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Last updated: Sept. 25, 2017

25 Premier Movers Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 25, 2017

Do not use Premier Movers if you want your items to actually get to the final destination let alone get there in the same condition you left them. I have never felt so helpless from what I truly consider to be CROOKS! Two pieces of furniture and all of my expensive Kitchen boxes - with KitchenAid mixer, blenders, waffle irons, my bedside tables and my iron patio table. Of course they demand payment in full before they will unload anything to final destination and the condition of your goods is not their problem.

When asked to sign the paperwork, I asked the "supervisor" of whom I have pictures sitting on my kitchen chair in the street smoking the entire time. I asked where my patio table was and he said, "in your garage". I said, "Great, please show me as I haven't been able to locate it." He then yelled at me stating he has no time to show me where my stuff is and that he had to go. He yelled at me in my house in front of everyone to sign his papers. I said to him that I can't sign for things that are missing. He stormed out of my house and I had to chase him for the copies of the inventory he refused to review with me. On top of this issue, they contractually were to set up all the beds that they broke down to move. He told me that he has no tools for his team to use and therefore were not setting up the beds. Once I showed him that he was to set up beds under the contract, he miraculously pulled out his drill gun and tool bag!

So many things are cracked, ripped and or dented. He could not be bothered with any of it and said it as not his responsibility. I got no return call from Ruben and Tom, the guy who sold me the Lemon service, when called the day after the move said, "That's unfortunate. You will just have to fill out a claim". Meanwhile, My things are now missing and - did I mention that I have items that are not mine? This moving company is not standing by anything they promised and in my mind are the biggest thieves I have encountered. They have NO service that should interest you unless you like dealing with a business described above! Premier Movers SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 22, 2017

Company gave me offer to my required day, I paid 10% deposit. After I asked for confirmation of moving date and time I got response on change in the date they can move me. Obviously I couldn't, so I asked for money back and got declined. Very bad customer experience, very poor communication and no limited response, none to emails. Unprofessional, was treated badly, not by questions but by order "this is what's gonna happen, you move 1 day earlier", etc. My sales person was Tom.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 15, 2017

Joe and crew moved my family yesterday to our new home and they were AMAZING! My family has moved 3 times in the last 5 years and this is the first move that was seriously headache free. Joe had great organization in labeling my stuff and a fantastic crew to work with. These guys hustled all day. I did pay more than the original estimate because we went over the allotted number of hours. Regardless, I am happy nothing was damaged and the experience went smoothly. Will use again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 31, 2016

I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY. Firstly, one of the 2 crew members was very inexperienced. We observed the foremen instructing him what to do and how to do things. He was not familiar with how to move and manipulate item in the best and most safe way to avoid damage. We did not receive quality work from this person and it negatively affected the efficiency and quality of the move.

Overall the move took excessively long probably, in part, due to the extreme inexperience of one of the crew members and just the sheer slow movement of the whole crew! We moved with your company only one year ago from the same type of set up, and it took at least 3-4 hours less time with the same amount of labor! We only acquired 2 more pieces of furniture in the interim, but the distance to our new location was a mere five minutes away as opposed to the half hour last time! The foreman said there were a lot of small boxes but we packed exactly the same way as last year!

Upon arrival at the new house, the foremen offered to either fix the total fee or to continue working on the clock by the hour. We chose the not fix the fee and from that point forward as we did not think in a million years it would take that long! Yet of course we were wrong! It was very evident that the crew slowed their work pace purposely (especially the foreman) to run up the time unnecessarily. This included, them unpacking slowly, not using both hand trucks to bring boxes in the house, carrying one item at a time in one hand with the other hand empty.

On top of all this, you would think that the slow careful move would at least prevent any damage of objects but the opposite was true and unacceptable.The following items were damaged by Premier during the move: Bookshelf scratched badly, Child's toy car steering wheel broken off, Mattress (it was a fairly new mattress and was used in total less than 10 times) corner damaged, Hardwood floor - 2 floor on the way to master bedroom my wife observed the crew dragging the bed frame along the floor. Metal step ladder. We could not locate our metal step ladder anywhere in the house and we are sure it was taken from our departure point.

