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Hicksville, NY

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Please do not even waste your time going for the interview. Last week, I had replied to an ad on craigslist for a night-time administrative position with this "company". They replied to me and I went on the interview a day later (Friday). John told me what the position entailed: after-hours administrative work from 5:30-9:00pm Mon.-Thurs. and 9:30am-1:00pm on Saturdays at $10 an hour. Lucky me, I got the job! (Or, so I thought.) He also told me in the interview that he has a DUI and his license is no good right now.

I reported for work the following Monday with empty expectations. John greeted me at the door (outside the building) and explained what he had planned for me - it wasn't what we had discussed in the interview by any means. He requested that I drive him around in my personal car and gas to make "house calls" and to give estimates. He also told me the company will reimburse me 1% of gas and I will receive 1% of whatever money he brings in while we are out. On top of that bologna job description, he lowered my pay to $8/hour and told me it was “off the books”. I proudly got into my car and left. As soon as I was able, I logged online and Google-searched the company only to find horror stories all over about how mean and unprofessional this company is. John did have an attitude when I stood up for myself, but I was already beyond angry so it didn't faze me.

I just don't understand how an "employer" could expect to hire anyone on those terms. Why should I waste my money on gas to drive this guy around? A word to the wise, do not even give this place a chance! The building is messy and smells like cod liver oil (probably the chemicals). I tried to find somewhere I could report this place to, but everything I'm finding is for actual employees that work within the company - not prospective employees that were lied to upon interview. Do not ever work for these people!

Satisfaction Rating

I moved into my house in August. I have received numerous phone calls and mailings from Long Island Tree Care. I have told them, in no uncertain terms, that I am not interested in their services. I received a letter from them stating they were coming to my house and would bill me for services. I called Bruce and told him once again I was not interested. Bruce told me it didn't matter, and they were coming anyway. When I told Bruce they were not allowed on my property, he started to mimic me, he hung up on me and when I called back to speak with a manager they would tell me they're coming and there is no manager there.

Satisfaction Rating

We moved to our neighborhood last spring and we immediately started receiving calls from this company to come and spray for mosquitoes. We used them twice, once in the spring and then again in the summer of 2010. In February, we started to receive their calls again. We would tell them each time that we were not interested. One day, they called with 10 of snow on the ground at 9:00 p.m. My husband and I thought that it was a family emergency because we normally do not get calls that late at night during a school week. After telling the man (John) on the phone not to call this late at night, he gets rude claiming that it is early and hangs up the phone. Then, he had the audacity to call at 8:30 the next morning asking if it was now a good time.

Fast forward to August of 2011, I mistook this company as another company, Green Island Lawn Care, so I made an appointment for a spray on September 8th (we are having a block party on September 10th). On August 31, we came home in the afternoon and we saw a sign on our lawn stating that a spraying had been done. There was also an invoice in the mail box for $86.00. I called to complain that we did not schedule a service for this day and the lady on the phone rudely told us that we need to pay the invoice anyway. I told her that I am not paying her invoice and that she can cancel the spraying for the 8th.

On September 8th, John from Long Island Tree care called me and rudely demanded that I pay the invoice. I explained the situation and told him that I was not paying for a spraying that I did not order. The only reason why we wanted the spraying was because of our block party and it does us no good a week before. John was getting loud with me so I passed the phone to my husband, who told him that if he comes to my house unscheduled, he will press charges for trespassing. The man asked my husband if he knows who he (John) is, as if he is messing with the wrong type of guy. My husband told him that he doesn't care and is not paying the invoice. John insisted that he will come to our house.

Satisfaction Rating

To start off, this should be zero stars. I emailed and called Long Island Tree Care when it became apparent to me that the $4,624.93 charged to my credit card did not include a portion of the trees we had them purchase and plant. It was for fertilizing and spraying only. In the 5 years that we have been customers of Long Island Tree Care, I have always pre-purchased some spraying for a pre-season discount. But I have never paid more than 1,100.00 dollars for that service. I called Jay. I was confident that we could clear up the matter quickly and reasonably.

I started the conversation, saying that there had been a misunderstanding on my part. I told him that I thought the $4,624.93 included the 4 trees I had originally asked Long Island Tree Care to price out for me and plant. I had assumed the additional trees my husband decided to plant were on a separate billing. I never thought I was paying that much for spring and summer 2012 spraying. And, as I had never sent back a credit card authorization form, I asked Jay if we could please reverse the charges and start over. I said again that I was very sorry for the confusion, but this was not explained to me properly. I was not prepared or willing to spend that much on spraying. I would be happy to pay what I had been paying the years previous.

At this point, Jay got very agitated and started telling me he wouldn't reverse the charges. Instead, he would prefer to bring over the paperwork on Saturday, September 10th, when my husband plans/planned to be at our house on Long Island, so that he could explain all the charges and take it from there. I said, "No, let's start clean, please. Process the credit card charge reversal. And then, we can talk about our spraying plan for 2012 on Saturday." And then, Jay just went crazy. He said there was no way he was going to reverse the charges. He was going to sue me. He was saving my trees, my property. Didn't I even care?

