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Best Massage Chair Brands

Getting a massage after a workout or a long day at work is a luxury not many of us can afford, at least, not on a regular basis. If you don’t already have your own personal masseuse, getting a massage chair might be the next best thing. Massage chairs can help you relax and even offer health benefits that can help heal your body. Before going out and test driving massage chairs, check out these important features to help you make an informed decision.

Compare Reviews for Top Massage Chair Brands

Panasonic Read 67 Reviews

Panasonic is an electronics company based in Osaka, Japan. In addition to a wide range of electronics, it sells products for home renovation, personal care and massage. Its massage chairs range in price from $2,500-$8,000.

Sharper Image Read 419 Reviews

Originating in 1977, Sharper Image relaunched its brand in 2010 as an online retailer of home electronics, air purifiers, massage chairs and other lifestyle products. Their website is designed to be informative and user-friendly.

Brookstone Read 159 Reviews

Brookstone began as a catalog company in 1965, and today is a major tech retailer with store locations nationwide. Its extensive website allows you to browse products by category including gifts, massage, audio and more.

Adako Read Expert Review

Adako is a distributor of massage chairs and products. It has over 10 years of experience in massage technology and design. It sells five models of massage chairs ranging in price from $4,750 to $8,000.

Cozzia Read Expert Review

Cozzia is a designer and manufacturer of zero-gravity, lift and massage chairs, as well as foot and calf massagers. It makes 13 models of massage chairs ranging in price from $1,800 to $13,000.

Elite Massage Chairs Read Expert Review

Elite Massage Chairs designs, makes and sells four models of massage chairs. You can find chairs that feature technology like 3D massage and acupressure air bags. Prices range from around $3,000 to $5,500.

Human Touch Read Expert Review

Human Touch provides innovative lifestyle products and massage chairs to consumers. They have over 35 years of experience in developing massage systems that replicate massage professionals. Prices range from $449 to $9,000.

Inada Read Expert Review

Inada was founded in 1952 in Osaka, Japan. It currently designs, makes and sells four models of massage chairs. They range in price from $4,300 to $10,000.

Infinity Massage Chairs Read Expert Review

The Infinity line of therapeutic massage chairs was launched in 2009. You can choose from 10 models with varying massage features. Prices range from around $3,000 to $13,000.

Luraco Technologies Read Expert Review

Luraco is an engineering firm based in Arlington, Texas. As a leader in robotic massage chair design and designs, it makes and sells three models of massage chairs. Luraco chairs range in prices from around $8,000 to $12,000.

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      What are the different massage chair features?

      3D technology

      A relatively new development, 3D massage pushes massage rollers forward into your back as they perform different massage patterns. 3D massage chairs are supposed to mimic a massage professional's hands and are usually found in high-end full-body massage chairs.

        Auto programs

        Most full-body massage chairs come with different pre-programmed massage routines, similar to what you’d find on a menu at a spa, such as a Swedish or Shiatsu massage. You can select a program with the touch of a button on the chair’s remote, and they typically last around 20 to 30 minutes. Auto programs are designed to help you relax, destress and recover from a workout or a strenuous day.

          Body scanning

          Massage chairs with a body scanning feature take a measurement of your back once you’re reclined to customize the massage rollers’ movements to fit your body size. Some scanners can also pinpoint pressure areas, making sure the rollers spend extra time on areas that are particularly tense. If you’re testing out a massage chair, make sure the scan feature scans and inputs the location of your shoulders correctly. Ideally, your massage chair should have a manual feature to override the scan if you feel like the rollers aren’t hitting your shoulders where it feels best.

            Rolling, kneading, tapping, Shiatsu

            Advanced massage chairs feature these common types of massage movements at varying degrees of strength and efficiency. Depending on the chair you buy, it will perform these movements one at a time or up to three motions at a time.

              Massage strength

              Massage strength is usually rated on a scale of one to 10. Massage strength measures the strength of the rollers and how deeply they penetrate muscle fiber.  Higher massage strength ratings more closely resemble getting a massage from an actual masseur. You can adjust the strength manually on most chairs.

