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Very polite and very knowledgeable. Also will do whatever it takes to get to a solution. Will stay on the phone with you even if you need to deal with something. It was very simple and easy to install the system myself. Came with very detailed and informative instructions and pictures to help with the setup. I'm very happy with how good the system works. It has very clear video and audio so I can easily hear and see exactly what is going on. The value is great and affordable, and you get more than your money's worth. The system is very excellent and easy to use. It is one of the best out.

Call customer service to get explanation on how to operate and set up. They walked me through it from start to finish then made a courteous call to make sure it was working properly and I didn't need help with anything else. These cameras have night vision and they rotate to get all angle and all I have to do is go look at the tv and I can monitor my whole house great safety. These cameras are worth a lot more than what I paid for them. Would recommend them to everyone. Great little investment to keep my home safe.

Good, helped when needed, but it took a while to diagnose the problem. Overall I'm happy with it. You won't run into any problems with it. Set up was a breeze. Anyone who is afraid of tech shouldn't be afraid of working with this product. It works for everyone. All should use it! Online monitoring helps people on the go find that their house is secure. This is refreshing because sometimes you just can't be at home and having this monitoring really helps. Cheap enough not to hurt your pocketbook but costs enough so you realize you are paying for a quality product. All is good. You will like it!

Felt encouraged when I purchased the security system and ended up also purchasing their smoke and co-protection. They were great in help and the support they provided during the installation process. I was a little overwhelmed and unsure if I had every installed and setup correctly but just called the support and they walked me through the entire setup and installation and ensured me what I did was correct. They were very understanding and did not make me feel like an idiot. Enjoy the fact that I can monitor my home when I am away but really enjoy the fact that I can monitor my children when they are in a different room. The cost of this was well worth it to be able to use it for multiple occasions or uses. Baby monitors cost much more in some cases and only monitor that room. This is my entire house on the go or when at home.

I can't comment on customer service at this time as I have not interacted with them at all. I think that the set up was pretty easy and straightforward. I have an IT background, so it really wasn't difficult at all to get everything all set up. It has good quality cameras and was very easy to connect everything together. The image quality is very good at all times of the day. For the price that I paid, I would say that I have gotten a good value based on the price paid and the features that are included with this product here.

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The customer service is excellent. If I have any doubt or problem I contact them by email or telephone and they answer my questions or fix my problems. They have a staff that perform that work. I think the setup and installation process was quick and I learn how to use the system easily, so I think it is not so complicated. It give me the ability to monitoring most areas of my house and that make me feel more secure and my family too, and that is the most important to me. I consider it good because the price is similar to other systems but the service is better and the sensation of security at home doesn't have a price.

My current security system is AT and T. It has cameras and security door. It no cost too much money each month so it kinda cheap. The customer support team come to the house each time to check to make sure the system work so I don't have anything else to worries about. The system was already installed before I came to this house. The system durability is good. It work well and have no troubles. The only problems is when the power down there is no system anymore so I have to wait until the power on and make it work again, so it is the only problem currently. The system value is better than before since I lived in my grandma house. They don't have any security system and easy to get attack by the thief. But the safe things is there were lot of people in the house so that make me feel better.

Customer service was helpful in getting things set up and was easy to understand. They were very helpful in making sure I understood how the system worked while I was setting it up. Easy to use and setup. Didn't require much effort or wires. The monitoring system was easy to setup on my home PC as well. Also I like the fact I can access this on my phone or laptop as well. Nice clear images for use in the case you need to make a report to the police. Can burn off a copy of any video or images to your choice of CD or DVD. You can also print still images from your printer for wanted posters. Nice system for the value. I would actually have expected to pay more for the system than I did considering normal monitoring systems cost way more.

Excellent experience with customer service. Little to no wait time to get a representative on the phone. They were very helpful and answered all my questions and concerns. When the installers came to do the installation, they were very courteous and walked me through everything they were going to do. They then took the time to show me all the ins and outs on how you work the system. Very happy with how well I can connect my smartphone with this system to help me monitor my home when I am not there. It has all the technology you would need so that you have ease and peace of mind when you are away. The cost of this system is well worth its capabilities. I can feel safe at home or away knowing that I am getting the latest technology at an affordable rate.

Livewire pre-configures your system for your home at the home office and sends it to your home. Once you get it in the mail you have to plug it in and activate. I found the process a little daunting but finally managed to get it working. When you get it in the mail, you have to plug it in and put the sensors up where you want them. They only give a few or you can order more. Then you have to activate it.

Basically, the security is doubled protected. Protection from securing the outside doors and having motion detection in the indoors. The value comes in the two layer protection but also in that you can control the alarm from anywhere from your phone. Control the system from the alarm panel, or use the smartphone app to get access.

They have excellent support and on-site monitoring. Great customer service, really caring for each customer. Very clearly one of the best available. Very easy to set up and not much installation required. Great and very easy to use. Love this product very well. Quick and painless installation. They have one of the best monitoring capabilities to-date. Very safe and secure. Real-time monitoring for ensured protection. Nice brand. Great value for the price. Inexpensive compared to other services available by other companies. Feel like a valued customer. Great job. Low monthly rates as well.

They are always available and very easy to talk to too. I could call at any time and someone always answered. Definitely the best customer service representatives I've ever dealt with. I love it! The people were very friendly and nice. They explained how everything works and let me know everything I would possibly need to know. They were definitely awesome! Very very good monitoring capability!!! Everything was and is very great from this brand. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!! Wonderful quality. The perceived value was everything that they said that it would be! Very impressed. Was very happy with everything.

