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We have health issues that require medication be refrigerated!! Whirlpool Refrigerator showing temp of 60 degrees. First repair company came out. They could not repair and they called NSI Protection to send a company that could fix refrigerator and they gave me work order #. I have been on "hold" for over an hour trying to speak with a rep from NSI. Went online to MYPROTECTIONPLAN360.COM.

No matter what I tried I COULD NOT USE MY PASSWORD NOR DID THEY SEND ME VIA EMAIL A "PASSWORD CHANGE" LINK. Further their "captcha" did not let me in!! Bad website. Bad company. Sorry my warranty is with them. Will attempt to get my refrigerator repaired and to get new warranty company. Very Unhappy.

We bought the NSI Protection warranty on our Viking pro range. The latch and self clean was not working. We contacted NSI on May 23. July 11th PSG service diagnosed the problem. Still waiting on Sept 4th for repair. Many calls made no return calls.

EXTREMELY DISPLEASED with NSI Protection Plus as well as their service provider Appliances Unlimited!! Our refrigerator stopped making ice and over a couple days we realized that the freezer as well as the fridge were not staying cold enough. We called LG for a diagnostic test and ended up having to call our extended warranty company, NSI. On or about 8/12 we made the call to them to schedule service.

8/15 - 1st call tech. Kevin came out and determined that the compressor was ok and although he said that he couldn’t really find anything specifically wrong he said he was going to replace the circuit board and 2 other parts which I think were fans. He told us it would likely take about 5 days to get the parts ordered. I was very specific in telling him that we don’t want the parts shipped to us, but to have them shipped to them as we have a duplicate address in the same zip code and that the parts would probably be misdelivered. They had them shipped to us anyway and of course the parts went to the other address. We had to be the ones to figure out what was going on and it was NOT an easy process to get the followup visit scheduled. When I politely asked to speak to a supervisor I got attitude from the “customer service” rep. I did successfully schedule the appointment for the installation of the parts that were ordered.

8/22 - 2nd call, same tech, Kevin came out and replaced the parts (misdelivered parts that I had to go pick up). It was a fairly short service call and the tech said the fridge was all fine and that it should be charged up and ready in a couple hours. Great, we finally have our fridge working again! I went out and got groceries! At least we thought it was fixed. Hours later no change so I first called Kevin from Appliances Unlimited and again got no return call so I called LG and the person there told me it could take up to 15-24 hours to be back to normal. The next morning there was no change and we ended up losing our second freezer load of food! I called the tech again and got no return call! I made a call to the main number and fortunately was able to get something scheduled quickly and figured we’d tough it out another day.

8/23 – 3rd call, different tech Scott, who left 5 screws from the freezer laying on our kitchen floor! He looked everything over and said there was nothing he could do and that they would have to send a certified tech out to tap into the system and possibly drain the Freon, etc. 8/25 – 4th call with the certified tech who was here for a short time. He found no leaks in the system and said that he was going to order a new compressor (we were previously told compressor was fine) and that likely it would be another week before it would be received and service call scheduled. He was empathetic for us at least. Later that day I had to call back in to NSI as we were already well past the threshold of losing patience and confidence in both them and Appliances Unlimited.

I called NSI and asked for a supervisor and spoke to Nancy who was the first person at NSI who seemed to care and be understanding of our dilemma. She lead me to believe that she would take action and we would definitely be getting a new fridge and it may take a few days so I could at least live with that. I believe she said something to the effect that we would talk again the next day and after not hearing anything I made a call late that day. After the usual ½ hour wait I get a customer service rep who told me that the supervisors were not taking calls at that time and that she’d send an email to her. She also told me that the notes said that this was being sent to upper management to consider and that this in itself could take a few days!! I was NOT feeling confident at all and I told her that it was urgent that I talked to Nancy and to please have her call before the close of business. We never got a call.

We are now going on three weeks with a barely working refrigerator and a freezer that is useless. Constantly buying ice and keeping towels on the floor from where the melted ice water leaks from the freezer. We lost 2 freezer loads of food and most of what was in the fridge. We’ve had to spend money on ice almost every day and have had to go out to have dinner a few times. This is unacceptable and we have not had a feeling that anyone at either of these two organizations (except possibly Nancy, although we are on day 4 not hearing back from her) has really cared about our dilemma. In the time I've spent on hold waiting to talk to a live person at NSI and trying to get them to do what they're supposed to be doing I've spent about a day's worth of time chasing after these people!

