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Kansas City, KS

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Ply Gem offers a wide variety of exterior building products. From windows, doors, and siding to fences and railings, Ply Gem has everything you need for your next home project. Whether you are in need of renovation ideas or simply looking for more information about our products, visit our website or contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer.

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23 Ply Gem Siding Group Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 22, 2018

They will find any reason not to support a warranty claim. Their letter to me refusing my claim said that the problem with my shutters (that were warping after only 5 years) was “something they had seen when the shutters were not properly installed.” After I got the builder involved and notified NV Homes that I was going to hold them accountable for the invalidation of my Mastic/Ply Gem lifetime warranty due to improper installation, they contacted Ply Gem. Ply Gem said that they never said the shutters were improperly installed, only that they “appeared” to be improperly installed. DO NOT BUY THIS GARBAGE!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 25, 2018

My husband and I own a Siding Co. for the past 34 years. 12 years ago we were introduced to this siding, made by Ply Gem. Never had an issue until 2015. We did a siding job with the Ovation Siding. A 2 story home. When we finished the back wall of the home we notice most of the panels were wavy, curling at the ends and light streaks everywhere. I went to Passaic Metal Building products in Clifton, NJ, I spoke with the sales rep, he came out to inspect and said he needed to contact Ply Gem/Mastics and that he would get back to me. A so called inspector named Matthew **, came out to inspect. He just looked at the siding and said he would get back to me. A few weeks went by and because we did a contract with the homeowner and I knew it wasn't our fault because we do not make the siding, we just install. I felt as though I had to take care of this situation.

After going through the problem and waiting on Passaic Metal, where we purchased the material, with no answer for a couple of days, we then got a call from Mr. ** stating that it wasn't installed right!! Our company have been doing Siding for the past 34 years!!! We decided to contact our attorney. When Passaic Metal received the letter from our attorney, Passaic Metal reacted quickly and gave my husband the materials to re-do the wall. Later we received a check from Mastic for the labor. We figured then that things happen and maybe this siding just had a bad batch of siding that was damaged. After that job we went on to do 15 homes with the same material and no problem at all. Until late 2016, we were installing siding on a home, finished the job with no problem.

After 6 months of finishing the job we get a call from the homeowner saying that there was something wrong with the siding. The siding was buckling, wavy and curled at the ends. Only parts of the siding, not the whole thing. Once again I got a hold of the sales rep. and told him that the problem with the siding has happened again! He once again got in contact with Ply Gem/Mastic and was told they would send out a rep to inspect the siding. The rep came out 2 days later took a look at the siding and said "I will tell the sales rep to give you the siding and I will mail you out a check for the labor (which he never did)". He also mentioned to me that he comes from Philadelphia and he had to go and see 2 other jobs with the same issue! After fixing and replacing the siding, we contacted Ply Gem and they said it was not installed right!!! "That seems to be their line", and was NEVER paid for the labor.

After this siding we went on to do our last siding with this material, but this time we used Millcreek Siding. Thinking that this was another siding but still made by Ply Gem/Mastic. We did this house and after a few months the homeowner send me pictures of his siding. The siding was extremely wrinkled, wavy and buckling at the ends.

This time I was so mad. I went to the sales rep, he got in contact with Ply Gem, they once again sent Mr. **, who really never installed siding in his life and doesn't know a thing about installation, and goes by a piece of paper. He said that he would send a report later to the sales rep and he would get in contact with me. When the report came in, he stated the siding was installed wrong!!! We did a house down the street from this house with the same siding but different color, and the house has NO problem what so ever!! The so called inspector said that the panels of siding did not move back and forth.

I went took pictures and a video which shows the panels moving back and forth!!! After all this, We refuse to put PLY GEM/MASTIC/MILLCREEK & OVATION SIDING ON ANY HOME!!! This company does not stick to their warranty, they don't give a damn about the homeowner or the contractors that are making them rich!!! When I spoke to the President of Passaic Metal where we purchased the materials, I told him that I would give my customers all the information they needed to sue Ply/Gem Mastic, if they wanted to go that route.

