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225 International Pkwy, Lake Mary, Florida 32746

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After calling corporate, and waiting on hold for over 30 min. I spoke to Rita. She was no help, this is the third Mr. Coffee maker they have replaced. But the one I called about the warranty just ran out, it's only been a little more than a year. They are making crap for coffee makers, will never buy this garbage again. You all should be ashamed of the garbage product's you are selling. DO NOT BUY MR COFFEE anything. It's sub-par crap. Will be going to shop from a reliable coffee maker.

I have purchased the carafe Mr Coffee maker twice and everything has been fine until now. Their coffee basket has a little washer that holds the mechanism that controls the flow of water into the carafe. Mine came off at some point and I have been trying to find one online and at the local stores and nothing will work. It has a rubber-like consistency and probably costs less than 2 cents to make. What I find is that you have to purchase the entire basket at $5 and pay at least $5 more for shipping. This is the last MR.Coffee maker that I will ever own. The maker cost around $75 and I now have to put out another $10 to fix it because the $.02 washer cannot be purchased. It has helped me as I look for a different brand of maker in examining what can go wrong and if something does can it be repaired.

After purchasing a Mr. Coffee espresso maker, we performed the ritual cleaning of the well and then made our drinks. There was an odd taste and smell, so I recleaned it but this time, I dumped the water into the sink to see if something was in there. There was a whole bunch of metallic flakes in there, so I filled, swirled, and dumped the water numerous times until it went away. However, it continues to build up the residue every now and then and I have to perform this ritual at least once a week. The melting plastic smell has never gone away.

I had a Mr. Coffee maker for over 20 years and it was great. I bought a new one hoping I would have the same experience. Wrong. The coffee had a plastic taste to it. Cleaned over and over with vinegar. Made sure the unit was dried completely before the next day because I thought the stale water was making it taste bad and still had that horrible taste. So it sits. Mr. Coffee offered me a new one but it was the same coffee maker. I cannot trust this company anymore with a low quality product.

Mr. Coffee jwx31 programmable 12 cup coffee maker - We purchased this coffee maker 11/07/2015. The first one died 4/07/2016, exactly 6 months after we bought it. I first noticed that the coffee was cold, while the pot was turned on. When I tried to brew the next pot it would not brew. I called Mr. Coffee service, and they asked about our cleaning, and brewing habits. I knew I had followed directions, and so did they. They sent me a new one. It took almost 2 weeks to arrive, but I was happy as they had backed up their warranty. On 6/07/2016 the replacement quit heating, and brewing. It lasted 6 weeks. I called Mr. Coffee again, and they are replacing this one too. I have 4 months left on the original warranty. I hope the 3rd coffee maker lasts that long.

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My grinder quit in 1st use mid-grind. Coffeemaker only makes half pot at a time. This is the 3rd piece of junk I have purchased. How can your company say you're a top maker. I would never buy another Mr. Coffee product. Your products are overpriced and over-rated for what you get. All your reviews show you lie about your products.

I bought my Mr. Coffee 12 cup coffee maker, it brews 8 cups of coffee per 12 cups of water. It takes 30 minutes or longer to make a few cups. Highly disappointed!!!

I have purchased 3 Mr. Coffee pots and all of them have the plastic taste in them - cannot get it out no matter how much I've tried, I had a terrible headache. The smell was so strong. I hope this isn't harmful. I will not be purchasing any more of their products.

All coffee makers are junk. They last 3 months and start acting up. I've spent 25 to 40 every 3 months to replace Mr. Coffee makers. I believe this is the biggest rip off to consumers and someone should start complaining and we as consumers should be reimbursed for shoddy products.

My last Mr Coffee lasted 3 years, but this one just stopped brewing in the middle of a pot after just 15 months. It appears the heating element went out on Model #CGX23. I will not buy another Mr Coffee.

I bought a Mr. Coffee machine a few months ago. After a month the water started slowing and it took longer to brew 4 to 6 cups of coffee. Today I put water in the coffeemaker and the water ran out around the bottom of the machine where the glass pot sits. I tried a small amount of water to see if I could figure it out after unplugging and plugging back in and it still leaked. We have had this machine for about 4 months. Heading out to buy another machine and it will not be a Mr. Coffee machine.

We have gone through two Mr. Coffee coffee makers in less than two years. The first one's heating element went out. The one I got for a birthday gift from our son in December died this week. It spits a few tablespoons of water every few minutes. It took me 15 minutes to get 1/2 cup. In the past we never had problems with this brand. We won't be buying this brand again.

Bought this Mr. Coffee coffee maker in January and here we are in March and when I woke up I went into the kitchen to see no power with the coffee maker. Pretty disappointed with the Company, I just bought it at Target and wouldn't think $50.00 only got me 3 months or less. Hope Target takes it back. Disappointed Customer.