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Customer increased Rating by 1 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 30, 2016

These cheats took their time in order to increase their pay. They hired an extra person for no reason which we had to then pay for. I found them sitting in their truck instead of loading our boxes after all of them said just how easy of a job this was going to be. They put two holes in our walls. They didn't clean up after themselves. We paid $225 in tape and two wardrobe boxes -- that's unreal. Best of all, they HOLD YOUR BELONGINGS HOSTAGE on their truck so that you have to agree to their rate. Then, guess what? All of a sudden they begin working harder and faster. WOW, that a surprise!

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Customer increased Rating by 2 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: June 9, 2016

I was contacted by the company and I accepted their offer of $100 as a settlement for my experience. I appreciate that they took a step to try to mend the situation.

Original review: June 1, 2016

Do NOT use this moving company, they are a bunch of crooks. They are rude, unprofessional, and they do not treat items with care. They over charged me, dropped my boxes down the stairs, and talked to me with such disrespect. They tried to blame me for my items breaking after they dropped my boxes down the stairs, and claimed it was because of how I packed the items. They are impossible to deal with and when you call to complain you get the runaround from the same 3-4 guys who are pretending to be someone else.

They are all in this scam together and will tell customers anything they want to hear, then they will over charge you. They make you pay them before they will unload any of your items from the truck, something I have never experienced before and I have moved a lot. Once you pay your items are at their mercy, and they are not gentle with anything. Do yourself a favor and find another company in the area who is worth your money, and listen to the reviews! I ignored the bad reviews and now I am out a lot of money and I have priceless items that were broken and can never be replaced. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

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Original review: July 8, 2015

My mother used these guys on a local move so I'm going off her opinion. They showed up on time (even a little bit early) and packed all my items so quickly that they accidentally took an item that was going with me on the flight to CA (they eventually brought it back). They packed everything carefully as I requested. I am not a picky person, but I did ask them to cover my brand new hardwood floor in New Jersey to avoid any damages (which I think they could have done a better job). Luckily, my floor was not scratched and the move went well overall. All in all I am pleased with the work. The 3 man crew who arrived in CA did help me by suggesting where I can place/position my furniture. I will give them 4 stars for a professional job and zero damages.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 1, 2015

Let me start by saying I have moved 6 times in 6 years (for work) and this has been by far one of the worst experiences of my life. The sales rep, **, is a complete liar and told us exactly what we wanted to hear to sign the contract. I was quoted for tractor trailer for a 5 bedroom house. They told me that they would have extra room on the truck at the quote that there was no way we would fill a trailer. I had told ** every other move we had filled a trailer and an additional truck, he assured me they would fit in on the trailer and have extra space. Moving week arrives and they show up a DAY EARLY!! I was not fully prepared for this and it threw all organization off. They didn't wrap things properly and I had to request several times that they use blankets for my furniture.

At the end of day two, they told me they would not be able to fit all of our belongings on the truck. They refused to ship the belongings they could not fit and accused me of adding housewares and boxes that were not estimated in the original walk thru. I have never been more furious as that is absolutely absurd! I had to leave dressers, rocking chairs, a desk, a crib, 4 bookcases, children's toys and a host of other things at my curb. I was extremely distraught and they were yelling at me that it was my own fault. These are by no means professionals. Move in day in CA was just as chaotic and awful. They promised me a family crew and I got a bunch of guys from the street. The movers wound up taking our side and being helpful, but again, not what we were "promised". They demanded full payment before they unloaded and threatened to leave.

After the fiasco in NJ we refused to pay up front and called the police. The police made them unload the truck and as pieces came off one by one was damaged. The crew they hired to help in CA called them to tell them about the damages and they had the nerve to tell the crew not to tell us, the homeowners that our stuff was damaged! The crew relayed the info to me and they told us Premier will not pay for any damages. I was not surprised at this point but dumbfounded that this company is still in business.

They called off our crew after three hours of moving (this was an 8+ unload at best) and we had to call and fight to have them stay on. I have never in all of my moves been so stressed and disgusted. The truck driver put three things together and sat and smoked 2 packs of cigarettes for the remaining 7 hours. At the end of the day large furniture pieces were damaged, countless hardwood floors scratched, 5k worth of belongings left on a curb and $17k down the drain. Stay far away from this company!! They lie and they steal and they don't give one damn about it!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 30, 2015

If you use Premier Movers you will experience a nightmare beyond belief. Much of our custom made furniture was destroyed beyond repair. Many boxes never arrived. Family photos, and crystal serving pieces will never be seen again. What good are three dining room chairs when the fourth chair is missing? Kitchen equipment and tools never arrived. In my opinion they are dishonest and not to be trusted with anything you treasure. They don't even deserve one star and should not be in business.

