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Master bedroom decorating ideas

Affordable and quick style ideas to make your room feel like a cozy retreat

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    master bedroom decor

    How can I decorate a bedroom?

    If you sleep eight hours every night, you spend at least a third of your time in your bedroom. It makes sense that your bedroom should be a cozy place you love to be. But if you’re like many people, you might not love your bedroom because it’s out of date, cluttered or boring.

    There are several ways you can decorate a bedroom. We’re going to focus on three different types of bedroom styles: mid-century modern, contemporary and romantic. We’ll also walk you through how to open up a small bedroom so it feels more spacious, without knocking out any walls.

    master bedroom with wallpaper

    1. Try midcentury modern style for your bedroom

    Midcentury modern pulls all the best style ideas from the 1950s and ‘60s, giving your bedroom a slight retro feel and a clean, minimalist vibe.

    • Apply wallpaper: Wallpaper is back in a big way, and it’s great for sprucing up a bedroom’s decor. A retro-inspired floral or geometric pattern in your favorite color scheme is a fun choice. If your room is small or you’re not ready to paper the whole room, try putting wallpaper only on the wall behind your headboard.
    • Add a minimalist bed frame: A large, imposing bed frame can make your room look cramped. A midcentury bed frame opens up space and adds a retro vibe. These beds typically don’t use a boxspring and are low to the ground, often with thin wooden legs and a simple, low, solid-wood headboard.
    • Accessorize with retro pieces: Your wall decor and knick knacks on the dresser and nightstand can really bring the midcentury vibe to life. Try trends like macramé wall hangings, succulent plants and pendant lights. Find authentic retro accessories and fixtures at vintage stores and online furniture stores, or buy new pieces that mimic retro trends.
    neutral gray colored master bedroom

    2. Experiment with contemporary design

    Contemporary design pulls from lots of decades and styles and usually incorporates sleek lines, interesting details and lots of textures and materials. Try these decorating ideas to create a contemporary look.

    • Consider a monochrome color scheme: Monochrome neutral rooms are popular choices for a contemporary feel. Choose a neutral you love like gray, beige or taupe for the walls, then add accents and decorations in white and shades of that neutral. For instance, you might pair midrange gray walls with a pale gray bedspread and charcoal throw pillows.
    • Combine contrasting elements: One popular way to create a modern feel in your bedroom is to mix up the materials throughout the room like mixed-media art. You can pair metal, leather, wood, fur and linens throughout your room, and try touches like concrete, brick or stone. You might try a simple leather bed frame or cowhide rug with an unfinished wooden headboard and airy white linens.
    • Mix old and new: Contemporary designers love to mix decades and styles. You don’t have to choose only items that are new to make a bedroom look updated and chic. Pair your antique shop finds with current pieces, and mix and match patterns and styles throughout the room.
    burgundy colored master bedroom

    3. Set the mood with a romantic style bedroom

    A romantic bedroom makes a cozy getaway. These decorating ideas can make you want to spend more time there.

    • Invest in your bed: Your bed is the centerpiece of the room, and it’s worth investing in a nice one when you think of all the time you’ll spend there. Make it inviting by choosing a high-quality mattress and bedding you love. A large bed with a high headboard and a fluffy mattress looks inviting and classically romantic.
    • Choose a color scheme you love: A classic burgundy or maroon can set the stage for love, but dark colors also tend to make a room seem smaller. Other colors can create a romantic mood while keeping the room open and light. A monochrome, cream color scheme looks luxurious; adding in some gold or bronze accents can make the room seem stately and opulent.
    • Drape fabrics for a soft effect: Curtains, throw blankets and deep, soft rugs can create a soft and relaxing atmosphere. Sheer cream or white curtains can be hung around the bed, windows or even draped from walls to create a faux-window effect and soften the room.
    • Add mood lighting: Indirect, dimmable lights are more romantic than harsh overhead lighting. Try adding lamps with frosted, lower-wattage bulbs to use when you want to create a romantic atmosphere. White Christmas lights or rope lights hung around the room or in the curtains of a canopy bed are a great option.
    master bedroom with mirror

    How to make a small bedroom feel bigger

    Not everyone has the luxury of a large master bedroom, so if you’re struggling to make the most of a small space, here are some tips to make your room seem larger and more inviting.

    • Paint to open the space: Light colors can visually open up any small room. Light shades of blue or green can make your bedroom relaxing while also making the room look larger. Use pure white trim to accent the walls and bring out their color.
    • Choose neutral decor: Keep the rest of the room in the same color family as the walls, and stick to light colors to help make the room seem bigger. Using a light, monochrome color scheme blurs the edges of furniture and other items, making the room seem more unified.
    • Maximize your space: Hidden storage options like under-bed containers or a chair with a hidden storage chest can help maximize the space you have while hiding your clutter.
    • Add mirrors: Mirrors create the illusion of more space, so they’re a great way to decorate a small bedroom. You can add one large mirror on an empty wall or above your dresser, or group small mirrors together for an artistic effect.
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