                Leg and foot massage

                Most massage chairs use kneading rollers or compressing air bags to deliver calf and foot massages. Many full-body massage chairs encase your calves to provide massage therapy underneath and on both sides of each calf. Footrests can include width, length, intensity and speed adjustments so you can adjust your foot massage to your personal preference.

                  Custom massage

                  Many full-body massage chairs let you customize a massage routine that fits your needs. For example, if you have chronic shoulder and lower back pain, you can customize massage movements, speed and width to focus on your entire back. The pricier the massage chair, the more customizable features you’ll have.

                    Multi-directional rollers

                    For a more complete massage, make sure your chair has multi-directional kneading. This means you can change the direction of the massage rollers. Changing the rollers' direction lets you receive upward and downward massage motion, which can have different effects on your muscles.


                      Most massage chairs require at least 17-22 inches of space away from your wall. Certain models have space-saving technology that allows them to fully recline when they are only a few inches away from a wall. This works because the chair slides forward as it reclines instead of staying in one spot when reclined.

                        What are the different types of massage chairs?

                        Reclining massage chairs

                        Reclining massage chairs look like a regular recliner with a pop-out ottoman. They typically don’t have the full-body massage features and tend to focus the massage on your upper and lower back.

                        Zero-gravity massage chairs

                        Zero-gravity massage chairs can be either partial or full-body massage chairs. Just like the position astronauts take during launch, this position leans you back until the weight of your body is evenly distributed. Reclining into a zero-gravity position alleviates stress on your spine and helps compressed nerves relax.

                        Full-body massage chairs

                        Full-body massage chairs can fully recline and even recline into a zero-gravity position. They provide multiple types of massage styles from the base of your skull down to the soles of your feet. These chairs use compressing airbags and massage rollers that can perform kneading, tapping and rolling massages.

                        Heated massage chairs

                        Heating features are often integrated in full-body massage chairs. They mainly focus on providing heat to your lumbar area. Some offer heating pads under your feet and hands to mimic a hot stone massage.

                        What are the health benefits of using a massage chair?

                        Spine alignment

                        The reclining positions of a massage chair, including zero-gravity, reduce pressure on your spine. Reclining also helps alleviate pain caused by compressed nerves around the spine.

                        Muscle relaxation

                        Massage chairs are designed to target specific muscle groups in your body. When your muscles are relaxed, you have increased mobility. Additionally, If you have pain somewhere in your body, it’s natural for your body to use another set of muscles to relieve the pain. For example, a sore hip might cause you to sit unevenly to keep the pain in your hip to a minimum, putting stress on a new group of muscles to compensate for the awkward seating position. Massage chairs can help relax all muscle groups.

                        Stress reliever

                        Stress can have physical and mental effects. Sleeplessness, poor appetite and increased blood pressure are all symptoms directly related to stress. Alleviating stress with regular massages from a massage chair can help your body keep your blood pressure under control.

                        Improves circulation

                        Good circulation helps your body, and more specifically your muscles, heal. Blood carries oxygen and important nutrients throughout your body. When your muscles are tense, blood flow is restricted.

                        Massage chair expert reviews


                        Brookstone is an American and Chinese retailer that sells gadgets and lifestyle products like massage chairs. It lists 13 different massage chair models available for purchase online. Each model comes with different features like leg and feet massagers and zero-gravity massage. They range in price from $900 to around $9,000.

                        Read More

                        Panasonic is known for its electronic audio/video devices like TVs, cameras and headphones. It also sells home renovation products and personal care items like massage chairs. You can choose from three models of massage chair that feature different massage techniques and functions. Prices range from $2,500 to $8,000.

                        Read More
                        Sharper Image

                        Sharper Image is an American retailer that sells home electronics, outdoor living, high-tech and personal care products. It has a line of over 10 massage chairs that feature different looks, massage settings and technology. Massage chairs from Sharper Image range in prices from $499 to $ 9,000.