At this point, I got angry. I told him that actually, he wasn't saving my trees. I told him that every year, we had to cut down 3 to 4 dead trees, and the property was not some vast expanse of glory, but a few Rosa Rugosa bushes and dying pine trees. With that, he responded, "Are you calling me a liar? Are you calling me a prick? Just because you've got money, lady, you think you can call me a liar and a prick?!" I, for the record, had not called him either. Despite my protests, this ranting continued in a similar repetitive fashion, until he demanded to speak to my husband. He said it's because he didn't like yelling at a lady. He would, however, like to beat up my husband, he said. Well, actually, he said, stomp on. Finally, I calmed Jay down. I said, "Please, this is a misunderstanding that can easily be cleared up." He said he still wanted to come over on Saturday and discuss the matter with my husband and hung up.

After about 15 minutes and a discussion with my husband, who had heard some of this outrageous invective when I put the phone on speaker for him, we decided to put a stop payment on the Amex. We also decided to call Jay's boss, Michael, and explain that we were happy to pay for any spraying that we owed if the spring/summer 2012 season treatments were cancelled. We would like an invoice emailed if we owed anything. And we would pay by check. But because of Jay's behavior and threats, we had put a stop payment on the Amex. And we would like to do no future business with Long Island Tree Care. Michael sounded reasonable with me on the phone and heard me out. He said the owners would get back to me on September 6th or 7th. We have not heard from them. But we heard from Jay the very next morning at 7am. He said, "I'm gonna kill you." And we've heard from Michael since too, decidedly less composed than when I spoke to him on Saturday, September 4th. This company also has the following address: PO Box 831, Hicksville, NY11801.

Satisfaction Rating

Every day calls my house to try to get me to use their service. I told him repeatedly to stop calling. He stated that he can call me every day until 9 o' clock. I am on national do not call registry. The calls will not stop then he hangs up on me.

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We had hired Long Island Tree Care to plant six arborvitaes in our back yard and for bi-weekly landscaping in late spring 2010. It took them a month and a half to plant the trees after us calling numerous times. We paid the company up front for the trees and the seasonal landscaping. We had called to request weekly landscaping for the months of July and August, which we had also paid for in advance. We called at the end of August to remind them that we were only going to get bi-weekly services for the months of September and October.

Danny took the call and said no problem, he will make note of it. We called again to make sure they understood this and spoke to Jay and he said no problem. In early October, we called because all of the tress they had put in went completely brown. The one tree we had planted ourselves (also an arborvitae) was still green. We spoke with Warren who first said it was from the weather changing. When we told him that the tree we planted was green, he said he would send someone to look at it.

When we followed up he said they were going to take a sample of the tree to test to see what was wrong with it. A week later, Warren called and said that the laboratory that they sent the sample away to would take about 4-6 weeks for a result so as a "courtesy", they would replant the trees. So I asked if they were dead and he said yes. I said why, and he said it was either from the weather or they went dead from being transported. He said they would be there the next day to do it, which was a Tuesday. Nothing the next day. That Thursday we find a note from Warren at our house that they will plant either that Friday or Saturday. Nothing. They finally planted the tress that Monday.

They then sent us a bill that we owed for weekly service for September and October. My husband called and continued with conversations for the week speaking with Warren and Jay. They claim that Danny no longer works for the company and they can prove to us via their GPS history that they were here every week. My husband had records of who he spoke to, when and what was stated. We have cleared checks for all of the services we hired them for. They called my husband a liar and first said he owed $900.00 (for weekly services for the summer which were already paid for). Then they claimed we owed approximately $456.00. Then they changed the price to $300.00 and threatened to pull out the trees since they replanted them out of "good faith". Finally, my husband told them he can prove that he spoke to them via phone records. They asked for him to provide that. My husband had those records and they called us up on a Saturday at around 11:30 am and said they are coming by for $300.00 cash.

My husband told them he is not paying them. They then said they would take a check. My husband again said he is not paying them. They said the owner wanted to come by to speak to us in five minutes. My husband said fine. My husband got all of his records together to go over. About 45 minutes later, five men came onto my front lawn. One of the men stepped up and my husband asked if he would like to come in and go over the paperwork. He said, "No, I want my ** money." My husband is immediately thrown off guard and the man quickly got in my husband’s face. He started mimicking my husband and said, "I'm 5'4" and I'll still kick your **." I went outside and tried to calm things down. I said, “Please get off my property.” They are trespassing and I have my 6-month-old baby inside. We asked this guy for his name and position and he says, "Don't worry about it." We also asked where Danny is and they told us he has retired. We told them if they don't leave, we will call the cops. He said, "Go ahead, I already filed a report." He then instructed the other guys to go in the backyard and take the trees. They opened our gate and started going in our backyard.

