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I bought the Milwaukee Hammer Drill a year ago and the worst decision I have ever made. I have been doing satellite installations for 25-years and only buy the top equipment. Was shopping at Home Depot in London, Ontario and liked the specs. The drill and battery works great. It's the chuck that won't hold a drill bit tight for more than half a drill. I have lost and jammed more bits in walls than any other hammer drill I have ever owned. Bought a Dewalt and shelved this next to new Milwaukee.

Oh and ya contacted Home Depot to complain and of course like everyone else got the Milwaukee customer service department which cycled me through the hoops and circus act which only lead me to a tech department that wanted me to pay for repairs if sent it. The arrogant person on the phone at CS really seemed trained to frustrate the customer so they just go away. That I did have made it my mission to tell the everyone in my portfolio including all customers about the Dollar Store grade of hammer drills Milwaukee sells.

I purchased this 18v hammer drill overseas expecting an international warranty being such a big brand. However this won't be honoured in Australia and repair companies won't touch it. Pros: good battery life. Cons: Within 6 months something has jammed on the screw setting so can't be used. Within 10 months the steel chuck has an issue and can't be tightened enough. Within 12 months it no longer works at all. This has had home handyman use - not trade. Don't waste your money. Off to buy a DEWALT.

Bought the m18 drill set and it lasted for one year. The hammer drill has very little power and it literally burned up in my hand, after 6 months of use. The impact lasted for a year before it locked up. This is definitely not a set for a residential electrician.

I bought a hammer drill 5878-20 for my home renovations and from day one the drill bit kept coming loose and get stuck in the concrete wall. The chuck is defective and no matter how hard you tighten the bit on all 3 holes, it will come loose again. Extremely frustrating to get the stuck drill bit out of the wall again. I complained to Milwaukee about it but they are unwilling and uncooperative to send me a replacement chuck. Awful customer service: arrogant, slow and lecturing how to tighten a drill bit. Own several Milwaukee tools and all work well except for this drill. Better buy a DeWalt!

Beware, Milwaukee, doesn't respect the warranty. I purchased Milwaukee 2310-21 camera and warranty should be 5 years. I used the camera for 4-5 times, still in as new condition and it's died. Sent to Milwaukee for repair and "qualified" idiot call himself the technician said that I shorted the camera and offered me repair for cost of a new $135. Technical support sucks, called but nobody can help. Never Milwaukee again. Products are junk and tech support suck. Don't buy Milwaukee, not trusted, it is scam company.

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Bought a Super SAWZALL Reciprocating Saw from Home Depot 3 years ago and made the mistake of using it, sounds like a joke. Well, let me tell you, this is what the warranty dept told me. We wore it out, it stopped working and has a 5 year warranty... However, it is not warrantied unless they find a defect. Non working is not a defect. Buy DeWalt - they have a real warranty.

I own about every 12 volt and every 18 volt cordless tools Sold at Home Depot but the combo chargers only last me a couple months and then they burn up and now it is too expensive to go to another brand. I am very satisfied with the performance of my tools but they have no value if I have charges that keep going out.

So in eight months of use, I am a contractor, the circular saw that has a five-year warranty has decided to quit working. In trying to call customer service, their phone lines do not accept the tone prompts to get to a real person and then when it goes through all the prompts and a person comes online they can't hear me and hang up. No, the phone is not on mute. Milwaukee will not let you talk to anyone at the factory service center in my area. They say all calls are routed through to the company headquarters to allow the technicians time to work with who is in the store.

If I want to know that the store is actually open I have to go there and see for myself. Milwaukee says they can turn around my "repair" in five days. I ask, what am I supposed to do for five days without a saw that I need regularly? No help there. This was about $1000 worth of cordless tools with what I thought was a good warranty to use them for a while till they need replacing. Don't buy Milwaukee tools!!!

I just love Milwaukee tools. I've used just about every other make of tool in the past and it's true. Nothing comes close. Just in case you're wondering I use power tools on a Daily basis, fit double glazing. Years ago I used to think bigger was better, but as you get older (and wiser) you look for something lighter to handle, you no longer wish to handle a heavy tool all day long. Milwaukee tools is the answer, fast and light, twelve and eighteen volts is all you need. Who want a 36 or 48 volt tool? Some dumb muscle bound nut case? I can work all day with these tool and still finish before the younguns have got out the van. I'm 59. One word. WOW!

