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Knoxville, TN

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We had liquid siding applied in 2002. We watched the video on their website which stated a 25 year warranty. After 8 years or so the siding started to bubble in places. I called the owner of the company here and was told he no longer was involved with this. A call to the company and e-mails went unanswered. Now, I am left with bubbling paint, edges of siding peeling off, cracks and just a lousy look to my home. My advice on this crap, RUN AWAY FROM IT FAST. Just like the vehicle companies, these people should honor their warranties.

Satisfaction Rating

I had Liquid Siding applied to my residence starting in April 2002. The project dragged on until October 2002, mainly because of the incompetence and scheduling deficiencies of the sub-contractor hired by Procraft to do the project. In 2003, the sub came back to address my lengthy punch list. During the next few years, I called the local (Cincinnati) office to have continuing issues addressed (bubbling, exposed primer, etc). They sent someone to do touchups. The paint was not the same color and my house now has a striped effect where these touchups occurred. I was told the bubbles were caused by moisture from my concrete porch, even though the bubbles were at least 5 feet off the floor.

The local distributor was still in the area in the summer of 2005, because I was able to go to their warehouse and get a gallon of the paint. Every year, my frustration grows as I view the deteriorating condition of my residence. All the paint on my chimney is now peeling off in shreds. It's obvious that no primer was applied to that area. Early in 2012, I attempted to research online using any and all information that was available on the warranty and other documentation that I had maintained. The area distributor for the Cincinnati group was located in Lexington, KY. I sent them a registered letter with copies of all relevant documents.... It was returned as undeliverable. My e-mail to was not answered. Today, I spent considerable time online again trying to find out what information was available on this company.

Lo and behold, there was an FTC finding regarding the claims for Kryton that ironically was issued in 2002. I also found a web site for Kryton (which is a Canadian corporation) and sent them an e-mail regarding what recourse is available to address the deficiencies in their product application. I await their response. Bottom line is no matter how good the product, if the application is not completed in a manner that will affect a quality result, it's no better than painting with the lowest grade product available. At this point, I spent close to $16,000 thinking that it would last most of my lifetime and the warranty may as well have been written in disappearing ink.

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I had Pro Craft applied to the wood portion of my home, thinking as the company advertised that I would not have to paint again in my lifetime. This was completely wrong. Pro Craft had to come back out and redo the portion covering the fireplace about a year later. Another year passed, I began calling about the recurring problem. It was about two years before someone finally came out. I understand that the owner had been ill. He came out himself, informed me of 'acts of God' causing much of the problem. I would have to pay a fee to get it put back into warranty, and then pay another fee for the work that was needed. This would be $1,300, nothing but more money for a product that does not perform well, workers that were using poor products, and poor management.

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This paint was supposed to last for twenty-five years. It doesn't. My paint continues to crack and peel. I don't want my woodwork to be exposed to the elements. I called 410-737-2022 (my dealer), and was told the number is no longer a working number. What do I do now? My wood will rot, and then the wood will have to be replaced. The exact reason for my purchasing this paint process. This paint process was not cheap. I am 73 years old, and did not think that I would have to paint again.

What a crock! Going out of business is not an option. The paint manufacturer should be held responsible. If the manufacturer allows fly-by-night people to operate under their name, then the manufacturer should be held responsible. How can they sell a process that is supposed to last twenty-five years, and then go out of business in six years. How can this be allowed to happen? How can the consumer be cheated like this? This was a large investment for me.


We had liquid siding installed on our home in June and July of 1999. On Aug 8, 1999 we talked to Charlie in the service department about the caulking. It was cracking. We were told that the crew chief would call and set up a time to come out. On Aug. 21, 1999, I left a message on Charlie's voice mail asking for a call back. Aug. 23, two men -- Ron and Randy -- came out. On Aug. 30, Ron and Randy were to come and work on our house. A message was left on my answering machine stating that Chris would be out to the house on Aug. 31.

Chris came out and was gone before we got in from work, we found some places that were missed. Sept. 6, 8:45am we got a call from Chris stating that Randy would be at the house to spray, I told them about the missed areas. No one showed up or called.

Sept. 7, Randy was here to do more caulking, the caulking was not good so George (my husband) stopped him and called Charlie on Sept. 10. Charlie said they would re-do our house. Sept. 14, talked with Charlie, we were told that Chris would be here by the end of the week to remove old caulking and redo and spray house.

Sept. 16 Charlie called and said Chis would not be here until Monday. Sept. 20 Charlie called in AM to say Chris would be at the house late that afternoon. 8-9PM received call saying no one would be at the house until Wed morning. Repairs were finally made.

May 31, 2000, I called and left message on voice mail at 11am about bubbles in siding. ...

Aug. 1, 2000, called and left message stating that I am still waaiting for someone to come out and fix our problem. Aug. 2, called and talked with Nat Campbell, I told him the problem and also that at this point we were seriously considering going for gettin our money back, he transferred me to a woman. I told her that we were very dissatified and that no one has returned my calls. She said that she would talk to Charlie that evening or the next morning and that they would get back to me. I told her I wanted a supervisor to come out here -- that we have bubbles, cracks and a lot of discolortion on the seams. It is now Aug 4, and I have not heard from anyone at Pro Craft.

We spent $7,074.58 for the siding and it comes with a 25-year non-prorated transferable limited warranty and also Procraft limited labor warranty. I would like to believe that this is a problem that can be corrected but the way they are handling it, I believe that they are trying to put it off because they don't want to have to start from the beginning or refund our money. We are also paying finance charges on something we are not happy with.

Fran needs to read that Pro Craft warranty and take careful note of exactly what it says the company is obligated to do. Then she needs to write a certified, return-receipt-requested letter to the company, informing them of the defects and demanding that they fulfill whatever obligations the warranty places on them by a date certain. If the company does not respond, Fran and George may have to go to court. Depending on the amount of the damages, this could be either Small Claims Court or Superior Court.

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