dear lives we can't get back, but after reading these reviews, I guess it could be worse had we purchased the system. Thanks for the info.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Dec. 21, 2012

I bought a water system in September with wonderful promises of incentives, including a $25 gift card (which I never got), a free 3 day, 2 night vacation stay, as well as an 8 day, 7 night vacation for the next 5 years. When I called to book my "free" vacation, I was told that I had to deposit $50 and that I had to have a major credit card, so the "free" vacation really wasn't. However, I was told none of that by the sales rep who visited my home and took me through a 3 hour water test.

When I tried to contact the office to speak to someone about the issue, as well as cancel my contract because I'm unable to afford the system due to cutting hours at my job, I was unable to get in contact with anybody. When I finally got through weeks later, I was told (very rudely) by the manager that I couldn't return the equipment and cancel because I didn't get my "incentives" and asked, "Is that why you purchased the system?” I was told that it was mine to keep and I was threatened with a lawsuit if I didn't continue to pay for the system.

I have not heard from or seen anybody from the company since signing the contract for any follow up. It's like they got my business and disappeared. When I reread my contract, it gave only 3 days to cancel, which isn't logical; the system takes weeks to work and by then it's too late to cancel the contract. How is it that they only give three days to cancel when other companies give you 30-90 days for returns, cancellations, and exchanges? How absurd! I am an honest, hardworking person who has been lied to and taken advantage of by this company. I trusted and invested $8,000 into their products and didn't get anything I was promised. The sales rep knew exactly what to say and do to convince me to purchase this water system, and when I confronted him about the issue, he denied everything. He told me that "vacations are not free" and that I had misunderstood all the things he told me.

Please, if there is anyone reading this review, do your homework before purchasing this product and do not fall for the lies they tell you just to make a sale.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: July 30, 2012

On 5-5-11, a representative from Rainsoft/American Water Treatment Co. came to my home, tested my water and sold me a water treatment system. The problems have multiplied since its installation. First, we began to have a bad smell come from the bathroom sink every time we use it. We called Mark ** at his business number. After several calls with no response, we went to his office. Once we finally caught him at his office (he's barely in the office) and explained the problem. He said he would come test the water again at the beginning of next week. He did not. It took several more calls for him to finally come. He said the smell was from the drain. However, it smelled the same, even when I closed the drain each time I used the water.

Because the problem continued, we continued to contact Mark. After phone calls and again, finally catching him in his office, he said he'd come to the house again. Several weeks later, he still hadn't come to the house. After contacting him again, he finally showed up. He said we had iron bacteria and he'd send someone to the house to bleach the lines to kill it. The service person came, bleached the lines and explained what he did. After still having problems with discoloration, we researched online and found that we should bleach the well. We did. Mark finally contacted us again, after we had given up on him. We had tried to contact him to explain we were still having the problem. He said that by bleaching the well, it made it worse. How come he sent a service person to bleach the lines then?

We installed an in-line filter, after the Rainsoft system, to further filter the water. The filter was supposed to last three months. We began to lose water pressure within a week. We looked at the filter and it was completely clogged. This, as I said, was after the Rainsoft system. We finally resorted to having a local water treatment company come test the water. They said the water was soft (we never denied that) however, he tested the water. We took two samples, one before the Rainsoft system (straight well water) and one from after the Rainsoft system (in-line filter removed). The water straight from the well was clear, the water from after the Rainsoft system was dirty. If the system is working properly, as Mark insists, how is it that the water is dirty after the system, but not before?

So we contacted Mark. He said there was no problem. I spoke to him and he spent several minutes explaining that my significant other (live in) hadn't told me about their conversations. He had. Several of them I listened in on without Mark knowing. I continued to explain that the water was soft, but it was still dirty. He basically called me a liar and tried to tell me we still have iron bacteria and he could sell us another system to take care of that. At that point, I couldn't stand his derogatory tone any longer. I told him he would need to speak with my significant other (his name is also Mark, to be known as Mark **). Mark said he would talk to Mark ** one more time! I told him I was sick of talking with him (I was getting nowhere) and I said goodbye and hung up.

