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This company and its representatives should be put out of business. I paid for three years of service from 2007-2010 and was promised three $50 Home Depot Rebate cards. I requested one service call of which no action was taken. I filed a complaint with the Consumer Regulatory Affairs Office in New York, New York. They told me that they could not provide assistance and to contact the Attorney General's Office, which I did and they sided with NHP and offered a $800,000 settlement - I received a mere $37.50 after paying over $900,000 for a home warranty. I won't do this again. Home owner warranties are the worst way to throw your money out the window. What a rip off. Consumers have no rights and the AG's Office should have fought for a larger settlement. I'm very disappointed, hurt and broke.

At that time, I was so frustrated that I just gave up. A few months later, I received a letter from the AG's office in New York and they said they had reached a settlement with NHP for $800,000 and if you had purchased a warranty between the time frame I mentioned above, fill out the attached form and wait to see how much you would receive from the proposed settlement. I received $37.50 out of over $900.00 I spent for their Home Warranty. The Attorney General's Office did not fight for the consumers' rights and I have lost all respect for that Office and as far as I am concerned, we as consumers have no rights and that's why this country is going to hell and a hand basket. Contacting an attorney is costly and a waste of time because they have no power over the AG's Office. It's a damn shame that an organization you feel would fight for your rights is just a sham.

In September 2010, we were having some plumbing problems so I tried to call NHP, who we had a service policy with. The message on the phone was that it was not a working number. I started trying to see if I could find a new number, I did, but when I called it just said that they were not answering the phone at that time.

In the meantime, my husband fixed the problem. I was out-of-town in October and in November, I had surgery, so in December, I renewed my search and finally found information on your site and others that they are out of business. I have a paid up policy through February 2013 and according to what I read have not been covered for over a year. It seems that there was supposed to be contact made to policy holders, but I never got anything. Is there anyway for me to apply for a refund of my policy costs either in full or for the time I have not been covered?

The cost of my five-year policy was $1649.60. I need to find new coverage before something does break and needs repairing.

We purchased the 5-year policy on 10/04/2008, including 10 free visits for that period of time, and a $250.00 gift card to Lowes. We have never received that gift card even though we called and e-mailed a few times. They promised to send it immediately. But never did it.

We also called for the service for our air conditioner. When the representative arrived and was told that we have a free service, he said that because we don't have a proof of every 6 months maintenance service for the last three years, he can't provide any service under home protection. We paid him $750.00 cash with no proof of payments. Otherwise, he asked much more. Now I called to the company to fix my faucets, but found out the company doesn't exist anymore. I see. I am not alone. Who can help me get my money back? $1500.00 paid for warranty with no service plus $250.00 for gift cards that were never sent to us.

I purchased a 3-year home warranty contract in August 2007. I was promised a $150 Home Depot Gift Card. I never received anything. When I called, they gave some excuse about not sending a form. This is what they claimed and it was the contract that they wouldn't let me cancel. They told me that I could cancel anytime and it would then be prorated.

I have tried to contact them via phone and internet but all numbers no longer exist. I contacted the New York Attorney General on June 2009 and was told that NHP filed for bankruptcy. They mailed me a form to send back and haven't heard from the Attorney General yet. I've already lost $650.

I have a home in Las Vegas and have had it insured for two years with National Home Protection. When I renewed the policy, I was given gas coupons. I used the gas and filed for the refunds. The company went bankrupt (so they said). There was water damage in the garage. They only paid for materials, not labor to repair wall. I claimed for pool pump, they said I did not have coverage. They would cover pool pumps in next policy. Now I cannot reach company for a claim. I am out of pocket for two pumps $1,000 and paid the company $900 for two policies.

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I purchased 3-year home warranty contract in 2/14/08. I was promised $150.00 in Home Depot coupons. I never received anything. I have tried to contact them via phone and internet but all numbers no longer exist. I lost $1,000.00.

I purchased a 5 year warranty and was told I could cancel at anytime with written notice. I was promised $300 in Home Depot Gift Cards. Never got the gift cards, and their only contact information (phone number and website) is no longer valid. I paid approximately $1300-$1500 for a five year warranty and I never received the $300 worth of Home Depot gift cards.