We bought this milwaukee hammer drill few months ago, & about a month ago while using it it started smoking. Called home depot where we bought it, they told us to ship to milwaukee for replacement which we did. Now milwaukee want us to pay $78 to have repaired.

Milwaukee 48-22-2100 1/4" offset angle drill & impact driver - Worst piece of crap we have encountered. Broke down in 2 weeks of gentle use in electronic workshop. Complete lack of CS from Milwaukee and Rude girl on the phone who is trying to scream over you is totally unprofessional. Last time we bought anything from these Crooks.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel impact driver - I've bought this after seeing some very good reviews online. The machine is very powerful, compact so I can work in tight spaces, good grip, long battery life. What I don't like is that it is noisy. But don't buy this if you are going to work with metal. Apparently metal shavings from drilling or screwing can easily get inside the machine and short-circuit the electronics. You can actually see the exposed electronics inside through the vents in the casing. Mine stopped working after two days of use, and, apparently, the fault developed this way. It is not covered by warranty. I got mine fixed for free as a goodwill gesture from the service center.

I got a notice from Milwaukee that I was potentially a customer that had rechargeable batteries that needed to be replaced. I sent them back to the company location and received two (new?) batteries, which lasted about 3 months before they too were worthless. Nobody honored the warranty process. I bought a small Dewalt that performs flawlessly. I run a construction company and have 4 sets of component tools that I recharge on the 3 bay chargers. I like that tool but the quality of performance is an issue with batteries that don't last.

I own many Milwaukee tools, the m18 fuel impact and hammer drill, m18 sawzall, m12 rotary tool impact and drill driver. I have used many other brands and Milwaukee is by far the best. I have had no problems with the batteries. They charge just fine. They make my job at work much easier and are a pleasure to use.

I bought a Milwaukee 18v drill and went on their website to register for the 3 year warranty. After just over a year the drill stopped working. I rang the UK branch and after finding my details they told me I hadn't registered properly and I had no warranty. How convenient for them. I'm at a loss as to why you even have to register anyway. If they give a 3 year warranty proof of purchase should be enough. I will stick to Dewalt from now on as I have drills that are 10 years old and still working fine.

I purchased a $450 plus tool kit which included 2 of their top-of-the-line 18 volt lithium batteries. These batteries went dead and will not take a charge. I took good care of these batteries, followed the company's directions on how to correctly charge and take care of these items. This was to no avail. I purchased a Bosch drill over 5 years ago with similar batteries. They are still operating at full capacity. Why is it the more expensive tool is not as efficient as its competitors? Totally disappointed in Milwaukee Tools - will never recommend or purchase one of their tools again.

I purchased a number of 12-volt and 18-volt tools. I used them for a few months and then did not charge them for a few years because there was no notice that they had to be constantly charged. They were basically brand new. When I went to charge them, they would not take a charge. I took them to the Service Location and they said that despite their being practically new, and also despite the fact that there was no indication that they had to be constantly charged, I was stuck and would have to buy new batteries. I expected MUCH more from such a prestigious manufacturer. Obviously they do not stand by their products and do not care about creating and maintaining a good reputation. This is a disgrace and another example of how American businesses are losing to foreign competition.

I bought this set of Milwaukee Shockwave impact bits since I assumed (incorrectly) that the Milwaukee brand meant high quality. The packaging is very wasteful, very difficult to open (made of throw, rigid, clear plastic) and the design of the bit box is very poorly done. The bits are very difficult to get out and there is a totally unrelated white plastic compartment with no way to hold the smaller bits. These would get lost very quickly so I will return them. Milwaukee needs a package designer who knows the basics of non-wasteful package design.

I bought a pot of Milwaukee PZ2 bits for $9.99. They are meant to be suitable for impact drivers but are just as weak as normal PZ2 bit, which I can buy for half the price. Each PZ2 bit lasts for an average of 20 screws. I think that this is totally unacceptable as I am a full time carpenter and am using my impact driver for most of the day. I am getting through 3 bits per day, so at the end of the week I have nearly used the whole pot of bits, which were not cheap to buy. I would like a full refund and an explanation as to why these bits are so weak.

