National Product Care Co.

Norfolk VA

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My husband and I purchased a 35" PIP Sony Television in 1999 from Montgomery Wards and purchased service warranty from National Product Care Company for 5 years. The TV has a purple/green color at the bottom of the screen. Before Montgomery Wards closed we called them to ask about our warranty. They said the NPCC would honor our warranty now that they are closed.

We have called NPCC and just got a message to fill out a service request form. We faxed this 3 times and I wrote them a request 1 time. It has been over a month and we have no response or call for this company. Do they exist? What do we do to get our tv repaired and our warranty honored? The tv is over 200 lbs. We cannot move it!

We purchased the warranty service for 399.00 +tax for 5 years.

We wrote to the company on March 2, 2001 and are awaiting a response.

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National Product Care Co.