I brought a three year home protection, I was promise a home depot card $150. I called and called and told it will be mailed out. Never got the card. In addition, most of their service I needed they did not provide. I am very disappointed with this company. My dishwasher wasn't service. My bathroom leak nor my bathroom sink. When I call the phone number, it's no longer working.

I purchased a 5-year, $1,650 policy from NHP in October 2007. I was promised a $250 gift card (five $50 gift cards) for Home Depot since I paid in advance for five years of service. I never received the gift cards. I called multiple times and was told that they would be mailed right out. I also emailed them on numerous occasions and still the same promises. I went to the website tonight to cancel what is left of my five years and found that they no longer have a website or answer their phones. I hope that there is some way to recoup some of these losses.

I signed a contract with NHP in November 2007, for 3 years. My heating is not working. I tried to call them on their 800 number, and got the "this number is not in service anymore" message repeatedly. I had problems earlier with them for other repair problems, where I had to call them multiple times, to have somebody come over. In most of the cases, the problem was declared as uncovered by them. Earlier, I never received the promised gift cards for Home Depot, worth $150, in spite of repeatedly calling and emailing them about it. I am not sure what is going on. Is this a scam company?

I took a home warranty with National Home Protection, but there is no way to reach them now. They do not have a website or a contact number, which is valid. I am not sure how I should proceed with this situation.

I am like many others who have been taken advantage by NHP. I paid for the coverage of my appliances and now I lost all the money that I paid. Does anybody know if there is any way that I can get the money back?

unlike most that i read, i bought a five year package for $1,500. the first time i called them, they told me i hadn't had the policy long enough. so i waited another few months and called them and was told after someone came out to check my refrigerator that i needed a new one and that they would cover the cost of a new one. i bought one, waiting to be reimbursed, which i have not. and this was all charged to me, even though i was supposed to have three free visits per year with my five year contract.
i then called them for work on my a/c unit.

like everyone else, i got a recording saying the number had changed. i have written them several unanswered letters. i just want my money back so that i can find a reputable company to deal with and not be given the run around like this company gave me.

In Oct 2008 I purchased the 3-yr Warranty coverage at $900 with the additional benefit of receiving a $50 Lowe's gift card for each year purchased. I never received the $150 gift card(s) and began to understand the company was not what it represented itself to be. I will have to say, I did place a couple of small warranty calls in the first year and repairmen did come out and fix the problem.

Now, it is Nov 2009 and I attempted to call them for a small repair and found the number mo longer working. I knew the coverage was tenuous at best, but, it appears it is now totally gone and I have no way to request a refund. Having said that, I know even if I had a way to make the request, the possibility of my receiving a refund is nil. Lost the warranty coverage for Nov 2009 - Nov 2011 at a cost of $600 and the $150 Lowe's gift card that was promised.

As with many others I have seen on this website, I purchased the home warranty and can't get them on the phone since their number is disconnected.

Anyone know if we can get our money back?

I signed a contract with NHP in OCtober 2008 for 3 years at a cost of $900. When my garage door broke, I tried to call them on their 800 number and got the operatior's "this number is not in service" message repeatedly. What's going on with this company? I feel as if I've been scammed out of nearly $1000! If there is a class action suit against this company, please include me! Thanks

I found out when wanting to inquire about a question that the phones and website at National Home Protection are not operable. After researching on line I have found many complaints and commments that the company is out of business. I had paid for a home warranty earlier this year. Is there any recourse to get money back?

I purchased a policy from nhp, they never paid for the technician that came out and now they are out of business! ac does not work

No one answers these phones'; the calls don't even go through! "Cannot be completed as dialed". No way to contact from web site. Computer doesn't recognize the address anymore. What do I do? How do I stop the automatic withdrawal?

I purchased two, three year home protection warranties approx two years ago. One for my home and one for my condo, over $2000 for both. I now have the need for service and can not reach them by phone or e-mail. I go on line and read the conplaints and their calling it a scam. Is the any recorse? Thanks

I bought Home Warranty from their website in 2007. I renewed this policy again in 2008 and end up paying $375. Yesterday,when my heating unit was working , I tried to contact them and found out that this company has been closed. All my money and assurances have gone waste. Is there any way to recover this. Since, I have to spend extra money to fix my heating unit.

I bought multi-year protection plans with NHP for two homes. I have had difficulty getting coverage even when the repair person that they sent said that the item broke and was not damaged by use (dishwasher door seal). They would not cover an AC repair because I could not document a complete maintenance since it was new.