Customer increased Rating by 2 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: June 22, 2015

Isaac with Premier Movers reached out to me via email and offered me a $50 discount for my troubles. I am satisfied with this resolution and wish them best of luck in their business.

Original review: June 18, 2015

This company is OK at best. They promised to be at my home between 8 to 9 am and arrived at 930. They demanded that I pay for the move in full prior to them unloading the truck, which I wasn't comfortable with but did anyway. They did not even call to confirm a day before to tell me they will be late. The pricing was fair, but overall I would not use them again.

Customer increased Rating by 3 stars!
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Resolution response: June 7, 2015

The company reached out to me and offered me $200 credit. I was very happy that they called not so much about the money but more about the attention they gave me, and how they explained that everything has to go in a box so it won't get broken. For instance , if you move a lamp without a lamp box you have 50% chance the lamp would break. Also, when moving long distance you can't put toys on the truck and they need to go into a big box such as wardrobe. Thank you for making it right.

Original review: Jan. 7, 2015

This company is ridiculous, they want to pack every single thing in the house into a box! They moved me from little ferry to piscataway and they would not let me put anything on the truck without being in a box... like the lamp in a box, clothing in a box, everything in a box. That increased the cost of the move!! Will not use again.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 21, 2014

SCAM. My furniture is taken by premier movers for a storage for one month with intention to move two homes by next month to Florida. False price was given to me ($5,712) before they start loading the truck and different form to sign after they were done with loading the truck ($8,181.00). I was sent picture of a crate it would be built for my 5' porcelain vase nothing was crated. I even had signed each form of inventory I "refused to repack ". Even the deal they will pack one day before hand and move second day! Nope, I read my contract unpacking was not included because they are not going to be there.....

My belongings were all packed and loaded in less than four hours. Seven men. My porcelain vase was wrapped in blanket and cardboard taped in. Wonder if I will have to shovel it off the driveway in hundred pieces. They are hired as a long distance movers when I realized they will broker my furniture to someone else $1,250 insurance and packing charges are additional profit. No one will be insured.....

Please let me know how to retrieve my belongings, pay one month storage and getting them to release my furniture to a real long distance mover.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 30, 2014

Oh My God, where to start from. This is the worst experience by far we had with movers, and we moved a lot. Almost all the furniture came out damaged and stretched. They simply did not protected it well, and since they had to upload it to the truck, unloaded to the storage, then uploaded it again to a truck and unloaded to tour new place, the furniture got bitten. Even though they claimed to be a big and serious company, they did not have a truck. It was the Budget rental. After unpacking all the boxes, we realized that some things are missing. When we contacted Ruben, the main guy, he said they would check their warehouse. We did not hear from them since. Save yourself time and furniture and move with someone else.

Original review: Feb. 6, 2014

Premier movers from Wyckoff NJ are nothing but crooks and scam artists. How are these guys still in business after so many complaints and issues? They act all nice and caring on the phone when giving an initial quote. But three guys show up, story changes and tenet start charging for everything. They have additional charges for tape!!!!!! Are you kidding me, what moving commonly charges for each roll of tape used and what moving company charges extra for moving the television? This company is nothing but crooks and I hope they get shut down soon!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 14, 2013

I hired Premier Movers to pack and transport my furniture from NY to FL. I was quoted $1,300 by the sales rep. When the movers came to pack, they said it would cost $3,000! Their explanation was that the phone rep did not know exactly what was being moved. The supervisor, Ruben, said that the rep quoted based on small boxes and what the customer claimed they were moving. Once they get to the location, they know exactly what is to be moved and amend the price (3 times the quoted amount!?). I was leaving the next day so I had no choice. They also made me pay $1,800 upfront. The phone rep said no payment is due until the furniture is delivered. I had to go get a bank check before they would start. When it was time to pay, I could not find the check. (I had put it in my purse which I left in the bathroom.)

I went to the bank and put a stop on the check. But now, they would accept cash only (claimed they could not take another check!). I pointed out that I had never given them the check in the first place, as they insisted on cash. When my furniture was delivered, my dining room table (which was packed without wrapping or padding) was gouged all along the top surface. My wall unit had the top caved in and the light fixtures hanging. Both items are now no good. I contacted Premier and spoke with Ruben. He emailed a claim form which I filled out and sent back. He offered only $216. The table cost me more than $500, the wall unit was almost $2,000. Both are old so I definitely don't expect those amounts, but $216 is not acceptable. I refused to sign the form. Now, no one returns my calls or answers my email.