I was told by the President of Passaic Metal that Ply/Gem are a rich company with millions of dollars and that it would not hurt them what so ever! But I say to every Homeowner/Contractor, find out where the type of materials are being brought and installed on your home, DO NOT PURCHASE ANY MATERIALS THAT HAVE TO DO WITH PLY/GEM, MASTIC SIDING!!! SAVE YOURSELF THE AGGRAVATION. Ply Gem will not honor their warranty what so ever. I hope they get their day in court and lose their business!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 22, 2018

Just built a new home... chose this siding because of the beautiful color. Unfortunately it's only been up for about 1 month and it's already starting to show signs of a problem. The siding is totally different colors and it was not recognizable during installation. Now I have to have the entire house resided... Wished I would have read these reviews prior to using this product. Oh well live and learn. I'm hoping these guys stand behind their product. I will not accept anything other than a 100% replacement... Removal, disposal and installation.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 10, 2018

Don't waste your money buying their windows. They may replace a window that has moisture between the panes but you have to pay for having it installed. That's not much of a warranty. When it gets really cold you will have to wipe condensation off the windows. We also have a living area that has Window World windows and we have not one issue with them! Zero condensation in cold weather. I am very disappointed in the lack of quality of these windows and the person I spoke with in their warranty department this morning was very rude. Save yourself some grief!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 5, 2017

My siding needed some pieces replaced because of work I did on the house. I bought a square of siding. Replaced but the color was completely different considering it should have been the same. In any event, it was a complete difference. I contacted the company for warranty and realized since I am second owner they would only pay 10%. I was ok with that because I would have just replaced one side and brought the good pieces from one side to bad pieces on other sides... I digress... I removed siding pieces, took photos, labeled, read warranty, everything... lo and behold a week later I get the siding back saying warranty is only 5 years for color. I am a licensed general contractor and we have done many replacements for companies. Alcoa is pretty good with warranties however this is mastic siding but must be owned by Alcoa. I will definitely stay away from this siding in the future.

Pretty frustrating because I see the blemishes and want to fix them but it's a nightmare. The company wrote and said, "Fade is only good for 5 years. I contacted them via phone and mail and never heard that before. Nothing will fade in less than 5 years. Problem is a good group of lawyers wrote warranty to protect the company and who cares about the consumer.

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17 people found this review helpful
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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 2, 2017

Would definitely think twice before choosing this top siding company that sells the siding in Portland, Maine @ Harvey Building Products. The siding is Mastic Home Exteriors by PlyGem. The color I have is English Wedgwood. This product has been popular since the 2000's. The siding is very expensive, a little on the high side to be exact. It is questionable for me anyway. The company does not stand by their guarantee of the product. I’m from Maine. I built my home in 2012. My house is definitely in a area where it gets a lot of sunshine. However I'm not the only one in the Sun here who built their garage later. I didn't see any problems until this last 2016 spring when I finished adding a garage. The contractor brought it to my attention (not the original builder). After the siding was installed he commented on the difference in the colors of the garage and house.

I thought he got the wrong color! You could see the difference significantly! Maybe there is other sidings that fade over the years or you will notice a difference between the two siding colors in a 4 year period if the home was has been exposed to a lot of sunlight. I have not seen any in my many travels. I would love to as it would make me feel better about mine. A couple of the neighbors one in particular made a comment to the contractor stating he hoped that his garage would not look like mine or would there be a big difference in the colors between the garage and house like mine, would it have the same fading. Lucky for him he had a different company for his siding maybe Certainteed. My warranty is suppose to be good and active on my house so I contacted the company local distributor where the siding was purchased. They sent me to the corporate office who deals with the guarantee.