I was drilling a hole overhead in a beam for a 1/2" bolt. While removing the drill after drilling the hole, the trigger lock was accidentally activated and the trigger stuck. The reason the lock was was accidentally activated is because of the location of the lock. It is on the side of the grip underneath your thumb. When squeezing the trigger and grip, the lock gets pushed in without wanting it on. You cannot help it. The bit caught my shirt sleeve and twisted it so tight around my upper arm (short sleeve shirt) that it ripped my shirt sleeve off.

I have ripped skin as it was caught in the sleeve as it was twisted and have a very bad hematoma from my arm pit to my elbow and swelling as far as half way down my forearm. I can barely use my arm and the pain keeps me up at night. If the trigger hadn't stuck the bit, it would have only wrinkled my shirt. The drill has a very dangerous and faulty design. It is a Milwaukee 1/2" hammer drill.

On October 28th I was using the Portaband Saw cutting aluminum extrusion and I made 2 vertical cuts and had to make a horizontal cut when I attempted to turn the saw sideways I had to let go of the foreward handle to make the cuts. Because there is no handle on the side of the saw, the saw started to fall. I had to increase my grip with the left hand and when I did the saw started up because there isn't a safety on the saw to prevent premature starting of the saw.

On Friday 5/22/2009, I was installing my toolbox in the bed of my truck using a Milwaukee 1/2 inch Magnum drill, 0-850 RPM 0300-20 electric pistol drill, when I was drilling a hole to mount my toolbox for my truck. The drill was bound on me in which normally isn't a problem, but the problem was that the drill wouldn't stop, I shut off the switch on the drill but it got stuck and the drill continued to run in the on position, in which the drill was going around and around, tangling the cord of the drill into a knot in which then the cord tried to get my whole hand, but I pulled back and the cord still got the tip of my finger to my knuckle on my right ring finger, breaking my bone by twisting it, then proceeding to twist off my finger with literally just about a hair holding on to my finger.

I was rushed to the hospital by my wife, almost bleeding to death for it. It cut the two arteries in my finger. The hospital stitched my finger back on, then sending me later to a specialist with me not knowing if I was going to lose my finger or not. The doctors said it would depend if my finger would mend or not. I had a 50/50 chance of my finger living or not. My finger lived and is healing. I did some research on the net to see if this happened to anyone else and this is how I found you consumer affairs and on your site. I found that Milwaukee and Dewalt drills on 5/10/2001 are having to recall about 58,000 drills due to the (same reasons), the switches sticking on the on position and posing injury to consumers like me, and Milwaukee back then had four reports of switches sticking in the on position and one report of a hand injury on their drills. I do have detailed pictures of my finger on when I was in the hospital that I can e-mail you if you would like me to. I would greatly appreciate any help that you could help me with.

Economically, I have no insurance to cover my hospital bills or to the specialist that I have to see and I'm out of work for 6 or 8 weeks or more, pending on how I heal and by doctors’ orders, relieving me from work due to my injury. I got no way of paying my bills for I can't work. Physical damage, my finger for being twisted off for what was left of it is deformed for its crooked and doesn't look normal even though I still have it, which is good. I don't know the long term effect that this will have on me for I'm right handed. I do a lot of work with my hands and I also write a lot. Mentally, I now have a mental fear of even using a drill again in which will affect my working ability as well. For now, I have issues with drills.

i bought this 14.4 milwaukee cordless drill brand new at home depot...this was about 6 or 8 years ago. first one battery almost came apart shortlly after that the other one lost power and had a crack on it.this drill is still like new i think i used it 2 or 3 times , after seeing the cost of new batteries i just forgot about it, i just now heard u could rebuild them so i checked but milwaukke doesn't offer the rebuild kit any more. my batteries have the same code number but they were made in japan. i just wish i could have found this recall sooner...this is my last milwaukee product.....

18vdc battery NiCd Cat. # 48-11-2230
I have had a number of complaints about the batterys not lasting but just a short time and going dead and not being able to charge them but just a few times...
I also have had this happen to me with the 18vdc battery I listed above...

I charged mine only 3 times and it will not take a charge.

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