Purchased a Maytag top load washer in 2013 with 5 yrs extended warranty. Call in today because the washer makes a very LOUD Noise during wash and Spin cycle. I called the 888-446-8008 number waited about 15-20 mins for an answer. The lady confirmed the warranty and ask what the problem was. I explain the loud noise during wash and spin cycle and that my local dealer said that it was most probably the bearing going out. The lady said "your warranty does NOT cover noise problems." WHAT!! "The noise is caused by the bearing going out," I explained. She said she would need to hear the noise over the phone. I hung up on her and called my local dealer. He is going to have to intervene after I file a claim online and wait 1-2 days for the review. THIS IS BS!!! They do everything they can to NOT honor the claim. I will be filing a lawsuit this week against these bastards. It is the principle.

This is a scam. They will not honor my contract for furniture I purchased. I was told that pet damage was covered. Now three years later they refused to honor my contract or reimburse me for the cost of the contract. Buyer Beware. This company has no conscience. All of this after being hung up on 3 times by reps and the company reps giving me a variety of different numbers to call for reimbursement. They just will not honor anything. Thieves.

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I purchased a refrigerator from Number1Direct and through them we purchase a NSI Protection Plan. NSI Protection Plan has a very poor customer services, taking more than 35 minutes to answer the call and then we are been transfer from one person to another representative without solving our problem. And we are still trying to fix our refrigerator. Neither Number1Direct or NSI Protection are taking responsibility and we are the customers are stuck in this situation.

Well I purchased an ice maker for our fridge. Shortly after getting fridge home about 2 months later the ice maker kept filling up with water. Service guy came out, told me the motor was shot on ice maker! I said "WHAT? I just bought it!" He told me sometimes these ice makers are aftermarket stuff. So, 6 months later, it starts filling up with water again, flooded my kitchen floor, and so on. My husband went under the kitchen sink and crimped off the water line that goes to the ice maker. Called for service. Guy comes out, tells me to take the pliers off the water line, so did. I got a BILL 2 days later saying it was not covered under my extended warranty, and that there was a piece of ice stuck in ice maker.

First of all it wasn't making ice. Secondly, that has no bearing on customer whether or not it's making ice or not. They put me in the credit bureau for the amount of $84.00 plus a late fee of 25.00. Now, I owe them $114.00. Now once again, the ice machine is still not fixed. No one can "SUPPOSEDLY" fix it. I need it fixed permanently so they don't have to fix it again!!! I will NOT pay the $114.00. This is not my doing. Just need it FIXED!!!

My wife and I purchased a leather sectional sofa in 2013. We also purchased the extended warranty at the same time. In 2015, the leather began to crack and peel. We contacted NSI Protection Plus by phone and were told that the damage is covered under warranty. They issued a repair number and told us someone would contact us about the repair within 4 days.

Weeks went by with no contact from NSI. The claim status on their website indicated (and still does) that the claim is pending. I finally was able to reach a live person today and was informed that my claim is denied because it is normal wear and tear. This is not correct. Two other seats on the sofa get the same or more usage as does the piece with the issue. I feel like this warranty service is a scam and I am out the $219 for the BS warranty, not to mention the +$3000 "leather" sofa which wore out within 3 years.

In the last two weeks we have had to deal with NSI and A & E Service to get a GE Profile Refrigerator repaired which is covered by 5 year extended warranty with NSI. It was one fiasco after another - two weeks later refrigerator was finally repaired (we pray) after I threatened to contact my Attorney. They showed up in 3 hours! Unbelievable business dealings - not only have we suffered 2 weeks without an appliance, but the loss of food is probably in the $500 range not to mention having to eat out expenses! Pure insanity!

I purchased a refrigerator in 2011 with extended 5 year warranty which will expire 3/2016, received letter from NSI about renewing. I decided to research company mainly because I was having trouble reading the extremely fine print on the back of warranty renewal sheet. Wow! I am extremely happy I read these horrible reviews because it just saved me a few hundred dollars that I will now not be paying for extension. Thank you!

I purchased 8 (yes, eight) Viking professional appliances with a 5 year warranty for EACH! I only received ONE letter and ONE phone call from NSI Protection Plus reminding me of my warranty coming due for my fridge. Unfortunately, I misplaced such letter & we don't even remember the phone call, yet never got ANY reminders nor courtesies nor phone calls for any of my other 7 appliances. Very true, I'm not over exaggerating.

So when I called them about a warranty question I had for my dishwasher, they abruptly replied of its expired time frame with no help nor assistance nor any kind of a one-time common courtesy from the company to allow me to renew my subscription! For ANY of my 8 appliances! They just shut me out. Within that 5 years, I have never submitted a claim nor issue, but now that my appliances need maintenance, they're not allowing me to renew? Doesn't make sense! It's not like I asked them to freely give me a brand new appliance. I offered to PAY whatever cost is needed for the warranty extension! Still, I came out to be the bad guy in this situation. NEVER in a million years would I recommend this warranty company to ANYONE!

