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Do not go with this company. They did a poor unprofessional job and expect the customer not to say anything. A pool isn't cheap and cost a lot of hard earned money and it deserves to be done right. The owner went and tried to make all these excuses about how it can be fixed to look better. However it would cost us an additional amount with a company recommended by him. We don't want to pay more to get it fixed, we want it to be done right the first. We started in March and it's now almost July and the pool still isn't done when it was supposed to be done in May. I get how it can be a week or two weeks late but not months. Overall, I made a big mistake by choosing this company and I hope no one else makes the same one.

Satisfaction Rating

My wife and I decided to go with Pacific Pools. Big mistake. There were many, many problems with their work and the pool. The owner is the one who digs the holes. This was our first pool so I asked him what the next step is now that the hole is dug, and he said "I don't know... Ask Mike or someone". Okay, so I did ask Mike and his answer was, "Well we got an early start this year and we have a lot of pools to do so I am not sure when we will be coming back to finish, maybe call the electrician." THEY LIKE TO PLAY PASS THE BUCK GAME.

So I had to call the electrician to find out when he was coming out because he needed to do his job before Pacific could finish their job. Pacific also asked me if I wanted the gas line above or below the ground. I told them above and they did just like I asked but this does not meet NYS building code. So they had to take down my fence once again and dig a hole so the gas line could go underground. After many calls, they finally came back out to finish the pool. I finally had a running pump! Yeah. But... I was losing about 1/2 inch of water in the ground per day. They came out several times over a two-week period and finally fixed the leak (with caulk) and told me they would be back to fix it in the fall.

Then I had to call their concrete guy to come out and finish around the pool. HE NEVER CALLED ME BACK. I hate that. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM OF THEM ALL IS THIS - they installed my pool with the depth that I asked them 3-1/2 feet to 4-1/2 feet. When they installed the steps, they put a huge slant directly at the bottom off the last step. When I walked into my pool for the first time, I slid down into the pool and almost cracked my head open on the concrete ledge. My wife did the same thing. I had friends over that slid into the pool - VERY UNSAFE!!!

Toward the end of the summer I had a small party and one friend was going into the pool. She slid into the pool and her foot rolled over as she was sliding. She was in pain and the next day she went and had X-rays and her foot was broken!!! Now when I contacted Pacific to fix this, they are telling me that they will in fact fix it but they will NOT REPLACE THE LINER ($2,000). ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Its' PACIFIC'S MISTAKE, NOT MINE. Very, very unhappy with the whole thing!!! My attorney will now be getting involved.


I purchased a pool from this company in 2006 and have had an inordinate amount of problems with the in-floor cleaning system and pool equipment. The in-floor cleaning system broke less than 6 months after the pool was installed and caused staining all throughout the pool. I had to threaten Pacific Pools & Spas with legal action before they agreed to pay for the acid washing to correct the staining. The in-floor cleaning system has broken 3 more times after that.

Additionally, since the 1 year warranty has expired, we have replaced the O-ring 3 times and the chlorinator hose 2 times. Now, the motor is grinding upon start-up and we were told that we will need to replace the motor soon at a cost of $400. I have spoken to all of my neighbors who have pools and none of them have had to replace parts on a pool that is only 3 years old. I feel we received an inferior product from Pacific Pools & Spas. I would not recommend them at all!


After reading all the complaints posted here. I would like to share with everyone what I did to receive a full credit back from this company. First we all need to file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, this can be done online and it's fairly easy to do. Next, I contacted the company and only receive a partial credit. I then filed a complaint with my State Attorney's Office who handled the rest and I received my full credit from the company. Please do these things if enough of us follow these steps we can prevent this company from robbing more people.

Hope this helps



We have had major issues with our pool and the cleaning pop up system we purchased. The company has came out numerous times to fix this on going problem. Now we are experiencing piping issues that have been leaking over a month. The pool company is saying that this is no longer their problem. They basically are saying they dealt with issues for 2 years and now are cleaning their hands with plumbing issues asking for us to pay for all these expenses when we have not had a well functioning pool from day one.

I spent over $50,000 on this pool. It's a little over 2 years old. Since the leak they came out to fix it twice and it still leaking. The leak started a month ago and now Im concerned that over 10,000 gallons of water has been disbursed through out my backyard and underneath my home. I know for a fact my neighbor had the same issue less than a year ago but he was under warranty per Pacific Pools becuase it fell short of 2 years. They fixed his pool but I know he has been very unhappy with their work and service. The plumbing company is also trying to find a way to wipe their hands clean. They know their work is very suspect becuase like I said earlier my neighbor also had major plumbing issues. Plumbing company Herder Plumbing.

The major issue I have right now is that my pool is a 17,000 gallon and who really knows how much water we have lost. My concern is that this can cause major issues such as sink holes,mold, and overall deteriation of the foundation. At least one month of constant water leakage can cause major issues to my property.

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May 2006, ceramic tile in one area was cracking. I notified Pacific pools of the problem. They sent a person over to inspect it and his conclusion was I scratched the tile, mind you the pool is not even 1 year old. He also said he will have to bring another person to take pictures, which they did and will be informed of there decision.

Finally in Sept. after repeated telephone calls Pacific Pools was going to change the cracked tiles which was two rows of tiles about 4 foot long. In Septembert he worker showed up with only 5 tiles there were approx 20 cracked tiles and he replied this is what they told me to do. I sent him away he stated they will not change the tile if the water gets to cold and I should hurry and he said he will have to bring someone else to look at the tile Here it is Oct. nothing has been done. No one has showed.

The tile wee not replaced and not the white behind the tile is coming through. The pool looks as if was thirty years old not one year old.

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