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As described by others from CA, I tried to disconnect my services with Millenium. I have called and followed their procedures regarding sending a certified letter. That letter sat in their PO Box for over a month and was not picked up by the company. I sent a second letter, this time using Priority mail. The day that letter was to be delivered, the certified letter was finally signed for and picked up. I have continued to call them on a monthly basis as I continue to be billed by the company.

When I call, I am immediately connected to an answering machine and my call is not returned. I have sent an additional letter of complaint to the Nashville address and to a secondary Illinois address that is used for billing purposes. My bill is now four months past due because I refuse to pay after following procedure to disconnect the service.

Today, I called the monitoring number and had the agent there make another note on my file that I am seeking to resolve this issue. She was unable to give me any additional phone numbers or contact information.

I was charged for some protective program fee, $115.38 for two months, and I called and very nicely told them I had no idea about this and would like to cancel and get a credit for the charge. Millenium has the most unprofessional people working in that department; they are so impolite and rude, and I had the worst experience with them. I talked to a supervisor who told me she'll credit me, and two weeks later I got a letter that they have a tape that I agreed to the program, and I will not get a credit at all--if I am unhappy about, it is just too bad. I told them they did not explain to me clearly, and the guy kept telling me: too bad. I was so mad--just shaking--and could not believe they are this rude. At this time I will payoff the balance and never ever again will to deal with this company.

We had the alarm service since 02-2001. We never had a problem with any of the payments.(always on time) on June of 2005 our home was sold, we inform them that we need it to cancel, we send the request by fax, I talked to several people, they told me no problem because your home was sold, and I our new home was under construction so we did not have a home to connect the service(until this day our new home is not done) they never inform me that under those circumtances I was obligate to pay they always seem to understand. They new owner of the house was interested on connecting the service but at the end she declined on 08 of 2005 when I received a bill I call them and Anna in the billing department assure me that even do the new owner did't connect the service we will not have a problem. (I have proof of the fax that I send to cancel the service).

On September we got a bill from a colletion agency (Robinson & Associates) We were billed for the remaining of the year ending in February 2006 for $204.20 I was very upset how can a company have the power to ruin your credit when you explain and all along they pretend that under the circumstances it will be no problem. I paid the amount right away to the collection agency. Our credit is in excellent standar and we rader try to get the money back from Millennium. It is so sad that they don't have principals and they are collecting money money for a service that they are not performing. On 09-22-05 I talked to their receptionist (Sandy) she was gigling when I told her that how I was getting charge for a service I did not have I requested talking to Ana in the billing department she told me that she was out for several weeks and also to talk to a supervisor she told they will return my call, until now no body has call me. I called and called and is always the same respond. $204.20 is not a lot of money but is our money. imagine if they do this all the time.

I signed up for a 2 years contract with Millenium for alarm security for my house since 1999. Last year, I wanted to cancel, they told me I cannot because after the two years, the contract automatically renew for 1 year. I sent in 3 cancellations this year, they told me that I cannot cancel as well for the same reasons and they told me that if I want to cancel I should have sent the notice 90 days prior to cancellation date because when they renew automatically they pay 1 whole year in advance for the company that is in charge for the co. who is taking care of the security.

Since they knew my intention to cancel why wasn't I advised of the options? They don't return my calls. I've sent them a written letter to advise them that I am disputing the charges occuring from the time I wanted to cancel. No answer. I received a letter that I will be reported to a collection agency. I don't think that this is fair. Please advise me what to do?

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