                        Read More

                        Cozzia designs, manufactures and sells collections of massage, zero-gravity and lift chairs, along with foot and calf massagers. It has 13 models of luxury massage chairs that come with varying massage features and technology.

                        • CZ-389: The CZ-389 features 3D massage technology, meaning the roller mechanism can travel up and down, left and right and in and out of your back. You can choose from eight auto massage programs for your back down to the soles of your feet. The chair has 64 air bags that massage your neck, shoulders, arms, feet and calves. It also comes with integrated speakers with MP3 input, lumbar heating, precise body scanning and more. This chair retails for $5,000.
                        • 16028: The Cozzia 16028 is designed for someone who wants a smaller massager chair. It features 2D massage, zero-gravity positioning and lumbar heating. It has six massage techniques, five auto programs and 22 air bags to massage your neck, glutes, thighs, feet and calves. The 16028 costs $2,600.
                        • EC-360D: At $1,800, the EC-360D is one of the cheapest massage chairs offered by Cozzia. It has a 2D air pressure massage system, three auto programs and height and width adjustment during manual massage. It has 12 airbags with five levels of air intensity that massage your feet and calves.
                        • CZ-730: The CZ-730 uses a hand-held body tension sensor to detect the amount of tension in your back and prescribes a specialized massage based on the results. It also keeps a calendar of your past tension scores. It also has heating mechanisms in each roller on your back and feet massagers with that roll your calves down to your soles. It uses 4D massage technology, meaning rollers travel in and out, up and down, side to side and can adjust the massage rhythm. This chair costs $13,000.
                        • EC-618: This chair comes with an easy-to-use remote so you can control all massage options with ease. It can be reclined into a zero-gravity position to alleviate spinal tension and uses 3D massage to mimic a massage professional’s hands. This chair uses built in LED lighting to give you the benefits of chromotherapy - using colored lights to stimulate the senses. The EC-618 retails for $5,000.
                        • Best for: people wanting a high-tech massage chair.

                        Adako makes and sells massage chairs and products. It has over 10 years of experience in massage technology and incorporates various features throughout its designs. It sells five models of massage chairs ranging in price from $4,740 to $8,000.

                        • Equinox: The Equinox uses six rollers that deliver kneading, tapping, pressing, knocking and Shiatsu massage techniques. The chair conforms to your specific body type and has multiple airbags that massage and stretch your feet, ankles and calves. This chair retails for $6,250.
                        • Celeste: This chair has over 10 massage techniques including kneading, tapping, rolling, knocking and Shiatsu. Air bags use air pressure to massage your shoulders, arms, body, legs and feet. It also has adjustable leg rests to accommodate different heights. You can use the touch screen remote to control all functions. The Celeste retails for $4,750.
                        • Horizon: The Horizon massage chair uses 3D massage throughout your body with a unique shoulder pressing function. The chair can recline into a zero-gravity position and automatically adjust to your body type. It has a built-in MP3 system, lumbar heating and a head massager with a pressure function. This chair costs $7,690.
                        • Twilight: The Twilight massage chair is designed to recline with as little as five inches of space from a wall. It uses an L-shape massage function that travels from your neck, down your back and underneath your buttocks. It also uses airbags to massage your arms, body and legs. This chair reclines in the zero-gravity position and is controlled using an LCD controller. It retails for $7,450.
                        • Zenith: The Zenith uses 3D and L-shape massage functions to provide a more in depth massage. This chair features a built-in MP3 system, heating functions, user-friendly remote control and airbags that massage your arms, legs, feet, calves and ankles. It also reclines into a zero-gravity position. It costs $7,995.
                        • Best for: people who want 3D massage functions in their massage chair.

                        Inada has over 50 years of experience designing, making and selling massage chairs. Their current lineup of massage chairs include the Dreamwave, Flex 3s, Nest and Sogno. Each chair features varying massage technology and other built in features.