Recently I was contacted by a repair person that did a repair who is sending me to a bill collector because NHP will not pay a bill for a repair that they approved. I shouldn't have to pay twice. In Florida, this is an insurance regulated product. I will call the State of Florida Insurance Board this week. NOTE: I was successful in getting Home Depot gift cards (after fighting two years). I called HOME DEPOT customer support who fought with NHP for the HD cards. It's worth a try but they don't answer their phones or email now - I think they are out of business??

On 5/27/2008, Salesman Victor contacted me by phone, and I bought a National Home Protection policy for three years by phone with the promise that I can cancel the policy within 30 days from the order date. So I tried to cancel the policy within 30 days because I had never received the NHP terms and conditions by mail.
I had requested cancellation several times before 6/26/08. But NHP never processed my cancellation requests.
So, I made a dispute via Citi cards. But Citi cards did not help me because NHP provided Citi cards a document showing that I clicked an I AGREE button during my order.
However, I never clicked the I AGREE button because I purchased it by phone. I never reviewed the NHP terms and conditions during my order.
NHP made a fake document that was dated on 8/5/2008.

If I clicked the I AGREE button on 5/27/08, the document should be dated on 5/27/09. But the fake document was dated on 8/2/2008.

In July, 2007 I bought a five year home warranty policy from this company. To begin with, for buying the five year plan, I was supposed to receive $250 Home Depot gift card which I never received. They told me I didn't file it correctly and they would refile it for me, not to refile, but of course I never received anything. From the beginning, they had a hard time finding contractors to work for them in this area but I did have several claims, maybe 2 or 3, which they did send someone out and I paid my co-pay and everything was OK. Earlier this year I filed a claim on line for trouble with my garbage disposal and never received a response. I have had my central air worked on a couple times recently and have been unable to contact them at all. Now I cannot even access their web site.

I am now having to replace my central air and heat completely. I bought this policy because I knew I was buying a house that was 8 years old and wanted some coverage so the repairs would not be so devasting to me when something did go out. Also, my dishwasher has gone out and I had to replace it, whereas if I had had this coverage like I was supposed to have, I probably would have gotten some of this stuff fixed instead of replacing. I have also had repairs on my garbage disposal and dishwasher that I have had to pay.

After paying for a 1 year contract in that was effective 1-1-09, had a service call re dishwasher. The contractor NHP sent out did not fix the dishwasher correctly and did an unauthorized repair. I had to pay another contractor to repair the dishwasher. Contacted NHP and they were supposed to reimburse me. Never received it, and eventually, unable to reach anyone by phone. Never received $50 Home Depot gift card.

I had a leaky water heater and field a claim. The contractor came our and assessed that it needed to be replaced. he called NHP and never recievied a response, I called and emailed, filed duplicate claims and never received a response. I called the Better Business Bureau in NY and they told me there was nothing they could do. I paid the $2030 to the the water heater replaced with a tankless one, but never received my $45 back or a refund of my annual fee. I had the same problem with AHS so be wary. They seem to respond well to the little things but not the big things.

I never received $100 in Home Depot cards with the purchase of two-year warranty. Claim for dishwasher was denied with unacceptable buyout offer. Company shut down before my contract expired with no refund. Total ripoff.

I have been on National Home Protection for my house for about 3 years and I had my shower faucet broken and kept calling for claiming, but the phone number got disconnected and I want to know what to do. Also, I have never received any rebate gift card that they promised to send me at the beginning of getting a contract. Is there any higher department to control the insurance company so that I will complain?

I never received the $250 Home Depot gift cards for paying $1,500.00 for a 5 year plan which I have paid upfront. I have had claims denied and unable to speak to anyone. With almost 4 years left on my contract and in need of service, I have been unable to reach the company to file a claim. The air conditioning is not working. The one claim they did respond to was for a broken water pipe last year. I paid the service fee and they would not cover any repairs. My house is only 4 years old. Is there any way to recover my money?

I am having problems with my air-con unit and I cannot get a hold of NHP. The phone number is disconnected. I have also emailed them with no response. I paid for a year up front for my warranty and now I'm screwed and have to purchase another warranty from someone else. I also was to be given a $50 Home Depot card as a perk for signing up in February 2009 and never received it. This company is a scam!

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