When Mark ** returned from work, he called the 1-800 number. He got Mark. They spoke about the same thing. The water is softer, but it is, by no means, filtered as the system he sold us on was supposed to do. Mark would not listen when Mark ** was speaking and would cut him off trying to say the system was working and saying he could sell us another system. He also said we had manganese in our water. The local company told us the manganese level was zero parts per million - one more thing Mark lied to us about.

We have tried everything to get what we paid for, filtered water, and every step of the way, Mark has been rude, has contradicted himself and has spoken down to us, not to mention being nearly impossible to get a hold of or get him to do what he says. At this point, we are going to resort to legal action as the system is completely paid for. It is ridiculous that a customer has to resort to legal action to get what they have paid for, but that is what has to happen. By the way, there were none of the problems, no dirty water, no iron bacteria, just hard water, until we got Rainsoft. Ever. The well was dug for my grandparents and I bought the house after they lived in it for 50+ years. I/We would discourage anyone from buying from Rainsoft and we are extremely unhappy with the system!

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Rated with 1 star
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 15, 2012

My wife wanted a water softener because our water was hard. I was pulled into a home water test, ended very expensive. Over $4000 since 2009, still paying.

They installed it, promised free maintenance check, never showed after repeated calls to them. Also, they were supposed to bring special wrench to change filters. They never brought wrench after repeated calls. I was told they only have one wrench and they are ordering another. That was 2009. Nevertheless, I dismantled it and it is in a pile in the basement. Oh, also the salt was so expensive - horrible experience.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Sept. 3, 2011

I was lured in at Home Depot for free water test. I was given the whole spew. I signed on the dotted line. Somehow apparently, I did not understand the entire price I would be paying. The guy was very shrewd. I have been paying on it since 2008 and I still owe over $4,000.00! It is way overrated, and I have not heard one word from them since and no calls to see how the system is working, nothing. They just disappeared! DO not buy from RainSoft!

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Original review: Jan. 6, 2011

They continue to make unsolicited phone calls to my home. I am on the do not call list and leave no message. I do not pick up my phone and my answering machine message clearly states, "State your name and your business, or do not leave a message."

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Original review: Dec. 24, 2010

I wanted to let any and everybody know that Rainsoft is nothing but a rip off. I purchased a system from them about two years ago because I knew I had bad water. The sales person that came to my home totally fed me a bunch of *** about their system. They did the whole water test thing but how do I know what the test meant or if they were correct because I am not a water expert.

Anyway, they did the water test thing and hyped up their product to get me to sign by the x and I did. Well, one of the guys that came to install the system was totally rude and I found out that the other one, who did all the work, had just started working there. After the install, I got a leak under my sink and had to move hell and high water to get someone to come out and fix that and they tried to say that I already had the leak but they did end up fixing that.

Something else happened that I can remember but I had had enough by then because I had been calling and complaining only to get the runaround about having people contact me back so I went and reread my contract and saw that I had 3 days to cancel the contract.

The day that I reread my contract was actually day 3 so I called and got a fax number from them and I sent in my cancellation. I know they didn't think I was smart enough to think of that. Well you would think good she was able to get out of it but nope I had to let them dangle more free stuff and money off my system to keep it.

Well, it sounded good because as I stated before I already knew I had bad water so I decided to do and new contract with them. It was a big mistake! I have had nothing but problems. They told me my water bill will decrease with this system and the opposite has happened. They told me that my electric bill would decrease and guess what, the opposite has happened.

I drank the water for a little while and got real bad indigestion and gas so I stopped drinking the water and guess what, the promise that I would never have to purchase bottled water again was also a lie because I would be on my death bed and still not drink the water coming from my tap. I am having problems with my system as I type this complaint but I refuse to give them any more of my hard earned money to come out and even breath in the direction of my system.

I know that they don't care because they get my money every month but as I stated earlier I want to warn any and everybody to not purchase a Rainsoft! Also, their customer service department sucks. They tell you things like people will be there at this time or they will call you knowing that it's a lie. When I did speak to someone that I was told was a supervisor, Sid ***, the explanation he gave was that they were hired out. What the heck does that mean? Who cares if they were hired out? That still does not give them the right to be rude and lie. If I can help anyone I hope this does.

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Original review: Dec. 4, 2010

In July of 2008, we bought our home; by August a man came to our door, saying that we have bad water in Visalia. We need to have it tested, because we are drinking unhealthy water. He was a salesman working for Rainsoft. Of course we were concerned having five children, we didn't want them drinking bad water. He tested it and showed us all the sediment at the bottom of the test tube. He said, "this is what your children are drinking.” This was his scare tactic.