I called NSI for a repair and claim. Their phone has a recording that says "please call back another time." That is unheard of.

I purchased a Speed Queen washer in June 2015. Today it made a weird noise and it sounded like a gear problem. I called them just to ask if they are whom I should call since I have a contract. When I explained about the noise, the first thing the customer service rep (a woman) said was, "Noise is not covered, read your contract." Then she said they would have to hear the noise. I asked how would I go about doing that. She said, "I could record it."

I told her that was really ridiculous. Before I could tell her I'd put the washer back on and she could hear it, she hung up. How rude. I think this is the worst protection company I ever heard of and I won't hesitate to cancel my contract. I did look at the contract, and I couldn't find anywhere where it mentioned about noises. Perhaps I missed it in their thousands word contract. Never buy a contract from these guys.

Do not buy service contract. I have not had my refrigerator working for 24 days and they are telling me it will be at least another 10. I have had the run around from both NSI and the local company contracted to repair the refrigerator.

I bought this extended warranty for my washer, dryer and refrigerator. The warranty expires on October 2016. Two and a half weeks ago my refrigerator broke. I called them the same day (Saturday). The service technician they referred me to wasn't available until Wednesday. Technician came and only spent 5 minutes in my house. He took a couple of pictures and he mentioned this can't be repaired. Two days later I called NSI and they said, "Yes we need to replace the refrigerator with a new one."

Calling since that day (Friday 6/19) almost every day and they always come up an excuse, "It's in process" "In 3 to 5 days", etc. I even had to talk to supervisors each time. One of them gave me "direct" phone number. I called him more than 20 times and he never answers the phone or returns my call after I leave messages. I'm soooo frustrated and angry. I haven't had a refrigerator for almost 3 weeks, have two kids at home and these people don't seem to care at all. Let's see how long this will take...

My mother purchased a Whirlpool refrigerator from a local appliance dealership. She purchased a 3 year extended warranty from Whirlpool. 8 Months before her 3 year extended warranty expired, NSI started to send Mom renewal notices. Luckily Mom did not to renew 8 months in advance. She waited until a month before (she saved the NSI renewal notices), it just so happens she received a renewal notice from WHIRLPOOL. My smart Mom paid the Whirlpool invoice and realized NSI is a scam. NSI had it all, Mom's name, appliance stores name, her address, her phone, the model # too.

Just renew my protection plan 7 days ago and tried to submit claim but I couldn't make it because it has not been updated yet and need to wait by 3 to 4 more days but not guarantee. It does not make sense to wait 2 weeks to renew my contract.

I purchased several appliances and was talked into NSI Protection. What a horrible experience. I had a broken microwave and a repairman came several times - still broken and the repairman they sent also billed me stating it was not covered. And if I did not pay within 10 days, will be sent to collections. We sent $ and the repairman stated it was too late and sent to collections anyway. I called NSI and told them it was never repaired and was told there was nothing they can do about it. Beware of this company!!!

I used my manufacture warranty the first time my unit stopped working. Now that left me dealing with NSI after the Dryer was 1 year old. My unit was broken more than 4 months of the second year and that was fine with them, as they say within their acceptable limits. I was told many times that someone would call me back but they never did, I knew it and so did they. It never got any better than this. They will NEVER take any responsibility for anything. Their business model is make them not want to call back!! And they're good at it. I suggest if this company is offered to you, the retailer and the warranty company will not stand behind your product! Go somewhere else.

I have a five year dishwasher warranty. Dishwasher not cleaning. It is a Bosch and has never cleaned very well. NSI said it was NOT COVERED FOR DIRTY DISHES after asking me many questions before getting to the problem. They were suppose to call me back before 24 hours when I called yesterday - they never did and I waited around for the call all day and this morning. Avoid them like the plague. Not professional and worthless. One star is generous as I prefer no stars at all, if that were an option.

One star is being gracious when dealing with these unethical crooks of a warranty company. It began in October 2014 when I noticed my capital range oven not baking evenly. It was burning everything in rear and edges of baking sheets. The first year the $5k oven worked beautifully so I was truly disappointed. Feeling confident that I purchased a warranty through Karl's appliance store I called NSI to report the problem. I'm not one to really ever complain or call but I knew that after losing so many batches and dozens of cookies, something was really wrong. I was bounced around from one customer service rep to another and placed on hold several times for 30-45 min a clip. It took weeks of frustration and being lied to for a service repair person to be found and come out to look at my range. Initially oven was baking ok after a thermostat adjustment but that was baking with one small sheet.