My husband went after them, and at this point, I was on the phone calling 911. I explained to the operator that Long Island Tree Care is on my property, there are five guys trying to fight with my husband and I have a baby in my house. I am screaming into the phone to please send the cops, at the same time I am screaming at these guys to leave. I was scared and screaming so loud that my neighbors started coming from down the street and next door to see what is going on. The landscapers are then yelling at my neighbors! My husband got the guy out of our backyard and the cops showed up. The cops got our story and then spoke with the landscapers. The cop told us that the main guy was a co-owner and he was acting like a "tough guy" and being cocky towards the cop. The cop made a report, made them leave and told us to make sure we lock our gate. The landscaper claims that he will take us to small claims court for his money.


We have been residents of Valley Stream for two years and we started using this company because they called the house multiple times offering their service. We used their services last year and the last time this year in September after they insisted so much. First of all, we did not notice any change in the bugs after the spray and then today, one month later, we received a call from them stating that we owe them from a service that was provided. We used their service in September and they claim that we also used it in August. Why would we spray in August and then again in September?

I was nice enough to call back and check my online statements to show proof of payment but when I reached back to them, the gentleman who answered the phone was very rude, loud, and not professional at all. He yelled at me in a threatening and inappropriate way. I asked to speak with the owner of the company and a lady named Michelle, who at the end handled our case, said that it was the same man who answered the phone.


I used the service twice in 2009, which didn't seem to make a difference with the bugs in my yard. I decided to try them again in 2010. I scheduled a spray in April. They never showed after several promises. I told them that I no longer wanted any of their services because they are unreliable. A few days later, I get a private call on my cell phone from Mike (supervisor) promising to be there the next day and and giving me a better rate on service. Again a no show.

Mike calls me again within the next few days to schedule service again and I told him my husband has decided to use another company. Throughout the summer I was still receiving calls from them at all odd hours which I never answered. Now in September, they're sending me an invoice dated May 10, 2010. I spoke to Mike on the phone and he's insisting that the work was done and they sent out invoices which I never received. Mike got very loud on the phone. He was completely unprofessional. I hung up the phone on him. He called my house again and I didn't answer and then called my cell phone which I didn't answer either.

I'm making a complaint to Consumer Affairs. There are many other customers with the same type of complaints from this company. They've mailed to me an invoice for $80 for services not rendered.


I spent $1,800+ last year on tree/insect treatments. I didn't notice one bit of difference in outdoor bugs or health of trees so I didn't want to renew for this year. This year, the account rep called all hours of the day on all numbers including my cell (when I am at work, at night, when I am driving).

I eventually relented and agreed to one treatment for $239.98. Immediately after the treatment, the calls started again. I told him to stop calling and to send me a bill. He did send the bill but the calls continued, asking for my credit card number. By now, my antenna was up so I didn't want to give him my credit card number. However, within three or four days of us getting the bill, he got my wife on the phone and she gave him a credit card number. It was the July 4th weekend and we had 30 guests visiting so she just wanted to get him off the phone.

He promptly and fraudulently charged us for $553.67 (compared to the bill of $239.98). He also started saying, “how your husband is not a man”, “what does he do for a living”, “where does he work”, etc. She eventually hung up on him. He immediately made a prank call back, asked for my wife and started saying things like, “I want you”, “I want to meet you”, etc. She hung up again. I left a message at the office number explaining this and threatening to go the authorities. The calls have since stopped but there was no return call with an apology or an attempt to fix the overcharge.


I used this company for yard work for the 2009 season. I wish not to use them again this year. I have told them numerous times, but they will not stop calling me. It's usually from a restricted number. The last call came on Monday night from someone named Patrick. I am tired of the calls and at this point when I answer my phone and it's them, I just hang up. Please, if there is anything you can do for me. It's harassment.


Last month on Monday October 15, I recieved a phone call from someone claiming to be jerry downes from long island tree care. He told me about the services he offered. When i asked if he was from green island tree, because i received information from them signed by jerry downes. He said that this company used to work with them but are still using his name. So i proceeded to make appointment for wednesday so that they can spray the lawn. On wednesday no one showed up, something didnt feel right.

So i called the other company "green islandtree care" and told them that someone by the name of jerry downed called me and made and appt. to spray my lawn. They told me the same story "they used to work for us and are using the name of the owner "jerry downes" because they dont have a license. They told me that had other incidents like this one. I thought maybe they will not show up because i questioned them to begin with. So i scheduled an appt for "Green Island" They showed up the following day Thursday as promised and sprayed. The following Monday when i got home from work i found an invoice from "Long island tree" in the amount of $70.61 claiming they sprayed.

I called them up and spoke with Jason I told them him that i spoke with the other company and confronted him about lying to me about being Jerry Downes, Jason tells me that he was the one who spoke with me and is now denying telling me that he was this person. I told them that i had scheduled an appointment for them on a specific day and they didnt show up so i had the other company spray. They are now threatning to put a lean on my house and take me to court if i dont pay for these services which i dont know if they really performed. I dont trust them.

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