We bought the system after hearing about all the incentives they provide. Like the four years of soap, detergent, body washes, cleaners, etc. that we would get with the system. He explained that the system would be paid off in four years paying the $120.00 a month. Then the system would pay for itself after that, because it would be free and clear. What a lie, in fact it has all been lies. After two and a half years we still owe $5100.00 of the original $5900.00 cost. We were not told that it was a revolving line of credit, which is similar to a credit card, but you do not find this out until over a month later when you get your first bill.

At this rate it will take over eight years to pay it off. Not to mention, that the system does not work. The company blows up your phone to schedule a "maintenance check up", which cost an additional $65.00. I was worried about it not working so I made the appointment. They scare you so much with their calls that they force you into making an appointment. The tech told me when he arrived that my water wasn't good, it was if we were drinking city tap water. I was astonished! But, if I bought all new filters this would "help" the problem. I refused; I could not afford any more on this system.

I asked him about my refrigerator water. He said that it isn't hooked to the system. I said, "Wait a minute, this is one of the main reason I bought it, so my children would be drinking clean water". He told me that they are drinking city water. So for two and a half years I have been lied to and drinking unhealthy water. It is a scam not only financially, but the health concerns, and the way they use that to get your money are outrageous. Please help, what can we do to get this system out of my house, and our money back? Thank you.

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Original review: July 13, 2010

On 6/23/08, I purchased a whole house water treatment system from Atlantic Water Products. I was promised 5 years of free soap and cleaning products in exchange for names and numbers of our contacts (friends and families). I received the initial kit, but the following year, Aqua Squad (the new buyer reneged on its promise to provide the products). What recourse do I have? There are others involved in this transaction. Last year, I spoke with Bob Ruhstorfer, President of Atlantic Water Products (RainSoft), about the difficulty receiving the promised products. There may be many more clients with the same breach of contract.

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Original review: May 16, 2010

On 8/4/08, a salesman showed the Rainsoft system and checked our water saying that it was very hard. We didn't care about hard water but wanted filtered water since I would need it after my kidney transplant. When he mentioned salt as a filter, we said we were on a "no" salt diet but he assured us that it wouldn't hurt us.

On 8/6/08, the system was installed. My husband saw the salt and once more told them we could not have salt but they too assured us that it wouldn't hurt us because it wouldn't go into the water. On 8/9/08, after I called the company to find out about the paperwork and payment, a man finally came out after two cancelled appointments and one no show. I didn't realize until later that he was apparently waiting until the three-day time frame to cancel had passed. He rushed us through everything without even giving us time to read it for, he left his wife sitting outside in the car in the summer heat.

On 8/10-16/08, we awoke to no water at all and my husband went to check the pump. The switch was flipped so he stood near the pump to see if it came on while I flipped it. The filter plug in sparked and if my husband had been touching it at the time, he would have been killed since he has a pacemaker. They finally came to disconnect it after I called. On 8/29-30/08, the unit was finally working again after I called on 8/28 to get it reset. These are only a few of the problems during that first month for it did not work the majority of the time.

On 9/8/08, I mailed a certified letter to Frank * the CEO of Rainsoft in Illinois. I listed a timeline of all the problems and said that hot water was coming through the cold water tap. The water tasted salty too. On 9/11/08, a repairman came and said there was no salt in the water. On 9/12/08, we had been told that the UV light on the unit could be causing the hot water to come from the cold water tap. Even on cloudy days, it was hot to the touch. On 9/22/08, another certified letter to the CEO with dates and times of hot water from cold tap and a log of my blood pressure which was continually rising since drinking the water that was supposed to help me.

On 10/08/08, I asked my nephrologist if a salt filter system could cause my blood pressure to go high. She asked if it tasted salty and I said it did. She confirmed that it could. The repairmen usually had to reset the salt usage each time they came for it would consistently jump up again. On 10/8/08, Jason * offered to install a reverse osmosis beneath the kitchen sink to remove the salt and potassium from the water. The main filter had used about 180 lbs of salt in two months which equaled about 4 lbs of salt per day while the unit was working. On 10/9/08, a letter from Jason ** stating, "The technician that came out on 9-11-08 was correct when he tested the water and told you it was 0-grains soft. However, to determine the actual level of sodium present in the water, you need to do a TDS test which I'm prepared to do once the new system is installed." If this was done, we did not get the results.