                        • Dreamwave: The Dreamwave comes with body scanning technology that customizes each massage to your body’s profile. This chair uses a figure eight massage motion to deliver a Shiatsu-style massage to your upper body. It also has hip, thigh, calf, foot and sole massagers. The Dreamwave includes lumbar and seat heating. This chair retails for $9,500 and $10,500 for the leather version.
                        • Flex 3s: The Flex 3s uses air cells and rollers to deliver a Shiatsu-style massage. Full body scanning technology pinpoints where you hold the most tension so the massagers know where to focus. Additionally, it comes with heated hand and sole placement to mimic a hot stone massage. This chair retails for $7,800.
                        • Nest: The Nest features 1,085 square inches of massage coverage. It uses 3D differential massage technology to deliver multidimensional massage movements to the left and right sides of your back. Additional features include full arm massagers, a self-adjusting headrest and tension point locators. The Nest costs $6,000.
                        • Sogno: The Sogno massage chair features a body scanner that is said to customize to 106 body types. It uses a figure eight massage motion that can be set to a more gentle massage for children. This chair comes with a full-arm massage from 20 air bags, as well as hip, thigh, calf, leg and foot massagers. It costs $8,000.
                        • Warranty: Inada massage chairs come with five-year limited repair or replacement warranty. This includes on-site service should you have a problem with your chair.
                        • Best for: people who want a full-body massage chair.
                        Human Touch

                        Human Touch has more than 35 years of developing massage systems that mimic massage professionals. You can choose from 20 models of massage chairs, all with varying massage features, technology and colors. You can browse Human Touch’s entire collection on their website.

                        • iJoy 2310: At $450, the iJoy 2310 is the cheapest massage chair offered by Human Touch. It features three massage programs that use four professional massage techniques. It comes with an easy-to-use remote and recline-release handle. This chair is recommended for people who want minimal intensity in a massage.
                        • Zerog 4.0: The Zerog 4.0 is a zero-gravity massage chair that features a 3D massage engine, foot and calf massagers and four massage programs developed with help from chiropractors. The remote lets you select problem areas on your body so the chair can focus more intense massage techniques on one area. This chair retails for $3,300.
                        • Novo XT: The Novo XT is designed with athletes and working professionals in mind. It features a zero-gravity reclining position, 34 massage and recovery programs and a unibody massage track, meaning it covers up to 60 percent more body area. It also includes strategically placed airbags that apply pressure to key points on your body. Control all features from the LCD remote control. This chair costs $9,000.
                        • ZeroG Volito: The ZeroG Volito is designed to give you an intense massage. It reclines into a zero-gravity position and uses three auto-massage programs to provide deep tissue massages. It also has rotating calf and foot massagers. The ZeroG Volito retails for $1,300.
                        • Opus: The Opus comes with Human Touch’s FlexGlide massage engine, offering a 3D massage experience. You can choose from 9 vertical heights for your back massage.This chair reclines into a zero-gravity position and includes lumbar heating and arm, calf and foot massagers. It retails for $5,000.
                        • Best for: people who want a high-end zero-gravity massage chair.
                        Luraco Technologies

                        Luraco is an engineering firm based in Arlington, Texas. It designs and makes three models of massage chairs: iRobotics 7, L-Track Legend and Theater.

                        • iRobotics 7: The i7 is the seventh generation of the iRobotics massage chair model. It features nine automatic massage programs, 100 air cells and 12 motors. You can customize up to five user profiles that remember each person's massage settings. The i7 lets you customize massage pressure for individual body parts and uses a swivel motion for twist stretching. It retails for around $8,500.
                        • L-Track Legend: This chair uses 3D massage rollers and L-Track massage techniques to deliver a massage that mimics a massage professional. It has nine preset massage programs, back and foot heating and foot and calf rollers. The chair is controlled using a touch-screen remote control.
                        • Theater: As the name suggests, the Luraco Theater massage chair is designed for commercial and home theater use. It features adjustable intensity levels, shoulder sensing technology and calf rollers. You can add a credit card acceptor for commercial use.
                        • Body type: Luraco massage chairs are all designed to accommodate people up to 6 feet 7 inches tall and up to 300 pounds.
                        • Warranties: Chairs intended for home use come with a three-year, parts and labor warranty with an additional two-year parts warranty. Chairs intended for commercial use come with a six-month parts and labor warranty and an additional six-month parts warranty.
                        • Best for: commercial massage chair use and people over 6 feet 2 inches tall.
                        Elite Massage Chairs

                        Elite Massage Chairs designs and makes four models of massage chairs. Each model features varying massage technology like 3D massage, acupressure airbags and multiple intensity levels. Prices range from around $3,000 to around $6,000.