Well it started pouring water out the bottom while I was trying to clean it today. First time it's done that. But not the first Mr. Coffee to break after a year no more than 2 years. I sent email to company to ask. But said may take up to 3 days. I am a regular coffee drinker. I can't be without a maker for 3 days. I guess my worry is: are they worth it? They can be got pretty cheap but only last a year. And they need to be cleaned a lot??!! I only buy the 12 cup makers without clocks timers maybe get one of those Idk??

I have bought 2 Mr. Coffee Coffee makers in the last 3.5 years. The first one zonked out after less than 2 years. It just stopped brewing. We thought it was just a bad one, and my husband promptly purchased another. He got a Mr.Coffee, similar model, but not identical to the first broken one. This second coffee maker is not even a year old. I don't believe. If it is, it isn't much more than a year old. The second one went this morning. My husband made his pot of coffee when he woke up. There was enough left over for me to have a cup and then I brew a half pot for myself. I could not brew the 1/2 pot. It just beeps at me when I turn it on and the hot plate stays cold. I am completely disappointed by this. I have to go out and purchase a 3rd coffee maker in under 4 years.

I won't be buying Mr. Coffee. The brand alone lures people just because it has coffee in its name. They are real pretty, but coffee people need to have their coffee. We can't have the pot go without warning. I paid around 50 bucks for each of these 2 coffee makers. Not the end of the world, but I've had coffee makers of other brands last for years longer than I should have waited to replace them. I don't have model numbers. I am just expressing my frustration and disappointment at this point. Hopefully, this will save a major coffee drinker a nightmare. These models that have the "Clean me" alert seem to be the ones having issues. I've not had that feature before and never had issue. Unless Mr. Coffee makes this right somehow, I will never again take another chance on their coffee makers and I will be sure to let others know of my experience with their "pretty" shiny coffee makers.

Mr. coffee PSTX series water well has fish smell. Cleaned with vinegar or clorox. Used 2 months. Smell won't go away. I let soak 30 mins 6 cu vinegar. Smell still there. Stubborn film exists water well. I hate it. Afraid I have ingested mold the after effects of that??

I purchased this BVMC-PSTX91-WM from Walmart last year. At first the fresh water tank was leaking, so Walmart allowed us to exchange it for a new one. The new one worked well for a few weeks and then as it was brewing, it started to leak coffee down the side of the carafe. It would leave a puddle under the carafe and also dribble as you poured it. It also started brewing slower and slower and sometimes will not brew a full pot anymore. This really ruins my morning and is not the way to get your day started. I contacted "Jarden Consumer Solutions" as indicated on the "contact us" tab on Mr. Coffee's website. I first contacted them on January 13, and then again on January 21. I have yet to hear a response, other than an automated reply. Their website says it may take up to 3 days for a response... looks like that isn't true! Buyer beware!!

We purchased Mr. Coffee model bvmc-sjx33gt just about 1 yr ago. This past week it started giving us small issues. This morning I made 6 cups, got 12 cups. This afternoon I didn't want to waste all this extra coffee, so I turned it on (which usually warms up the coffee left in the pot). After 30 mins I go to get a cup and it is still cold. I emptied the coffee and put in new water, unplugged it again (2nd time) and nothing. Lights come on but no coffee. Also, have to pour my cup over the sink since the way this pot is made it will spill all over your counter. No more Mr. Coffee makers for us.

I have lived in my new home for three years and have purchased 3 of the Mr. Coffee makers. In that time every year at just after the warranty runs out the hot plate goes out. Seems this has happened to others. I will not purchase another Mr. Coffee if this happens with the new one I just purchased. Very disappointing. The ones I purchased in CA were good for at least 5 yrs.

I once again purchased a Mr. Coffee 12 cup coffee pot from our local Walmart. It was the one where you could program it. Comes in red or black, even silver I believe. We had another one of these a year ago, but the hot plate gave way (quit working) after only 1 year. And since we liked it so much, I bought another one. I just did this 4 months ago.

Today, I wake up and start my machine and only to realize that I am not going to have coffee this morning or any morning. The thing will not work. Nothing! Lights all work, time is on. But once again, the hot plate is stone cold! I am not even counting the previous Mr. Coffee pots from years past that didn't make it a year that we had to pitch for the same reason. But this one, only 4 months! Garbage! So people I went to my local Dollar General. That's right, Dollar General. And I bought a Toastmaster coffee pot. Spent 1/2 the money. I will never again buy a Mr. Coffee coffee pot, or buy one as a gift for someone. Sad thing is, I didn't keep my receipt. I mean, who keeps that for a coffee pot? Let the buyer beware!

I purchased Mr. Coffee makers, about 4 of them in the past 3 yrs. One of them only worked ONE morning. Unfortunately, I purchased it at Meyers which has sales once per yr. for only about 8 days, I purchased it on the last day. I would have had to wait a yr. to return it. It was $54.00, however, we ended up moving within that yr. so I ended up throwing it away. I purchased another, (less expensive) which lasted about 4 mos. Then another, lasted about 6 mos. and now this one, from Target, and I went for the very least expensive, $16.00 no bells and whistles - bare bones, it has lasted about 7 mos. It took a dump this morning, would not brew any coffee.