They advised me to get receipts from both contractors who purchased the siding. I was informed I needed to get many pictures of the house comparing the difference. Was pretty significant if people were commenting on it. I had to take pictures of the pieces of siding side by side, and send a piece of the fade siding to them. I was told to take a piece from my house where no one would notice. The piece was little harder to compare side by side but slightly noticeable, considering it was only the two pieces to compare. They also told me that they sometimes send someone out that works at the company, one of their distributors (I assume where the contractor purchased, the siding) to look at the home. The is a company is in Portland Maine, not far. I heard back from the corporate company within two weeks pretty fast. I didn't get the news I was looking for.

They stated that the siding was not meeting their level of fading on the pieces I sent. They stated that the fading was not significant enough. Mmm pretty obvious if they drove by my house. I called them and asked about the pictures that they requested. They stated it didn't matter, as pictures can be edited to change the colors so they don't use the pictures. My husband asked me why did they request them if they were not going to be using them. I was shocked with the response so I forgot to ask! They never sent anyone to look at the house. Basically the company said nothing they could or would do as they felt not enough of a problem. I let it go for a while until someone else mentioned the difference. The person said to me if they had paid the high price I paid they would complain about the difference between the garage and house. It looks like two different colors.

I would be interested know if anyone else has had the same problems with fading with this siding. (You know misery likes company). I have gone by a lot of garages put on homes after the original house was built and have yet to see one. You can see difference in colors between my garage and house from the street. I better start praying that the house doesn't fade anymore. I hope it's the last level of fading!!! I think need to wait until the garage catches up with the house color. Just warning some who may go with this company for siding build them together! The guarantee did state it covered fading! Thanks for listening. From the first and last faded or two toned house on the street!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 5, 2016

After building a new home 2010, using a great amount of Ply Gem stone supplied by BL Wholesale Supply in Buffalo NY, we've had 9 pieces fall off within the first few years, one by one from various locations. This is hazardous at the very least. They offer a 50 year warranty but we have been put off, ignored, wait and see scenario, told they would bring samples of new stone for us to pick out, then given all the excuses implying they don't want to replace the poor quality stone. The stone was supposedly tested by Ply Gem and they never got back to us with results. What does that tell you? The Graystone has also been discontinued. What does that tell you? All of their prolonged flip-flopping is inconvenient at the very least and very stressful. We've spent countless hours emailing/meeting/phone calls etc, which all seems to be a waste of time. We have a mortgage and are still paying for the poor quality stone.

We should've had a permanent solution resolving the issue... YEARS ago. The Ply Gem rep that came out said "he believes the stone is defective because part of the stone stuck to the mortar." I would not recommend to anyone to use stone that does not have mortar between each piece of stone, simply hung from the back only, which is what the instructions call for with the stone we unfortunately picked out. Now BL Wholesale Supply acts like 9 stones falling off is par for the course and normal because they don't want to spend the money replacing our stone like they should under the 50 year warranty. "Oh, wind must be a factor." That's poor. We've never lost any vinyl with high winds. It seems stone should be sturdier than vinyl. That's common sense. We are very disappointed in Ply Gem stone and their supplier BL Wholesale Supply. Their wait and see approach is not going to cut it. They need to honor their warranty and replace our stone once and for all.

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Original review: Dec. 2, 2016

Contractor for over 42 years siding between 40 to 75 homes a year. Do yourself a favor: avoid Ply Gem at all costs. We did a vertical siding job last year. It immediately started oil canning. They sent out what they call a rep - in reality just an on the road salesman. He stated "installed all wrong." We could only find three panels that were a little tighter than they should be on the entire home. We requested an independent inspection. They will ONLY allow one of their approved inspectors which you get to pay for. They came up with the same outcome. What they couldn't explain and didn't even try to was why an entire unopened box from this job stored flat in a temp controlled area was 3/4 oil canned. Do yourself a favor and buy better products. We are done with any Ply Gem product period.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 7, 2016