                        • Robopad: The Robopad massage chair retails for $5,500. It features 69 airbags that provide a full-body acupressure massage. It also has 3D massage that offers pushing, kneading, tapping, rolling, grasping and stretching massage styles. You can select one of four strength levels for your massage and save your strength settings and massage routines.
                        • Alphasonic: The Alphasonic has an internal L-Track design for a massage that goes from your neck to your buttocks and hamstrings. It’s designed to fit as close as two inches from your wall while still fully reclining. This chair comes with a full body scanner and two memory functions that store your body scan and favorite massage sequences. Choose from a deep massage, circulation enhancement, upper body and lower body massage. This chair costs $4,600.
                        • Betasonic: The Betasonic incorporates audio stimulation that uses relaxing sounds and music to create a spa-like atmosphere. It comes with an L-Track massage system that covers from the base of your skull to your hamstrings. Its four-roller massage makes sure to hit 16 points of contact on your body. It has eight preset automatic massage programs as well as a zero-gravity reclining position. This chair retails for $3,300.
                        • Hilton II: The Hilton II features an L-Track design that massages from your neck to your glutes. This chair also features a space-saving design and can be placed within two inches from a wall and still recline in a zero-gravity position. It has acupressure compression massage with three pressure settings and comes with reflexology rollers for your feet. This chair costs $3,200.
                        • Headphones: Elite Massage Chairs sells special headphones that let you listen to your favorite music on your smartphone or stereo. You can also use them with the Betasonic chair’s audio stimulation feature.
                        • Best for: people who want an L-Track massage chair.
                        Infinity Massage Chairs

                        Infinity launched it’s line of therapeutic massage chairs in 2009. Each massage chair comes with varying therapeutic massage features and different design styles. Prices range from around $3,000 to $13,000. Check out all 10 models and their features and specifications online.

                        • Riage: At $6,500, the Riage is one of Infinity’s mid-priced massage chairs. It features an L-Track massage system that covers your upper body down your spine to your lower body. Massage styles include Shiatsu, rubbing, kneading, tapping, knocking and combination massages. In addition to your back, the Riage massages your arms, legs and feet and can be reclined into two zero gravity positions.
                        • Escape: The Escape is priced at $4,000 and features an L-Track massage system. It is designed to save space, reclining into two zero gravity positions while remaining close to a wall. In addition to the six massage styles, the chair massages your shoulders, hips, legs and feet and includes a manual massage strength adjuster.
                        • Imperial: At $13,000, the Imperial is Infinity’s most expensive massage chair. It’s sleek design is built to accommodate tall people and comes with six massage styles. Other features include 3D neck and shoulder massage, spinal correction and waist twist, two zero gravity positions and lumbar heating. You also have access to USB chargers for your devices, Bluetooth speakers and chromotherapy.
                        • Evoke: The Evoke massage chair provides a full body massage in zero gravity. The massage goes from your neck to your glutes. It has 38 air bags that give you a full body compression massage, including your buttox, hips, thighs and calves. Finally, the Evoke has six rollers and eight airbags that massage the soles of your feet.
                        • Service and support: Infinity prides itself on personal service and professional support. It offers live technical support to answer any questions that come up after your massage chair has been installed.
                        • Best for: consumers wanting multiple design and massage options in a massage chair.
                        by Jonathan Trout ConsumerAffairs Research Team

                        As a member of the ConsumerAffairs Research Team, Jonathan Trout believes having access to free, comprehensive information on products and businesses is vital to making smart purchasing decisions. He focuses his efforts on researching and reviewing multiple brands across a variety of industries, with the goal of writing unbiased buyers guides to help inform consumers on impending purchases.

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