I am so done with this company. I do not know why it took me so long. My bad on that one. I am using my French Press, which I do love. There are a few small drawbacks to using it. I can live with them. Makes way better coffee though! Mr. Coffee, needs a heck of a lot better quality control, and make it in America!!! Mr. Coffee - I tried to be a loyal customer. You have lost me, and I will spread the word. Bye bye.

This morning I tried to use my Mr. Coffee single cup coffee brewer and I noticed it would not heat the water and went straight to brewing a cold cup of coffee. I tried a few things to fix it on my own (new water, unplug & replug, etc.) nothing would work. I called the Mr. Coffee help center and the lady told me she had never heard of this issue before and that it doesn't sound like it can be fixed. I have always bought Mr. Coffee machines but this one only lasted me 4 months. Very upsetting! I will be purchasing a Keurig today. My mother has had hers for over four years and never had one problem with it!

Second Mr. Coffee purchased. 1st one lasted maybe 4 months. Current one went out this morning after less than 3 months. Never again, Chinese-made junk. I wish I could remember our previous product before Mr. Coffee as it lasted for years.

I had a Mr. Coffee coffee machine, black and silver programmable 12 cup. After about a year it started leaking. Took it back to Target and they gave me another one. Same thing after about half a year but I lived with it until it gave out about 3 years after I got it. I bought another one and had that for about 2 years until it too failed. Then I bought a small one 5 cups last July. Yesterday it too gave up the ghost. I am totally done with Mr. Coffee. Will go out today and buy a Ninja Coffee bar with my 20% off at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Hopefully I will have better luck this time. Don't have my receipts anymore.

Mr. Coffee 12 cup Simple Brew - This is the worst coffee brewer ever made. Obviously, Mr. Coffee doesn't like their customers and the proof is this machine. The prankster who designed this thought it would be fun to put two holes in the back of the water container so the water would spill out the back onto your counter when you poured water into it if you put more even one drop more than it needs.

The second prank is that the swing arm spout that the water comes out of is too short, so the water comes out along the side of the filter holder instead of the center. The result being the since the water only comes out on one side, during the first half of the brewing process, only the coffee on one side of the dispenser gets wet, while the coffee on the other side stays dry. Ultimately, due to the third prank, the coffee on the other side finally gets wet. That third prank is the hole at the bottom of the filter holder is too small, resulting in the holder flooding up to the top. This results in water going in-between the filter and the filter holder, carrying floating coffee grounds with it which results in coffee grounds ending up in the pot and ultimately your cup.

Lastly, the 'ON' light is way too dim. It can barely be seen during the day. The fixes would be simple.1). Don't put holes in the back of the water container. 2). Make the water spout longer so the water sprays into the center of the coffee filter instead of on one side. 3). Make the exit hole bigger so the coffee filter doesn't get flooded and spill grounds into the pot, 4). Make the 'ON' light brighter.

I bought this coffee pot approximately 6 months ago from Target. Well, this is how I got this model. The first one I purchased didn't work at all when I got it home (a totally different model number). When I went to exchange, Target was all out of them. So Target, which I praise!, offered me this model BVMC-TJX36 as a replacement. I was happy with that. BUT, it only lasted about five months, if that. It turns on, the lights light up, but does not perk, nothing comes out at all. Disappointed in this China made crap they are selling. DISPOSABLE coffee pots that last less than half a year...COME ON!!! I'm definitely switching to a different brand, the last good one I had lasted 5 years, and it was NOT Mr. Coffee brand either. Never again! Lost my business!

We have owned this Mr. Coffee coffee maker for only a few months. In that time we have had nothing but problems! First and foremost the coffee has always been weak requiring large amounts of coffee to make the coffee strong enough. Many times all the grounds don't even get wet from the water going through. Also, every other week the clean light comes on and I have to run 2 cups of vinegar through it followed by two full pots of water. This works for a few pots of coffee and then it becomes weak again. We even use the round disk water filter which we replace every month. Luckily, I purchased mine from Costco and it is going back for a refund!

I bought a 12 cup programmable series model bvmc-sjx33gt, 3 months ago, 3 months ago!!! It quit on me tonight, of course I can't find my receipt... Isn't that the way! I'm so upset I could cry I don't have money to buy a new one every 3 months.. VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER MR. COFFEE!!!

I owned a Mr. Coffee coffee maker and liked it, but it was leaking from the bottom. I purchased the same model and it also leaks. A lot. It also leaks during brewing. At least a half a cup or more. The filter is fine, not folding over. I do not fill it to capacity. I do not add too much coffee, (4 scoops), and I am careful filling the reservoir. After two with the same problem, I refuse to buy any of their products in the future. Everyone I know and all the reviews I read seem to have the same problem. Very dissatisfied with a product that does not come cheap, but is poorly made and the company is fully aware of this problem. They just don't seem to care.

Bought a 12 cup machine. Will never buy that junk again. Not even 3 months and broken? Thanks for nothing Mr. Coffee.

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