Ply Gem company does over $400,000.000 in sales and is very profitable for shareholders. The end user, the homeowner gets an inferior product that does not last. I'm having to replace windows that are 11 years old. I did reach out to them for assistance in repairs and they said the products that Ply Gem produced are just fine and my house is settling and it is ok to have condensation on the outside and this is normal. Ply gem says they won't with repairs but are willing to sell me new windows at their cost. As a homeowner and consumer STAY FAR FAR away from these windows. When it is 10 degrees outside it is 50 degrees at the window when I have the heat at 72 this is not real efficient. NOT a good choice for windows. It is like having your countertop fail after ten years, it just shouldn't. Very unhappy homeowner.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 1, 2016

A tornado came thru our area 2011 and destroyed all my siding that had been on for 15 years and still looked good. That is when the installer recommended Ply Gem stating it was the very best siding and the warranty exceeded all his expectations. Five years later we noticed some greasy like stains running down the backside. Installer came out stated it was dirty to wash with TSP/TIDE/CAR WASH BRUSH & WATER. We did 5 times, still no changes. Then the sales rep Ken came out and took pictures & gave me a claim form said something was definitely wrong, he even tried cleaning with 409 which I was told to never do. Then I had to remove a 2 foot section of siding and send in at my own expense. Claim was denied stating it was due to elements in the air and the warrant does not cover that.

I spoke with a Jennifer ** who I thought was the rudest person on earth, not willing to help and just mean. I asked to speak to her Supervisor which was Justin **, he would not return my calls so I sent him a email. Explained first how rude Jennifer was and that I was not happy about the denial that I expected more after paying $11,000 for siding. He sent me an email back within 10 minutes and CC Jennifer stating that there is no manufacturing defect that if I want to send in another sample they would look at it. There was no apology on his part but he was making sure to CC Jennifer in to show that he stood behind her decision. All the supervisors that I have ever worked for would never CC another employee that someone was having a problem with. Just shows you what kind of company they are. STAY AWAY!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 27, 2016

Moisture began to enter my house resulting in mold behind and on drywall in 5 different locations a year after it was built 8 years ago. The source appears to be some of the 80+ vinyl Ply Gem windows Winchester installed. Most of the sills have swelled up so the screens do not fit anymore. Neither Ply Gem nor Winchester is willing to accept responsibility. Ply Gem says it is due to the bricks pushing up from under the sill. This may have broken the seals under the sill on each corner possibly resulting in moisture in the basement. Winchester says it is normal for Ply Gem windows to swell as they are cheap, substandard vinyl windows.

According to Winchester, if the window frame seals (not the window pane seals) located at each corner of and under the sill were broken, rain water would leak onto the sill resulting in water marks which can be seen by a person standing inside the house. According to Winchester, a broken seal (not the window pane seal) would not result in water going down to the basement behind the drywall. Therefore, according to Winchester, since there are no water marks, the seals under the sill are still intact. It has been very aggravating and frustrating working with Winchester's and Ply Gem's warranty departments. Each is blaming the other and neither is willing to do anything. My recommendation is that if you are thinking of buying a Winchester home or Ply Gem windows, think twice.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 14, 2016

I installed Mastic siding on my home over ten tears ago. It has withstood very high winds (over 100 mph) and two inch hail (not together) with no damage whatsoever. Living in the Omaha area, we get extended periods of hot, sunny weather from May thru September. My siding has not faded or warped. I am very pleased with my Ply Gem siding, and the installation.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 20, 2016

I purchased over 20 windows and one is defective! The windows were purchased as brown vinyl and the defective one is now grey with white ash like streaks/undertones! It's set in the same stone work as another Ply Gem window; however, the other window doesn't have this appearance/problem. The lumber yard that I purchased these windows from has re-purchased the window. However, Ply Gem still will not pay to have the window re-installed although it's a warranty issue. I have volunteered to replace my own stone work just to get this horrible situation behind us, BUT Ply Gem has obviously decided that this is my problem, not theirs!

