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They were pretty good. I was able to talk to them and they provided me with good feedback. They were extremely thorough and didn't skip out in anything. I valued their work a lot. They were extremely good at making reliable things. It was some time ago I went to them and it's still holding up really well.

They were nice but a bit confusing at times. We did solve the problem so that is what mattered. They did their job. There was nothing they did bad. But they didn't do anything more than just that. I would probably recommend this to a friend. Overall they did a ok job. This was just an average value. The roof did its job so that's what matters so I am not going to complain about it. They were pretty reliable. They would come if I really needed them. They would answer the phone if I called. I think they did a good job. Nothing special but they did their job.

Very courteous to me, polite, willing to listen to the problems that I'm having where I live. I did not get shoved around from person to person. Was not a long wait time while I was on the phone with them. When I was explaining my problem they did not try to rush me. Even let me watch and explained to me the cost and what would need to be done. Finished inspection in a timely manner. Very good value considering all the repairs I would need done. And with them allowing me to watch made me happy. Also they did not add in extra fees that I would have not expected to pay. Very reliable. Showed up the exact day and time I asked them to. Willing to work around my schedule so I did not have to change any of my plans, even stayed past their regular work hours to help me with this problem.

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Founded in 1933, Olshan Foundation Solutions offers a range of services in addition to foundation repair and waterproofing. The company operates throughout much of the South and Southwest.

  • Free estimates: Customers are given the price beforehand and are informed of any adjustments to that estimate throughout the service.
  • No interest payments: Customers can finance their repairs and not pay interest for 12 months.
  • Commercial and industrial services: From airports and industrial plants to shopping centers and universities, no job is too big for Olshan Foundation Solutions.
  • Plumbing services: Sometimes plumbing leaks can cause water leaks in a basement, and Olshan Foundation Solutions has the ability to fix such issues.
  • Exterior water management: Effective waterproofing starts from the outside, and Olshan specifically specializes in the installation of exterior systems.
  • Best for Ordinary homeowners, large building owners, businesses and institutions in need of foundation repairs, waterproofing and other services.

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Olshan Foundation Solutions