Within a week I tried to bake more cookies with holidays approaching and had same problem once again. Repair guy left my case open since initial test was quick and only with one small sheet. This is a commercial grade oven that should be able to handle more than 4 croissants at a time! Another few weeks go by and repairman came back to experience my problem first hand with TWO baking sheets. He took pictures and told me that something was definitely wrong with the oven after taking it apart to check parts. With Christmas only weeks away I was without a properly working oven and given the runaround from NSI beyond words. My case was escalated to the management team where they left a message that the stove would have to be replaced and arrangements would be made in an effort to not ruin holidays. LIED AGAIN! Nothing happened obviously and my holidays were in fact ruined.

I had to pack up all my stuff and bake everything at families houses (all being 7 months pregnant nonetheless). I contacted Karl's and Capital themselves after the holidays but still waiting for resolve. They now say that I should only bake with smaller sheets and one at a time!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING? I didn't buy a commercial size oven to bake one sheet at a time!!! My husband owned a restaurant for over 12 years and we know how to bake. Now, they want to send the repairman back again unpaid to waste more of my time, food and money. I'm now 8 months pregnant and need resolution yesterday. Experienced so much stress, lost work and hours and sleep over this. Still don't have an oven that works but will see if Capital, NSI or Karl's steps up and does the right thing.

GE microwave oven went dead. Called NSI Protection Plus. Said they would call me back... NEVER did! Called again... voice mail said agents are all busy, then I was disconnected. Repeat same 3 times. I will take NSI and the dealer I bought it from which is Robert Stevens Appliances of Phila. Pa. to small claims court. One of them will right this wrong. Under no circumstances DO NOT and I mean DO NOT take out appliance insurance w/ NSI Protection Plus!!!

We purchased an extended warranty for our Refrigerator thru NSI. After 4 yrs. we had a problem with the fridge. We've had nothing but trouble with this company and after 2 weeks they still won't send anyone out to make the repair. I believe they will stall and make excuses until we give up. They underestimate us. Do not buy any insurance thru NSI.

We purchased a dryer in October of 2011. Our first service call was April of 2012. In all we have contacted NSI probably 8-9 times since. Each time a service provider came out it was for the same problem. A faulty fuse. The same fuse, every time. According to our service plan, if you have 3 calls, in the same year, for the same problem, you are entitled to a new product. But, guess what boys and girls, if you call for the same problem within 30 days of a previous call it doesn't count - it's a recall for an existing problem. In the last 3 weeks, the machine has died 3 times. I called yesterday and was told I would be contacted in 24 hours by "management" (at NSI) to discuss the problem. But, wait, they didn't call. So, I called, roughly 28 hours later and was told that management was at lunch, could I call back? I said “No, tell them to call me back, like they were supposed to!!!”

But, I did call back and talked with a wonderful woman named Gloria. She was very friendly. Guess what she told me? Someone from management would call me back in 1 business day. So, the dryer broke on Thanksgiving Eve... and I'm holding my breath for a phone call 5 DAYS LATER!!! I am sure NSI has paid more in service calls for the machine than we spent on the plan. That fact makes me smile just a little bit! If we get a new machine, I would never deal with this company again. They gave us the runaround at every turn.

I filled a claim on 6-23-2014 for my washer leaking water. The repair company came out and and took the back off of my washer and also found oil leaking everywhere. They said it was going to be over $1100 to fix, and since I only paid $800. for it that they would send paperwork to NSI PROTECTION PLUS to let them know. They did that back on 6-25-2014. I called NSI and they said they would make a decision on either fixing it or replacing it. Today is 7-3-2014 and I have called them so many times and every time I call them, I get a different answer. Today I talked to a very nice person who sent my call to a manager. The manager said she would review my claim with their repair dept and call me back in 30 minutes.

That was 2:00, it's now 4:18 and she never called me back. I called again, and of course I got a different manager and she told me that the first manager I spoke to "sent" my claim to the other department and I would have to wait for them to make a decision. So every time I call them, I get lied to, over and over again. I have been without a washer since 6-21-2014. I have a child with an immune system disorder that prevents me from doing her laundry at the laundry mat. I will never pay these people for anything. They take your money, but won't help you in any way! I paid for a warranty for my washer and dryer. BIG MISTAKE!

No matter what they say... do not subscribe to this protection plan before asking and checking to make sure they have service provider in your area. Do not trust their word. Call the business that they claim does the repair. They have given me several people they say does repairs and when I call, they declined saying they do not get Money back from this company. I have learned not to wait the 3 business days to call the business. You will end up waiting days and weeks to get anyone out to fix your appliance.