Ruben said he does not care if I contact the BBB, that nothing would happen. Please help me get resolution. (By the way, I believe they stole the bank check and when they realized they had to sign an affidavit that they had not received it, they realized that they could not turn in a check from me and keep the cash for themselves. I found the check in the middle of my living room floor!) I filed a complaint with the BBB and they forwarded my complaint to the movers. Premier was upset with my complaint and their response is that now they're not going to compensate me at all. Isn't the company legally bound (per the contract) to compensate me even if I am not happy with the amount? If the amount is based on .60/lb, how did they determine the weight?

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Original review: April 20, 2013

I cannot take names here, because I do not trust these guys to not do any harm after reading the reviews. But do yourself a big favor and do not go with these guys. There is a total disconnection of intent from the guy who picks up the call and seems trustworthy and the actual guys who do the job. Everything that you fear might go wrong will go wrong if you take up these guys. They charge unreasonably for packaging, which is not included in the initial estimate. If they are charging per hour, they will make sure, that they do their work slowly. The moving guys will try to be intimidating. They will not value your furniture or material. These guys have no work ethics and should not be in this business or any business at all.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 25, 2013

This is in reference to a dispute filed by me on June 6, 2011. I settled this dispute with Premier Movers. I was emailed by Premier and was told they have changed ownership and wanted to settle all past disputes by the former owners. They wanted the Premier name to be free of all past owner’s practices.

Customer increased Rating by 3 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 24, 2012

We used Premier to move from New York to New Jersey. They gave us by far the best price. They moved us out the day promised, and they moved us in the day promised. However, we got charged for a whole month of storage ($500) for using it for only 1 day. Also, we had a couple of boxes missing. The worst of the move, and why I gave 1 star rating is because Premier does not check the background on their moving guys. We had my husband watch, my jewelry box and my 12 year old daughter’s jewelry box stolen the day they moved us to the new house. They claim it could not have been them, but they were the only people in our house that weekend. I had my personal stuff scattered in my bedroom in hamper bins. And when they put the bedroom furniture together, they must have taken it. Shame on them. We trusted these guys. Paid them good tips, treated them nice. They robbed us blind right in our own house. We were outside delegating where the boxes go and we had no idea this was happening. My 12-year old could not understand why someone would take her things that she had since she was born. Do not use this company unless you watch every move they make.

Premier Movers response

The customer was correct about us providing the best price. The customer is correct about us moving her on time. The customer did not mention we provided her with binding price and even when they had a lot more items , we only increase the price by 10%. She also did not mention that we offered to move out of storage couple days earlier to avoid the storage charge. The storage was provided as a service in self storage since our facility was full. The charge was part of the self storage's policy that you get charged on the 1st of every month. In terms of the items that she claimed were missing we have a signed inventory form with no items missing. The items she claimed were stolen we asked her to file a police report and she never did. We have no reason to believe guys that worked with us for so long would steal. Nevertheless ,we are always willing to work with our customer if by any chance a bad apple is among us. However, they did not help uncover any bad apples, they simply abandoned our request to file a police report and now post this review.

Original review: July 13, 2012

I got a quote for a short-distance move of $850. Isaac, the man everyone complains about on this site and others, told me that the price was firm because I had told him each item that would be on the truck down to the last lamp. On moving day, the movers somehow determined that I had too many items for the $850 estimate. After calling Isaac, they bumped up the price to $1,500. I immediately called the local police and am filing multiple suits against them. The Wyckoff Police and Bergen County Sheriff's Office will soon be shutting these crooks down thanks to a local grassroots campaign to rid the town of unethical businesses. Please, please, in the meantime, do not use these movers. Save yourself a huge headache and choose a more well-known and reliable company.

Premier Movers response

We have no one by the name of jason moving out of wyckoff. There is a similar response by jj of wyckoff. We were never contacted by any of those authorities mentioned. We strongly believe those posts were made by competing company. We already ask our lawyer to look into it. Even those it is on the back burner but we will address this if this fraudulent response will not be removed.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 19, 2012

I used Premier back in 2009 and the service was great, personalized and I felt they really cared. I decided to use them again now - what happened to these guys? The overall experience was shocking! You can tell they have gone from a small family business to a wannabe big-time corporate moving company. They charge for every little extra and are petty about everything. It was the same furniture and same distance as in 2009. They charged me almost double! Sorry, but you guys have lost your way. I'm never using you again.

