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Someone from Platinum Protection came to my home to sell me a security system. First of all, the system was a joke, and their "support" was even worse. But it was better than nothing. But then I had to move for work. I tried calling the company repeatedly when I'd get their invoices, but no one would ever return my calls. Eventually the invoices stopped. That was more than two years ago. Then I was notified I was being sued by the company right before the statute of limitations ran out. I was given 12 days to pay or face a lawsuit. They claim you can't cancel their policy; all you can do is resell the policy. The person who sold it to me never notified me of this ridiculous policy - or told it was for a staggering five years. Do yourself a favor. Stay far, far away from this company. There's a reason it's rated an F by the Better Business Bureau.

I had a new house built four years ago. After my first year, a Platinum salesperson came by my house and offered me this great deal on an alarm system. So, I signed and accepted the agreement for 39 months. About one year after having the alarm, it started going off every other day even when I was home. The monitoring company would call me all hours of the day, and night.After a while, I got fed up; just turned it off completely, but that didn’t stop the monitoring company from calling.

So, I called and ask what I could do to cancel the contract. They told me I could not cancel it. My contract has a clause stating that it will continue for 39 months, unless early termination; it would renew automatically for successive one year periods. During any renewal period, the customer or company may cancel this agreement upon 30 days written notice.

So **? Why can’t I cancel? By the way, my monitoring company is Monotronics, and I didn’t even sign a contract with them; they are even worse to try and deal with. How can these companies get by with not living up to the standards they promise, but we still got to pay for a service that are not delivering?

On 6-17-2011, Friday, Jordan ** and another individual showed at our door. Jordan started the conversation with how his company was going around installing new telephone equipment, specifically chips, in the telephone boxes outside the house. Then to confuse the issue, he switched into saying they were installing as a customer incentive, medical alert type services. As my wife uses such a service, we listened. Then it turned into home security system with medical alert capabilities.

After 30 to 45 minutes of push salesmanship, we agreed to take the service. As soon as we said we would take it, the installers showed up at the door and started installing all the equipment. After the equipment was installed, my wife and I thought more on the deal and decided to cancel. I immediately called Platinum Protection to cancel and was told they could not do anything until Monday. So I called credit company and canceled the card so no charges could be made. Since then, another representative of Platinum Protection has called to check on why the equipment was not putting a signal. I told her I had disabled the equipment and was cancelling.

No damage has resulted so far as I shut off their ability to charge my credit card. They drilled six holes on walls and doors of my house. I also don't know what they are going to charge me, if anything, for their service.

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