They are very unique and different from the rest of the people. Their customer service is very good, and unique. They are very helpful also. Their setup and installation is pretty good and very impressive. It was very easy to setup and install. Very good process - nice and easy. The monitoring is very good and very unique. It works with good quality and is quite impressive. I like using it a lot and will always continue to use it. The value of this home security systems is pretty impressive good and I like it very much.

It was very good, they help you with all your questions and give you recommendations for your home to be safe, and they are really helpful with everything they say. I would recommend to everyone to keep their home safe. They guide you through every step and they make the experience very interesting so that you know all the information you need. You will not miss a step as long as you pay attention on how you will keep your house safe which is very important.

The monitoring is really safe and they actually keep all your house checked at all times, you will not miss a thing if someone actually tries to come into your house or something. My family feels safe with the monitoring which is important. The value is great, they come with a full package of everything and that is really helpful because you will see that the quality of each material is actually worth what you paid for it and I'm extremely happy to have that system in my house.

Our cars were broken into twice before we got system. Has helped so far as we have 2 new cars. We saw it was to deter vandalism so we purchased it because we live in the suburbs. We never had problems but suddenly we find we need it. You think 3 loud barking dogs would help you. I am wheelchair bound, have been for the past 13 years. That is the other reason my husband had it installed. We now feel safer. It is a big enough monitor that we can now monitor our exteriors, we have 2 vehicles and a 39 foot camper that we need to monitor. We feel there isn't any price too high these days to protect our home, we often have our small grandchildren here and their safety is a very important thing to us.

The customer service was great. Anytime I ever had any questions or concerns they helped me out. They were also so very nice, so it made it easier for me to call and talk to them. The setup and installation was a fast and easy process with them. They came in, helped me figure everything out and they were done fast. The monitoring capability is good. They are easy to use and I've never had a problem with my system. They monitor very well. They make me feel so much more safe knowing I have this system. The value of these home security systems are so good. You don't pay an arm and a leg and you get a great system that makes you feel safe in your home or makes you confident your business is safe while you're not there overnight.

The customer service with LifeWatch has always been recommended to me/others as a sound investment, and a excellent peace of mind. ''LifeWatch can be used by anyone interested in making sure they /their loved ones are always protected, from all dangers around them.'' The company that provides the Setup/ Installation for the LifeWatch security systems, are always recommended as quick, expert, and professionals at making sure all of their clients receive peace of mind in their security systems.

The LifeWatch Monitoring systems, are always are on the watch 24/7, to insure the owners of their security systems are quickly/ safely protected from all dangers of crime. Value is not taken for granted by the security professionals, who see to it that the clients are taken care of for their safety is LifeWatch's #1 Priority. ''Without the safety/security that the clients of LifeWatch receive, there would be rampant crime/death.''

They answer the questions when needed. Takes awhile to get them on the phone. Other than that the customer service is good even though I don't talk to them that often. Kinda of took forever but what company doesn't. I was satisfied with the setup and the hook up. Might have took a little longer than what I expected but that is okay because it was most definitely worth the wait. Since I have had the system there hasn't been problems with it and I haven't had any break ins which is really surprising considering where I live and what I do. However, since it hasn't had the chance to be used I hope it still works. I know that it is cheaper than most so it might not work as great but this little thing has been working its butt off and I love it. It works when it needs to work even though I haven't had any security breaches to test it. But I am sure it is working and so far nothing has came up missing so I guess that it good.

They eventually solved the problem. It just took a while for them to find the info, so in conclusion, mediocre at the very best, sorry to say. It took forever for them to install. I worked in the business 20 years and could have done it in a quarter of the time of these kids. It took forever for them to monitor. Bad bad bad. It took forever for them to give a price.

Quite honestly the customer service was ok. Nothing exceptional. Length of wait was a little lengthily and at times the accent of the agent was too thick to understand. Installer was rude and abrupt. Seemed angry at the world. He was late and not professional. I won't do business with them again. Equipment was ok but nothing spectacular. System kept going down and at times you couldn't get thru to the monitoring agency. They claim it was always where I lived but I always said it was piss poor installation. I should have went with ADT. They were a little higher but ADT has better services and equipment all around and their call center is better as is their customer support.

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Erin Raub is a freelance writer, content marketer and blogger. She writes about home security and family safety, as well as digital marketing and business. Erin is also an experienced travel writer, and knows having a trustworthy security system can make any time away from home even more enjoyable.    More about Erin→

Livewatch was founded in 2002 by a paramedic who understood the importance of fast communication and response times in emergency situations due to his first-hand experience. Today, the company has several innovative security options for homeowners.

  • ASAPer: Livewatch’s innovative ASAPer alert system sends homeowners alerts just seconds after an alarm is triggered. You have the option to resolve the alarm from your smartphone or computer. If you are unavailable, Livewatch’s monitoring center will automatically dispatch the police for you, giving you peace of mind.
  • Simple DIY setup: Livewatch pre-configures your system for you before they send it. All you need to do when you receive it is take it out of the box, plug it in and activate.
  • Upgrade as you go: Livewatch’s Plug & Protect system can serve as a hub for up to 40 security and/or smart home devices.
  • Mobile monitoring: Livewatch’s smartphone app makes it easy to monitor your home from your mobile device, no matter where you are.
  • Custom systems: If you aren’t happy with the three basic service packages on Livewatch’s website, call them for a free quote on a customized package. You can customize or upgrade any of the available packages depending on your needs.
  • Best for Livewatch is best for homeowners and DIYers.

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