No one will return my phone call (I have left 3 this week for who is said to be their field supervisor Dale **) and have not heard anything. Their service tech came out on 2/11/16 and 2/12/16 and I have not heard a word since! Service tech suggested we paint the window and when my husband told him that wasn't going to happen on a window that faces the front of our beautiful home, the tech proceeded to use good off and a oil "lubricant" to coverup the white steaks! The next day it bleed back through and the service tech took pictures as proof for his upper management to review. It's awful that I have to go to these measures to get a warranty issue resolved!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 20, 2016

Very, very unhappy with vinyl siding. 7 years old, dusty and nasty to the touch, faded, and either the walls behind it are warped or the siding is warped. Cannot get any help from the installers or the manufacturers as they blame each other.

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Original review: Dec. 16, 2015

Same story as Trisha has written below. Horrible warranty and customer service with Ply Gem. As soon as they get your money you are nothing to them. Hopefully nothing goes wrong with your siding. They make the home owner jump through many hoops to get a claim accepted. Photos, CD's if you can, description, and please send a sample in an 8x11 envelope they provide but you have to pay for shipping and if you would like your sample back please include a pre-paid self-addressed envelope. Let alone a sample of siding will not fit into an 8x11 envelope, so now you are shipping an oversized package when all these should be covered by Ply Gem.

I have an idea. Back your product up, send a rep or area manager to the home with the issue, take your own pictures of your faulty product, take what sample you would like because sending the homeowner a tool to take it off with no experience is ridiculous. Leaving a piece of missing siding on your house looks real attractive on a newly sided house. Should not be our issue to remove and send your product. Stand behind it besides offering a 10-year or lifetime warranty. Be prepared to support it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 6, 2015

Our siding has started to wrinkle. First of all, I called customer service and spoke to **. She was very rude and unhelpful. I submitted a claim, and I was required to cut off a piece of my siding and pay to mail it in. Now my house looks bad, not only because the siding is wrinkling, but also because the white tyvek is exposed because I had to mail in a piece of the siding. Which, by the way, I had to pay to ship the defective siding to have it reviewed by the technical department. Even if they found it was a manufacturing failure, they would not have paid for the shipping. I think that is terrible.

I finally got a letter back saying it is not product manufacturing failure, but instead it is due to an excessive external heat source. Basically my neighbor's window is reflecting heat onto our house...which by the way, is very common. When you google melting due to excessive external heat, there are a number of articles saying it is because the Vinyl Siding is not built to handle high temperatures and it melts and distorts.

There are MANY claims every year that are submitted and the manufacturers like Ply Gem do nothing to better their product. Instead they update their warranty to specifically state they do not hold themselves accountable. Ply Gem is fully aware of the issue and does nothing about it. To me that is extremely unethical. If they weren't aware of the defect that CONTINUES to happen with their product, I would understand. However, they are fully aware, continue to sell the product, and update their warranty to ensure they don't have to pay anything for their bad products. Classy.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 26, 2015

All of our premium siding faded out in a few years. We were told it will be covered under our lifetime warranty which is not the warranty you think it is--your siding will be replaced but prorated for part of lifetime and you pay. Jump through a thousand hoops by taking 100 photos, proof of home ownership, and send in siding samples which they tell you might not get back?? And you will deal with the most hateful rude people you have ever experienced in your life!! Stay away from PlyGem!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2014

On 6/13 I contacted Karen ** at Ply Gem regarding the warranty for my kitchen window. The lock and mechanism to open and close the window broke. The company no longer makes the window and Karen ** stated if they cannot find a part they will need to replace the window because the warranty does cover broken parts in regards to opening and closing the window and the locking mechanism. After emails back and forth from 6/20 to present Karen ** has stopped returning my calls and she has not responded to emails.