Premier Movers response

We never moved any customer named cathy out of hoboken. In addition our company only began to do local moves around 2010.Another made up review.

Original review: May 3, 2012

I was very happy with the job Premier Movers did for me. They were on time, reasonable and pleasant to work with. Everything went great. I would gladly recommend them to my friends and family.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 30, 2012

If you hire these scam artists, you will regret it! I've already turned away about 30 potential customers from this "company" and I'll continue to turn away more. I made a move last year. I was quoted a fair price and they almost doubled it for absolutely no reason. I gave them the exact inventory, down to the last box. Everything was perfectly and securely packed and very accessible. Don't bite when they provide you with a "low ball" estimate! I don't know how Isaac and Atiya's other minions sleep at night.

Premier Movers response

Again never moved any customer with jj out of wyckoff. Never moved anyone with first name that starts with j out of wyckoff.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 14, 2012

Premier Movers intentionally under quoted just to secure my business. On March 5, 2012, I contacted this company regarding a quote for moving services. The salesman (Isaac) quickly phoned me back and based on the items that I listed, gave me a quote of just under $1,000. I told Isaac that I did not want any surprises with the final charge, so he suggested that he come to do a visual inspection to give me a more accurate quote.

At 6:00 pm on March 6, 2012, Isaac came to our house. He went through each room and all closets recording what was to be moved. He revised the quote to $1,000 and we paid a deposit to secure the booking as this company was more reasonable than competitors in the area. I would like to stress that at no time between the quote on March 6 and the move date on March 30 did the contents of our house change in anyway.

The company arrived on the morning and started packing the truck. About halfway through packing, one of the employees informed me that not everything would fit on the truck and they would have to make two separate trips. I queried how this was possible, and his exact words were that the "salesman underestimated the contents." The first trip was loaded up and delivered to the new house. I was slightly surprised when I was told that the total would now be $1,435 but accepted it as there were stairs to navigate at the old house. It still made no sense how they could charge me for one hour of travel time for a 22-minute trip. I was under the impression that this was for the entire move and still confirmed with the foreman that they would be going back to collect the second load.

Upon getting back to the old house, the movers started loading the truck again and the foreman suddenly presented me a new contract for additional charges. I was now very confused so I asked to speak to the salesman, Isaac. I tried to contact him for 20 minutes but he was ignoring my calls. Eventually, one of the movers had to phone him directly so I could speak to him. I explained what had happened and he honestly could not have cared less, ending the conversation by saying, "There is nothing I can do. If you don't want to pay the extra, I will get the guys to unload the truck in your driveway and it will be your problem. I'm not holding a gun to your head."

I told them to continue as we needed to be out of the old place by 8:00 pm that night. I stayed behind to hand the keys over to our landlord but upon getting to the new house, they made my wife sign an agreement to pay another $460 for the second trip. She had no idea what was going on and assumed that we had withheld partial payment due to the fact that they did not fully pack the house in the first trip.

The parts of this whole scenario that are completely unacceptable to me are as follows:

1. The initial quote was for $1,000, but their final charge was $1,895. That is an 89.5% underestimate which is unheard of!
2. The salesman visually inspected the contents and walked through the entire house. He assured me that there would not be any surprises, but there was a $895 surprise!
3. The truck that was sent was too small for the contents, which, as mentioned above, was visually inspected by the salesman and did not change between the inspection date and the move date. This resulted in two trips, for which they further had the audacity to charge me twice for the "mandatory one hour travel time."

4. I have contacted the salesman several times and he refuses to give me the contact details of the owner or let me setup a meeting with the owner to discuss this.

To sum this whole thing up, this company intentionally under quoted me to get my business and then were more than happy to charge me 89% more than the quote. What they did was not only unethical, but makes me question their morals and what else they may have done.

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Premier Movers response

The customer was quoted based on 1 truck. The estimate is based on 1200 cubic feet. On move day, the customer loaded the 1st truck with 1600 cubic feet. The second truck was three quarters full(additional 1200 cubic feet) A grand total of 2800 cubic feet. The space items take on the truck do not lie. The customer simply took more items than was shown to the on-site estimator. That resulted in more labor hours. The customer was explained it prior to executing the second trip. The customer approved it. The customer was happy with the service and tipped the guys. The owner was busy but the customer was told he could speak to the manager and he can still do so.