On 10/15/08, I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission but never heard back from them. On 10/28/08, the unit broke again and the salt was almost completely gone even though we were told it would last six months. On 11/13/08, my nephrologist raised my blood pressure meds again. I have been buying filtered water ever since. On 11/17/08, the UV light broke and water was gushing out from the back of the unit. On 12/4/08, two weeks later, the water was still gushing out so I called and left a message. My light bill was about $100 higher for the month.

On 12/9/08, the water was brown and very stinky. We were told it was because the clean water sits in the pipes and comes out brown sometimes from the unit cleaning the pipes. On 12/11/08, the unit was repaired but the water was still brown and stinky. The unit salt usage had been set back down to a smaller amount again. The glass in the UV had broken so I asked if that could be dangerous to us but he said no. On 1/5/09, I checked with the Gainesville Legal Aid Society but they couldn't help us. On 1/12/09, the repairman wrote on the work order that the rod in the hot water tank could be bad and causing the bad smell but the hot water tank was almost new. On 3/12/09, reverse osmosis unit installed beneath the kitchen sink (no paperwork) and blue stuff was poured over the salt outside.

On 3/16/09, Jason * called and I asked if the reverse osmosis unit would take care of the smell and hot water and he said what they did outside would but it did not! On 3/28/09, my husband showered and came into the front of the house and I could still smell him! Guests and family have all commented about the awful smell in the bathrooms when the hot water is turned on. I have had nightmares about dead rotten animals coming out of the tap. On 5/7/09, I received water samples from the University of Florida IFAS which showed that our well water now contained 32.8 mg/L of sodium but the Rainsoft filter system water contained 174.2 mg/L.

On 6/23/09, I wrote a letter to Jason * stating that all the problems still existed. The water is slimy too. On 7/21/09, repairman came out and wrote that there was no hot water in cold tap and no salt in the water. He was very argumentative with my husband and said the water was hot in the cold tap because it came through the attic but it does not. It comes underground up through the floor. On 7/28/09, I wrote letters to 15 consumer organizations and two television stations but no help! On 8/18/09, the unit started beeping constantly. On 9/09 the bathtub faucet leaked and caused a brown stain on the tub. It has leaked in the past but never stained it.

On 9/29/09, we had to go to a pre-trial hearing in Orlando for we had not been paying for the unit hoping it would force them to make the bad unit good but it just put us in court for arbitration. When we arrived home, there was a message from Jason * saying he would be in the area tomorrow and wanted to check the unit. On 9/30/09, I called to tell him that I might not be home since I had to pick up my sister from the hospital but he was welcome to check the unit anyway. I told him that the unit was not working now and therefore was not smelling bad nor was there hot water from cold tap. He did not show up but he did eventually come out to check it. One of the workers had earlier unplugged the unit because it kept flipping the switch and my husband told Jason this but he plugged it back in anyway!

In April 2010, a repairman came to move the drainage pipe farther away from the main well supply of water as it should have been at least 50 feet away to begin with. He said the plug in was still flipping the switch so he would have to send someone to fix it but no one ever came or if they did they did not leave a note, etc. On April 12, 2010, I had a kidney transplant at Mayo Hospital in Jacksonville and spent the next month there recovering.

On May 14-15, 2010, when we arrived home, the bathroom sink had leaked and there was a blue stain which apparently killed whatever touched it for there was a small centipede in the blue and a large bull ant beside it. On the 15th, it had claimed a silverfish too. On 5/16/2010, I wrote a letter to Jason * requesting that he send someone to disconnect the unit permanently for I do not feel comfortable bathing in this slick, rotten smelling, brown (and now blue too) water. I am on high doses of immune suppressant meds and I feel very uncomfortable bathing in rotten, poisonous water with a 21 suture incision on my body.

I have tried so many ways to get rid of this defective unit all to no avail but the least I can do is to tell everyone I can about it and to get the word out as much as possible in the hopes that it will prevent someone else from having to go through the frustration and wasted expense to the tune of $8,000 plus the cost of bottled water that I have to purchase because of it. Thank you for listening.