In July Ms. ** was on the phone with Jeff from Harry Starr and Son who installed the windows telling him the issue is now between their company and me. He is no longer to be involved. Jeff handed me the phone and Karen ** proceeded to raise her voice and yell at me that I am a liar and she never told my wife and I the company would replace the window for free. I asked her to stop yelling and she proceeded to be rude. I finally covered with her everything she told my wife and I. She stated she would contact me back and has ignored me since. This is the worst experience I have ever had with a company. To be called a liar, yelled at, ignored and left with a window that will not lock and I cannot find a part for is not acceptable.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 16, 2014

We had our siding replaced two years ago. Six weeks later the siding had buckled and was lifted. We contacted the company. It took them a year to replace it. Again six weeks later the siding rippled, edges curled and siding buckled which resulted in flapping every time the wind blew. Contacted the company and was told they would warranty it. One year later, after listening to it flap, and having everyone that comes to our house mention how bad it looks, they are now saying they will not warranty it like they said they would.

Today when my husband contacted the company to find out why, the representative yelled at him and was very rude. They said there was no reason they should replace it. We are now faced with the choice of suing the company (which we do not want to do) or residing our home with another product (which we cannot afford to do). I am writing this review because I don't want anyone else to be faced with this situation. Please do not buy anything from this company!

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Original review: Aug. 27, 2013

My husband and I had Ply Gem Vinyl siding installed on our home. Within one year, about an 8-row section of it on the south side of our garage developed "stripes." It almost looked like run marks. The "stripes" were much lighter in appearance. After contacting the manufacturer and "jumping through all their hoops," we were informed it was normal weathering and that was not covered under their warranty. We wondered - if it were normal weathering, why didn't it occur in more than one area of that wall and not anywhere else on the entire building? Long story short - I would not recommend this product as it seems subpar, and the manufacturer is unwilling to stand behind their product.

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Original review: Dec. 17, 2012

Their siding was installed recently on my home. They were different colors, (supposed to be same color) it looked like a checker board. I complained to the installer. He agreed and stated that Ply Gem would take care of problem and pay to have it fixed. I never heard from either again. I even contacted Ply Gem! In less than one year, the sunny side warped and melted. I had to pay to have it removed and disposed of with an extra fee due to the nature of vinyl siding. Also, if the siding is on fire, it releases poison gases! I replaced using Hardy Board (concrete composite). My advice is, stay away from any Ply Gem product or dealer!

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Original review: Nov. 9, 2010

I had Blue GP/Variform Vinyl Siding put on my house. In Sept 2010, I contacted the contractor who installed it because it was still under warranty. After he came to my house to look at it, he than contacted the store where he bought the siding. They sent a Georgia Pacific rep to look at the problem. When the man got here, he drove past the house (he didn't see the numbers) and he turned around. He told me he knew it was the right house because he could see the white dots from the road. The gentleman (didn't give me his name, just said he was sent to look at my siding) seemed to be at awe at the appearance of white "dots" many different sizes all over the house. He continuously called it a "phenomenon". After taking pictures, he removed a piece of the siding which was sent to Mr. Brandon **, Sr. Technical Service Rep.

Mr. ** responded by returning the piece of siding with a letter informing me: The condition about which I have raised concern is specifically excluded by the term of their warranty. I understand and expect normal weathering to exposure to ultraviolet (sun) light, etc. to cause fading, darkening, chalk or acquire a surface accumulation of dirt or stains. Nowhere does the warranty say anything about "white dots". I spoke to a man at the store where the siding was bought two weeks ago. After telling him my concerns, he said he was going to make a couple of calls then he will call me back. He didn't call back, but the man who came to look at it did. I told him he never told me his name, he said "that's okay". He suggested I call Mr. **. Is this how Ply Gem (Georgia Pacific) treat their customers?

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Original review: April 2, 2010

I filed a claim in November for melting siding on my home that was installed late September. It seems I get reflection off one of my windows and the reflection is melting the siding. Ply Gem hides behind their warranty because they know this is a problem. Townships are seeing this more and more. All the siding companies have to do is change one component in the siding and the heat rating will go up. I now have a house that I paid $16000 to side that has a melting problem.

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