I have had this "warranty service contract" for 5 years and have not used them once, but for lack of trying! I tried again this week, as my contract expires next month and my oven thermostat just went out. I thought maybe they had made some changes. Not. I am located in the North Central Texas area and purchased from Oliver Dyer Appliance.

We bought a Frigidaire Dish Washer in Jan. 2012 with a 5-year extended warranty through NSI Protection Plus. Worked fine up to the end of October. Called Frigidaire to get it checked. Was advised by the Tech who showed up that we needed to contact our extended Warranty Plan if anything else happened as we were about to have the Manufacturer Warranty expire. Contacted NSI Protection Plus, a Tech was sent out. He replaced the Latch Mechanism, the power connection and the water pump. Tried to level the unit and was unable to do so because of a hole in the floor. Was told to fill in this hole and then level the unit. Everything should work fine.

Filled in the hole, leveled the system after the concrete had dried and set. Unit still would not latch properly or run. Called NSI Protection again. Tech re-sent to check out unit. Discovered that the door hinges were bent and the inner door bracket was warped out of alignment. This was due to the door springs not being adequate to hold door properly and allowing the door to drop fast instead of gliding down.

NSI Protection Plus declined the repair because the tech made the statement that there was warping. After talking and arguing with NSI, they still refused to authorize the repair. Stated that due to the tech using the word "Warped", it constituted exclusion per their "Service Plan". They continually stated that on page "5" of the plan, it shows exactly what was excluded. The plan that they were referencing was "10" pages long; what they send out to the customer and the dealers is only "8" pages. That gives them "2" extra pages of information that is NOT shared with the dealers or the consumer.

Happily after contacting the manufacturer, Frigidaire, the repairs are going to be completed and at no cost to me. It is a Manufacturer's defect or parts failure that caused the problem and they (Frigidaire) are making good on the repairs. DO NOT trust NSI for any protection.

My dryer broke after just over a year. I called NSI and they gave me a company to work with. Payless came out, found the problem, and ordered the part. I called to set up a time for them to come out and do the repair. I was told that they could not set an appointment until NSI resolved past issues. I can only guess it was that they are not being paid for the services provided. So I had to start all over. A new company had to come out and again find the problem. It will be fixed next week which is just a little over a month later. The last time I had to work with them, it took over 3 months to get a washer fixed.

I called on 11/17/12 for an inoperative control panel on our KitchenAid refrigerator drawers. I was initially sent to a service that did not serve our area. I went with a local service that did not return calls or emails to schedule an appointment. On 11/27, I called NSI Warranty again and was set up with the initial service who said they did not cover our area. On 11/28, the service said they did not serve our area in the mornings. This is a problem as my wife works all day and I work starting in the afternoon. I called NSI again and the only other service that covers our area in the morning will not be able to get to us until 12/11! When I tried to express my frustration with the NSI rep (and I was not yelling), I was told "You can yell at my supervisor". It was the supervisor who got me the 12/11 service date. It will be 24 days before I will get service. For all the money we paid, in fact for any money paid, NSI fails to provide value or service.

I called NSI for the 3rd service request, though it was for a different occurrence for our LG French-door freezer on the bottom refrigerator (beware of this item as well). We purchased it from Pacific Sales, so I didn't even think to do research on the warranty company before purchasing. Shame on me for trusting PacificSales - but never again!

The company that was contracted to come out did everything twice to avoid coming over, even telling us that they were trying to "get out of our area." So? They're the company that is contracted through NSI to service us, so I didn't understand why they were telling us that. When we finally pushed for them to come out because the lighting panel on our $2,900 fridge was bright in some spots and going dim/out in others, they came out. Upon examination, they told us "Sorry, that's cosmetic and we can't fix that through the contract. Oh, and by the way, you owe us $60 for coming out and don't bother trying to go to NSI to complain. They've got lawyers trying to go up against them that can't win, so don't even try."

We were appalled, but that bully talk didn't scare us! Show me in the contract where it says I have to pay you $60 because the panel is cosmetic. Additionally, since we thoroughly explained to your customer service rep what the issue was, they should have let us know it was cosmetic. I do not work for you or NSI, and I'm not a refrigeration expert, so I would only know that if you told me!

Never again will I purchase an NSI protection plan, and I am strongly considering never purchasing from Pacific Sales and LG. I paid extra money thinking I'd get the best service and service plans from PS, but that does not seem to be the case. How ironic that the NSI Protection Plus folder they give you says "Congratulations for making a smart consumer decision." Ha! It should say good luck! Buyer beware and do your research on the warranty/protection plan company before you buy it!

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