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Original review: Jan. 16, 2009

We fell victim to the sales pitch from the in-house consultation. Such wonderful things were promised if we purchased the system. The dandruff, psoriasis, dry itchy skin, cradle cap, soap scum in the tub, and ring in the toilet would disappear. Our clothes would last longer. We'd use less soap, detergent, and we'd no longer need conditioner! With the air purifier, the allergens would go away.

Well, no such things happened. We still have scalp problems and itchy skin. The scum in the tub is still there (even after cleaning). The ring in the toilet is worse now than it was before we got the system! We still need regular detergent (the stuff they gave us with the system stained our clothes) and conditioner.

Not only have the promises not been fulfilled, the system was poorly installed. There is one plug for the entire system, and it was hung on a single, wobbly screw. We were in the middle of remodeling our laundry room, and there was insulation hanging near the outlet. We made sure ourselves that the insulation was a safe distance away from the outlet for plugging in our washer.

One month ago, our laundry room was flooded. It turned out to be the water drain coming from the Rainsoft system, going into the main drain pipe. It had come out, and flooded the floor. The end of the tube was just stuck in the drain, nothing to hold it there! The water got into the wood of the wall, leaked under the wall and into another room with carpet. We had to take the carpet out because it smelled so bad (oh, we took pictures!).

We've called and asked to have the system removed. We've offered to pay for the time we've used it, but would like our contract canceled. They flat out refused. The Rainsoft System is the worst purchase our family has ever made!

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Original review: Dec. 5, 2008

His company installed a whole house water treatment system. One of the valves that they installed started leaking. It took three days for them to come fix it. In the meantime, it got the sub-floor wet. They came and fixed the leak, but now refuse to repair the damages unless I turn it into my homeowner's insurance. I have had 0 (Zero) claims on my insurance, and for that reason I receive a 5% discount on my rates. If I turn it into my insurance, I lose the 5% discount immediately. Mr. ** claims he cannot understand why my insurance rates would go up if I turn it into my insurance and they find the damages to be a result of the leak. I lose my discount and do not get it back. That will cost me money. I will end up paying as much as it will cost to repair the damages, and he knows this. I had the home inspected prior to moving in almost two years ago, and there were no bad spots found in the floor. The only problem, let me say again, the only problem I have had since moving into the house is the leak from the RainSoft unit. I have documentation from the service tech stating to place a fan to dry the sub-floor. This admits that the sub-floor was wet. The only way it could have gotten wet was from their leak.

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Original review: June 26, 2008

Contrary to the posts mentioned on this site, we had just moved in our new home about a week earlier when Keith from Rainsoft stopped by to introduce himself. We thought something was wrong with the dishwasher until Keith started to talk about our water. He offered to test the water and explain what we were experiencing. My wife and I talked about it and checked with the BBB and called Keith back 2 days later to say we were ready for some good water. Your installers arrived on-time, were very professional and answered all my questions. Keith stopped back a few weeks later to say thanks and see if everything was OK. We love our water, please tell Keith.

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Original review: May 23, 2002

On May 16th, we purchased a RainSoft water purifying system from the Panama City office. The system was to be installed on May 17th, 9 am central time. The installers were 6 hours late, broke our water tank, (which cost $148 to replace -- our cost).

Then the purchase agreement states we have three working days (counting Saturday) to cancel. I called the office on Monday, the 20th to cancel. I was told I would need to talk to a supervisor and one would return my call. No body ever called back. I continued to call, leaving messages. Someone did call on the 21st, but then the three day time limit had expired and I have to buy the system.

I don't want it as it has eroded my yard, we still have hard water, and we have an unsafe level of chlorine in the drinking water. They refuse to come get the system. Mr Denino accused me of lying to him about trying to contact the office. They obviously set us up by not calling within the time limit so that we are stuck with the system.

Mr. Denino offered a reduced price and offered to send someone out to fix the system. I am pregnant (seven weeks). He had me so upset that I was crying. Then the water was tested by the service man and he agreed that the water had unsafe level of chlorine. Their best answer was to try to fix the system and in the meantime, drink bottled water for the safety of my unborn child. He threatened a lawsuit if I didn't pay for the system, and again had me very upset.

Kim should have written and sent a certified letter to cancel. A telephone call is not a legally binding cancellation.

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