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I watched an infomercial on TV about the Omni DualSaw in which they stated that there was a 14 day trail for $9.99, Free Shipping. I decided to try it and see what I thought. I called and ordered the trial. The rep took my inber given to me by the rep immediately, and was told that, "I did not choose the trial option".

I went ballistic and told the person that the trial was all I wanted and that it was made perfectly clear to the rep at the time.

I told the rep to cancel my order and to refund my money immediately. The rep stated that hfo and when I checked my checking account the next day, I was shocked to see a charge from DualSaw for $99.98. Well, I called the customer service number could not do that since the tool was already being shipped. He also stated that I would have to wait until I received the item and get an RMA and return the item to them to get my money back.

Well, when it arrived I immediately called the company and they stated that they didn't do RMAs anymore and that I would just have to ship it back and get my refund when they received the tool. I stated that it was, I was in no way going to pay for the item to be shipped back, so he stated that if, I had not opened the item that I could do a Return to Shipper and that it wouldn't cost me anything. I have done that and am now waiting for the refund. My warning to everyone out there is, do not order anything from this company as they will take whatever they want and they will make you jump through hoops to get your money back, even if it is their fault!

On 10/13/09, I ordered the Dual Saw. On 10/14/09, my debit card was charged for the full amount of the order, $499.85. On 10/20/09, my debit card was charged again for the full amount of $499.85. I called customer service for a refund and was told it would take 7-10 business days for the refund. In the meantime, I received the saw and after using it for 5 minutes, it blew up and started smoking. I called for a return slip and was issued one. I returned the saw and received a replacement.

The second saw is defective as well and as of today, I still haven't received a refund for the 2nd charge. I have called every 7-10 business days since this started and have never gotten this resolved. They will not let me speak with their accounting department and I am told that all customer service reps are supervisors when I ask to speak with someone else. I want my entire amount of $999.70 refunded and I want a return authorization number so that I can send them their junk back.

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