Customer increased Rating by 4 stars!
profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 30, 2011

The customer is attempting to reach monetary compensation with no concrete reason or evidence. We handled this client with respect, as we do with any other client. The customer has a phone estimate from us which included 3 hours of labor at $85 per hour plus 1 hour travel time and $60 of estimated packing materials to make an even $400 estimate. The physical inventory on the day of the move did not match the one John provided over the phone, it was significantly more. Many items were loose and were not boxed; something that John knows was supposed to be done prior to the move. The access to John's apartment was difficult to maneuver around and stairs were involved which placed a time constraint on the move. However, Dave (foreman) provided John with a revised estimate prior to loading any of the furniture, one which was higher than the final price! So, in fact, John has paid less than the quoted revised estimate of $655. Our company also gave John the option of canceling the move and not using our services or move on a different day. Therefore, our company still does not know what John is disputing. The total moving charges were simply $560.

After loading the shipment and arriving at the destination address, the customer began screaming and threatening the moving crew. John said he's only willing to pay $480 and will not agree to pay for any packing materials used. That he has no money and that's all he can afford to pay. John took the contract from David and started writing on it and altered it. Dave used his professional judgment and accepted the payment that John is willing to make in good faith. Surely enough, two days later the customer calls in to the office and keeps threatening that he wants to speak directly with our insurance company. We notified John that this is not how we generally handle claims and sent him the claim form as promised. John called later on that day and said that the claim form is not how he wants to handle the situation; rather he wishes to handle it on his own way. He demanded it in very threatening ways and even sent numerous emails saying that our 'fraudulent' ways will be reported to licensing authorities and several news channels. We believe that John's reaction was extremely hostile as he was unwilling to resolve the matter.

We have attempted several times to reach the client by phone and left a few messages, none of which were returned. We have also sent emails to John, trying to reach him in order to arrive at an agreement. All of our attempts were responded to with even more threats. The last few responses demanded $160 as compensation, however the customer has never specified what damage type of damage he had. No specific reference was made to any damages of furniture or walls. At many stages, our company was willing to provide compensation to the client, had he just gone through our claims process and tried to work with us reasonably. Many of John's claims in his complaints are lies, unfortunately, as he signed that there were no damages whatsoever at the end of the move. John also got to inspect our truck when the move was completed, to assure him that none of his furniture were left on the truck and that everything was delivered.

For the reasons mentioned above, we are requesting that this complaint not be considered valid or at all. This complaint is a mere attempt to hurt our reputation which would possibly prevent us from attaining future business from clients who wish to hire a reputable company such as our organization.

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Original review: June 6, 2011

Premier Mover of Wyckoff sent me a contract which I signed and sent back. I added a few items to the contract because I was told to be specific and received a confirmation e-mail. I was told to pack my small items in boxes if I wanted to avoid extra charges, which I did. The men were to wrap my mattress and box spring as required against bed bugs, and both my TV's would be crated and the rest of my items would be in blankets.

I was quoted a maximum of four hours and one hour travel and was confirmed for Friday, May 27th. Two days prior, I was called for a rescheduling for the following week. I told them this was unacceptable and a date of Sunday, the 29th, was agreed.The move was going well until time came to crate my TV's and wrap my mattress and box spring, then everything changed. I was told only one TV would be wrapped and not crated. Also, crating was extra same with taking the second TV and wrapping the mattress and box spring. I showed them the confirmation email, then they said that they would cover the mattress and box spring at no charge, but I was still told only one TV would be wrapped.

When we arrived at my new apartment, they wanted additional hours, packing materials, boxes, walking distance, mattress and box spring covers and more or else, they would not release my items and everything would be taken to storage. I was told that no superiors were available because it was a Sunday and either I pay or else. It was a hostage negotiation. So I had no other choice but to pay them before they would unload. The entire move took five hours, but I was charged for six.

I was charged for a garment box which was never used, the mattress and box spring covers which was agreed initially as to be provided and 15 rolls of tape. I have damaged and broken items and damage to my apartment. Premier will not provide me the name of their insurance carrier, proof of insurance or adjuster and told me to submit a list of damaged items and Premier will give consideration as to what will be paid for or not by their insurance company. I hope you can intervene on my behalf. Thank you.

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